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Oracle Apps Consultant Resume

Ada, Mi


  • Over 8+ years of IT experience in Oracle Rice, Design, Development, Conversion, Customization, Interfacing, Implementation of business applications using ERP, Client/Server and Internet Technologies. Specialized in Oracle EBS (Financial) skills with sound knowledge of their integration.
  • Worked on versions R12, 11i/11.0.x. Experience in Oracle Applications Implementation and Upgrade. Experience in setup, customization, SystemAdministration, data conversion and interface programming and generating Reports and concurrent programs and concepts of Multi Org Access Control of Oracle R12.
  • Proficient with the Tables, their relations in AR, AP, GL, FA, CM, PO, OM modules.
  • Proficient in developing Forms, Reports using Oracle Forms6i, Reports6i, and developing concurrent programs using SQL, PL/SQL and Shell scripts.
  • Strong knowledge of Application Object Library (AOL) implementing AIMdocumentation (BR100, BR80, MD050, MD070, TE020).
  • Created Actual and Budget Reports using Oracle General Ledger Reporting tool (Financial Statement Generator (FSG), and GLDI) and submitted as concurrent programs in Oracle General Ledger.
  • Good programming knowledge in Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Developer 2000 (Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports), XML Publisher, PL/SQL,SQL*Loader utilities.
  • Hands on experience on writing SQL queries, PL/SQL procedures, Functions, Cursors, Triggersin Oracle and SQL server, also involved in database testing.
  • Participated in full life cycle projects in financial implementation and also as a post implementation support consultant.
  • Good Experience in OM API's like order creation, order updates and pricing.
  • Setup of Cash Management, General Ledger, Account Receivables, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Cost Management and Advanced Collections.
  • Extensive experience in design and development of various business process using Self Service OA Framework, Workflows, Forms, Reports, Designer, Apex, Discoverer, XML Publisher (BI Publisher) reports in financial modules.
  • Proficient in Shell Programming and Deployment of Packages to various Linux Servers. Well known inmonitoringLinux Servers, their hardware using HP-Java Console.
  • Worked with Linux Team in development of automated tool using Shell script and deployed to Linux Server.

ERP Oracle E-Business Suite (11i and R12)
ERP Modules AR, AP, GL, FA, CM, OM, PO, Advanced Collections, P2P, O2C
RDBMS Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, MS-SQL Server 2008, MYSQL
Operating Systems Red Hat Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows NT/2000/2008
Languages C, Pointers in C, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting,.NET, Basic Java,
Excel Macro Programming
Tools TOAD, XML Publisher, Workflow builder, SQL*Plus, SQL Loader, HP-Java Console, WS-FTP, WinSCP, Reflection-X, Putty
Other Tools Visual Studio 2010/08, Control-M Desktop, Control-M Enterprise Manager, Control-M Configuration Manager


Confidential, ADA, MI
Role: Oracle Apps Consultant
  • Conducted meetings with Business users to perform the requirement analysis and developing functional specifications for the module including interaction with other modules.
  • Involved with study of existing system, preparing the Functional (MD50), Technical (MD70) design document and Conversion Mapping Document (CV40) to extract data from legacy system into Oracle Applications open interface tables.
  • Drafted extensive set of requirements, questionnaire and gap analysis.
  • Involved in design and configuration of chart of accounts, calendar and currency.
  • Helped in Inventory module for costing problem. Inventory valuation report was not tying with General Ledger Inventory account. Cost group was the problem and physical inventory was not updating the quantity in the right cost group. Supporting users after going live on all financial modules.
  • Have done Setup for Consolidation, Conversion, and Allocation In General Ledger.
  • Created MRC(Multi Currencies) having Multi Organization, Running FSG Reports and Sub-ledger Level reporting.
  • Customizing FSG Reports as per client’s requirements.Creating and Setup with SLA and Reporting.Have setup Profile Options for Accounting Applications under General Ledger for Implementation.
  • Set up Suppliers, created Purchase requisitions, Purchase orders in Oracle Purchasing.
  • Setting up PO matching options, Invoice tolerances, Distributions options, Payment terms, Holds, etc.
  • Created and generated system test scripts for different test scenarios covering all aspects of project functionality.
  • Handled functional and technical related issues by investigating and applying solution for specific problems.
  • Conducted designing test automation strategies, created test scenarios, test plans and performed inspection of test scripts.
  • Interacted and worked with the development team to solve the problems encountered in the test scenario run.
  • Created test scripts for UAT (User Acceptance Testing) in TE040 documentation with detailed testing of all the above modules Involved in development of RICE components as per business requirement.
  • Customized AR Aging Report to incorporate the “Offline Invoice Number” in the report. As the report has invoice number generated automatically. So this field is termed as ‘Reference Number’ for reconciliation issues.
Environment:Oracle Application R12 OM, AR, AP, PL/SQL, TOAD, Forms and Reports, Discoverer 10g, Jdeveloper, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, UNIX, Shell scripts.
Confidential , IA
Role: Oracle Apps Consultant

The project involves the customization of OracleApplications R12 (12.1.1) in AP, AR, GL.

  • Design, Documented (MD050, MD070, CV040) and developed Staging tables, Conversion routines, Custom PL/SQL API’s for convertingSuppliers, Supplier Sites, Supplier Contacts, Requisitions, Purchase Order, AP Invoices, Customers using TCA in oracle EBS.
  • Designed, developed and documented an inbound interface for AP Invoices from windows based applications.
  • Assisted client in design customization of the process to interface invoices, from legacy systems to APmodule of OracleEBS.
  • Worked on Auto Lockbox interface between Bank of America and Account Receivable (AR) module for automatically processing receipts that are sent directly to the bank instead of manually feeding them in Oracle Receivables.
  • Designed, Documented and Developed inbound interface between 3rd party payroll system Ceridian and oracle EBS module(General ledger) for importing the journal entries, using Shell script, PL/SQL package and populated the data into the GL interface and developed a PL/SQL API to run journal import concurrent program and send an email notification to a group of people.
  • Customize and convert existing RDF reports that will run compatible as per the new multi-org structure and user requirement.
  • Developed AR invoices batch report using XML/BI Publisher. Created Data Definition Templates, rtf templates and split the xml file using bursting feature in XML Publisher reports.
  • Develop Account Analysis report that shows current A/R balance, credit limit and past 12 months transaction history for the customers defined in TCA.
  • Customized Account Payables (AP) Reconciliation Reports like Accounts Payable Trial Balance report, Posted Invoice Register, Posted Payment Register, Unaccounted Transactions report and consolidation sub-ledger in General Ledger (GL).
  • Implemented XML Publisher and OAF page integration.
  • Developed several reports in General Ledger such as Balance-Trial Balance Reports, to keep track of inter company revenues.
  • Designed and developed new Form using TEMPLATE.fmb for Purchase Returns irrespective of Purchase Order Number.
  • Customized the Accounts Payable(AP) Vendor Entry Form as per business requirements.
  • Develop PL/SQL program that extracts and generate a flat file with the information. Automate the data load process by scheduling PL/SQL packaged procedure as a concurrent program.
  • Developed PL/SQL Packages, Procedures and Functions for validating the information from the legacy system and imported into Oracle Applications using the Open Interface Import program and populated the base tables.
  • Created new users, new menus, new responsibilities, registered concurrent programs and request sets.
  • Did daily support to financial department to fix everyday tickets, month end and quarter end closing. Created service requests(SR/TAR) with meta-link.
  • Used FNDLOAD to download and upload AOL data (request groups, menus, forms, functions; responsibilities; flex field value sets; users) from one instance to another instance.
  • Used Oracle Application Object Library (AOL) features like Value Sets, Descriptive Flex fields, Concurrent Programs, Profile Options, standard request submissions (SRS) and parameters in the process of development
Environment: Oracle Application R12 (12.1.1), Jdeveloper, Oracle RDBMS 10g, Discoverer,
Developer 2000 (Forms 6i/9i and Reports 6i/9i), UNIX, and Sql Loader.
Confidential , GA
Role: Oracle Apps Consultant
  • This project includes implementation and customizing the Oracle applications ( including the interface programs, reports and forms personalization.
  • ed with study of existing system, preparing the Functional (MD50), Technical (MD70) design document and Conversion Mapping Document (CV40) to extract data from legacy system into Oracle Applications open interface tables.
  • Created custom OAF pages as per the client requirements.
  • Designed, documented and developed staging tables, conversion routines, Custom PL/SQL API’s for converting Purchase orders (PO), AP Invoices, AR Invoices, Bank branches and Bank accounts from legacy system (Mainframe) to Oracle Applications.
  • Worked with interfaces from AP to PA (Project Accounting).
  • Designed and developed an interface between third party billing system (INTUIT) and Oracle EBS module (AR) to load external invoices data on daily basis. Used SQL*Loader for import
  • INTUIT invoices into Staging tables, and developed PL/SQL API for complete validation of data and inserting into Interface tables.
  • Run the Invoice Inbound Program (INI), an E-Commerce interface program to import supplier invoices into Oracle Payables for manual and or electronic payments.
  • Designed, documented and developed an Interface between web based Order Management systems ODYSSEY to Oracle Order Management for Creation of Sales Order. Where I developed an UNIX shell script, which calls SQL Loader program to load data into custom staging tables and checks for uniqueness of the files in UNIX directory to avoid duplicates.
  • Did Analysis and fixed Accounting issues using Account Reconciliation Reports - Verification of GL Balances report in regard with Fixed Assets, Payables and Receivables. Fixed the Reconciliation reports with lot of analysis using write offs.
  • Designed and developed Fixed Assets Conversion by running Mass Additions Concurrent Program to transfer the data from interface to base tables in Fixed Assets (FA).
  • Responsiblein planning, mapping, and executing all necessary tasks to take existing AR Model Customer base and convert them to TCA Model Customers.
  • Developed Dunning Letters using XML Publisher and emailed to customer. Created Data Definitions and Data Templates.
  • Customized existing reports and developed new reports in different responsibilities like receivables, purchasing and successfully completed migration of reports from Discoverer 4i to Discoverer 10g.
  • Customized the Journal Entries Report in AR which is used to review the details that make up the general ledger journal entries.
  • Involved in Building Customizations and Enhancements using Reports.
  • Customized the default Generate Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Account generator for OM line workflow process.
  • Experience in registration/migration of Forms, Reports, OAF UI pages, PLSQL programs, Oracle Discoverer and XML Publisher Reports.
  • Customized AR Invoice Approval workflow, Order and Line workflow to send Email notifications when the line total crosses certain amount.
  • Oracle Applications, AP, AR, GL, CM, FA, PL/SQL, TOAD, Forms 6i and report 6i, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, XMLP, UNIX, Shell Script, Advanced Collections.
Confidential, CA
Role: Oracle Apps Consultant
  • This project includes Implementation and Customization of AP, AR, GL, FA using Oracle Application Release 11i(11.5.6). It also includes Oracle BRM billing system, and is responsible for ordermanagement, Rating, Billing, Invoicing and Payments
  • Wrote Technical specifications, Conversion-mapping documents for Item Import and Payables open Interface Import.
  • Wrote MD70, CV40 documents, conversion routines, created staging tables and Custom PL/SQL API’s for Items, Item Categories, Item Revisions, Inventory On hand Quantity Converting from legacy system.
  • Wrote custom PL/SQL API’s for converting Sub processes in Order to Cash (O2C) like Customer, Order entry, Order fulfillment, Distribution, Invoicing, Customer payments, Receipt.
  • Imported Orders from legacy system to Order Entry Interface tables using SQL*Loader and PL/SQL package (with validation).
  • Good understanding of the various processes involved in Order Management Module like Booking an order, Pick release, Pick confirm, Ship confirm and Closing the order.
  • Good knowledge of the order management tables involved in these processes.
  • Defined price lists, modifiers, qualifiers and qualifier groups in pricing.
  • Designed price conversions and interfaces for Advanced Pricing module of Oracle EBS.
  • Designed and Developed Conversion routines, custom PL SQL API’s for Item Import and Payables Open Interface Import (Invoice Import).
  • Designed and developed custom PL SQL program to assign categories, cross references, sourcing rules and locations to items.
  • Used FNDLOAD to download and upload AOL data (data request groups, menus, forms, functions; responsibilities; flex field value sets; users) from one instance to another instance.
  • Resolving rating/billing/invoicing/adjustment/payments ASD/remedy tickets according to priority basis, interacting with customer with analysis, giving ETAs, RCAs within given SLA.
  • Monitoring Pipeline Jobs and Process Logs in Oracle BRM (Pipeline and Infranet and Server Production support).
  • Involved in Components designed and tested include Customer conversion into TCA.
  • Customized reports like packing slips, MRP Detail Planning, Employee Benefit Eligibility Listing, and Employee Benefit Enrollment Register.
  • Oracle Applications 11.5.6, AP, AR, GL, CM, FA, PL/SQL, TOAD, Forms 6i and report 6i, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, XMLP, UNIX, Shell Script, Advanced Collections.

Confidential, PLAINVILLE, CT
Role: Oracle Apps Consultant
  • As a Developer involved in multiple projects. Some of the applications were developed using ASP, Visual Basic and Oracle as a back end.
  • Apply the appropriate standards, processes, procedures, and tools throughout the development life cycle.
  • Identified the Business Processes, roles and user interactions with the system in the current ‘as is’ process and future ‘to be’ process.
  • Involved in Requirement Analysis, Estimation, Design, Coding, and Testing and on-time delivery. Allocation of tasks to the offshore resources. Monitoring the activities and efforts of the offshore team.
  • Develop highly complex applications using Oracle 11g database as back-end with expertise in design and development of Oracle PL/SQL Packages and Procedures. Superior skills in designing and developing Oracle objects such as Tables, Views, Indexes, Stored Procedures and Functions in PL/SQL, Packages in PL/SQL, Materialized Views, and Dynamic SQL.
  • Write PL/SQL Programs. Used SQL*Loader to load the data from flat files to oracle Tables.
  • Develop advanced SQL *Loader scripts for conditional data loads. Tune PL/SQL code and other SQL for efficient processing. Used advanced oracle features such as table partitioning, bulk binds.
  • Responsible for implementation, data migration at client place. Migrated data from flat files (which were in UNIX system) to Oracle tables using SQL * Loader and stored procedures.
  • Involved in developing, testing, compiling, debugging and maintains the data using oracle, PL/SQL, UNIX.
  • Involved in moving the schema using export and import from production to Development and Development to Test Boxes.
  • Defined Key performance index using dashboards and websites to drive high business performance.
  • Prepare ETL Process for parsing of extracted data, validate data. Involved in ETL Development using native Oracle tools (SQL*LOADER, Oracle PL/SQL).
  • Physical modeling of databases, database object creation and development of oracle pl/sql packages and UNIX shell scripts to implement business functionality.
  • Re-designed/Re-factored reporting queries to make use of 11g database new features and to maximize the performance
  • Analyze system capabilities to resolve questions of program intent, output requirements
Environment: Oracle 9i, Windows, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, Batch Scripting, PL/SQL, Red Hat Linux, TOAD, HP-Java Console, SQL*Plus, Shell scripts.

Confidential , INDIA
Role: Operational Analyst

  • Creation and modification of Batch cycles, ensuring all batch processes, schedules, and backups have been completed in a timely manner on Linux and NT systems.
  • Tech Lead for a team of 5 members, work allotment, monitoring of daily work.
  • Acted as Domain expert in development of various applications using Linux, Java and Visual basic.
  • To check one’s Test, UAT and development environment, establish a set point to match that of the Production environment.
  • Linux Programmer, written shell program to dynamically generate Batch Jobs in TEST, SYST and PROD environment.
  • Development of Batch Process/Jobs Using Control-M Desktop tool.
  • Testing of Batch Process/Jobs in various environments like TEST, SYST, PROD.
  • Setting of baselines, trends, incidents and availability.
  • Deployment of Application Change Service Request's - Copy, move, and ftp files across environments.
  • Dealing with user issues, logging of problems in Remedy for the escalation process.
  • Modifying, adjusting or creating documentation of procedures to be put in place for the operations staff.
  • Removal of jobs, changing of in/out conditions, Ordering/Loading/Forcing of jobs or tables into the schedule, monitoring of schedule to include fixes or escalation.
  • Create batch cycle for the generation of reports.
  • Applying required fixes to related areas, check the status of servers including the amount of available disk space relevant to environments.
Environment:Control-M Enterprise Manager, Control-M Configuration Manager, Control-M Desktop Manager, Red Hat Linux, TOAD, HP-Java Console, SQL*Plus, Shell scripts.

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