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Principal It Consultant Resume

Bangalore, IndiA

Executive Summary:

  • Results driven, articulate, analytical and post graduate IT Systems Executive Professional with close to 8 years of cross functional expertise across various IT enabled business domains like Toll Collection, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Restaurant & Travelling, Auction and Payment Processing, Mass Media and Communications, Healthcare Manufacturing & Virtual Computing industries.
  • Excellent skills in project planning, scoping, scheduling, presentation, execution, delivery, reporting using MS office tools like visio, word, power point, project and excellent ability to manage people, processes, and events.
  • Knowledge Expert in IT and Network computing.
  • Strong analytical skills and a high degree of ‘learn-ability’.
  • Excellent ability to conceptualize, understand and explain to the end client the underlying technology architecture within a short span of time and in a brief and concise manner.
  • Excellent client facing skills.
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast paced work environment.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Provide multilingual support.
  • Open for temporary relocation to any part of the World/Americas for project related work.
  • Available 24 X 7 or 100% of the time to support project related work or telecommuting to work aka Work from Home / from Base Location.
  • Committed in building excellent professional, people management, inter-personal, organizational and team player skills.
  • Passionate in understanding day to day business operational issues and be a helpful & contributing member in driving teams to achieve their goals.
  • Possess a consistent record & been through a growing career in technical business support/production support operations with CA SiteMinder, Sun One LDAP Directory Server, and Identity Manager products in huge client user base implementations like Citigroup, The Western Union Company, Liberty Mutual, EBay and VISA.
  • Understand the urgency, criticality, operational risks and business impact affecting changes in such high performance environment at the same time being prepared to take rapid decisions with minimal impact to end user functionality/experience.
  • Take the lead in implementing Change Management processes and making sure they do not have immediate impact on the business functions, while in such cases be held responsible in mitigating such risks quickly and effectively and at the same time work with engineering teams in finding permanent solutions to production issues.
  • Adhere to Quality Assurance best practices and follow strict software product release guidelines.
  • Excellent trouble shooting skills.

Job Related Summary:

  • 8 years of experience in the IT Industry.
  • 7 years of overall experience in SDLC, Automation, QA & Testing, Application Development & Maintenance, & Programming.
  • 7 years of experience in the implementation of LDAP and Authentication based technologies.
  • 7 years of experience in the implementation of Single Sign on Projects using CA Siteminder SSO.
  • 6 years of experience in the implementation of Identity Management Projects using Sun IDM and CA Identity Manager.
  • CA Certified IAM Consultant.

Core Expertise:

  • Hands on expertise in customization and implementation of CA Siteminder v5.x/6.x/12.x, CA Identity Manager v6.x/8.x/12.x, Sun Identity Manager v5.x/6.x/7.x and Sun One Directory Server v5.x/6.x/7.x software products.
  • Skilled in IIS web server 5.x/6.x/7.x, Apache Web Server 2.x, Tomcat Servlet Container 4.x/5.x/6.x/7.x, Jboss Application Server or Wild Fly 4.x/5.x/6.x/7.x, Web Sphere Application Server 5.x/6.x/7.x, Web logic 8.x/9.x/10.x and Jrun application server 2.x.
  • Full Software Development Life Cycle implementation (SDLC) in business requirement analysis, systems analysis, design, development, debugging, testing, support and maintenance of client/server and internet applications for J2EE technologies.
  • Skilled in Object Oriented Analysis& Design(OOAD), Object Oriented Methodologies like UML and Rational Unified Process (RUP)
  • Skilled in J2EE technologies – Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC, Struts, ANT, and Junit.
  • Skilled in developing and generating dynamic content with web development tools like DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and DTD Schema
  • Skilled in developing Java Web Services using SOAP, XML, & WSDL.
  • Skilled in Systems and Applications Integration across various OS Platforms in order to build a high performance computing environment with exceptional networking/connecting abilities at optimum costs.
  • Skilled in deploying middleware software application technologies in order to provide an uninterrupted & rich end user experience for High Performance IT Applications used in the high tech industry at optimum costs.
  • Skilled in optimization of the IT infrastructure and reducing further costs to the company through effective usage of server side leveraging & virtualization technologies like BIG-IP/Reverse Proxying/Forward Proxying/Cache Proxying, VMware and User Directory Virtualization respectively.
  • Skilled in Hardware Capacity Planning & Building a High Availability Infrastructure.
  • Skilled in Performance Testing and Tuning of Applications.
  • Skilled in setting up various levels of corporate VPN, Desktop SSO and Application SSO to the partners & employees.
  • Skilled in Windows & other OS Configuration management - backup & restoration of the current state of programs and applications in Windows, backup and restoration of the image of the OS/any other IT System using Acronis software, disaster and data recovery of the existing applications.

Industry Knowledge:

  • IT security – CIA triad, Corporate Information Security Policies, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Management, Authentication and Authorization technologies.
  • Financial Markets – Stock/Equity, Forex, Algorithmic & High Frequency trading.
  • ERP – SAP, & PeopleSoft
  • Internet Marketing – Search Engines and Optimization, Website Ranking & analytics, Spidering.
  • Networking & Telecom – BGP Routing, Peering, Depeering, IX/P’s, Autonomous Systems, ISP’s.
  • PCI DSS and PA DSS compliance – Payment Processing, Gateways, VISANET database.

Technical Skills:

Provisioning:- Sun Identity Manager or Oracle Waveset 5.x/6.x/7.x/8.x, CA Identity Minder/Manager 5.5/6.1/8.x/12.x

Access Management/ SSO:- CA/Netegrity SiteMinder 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 12.x,

Directory Services:- CA Directory 12.x , ODS 11g , MS Active Directory.

Web and Application Servers: IIS 5.x /6.x/ 7.x , Apache Web Server 2.0/2.2.4/2.2.6 , Sun One Web Server 4.1/5.1/6.1, IBM HTTP Server 6.0.23, Tomcat Servlet Container 3.3/4.1.3/5.5 , JBOSS Application Server or WildFly 3.x, 4.x, 5.x,6.x,7.x, Weblogic 8.x/9.x/10.x and Adobe Jrun application server 2.x

Programming Languages:- Java, JSP, SQL, HTML, UNIX Shell Scripting, Perl, Mod Perl and XML

Operating Systems:- Solaris 7/8/9/10, Windows 2k/2k3 Server/NT/2008 Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0/5.0

Others:- Apache Ant, CVS, Checkpoint, Cisco Pix, F5 Big-IP, Data power, Snort, Nessus, SSL, X.509, OpenSSL, JSSE, Entrust, RSA SecurID, CiscoSecure, RSA Adaptive Authentication, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Sun Role Manager, RBACX, SLAMD, LOAD Runner, Oracle Identity & Access Management product stack.

Professional Experience:-

Confidential Bangalore, India

Role: Principal IT Consultant

Technical Environment: V-Fabric App Director, Oracle Access Manager 10g/Oblix, Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD), Oracle ASDK, RHEL 5

Key Responsibilities:-

  • Learn and understand the configuration and deployment of Oracle Access Manager in the Dev, Test, LT and Stage environment/s.
  • Create, & modify template service in the V-Fabric app director.
  • Configure, save & perform provisioning runs of the deployment templates in the V-Fabric app director.
  • Modify UNIX shell scripts to push IDM related configuration changes in the V-Fabric App Director template/s.
  • Monitor SDDC project activities on a daily basis and perform IDM related tasks like bringing up the IDM services after a network card update, performing and testing SAML integration of VMware Horizon manager application with Oracle E-business Enterprise suite of applications, configuring ASDK web services, and performing VISL changes.
  • Coordinate the automation tasks on par with the SDDC provisioning schedule and keep the project co-coordinators, individual tracks updated with the latest status of the automated provisioning of the IDM track.
  • Single Point of Contact for all SDDC related tasks for the IDM track.
  • Additionally performed day to day L2 level changes, raised and resolved helpzilla tickets for the IDM track.

Titan Technologies, Pittsburg, PA, USA July 2013 to Nov 2013

Confidential Santa Clara, CA, USA

Role: Principal IT Consultant\Team Member\Individual Contributor

Technical Environment: CA SiteMinder R12.51 , Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition , Active Directory, SAP, IIS 7.5, CA SiteMinder Web Agent R12.5, CA Identity Minder R12.5, SiteMinder Web agent Option Pack R12.x

Key Responsibilities:-

  • Install, configure, customize and setup the Siteminder & identity minder environments in a Highly Available and clustered environment.
  • Trouble shoot the installations of Siteminder and I dentityminder deployments .
  • Provide workarounds of the Siteminder & Idm solution according to the customer requirements.
  • Prepare & provide the documentation for the customer teams, vendor teams viz Build books, Run books, Solutions Design Specs / Functional Specs, Solutions Requirements Spec, Solution Test Env Spec etc.
  • Provide write up on training materials for team members, mentoring teammates.
  • Integrate Siteminder with client applications and enable the client with a centralized SSO architecture or portal for authentication and authorization services.
  • Perform a business impact analysis in order to be able to move the solution to the critical business environment/s - production and BRP/DR.
  • Obtain Sign off's on the integrations from the Application Owners and move the Siteminder solution to the production environment.
  • Obtain Sign off's from the Application Owners of the on boarded applications before being able to move the solution to the production environment.
  • Troubleshoot any production issues and escalate issues to CA Support while being able to roll back settings to the original state to avoid any business impact or provide a temporary work around to production issues which can be retained within a short period of time.

Confidential Bangalore

Role: Sr. Specialist\Team Lead

Technical Environment: CA SiteMinder & Federation R12.5, CA Directory R12, Windows 2008, RHEL 5, Active Directory, Novell LDAP Directory, SAP, Sales Force, IIS 7, CA SiteMinder Web Agent R12.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Gather requirements & prepare the technical questionnaire document to circulate among the teams within Honeywell to capture the effort needed to deploy and integrate CA Siteminder and Federation at Honeywell.
  • Work with HITS Technology Architect/s to develop Siteminder and Federation use cases for the proposed architecture.
  • Provide the overall Solution Design for the Siteminder and Federation Manager implementation across different departments at the Honeywell Organization.
  • Installation & Configuration of CA Siteminder Policy Server , Web agent, Web Agent Option Pack, New Atlanta AS, IIS and appropriate Java JDK/s in a Highly Available and clustered environment.
  • Troubleshoot the installations of Siteminder.
  • Integrate Siteminder with client applications and enable the client with a centralized SSO architecture or portal for authentication and authorization services.
  • Creation of application based domains, realms, rules, policies and responses , creation and assignment of user directory repositories to the domains , creation of registration schemes to provide user self registration service to the end users , creation of basic authentication schemes to identify and personalize content according to the user and customer groups , creation of password policies to provide password services to the end users , creation of host configuration objects, agents, agent groups, and agent configuration objects and implementation of trusted host registrations.
  • Configuration of the CA directory server instance as Siteminder policy and key store , create a base tree structure for policy store data, import policy store definitions, and policy objects.
  • Create Partnership Federation for Federated application/s , deploy and protect federation web services, establish user directory connections, determine the SAML profile, import keys and certs for signing, verification, validation, encryption and decryption of the SAML request, configure local and remote entities, configure idp and sp partnerships at both asserting and relying sites, activate, link and test partnerships.
  • Install and set up a high available MS SQL Server database repository environment to store & retrieve user authentication and authorization information for system auditing purposes and configure ODBC data sources/ DSN’s for the same.
  • Perform a business impact analysis in order to be able to move the solution to the critical business environment/s - production and BRP/DR.
  • Provide workarounds of the Site minder & Federation solution according to the customer requirements.
  • Obtain Sign off's on the integrations from the Application Owners and move the Siteminder solution to the production environment.
  • Troubleshoot any production issues and escalate issues to CA Support while being able to roll back settings to the original state to avoid any business impact or provide a temporary work around to production issues which can be retained within a short period of time.
  • Attend daily client meetings and provide an update on the overall progress of the activity.
  • Articulate and document the Build books, Run books, Solutions Design Specs & Functional Specs, Solution Requirements Spec, and Solution Test Env Spec for the SSO & Federation enablement effort and conduct KT sessions with the customer & vendor team s.
  • Provide write up on training materials for team members, mentoring teammates.

Confidential Sunnyvale, CA Role: Sr. Services Consultant


  • Gather and understand CA IDM solution requirements and design specifications.
  • Understand the role customization and explain various roles involved, understand connector configuration, code customization and provisioning components.
  • Assist the Principal Architect in preparing the solution requirements specification: - Identify the business drivers, expected solution outcomes, solution scope, summarize the current state of the IDM implementation and perceive the planned end state, grasp the primary solution actors, identify the functional requirement.
  • Identify the existing use cases and formulate new use cases, identify non-functional requirements and solution constraints.
  • Present the document to the customer.
  • Provide a top to bottom overview of the to-be IDM solution.

Confidential Milwaukee, WI
Role: CA IAM Consultant

Technical Environment: CA IDM 12.5, Red Hat Linux 7.1, Apache Web Server 2.2, Jboss 4.1, CA Siteminder Web Agent 12.


  • CA Identity Manager Installation, Configuration & Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting SiteMinder R12 web agent installation and configuration.
  • Providing work around for the agent installation.
  • Review IDM configuration/deployment and Fix IDM website functionality in the development and staging environments.

Confidential Santa Ana, CA

Role: CA SiteMinder Consultant

Technical Environment: Windows 2008, CA Siteminder 12, IIS 7, New Atlanta ServletExec 5.0 ISAPI, Active Directory, MS SQL Server 2005.


  • I was the lead consultant involved in the up gradation of SiteMinder from R6 to R12.
  • Duties involved installation and configuration of core Siteminder components, migration of Siteminder objects from R6 to R12.

Confidential Edison, NJ, USA

Role: - Sun IDM Solutions Architect

Technical Environment:- Windows 2008/2003 Server, Sun Solaris 10.0, Sun Identity Manager 7.1.1, IBM Web sphere 6.0, SAP E.C.C 6.0- System of Records, Active Directory 2003/2008, Net beans, MS Exchange server 2003/2007, MS Visio 2007, Lenel RFID Badging system, Remedy server)

Key Responsibilities:-

  • My role at eBay is providing IT services for the overall development and maintenance of Sun Identity Manager version for the automation of provisioning, de-provisioning, administration and management of eBay’s employees, and alternate workforce. I am the lead responsible for enabling the IDM team to perform data refresh operations in order to maintain data consistency and uniformity across several disparate systems integrated with Sun Identity manager. I am also responsible for the platform migration project until completion.
  • Established the procedure to perform data refresh operation for full refresh and delta refresh respectively.
  • Have effectively gathered, utilized and documented the source code ldapfilt.jar, ldapjdk.jar, and ldapsp.jar from the netscape.ldap.util, netscape.ldap.controls and JNDI LDAP service provider packages respectively to derive the logic for coding the Search Utility and the Logic to perform data refresh operation between two LDAP based instances. The source code is part of the LDAP API package from Mozilla.
  • Have written and documented the code to perform LDAP search queries during the data refresh operation.
  • Have written and documented the code to execute the data refresh operation between two LDAP instances.
  • Assist in upgrading the Sun Identity manager infrastructure from IBM web sphere 5.5 to 6.0 and Solaris 9 to 10.
  • Serve as the senior team member to assist operational requests for maintaining excellent end user experience.
  • Day to day modification to the xpress logic in order to assist in workflow enhancements and debugging the xpress and Java classes to ensure proper maintenance of workflow processes and sub processes

Confidentia Role:-SiteMinder & LDAP SME

Key Responsibilities

  • The daily operations at Liberty Mutual data center located at Portsmouth, NH involved assisting in the upgrade of Sun One Directory Server from version 5.2 to I gained real hands on Perl programming experience while assisting the sun one architect in migration of user data from 5.2 to 6.3. Additionally, I assisted various development teams in configuring Siteminder SSO for their IT applications in the Dev, QA and Production environments. I also assisted the Firewall team in their day to day operations to monitor & approve the requests from various application teams in order to be able to bind and perform read/write operations onto the Sun One LDAP DS.
  • Obtain Validations and Sign offs from the various application teams for running the user data migration scripts.
  • Assist the Sun one directory server architect in writing and modifying the user data migration scripts, reporting script runs, and send warning and error notification emails to the directory services team in Perl.
  • Provide tree design improvements for performance improvements and administration effectiveness; document technical & functional Specs for sun one LDAP directory server best practice implementation.
  • Support & provide workarounds for various CA Siteminder deployments like Trust Association Interceptors & troubleshooting Siteminder implementations at the core.
  • Integration of external Sales Force Application site in to Liberty Mutual Corporate site using Siteminder SAML.

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