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Sr. Oracle Dba Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • 9.0+ years as an Sr. Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) on Operating System viz. Sun Solaris, Linux and Windows 2000 server in 24x7 Production, QA and Development environments.
  • Successfully Installed, maintained, patched 11g/10g RAC on SOLARIS 10 / 9/ 8.
  • Possess extensive experience in applying of Oracle Database Patches and One Off’s i.e. Oracle Critical Patches to RAC (Real Application Cluster) and Standalone environments.
  • Successfully Upgraded 10g RAC database to 11g RAC database on Solaris 10 platform.
  • ASM (Automatic Storage Management) setup, Migration from Non-ASM database to ASM database, worked extensively with 11g/10g ASMCMD for monitoring details. ASM Disk Group creation, adding disks to disk group, Tuned ASM databases across all environments for optimum performance.
Configured and tuned several Oracle 10g / 9i / 8i databases on various platforms for better performance. Successfully Migrated 2 Node RAC to 3 Node RAC in Production environment during H/W REFRESH from Solaris 8 to Solaris 10.
  • Setup successfully 11g/10g Oracle STREAMS for Replication in a high transactional data environment.
  • Leveraged successfully 11g/10g Oracle Streams features such as Real-Time Downstream Capture for Load Balancing, Overhead issues and for additional scalability and flexibility.
  • Worked extensively with LOGICAL STANDBY database, setup, troubleshooting, maintenance, switchover, switchback and Failover.
  • Possess excellent skills in Node Addition and Node Deletion on 11g RAC and 10g RAC environments.
  • Successfully handled large databases ranging from 50 GB to over a 10 TB in size.
  • Installed configured 11g/10g RMAN (Recovery Manager) across all environments and leveraged new RMAN features to speed up the whole backup process and to make the whole process more space effective.
  • Excellent skills & extensively worked in setting up 11g/10g DATAGUARD using RMAN & Hot Backup method with zero down time in various Production / staging / testing environments.
  • Successfully converted Physical Standby’s to Logical Standby’s as per business needs.
  • Successfully created, configured, Troubleshot, Upgraded, Recovered, Tuned several DATAGUARD & CASCADE Standby environments.
  • Successfully Planned, Installed, Configured, Maintained, health check and Troubleshot Oracle STREAMS to make sure its up and running all the time with minimum impact to the business.
Installed and configured Oracle 9iAS, Oracle 10gAS on Solaris9 and Solaris10.
  • Installed and configured, patched successfully various oracle products on UNIX and Windows boxes such as 10g OEM GRID CONTROL, 10g Agents, Oracle Workflow, Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), and Oracle Procedural Gateway (OPG), Oracle VM server.
  • Successfully and extensively worked on Database UPGRADING and patching of various mission critical Oracle databases with zero errors from Oracle version 8i to 10gR2, from 9i to 10gR2 & from 10gR2 to 11g in various environments (Prod / Staging / Testing) with various HA (High Availability) configurations i.e. Oracle RAC, DATAGUARD, Cascade Standby and SHAREPLEX .
  • Experienced in installing, configuring, managing and upgrading SHAREPLEX 5.x.x on Sun Solaris boxes.
  • Extensively worked on Database CLONING manually as well as using RMAN for VLDB’s
  • Migrated successfully production database from SOLARIS 8 to 10 over 1TB in size, manually & with RMAN.
  • Handled UNIX System Administration activities like user creation and management, group creation, sharing mount points across servers, installed patches and packages, plumbing and unplumbing NIC cards.
  • Wrote various SHELL SCRIPTS for automation, database alerts, OS alerts, backup’s & database monitoring.
  • Excellent skills in RAC, ASM, DATAGUARD, STREAMS, RMAN, PERFORMANCE TUNING, Materialized Views, Oracle Installation/Up-gradation/Patching.
  • Extensive experience in supporting 24X7 systems, planning for and dealing with disasters. Adapt at working under pressure and communicating effectively with clients/users, team members and management.
  • Exposure to Health, Financial, Telecommunication, Advertising etc. industries.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills and would be a welcome addition to your IT team, good Team player.

Operating System : Sun Solaris (10, 9, 8), Red hat Linux (2.1AS, 3.0ES), Windows 2000

RDBMS : Oracle 11g RAC, Oracle10g RAC, Oracle11g / 10g, Oracle (9.2.x, 8.1.x), SQL-Server 2000

Middle-tier : Oracle10gAS (Release 9.0.4), Oracle9iAS

Languages : SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX shell script, SQL Scripting

Oracle Tools : Oracle 10g Grid Control (OEM), PL/SQL Developer, DB-Artisan, Quest TOAD

Replication Tool : 11g/10g ORACLE STREAMS, Quest SHAREPLEX (5.1.x, 5.2.x, 5.3.x),

Interfacing Tools : Kea X, Cygwin, Exceed, WinSCP

DGMGRL, DBCA, TKProf, DBUA, Putty, sCRT, SQL Trace, DBVerify, MViews, RMAN, SCP,


Confidential,San Francisco, CA April 2008 – Till date
Sr. Oracle DBA


  • 24*7 Production support environment.
  • Installed, Configured, Managed, Patched Oracle 11g / 10g RAC, 10g OEM GRID CONTROL, Oracle CLUSTERWARE, ASM, DATAGUARD (Physical & Logical), and RMAN on Solaris.
  • Implemented and managed 3 Node Oracle 10g RAC database using ASM as primary with 3 Node STANDBY RAC to provide high availability solution in production / non-production environment.
  • UPGRADED 10g ( RAC to 11g ( RAC on Solaris 10.
  • Patched base 11g RAC database to Oracle patchset, using ROLLING UPGRADE FEATURE for CLUSTERWARE and ASM for minimum downtime.
  • Experienced with Oracle 11g/10g clusterware utilities such as SRVCTL, CRSCTL, OCRCHECK, OCRDUMP, OLSNODES, OCRCONFIG, and DIAGCOLLECTION etc.
  • NODE ADDITION & NODE DELETION in an existing & NEW RAC setup on both Oracle 10g & Oracle 11g.
  • Experienced in DE-INSTALLATION of RAC setup for both Oracle 11g/10g on Solaris 10/ 9/ 8.
  • Experienced in applying Oracle CRITICAL, ONE-OFF PATCHES in RAC & Standalone environments.
  • Converted SINGLE INSTANCE Database to RAC database on both Oracle 11g / 10g versions.
  • During HARDWARE REFRESH from Solaris 8 to SOLARIS 10, successfully MIGRATED PRODUCTION

2 Node 10g RAC to 3 Node RAC with minimum downtime.

  • Involved in testing Oracle 10g RAC database ROLLING UPGRADE using LOGICAL STANDBY database.
  • Migrated NON-ASM databases to ASM databases.
  • Implemented 11g/10g Oracle STREAMS for DATA REPLICATION across databases in a high transactional 11g/10g RAC data environment.
  • As a High Availability solution Configured Oracle STREAMS at schema level with Implicit Log Assignment.

and its maintenance and it’s troubleshooting.

  • Monitored and tuned capture and apply processes for oracle streams in both 11g and 10g version.
  • Successfully implemented Oracle Stream’s, REAL-TIME DOWNSTREAM CAPTURE for LOAD BALANCING and OVERHEAD ISSUES and for additional scalability and flexibility.
  • Worked with various views and tables and procedures to monitor and troubleshoot Oracle STREAMS QUEUES and PROPAGATION.
  • Implemented & configured Oracle STREAMS HEALTH CHECK REPORT to analyze streams issues and to retrieve all the information related to the Streams configuration in an Oracle database.
  • Installed and Configured Oracle VM SERVER on Oracle ENTERPRISE LINUX 5 on SUN x4450 servers, created and managed VIRTUAL SERVER POOLS and created and managed VIRTUAL MACHINES (VM’s)
  • Wrote various SHELL SCRIPTS for daily db Maintenance, Monitoring, Backup’s, Alerts and REPORTING.
  • Implemented backup & recovery strategy using RMAN and its latest 10g Features in PRODUCTION/UAT env.
  • Created PHYSICAL and LOGICAL STANDBY databases using RMAN with zero downtime, performed FAILOVER and SWITCHOVER using DATA GUARD BROKER and MANUALLY as and when required.
  • Converted Physical standby database to LOGICAL STANDBY database.
  • Worked extensively with LOGICAL STANDBY database, troubleshooting, switchover and switchback with Logical standby setup.
  • TUNED Single instance databases and RAC database using various tools such AWR, ADDM, statspack.
  • PARTITIONED non partitioned tables into PARTITIONED TABLES with EXCHANGE partition option and DBMS_REDEFINITION package.
  • Installed, Patched ORACLE PROCEDURAL GATEWAY to consume IBM MQ Series messages in database.
  • Extensively worked in various areas of DATAGUARD i.e. INSTALLATION, RECOVERY, RTA (real time apply), PATCHING, TUNING, SWITCHOVER, SWITCHBACK and FAILOVER.
  • Involved in production and non production deployments.
  • Installed 10g OEM GRID CONTROL, 10g AGENTS and its PATCHING for MONITORING production and non-production databases. SETUP ACCOUNTS for other DBA’s, set up ALERTS, TEMPLATES for monitoring OS, CLUSTER, ASM and DATABASES.
  • Worked with LOGMINER utility to extract information and for AUDITING purpose.
  • DATABASE creation using DBCA on RAC environment on both 11G/10G.
  • Implemented AUDITING and generated reports on production boxes.
  • Worked extensively on MATERIALIZED VIEWS to refresh data across databases as close as to REALTIME.
  • LOADED DATA from CSV (comma separated values) files to the database tables with SQL*LOADER.
  • OS Monitoring of CPU Utilization & performance with tools like (TOP, VMSTAT, SAR, IOSTAT, MPSTAT etc).
  • Troubleshooting database problems faced by developers and QA team with tools and utilities like TRACE

Environment: Oracle 11G RAC, Oracle 10G RAC, Oracle 11.1.x/10.2.x/9.2.x, Solaris 8, Solaris 10,

Confidential,Brisbane, CA Mar 2008 – April. 2008
Sr. Oracle DBA

  • Involved in PLANNING and database UPGRADATION from 9i to 10g (version on Solaris machines.
  • 24*7 PRODUCTION SUPPORT environment.
  • DATABASE TUNING for slow response time and performance with the help of AWR, TKPROF.
  • Installation, Configuration of 10g OEM GRID CONTROL. Setting rules at database level and at OS level.
  • Involved in changing DATABASE CHARACTERSET for in-house project as per business need.
  • Taking logical backup’s of database using EXPORT/IMPORT and DATAPUMP.
  • Involved in production and non production deployment
  • OS Monitoring of CPU Utilization and its performance with tools like (TOP, VMSTAT, SAR, IOSTAT, PRSTAT,

MPSTAT etc).
Environment: Oracle 10.2.x/9.2.x, Solaris 8, Solaris 10, DATAGUARD, OEM Grid control, Exceed, WinSCP, sCRT, CRON, TKPROF, DATAPUMP, AWR.

Confidential,San Francisco, CA Sept. 2007 – Feb. 2008
Sr. Oracle DBA

LookSmart is an online advertising and technology company that provides relevant solutions for publishers, advertisers, and consumers. Looksmart has databases sizes ranging from 700GB to over a 10 TERABYTE in size on ORACLE version 9i & 10g on SOLARIS platform.

  • PLANNED, MIGRATED and UPGRADED databases from 9i to 10g (version on Solaris machines across all environments i.e. development, QA, Prod fix (Sandbox), PRODUCTION.
  • Keeping PRIMARY and BCP side in SYNC and available 24*7 using DATAGUARD.
  • Worked on designing and setting up PHYSICAL STANDBY and CASCADING STANDBY and keeping all the

environments in SYNC with its primary and ready for failover at any given point of time.

  • PRODUCTION DATABASE CLONING over a TERABYTE in size, across servers for QA and DEVLOPMENT.
  • Database MIGRATION from SOLARIS 8 to SOLARIS10 over 1TB in size using manual and RMAN approach.
  • ASM instance setup. Creation of DISKGROUPS, adding CANDIDATE DISKS to the disk groups.
  • Migrated NON ASM database to ASM DATABASE.
  • Backup and restore of database on ASM with RMAN.
  • Moved tablespaces from one DISKGROUP to another DISKGROUP as and when need arises.
  • Installed Enterprise Manager’s DATABASE CONSOLE with EMCA for newly created databases.
  • Installation, Configuration of 10g OEM GRID CONTROL.
  • 24*7 PRODUCTION SUPPORT environment.
  • DATABASE TUNING for slow response time and performance with the help of AWR and STATSPACK report.
  • Troubleshooting database problems faced by developers and QA team with tools and utilities like TRACE


  • Involved in changing DATABASE CHARACTERSET as per the business need.
  • LOADING DATA from CSV(comma separated values) files from one CHARACTERSET to another database

CHARACTERSET with SQL*LOADER for e.g. from WE8ISO8859P1 CSV files to tables on DB’s with UTF8

  • Taking logical backup’s of database using EXPORT/IMPORT and DATAPUMP.
  • Applying ORACLE SECURITY PATCHES and INTERIM (one offs) patches across all the environments.
  • Database Creation using DBCA.
  • Did SWITCHOVER and SWITCHBACK for DATAGUARD as and when required for maintenance activities.
  • Did production and non production deployment within defined timeframe and SLA’s.
  • Worked with ORACLE SUPPORT for critical issues i.e. opening SR’s, running RDA (Remote Diagnostic Agent) and other scripts required by support to debug and resolve the issues.
  • Worked with RMAN, taking daily COMPRESSED BACKUPS 0 (zero) level, database CLONING with RMAN etc.
  • STANDBY database RECOVERY through RMAN to expedite the process and minimize the downtime.
  • RESTORING production database from backups (tapes) from time to time on test servers for testing RESTORE

POLICY and SOX compliance.

  • OS Monitoring of CPU Utilization and its performance with tools like (TOP, VMSTAT, SAR, IOSTAT, PRSTAT,
  • Optimized database performance by analyzing database objects, gathering statistics, creating indexes.
  • Worked with materialized views.
  • Written SHELL SCRIPTS for MONITORING, REPORTING, ALERTING, PURGING, BACKING UP and scheduling the same through CRON.
  • Prototype Installation and maintenance of Oracle 10gR2 RAC (2 node) on Solaris platform.
  • Installation and Configuration of ORACLE 11g prototype to test new functionality of ORACLE11g.

Environment: Oracle RAC, Oracle 10.2.x/9.2.x, Solaris 8, Solaris 10, Windows 2000, DATAGUARD, ASM, ASMCMD, CASCADE STANDBY, Oracle 10g OEM Grid control, Exceed, Cygwin, WinSCP, PL/SQL developer, Putty, SCP, CRON, RMAN, Trace Analyzer, TKPROF, DATAPUMP, AWR, STATSPACK, CVU.

Confidential,San Francisco, CA Sept. 2006 – Aug. 2007
Sr. Oracle DBA
Wholesale Division of Wells Fargo, which caters to mid to large corporations and institutions with assets worth more than six million. It has more than 125 internal and external applications ranging from critical transactional to large data warehouses, database sizes ranging from 10GB to over a Terabyte in size, I worked in Commercial Electronic Office part of Wholesale which is used by critical external applications with strict SLA’s with regards to performance and availability.

  • Working with the team of 20 DBA’s and managing about 950+ production and non-production Oracle databases running on various platforms from oracle version 8.x.x to 10.x.x.
  • Keeping PRIMARY and BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNING (BCP) side in SYNC and available 24*7 using SHAREPLEX and DATAGUARD with over 25000+ DAILY DELIVERIES each day.
  • Involved extensively in INSTALLATION, CONFIGURATION, PATCHING and UPGRADATION of Oracle databases on Sun SOLARIS and Windows.
  • Involved in PLANNING, MIGRATION and UPGRADATION of ORACLE databases from Oracle 8i to 10gR2 & from 9i to 10gR2 for production and non production in SHAREPLEX and DATAGUARD environments using various methods like DBUA, EXPORT/IMPORT and Manual scripts.
  • Involved in writing shell scripts for daily database maintenance and automating the same with the help of AUTOSYS.
  • Cloning production database for testing, development, QA environment using export/import, cold backup, hot backup and RMAN.
  • Did SWITCHOVER, SWITCHBACK and FAILOVER for DATAGUARD as and when required by business.
  • Used SHAREPLEX & DATAGUARD to keep both primary and BCP in sync in REAL TIME and ready to FAILOVER at any given point of time.
  • STANDBY database RECOVERY through RMAN to expedite the process and minimize the downtime.
  • Creation of databases using DBCA and manual scripts.
  • Did Installation, configuration, upgradation and rebuilding of DATAGUARD as and when required.
  • Extensively worked on INSTALLATION, CONFIGURATION, UP-GRADATION of SHAREPLEX (5.x.x) on Solaris.
  • Took Backup of Databases using Logical method (Export / Import & 10g Data pump).
  • Optimized database performance by analyzing database objects, gathering statistics, creating indexes, creating materialized views.
  • Troubleshoot database problems faced by application developers/users with utilities like STATSPACK, AWR


  • Production on call support, trouble shooting, managing and taking care of production databases and customers request round the clock.
  • Did production and non-production deployment within defined timeframe and strict SLA’s

OS Monitoring of CPU Utilization and its performance with tools like (TOP, VMSTAT, SAR, IOSTAT, PRSTAT)

  • DATABASE MONITORING by setting own rules (database and host) in OEM to proactively take care of issues on production as well as non production databases.
  • Involved in PLANNING and MIGRATION of production databases from SHAREPLEX environment to DATAGUARD environment.

Environment: Oracle 10.2.x/9.2.x/8.1.x, Shareplex 5.1.x/5.2.x/5.3.x, Solaris 8, AIX, Windows 2000, DATAGUARD, Oracle 10g OEM Grid control, Autosys, Exceed, PUTTY, Toad 8.6/9.0.1

Confidential,London, UK Dec. 2004 – Aug. 2006
Sr. Oracle DBA

Project details: NHS SPINE Secondary Uses Service (SUS)
The SPINE is one of the key projects within National Program for IT undertaken by National Health Services (NHS UK). Secondary Uses Services (SUS) is a scalable, secure enterprise data warehouse which will be the superset of the existing NWCS Secure Database.

  • Installed successfully 2 NODES 10g RAC on SOLARIS in production environment.
  • Converted existing production standalone database to RAC database within defined SLA.
  • Worked extensively with Oracle CLUSTERWARE utilities such as OCRDUMP, SRVCTL, OCRCONFIG CRSCTL, CVU etc.
  • Did extensive Oracle 10g Installations, up-gradation & Patching on Solaris, Linux & Windows environment.
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) versions, installation and patching.
  • Creation of RUNTIME and DESIGN TIME REPOSITORIES plus Runtime access users and Target Schema creation.
  • Oracle Workflow Installation (WF) version 2.6.x and its schema creation.
  • UPGRADED production databases from 8i to 10g and from 9.2.x to 10gR2 using both DBUA & through manual up-gradation scripts.
  • As a HIGH AVAILABILITY solution successfully setup DATAGUARD for production environment using RMAN. Leveraged all 10g DATAGUARD features for optimum performance such as REAL TIME APPLY.
  • Worked extensively on ASM (AUTOMATIC STORAGE MANAGEMENT) and ASMCMD.
  • Configured successfully 10g Oracle STREAMS for data replication between critical schemas.
  • Backup of database & critical schema’s using Logical backup methods such as Exp/Imp & 10g DATA PUMP.
  • Successfully installed 10g OEM GRID CONTROL for monitoring and alerting purpose.
  • Database creation using DBCA and through manual scripts for Dev and QA teams.
  • CLONED databases for QA and DEV team using RMAN and manual approach.
  • RMAN setup for backup and recovery.
  • Configured FAST/ COMPLETE MATERIALIZED VIEWS for table data refresh across databases as per business need.
  • Troubleshot database problems faced by application developers and end users with utilities like AWR, ADDM, STATSPACK, TKPROF.
  • Setup AUDITING and policies using oracle PROFILES on production boxes.
  • Wrote SHELL SCRIPTS to AUTOMATED daily backups, schema refresh, alerts and application related jobs.
  • Did extensive PERFORMANCE TUNING and fixed various performance issues.
  • Handled Database change request from the application developers within SLA limits.
  • OS Monitoring of CPU Utilization and its performance with tools like (TOP, GLANCE, VMSTAT, IOSTAT, SAR, PRSTAT etc).

Environment: Oracle 10gR2, 9.2.x, 8.1.7, 10g RAC, ASM, 10g STREAMS, 10gAS, 9iAS, OWB 9.2.x, OWB 10.2.x, Oracle 10g,OEM Grid Control, Oracle Workflow 2.6.x, DATAGUARD, RMAN, AWR, ADDM, TKPROF, Kea X, Cygwin, Putty Materialized views, TOAD, CRON, DATAPUMP, ASMCMD, DGBROKER, SOLARIS 9, 10, LINUX (9.0, 2.1AS, 3.0ES), WINDOWS 2000.

Confidential,NY, USA Apr. 2004– Dec. 2004
Sr. Oracle DBA

Project details: NBC-DBA
GE-NBC a major media house in the U.S.A, maintains its databases in diversified platforms (Windows/Sun/HP/Linux) on various technologies (Oracle/Sybase/SQL Server).
24x7 support using an onsite offshore model. The support involves infrastructure as well as on-call support.
Outage Handling and crisis management while adhering to the stringent Service Level Agreements form an integral part of the job responsibility.

  • Installed and Patched Oracle Software on various platforms.
  • As a HIGH AVAILABILITY solution successfully configured, tuned, DATAGUARD for production databases on various platforms.
  • Created databases for Dev users using DBCA and manual scripts.
  • Schema creation and Schema refresh across different servers and different environments i.e. from production to quality or to development as per business needs.
  • Successfully UPGRADED databases with zero errors in various environments (Dev, Quality, and Prod.) from Oracle version to Oracle version
  • Loaded data to Oracle tables from external data source such as flat-files, csv files using SQL*LOADER.
  • Worked on Application DBA activities such User, Tablespace, Views, Synonyms, Indexes, Materialized views etc. creation.
  • Proactively monitored space consumption, added space to tablespaces as and when needed.
  • Modified, wrote and Cron’d Unix SHELL SCRIPTS for various purposes such as daily backup, space management, alerts and application related jobs.
  • Applied quarterly Oracle SECURITY PATCHES to all environments.
  • Set up Statspack in production environment for troubleshooting and proactive monitoring database performance issues.
  • Worked with ORACLE SUPPORT to get the bugs fixed in production and other environments.
  • Set up SQL-TRACE on problematic sessions and read generated trace files from these sessions through TKPROF utility.
  • Setup RMAN for BACKUP and RECOVERY in production environments.
  • Successfully PARTITIONED, NON-PARTITIONED tables in production environment to enhance performance and manageability.
  • CLONED databases for dev team as and when needed.
  • Created successfully MATERIALIZED VIEWS for table data refresh across databases over a database link.
  • Worked on call DBA rotation.
  • Worked on Production and non production deployments.
  • Worked on User creation with necessary roles, privileges, profiles and space quota.
  • Took Backup of Database using Logical (EXPORT/IMPORT) & Physical (Online & Offline) approach.
  • Extensively involved in PERFORMANCE TUNING using STATSPACK and with various Oracle dynamic performance views, views such as v$sysstat, v$session, v$sqlarea, v$sysevent etc

Environment: Oracle 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, Solaris 8, 9, Linux2.1AS, Windows 2000, DATAGUARD, RMAN, Materialized Views, Shell Scripting, Export/Import, SQL*Loader, OEM, PUTTY, TOAD, DB-ARTISIAN.

Confidential,Betz Nov. 2003– Apr. 2004
Oracle DBA

Project details: FFMC, System Care, Value View
FFMC: The Field Force Mobile Computing (FFMC) platform consists of PDA, laptop, and back-end infrastructure. This platform will host a family of mobile applications designed to increase Sales Force Effectiveness (Business Y).The Customer System Review (CSR) is the first application suite developed for the FFMC platform. It is comprised of Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and laptop client applications, web-based CSR template configuration, and a server application to manage the Global Service Database (GSD). Database synchronization is provided between the PDA, laptop, and the GSD.
System Care (earlier known as C&I):
A Customer has many installations and for these installations, there are various chemical parameters that are captured. Based on the parameter values and control limits, dashboards and graphs are created and displayed to the customer. Capturing of these parameters is carried out using Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), via the Web and using a Controller.

  • Installation & Patching of Oracle software on Solaris and Windows platform.
  • Database Creation using DBCA as per OFA Standards.
  • Maintained offshore development databases, Onsite production, development and QA databases on diversified platforms and Oracle Versions.
  • Created users and assigned appropriated roles, privileges, quotas and profiles as per business policy.
  • Wrote various SHELL Script’s for automation of various jobs.
  • Provided Multi-Lingual support on the database to accommodate foreign languages.
  • Configured successfully DATAGUARD for production databases.
  • Setup RMAN and RMAN CATALOG for backup and recovery.
  • Installed STATSPACK for troubleshooting and monitoring database issues.
  • Worked extensively with logical Backups i.e. EXPORT and IMPORT.
  • Extensively involved in database troubleshooting and TUNING.
  • Created DATABASE LINKS and SNAPSHOTS on the database as per business needs.
  • Monitoring health of Database Using Tools like OEM.
  • UPGRADED successfully production and staging database from 8i to 9i.
  • CLONED databases using HOT BACKUP method.
  • Worked on PARTITIONING non PARTITIONED tables and there backup strategy.
  • Extensively involved in SCHEMA REFRESH from STAGING to DEV environment using EXPORT / IMPORT.
  • Applied successfully Oracle 9i Patches to existing database in various environments.
  • Worked closely with developers to write complex and optimized SQL’s.
  • Worked on production and non production deployments.
  • On call Support.

Environment: Oracle 9i, 8i, Solaris 8, Windows, DATAGUARD, EXPORT/IMPORT, SHELL SCRIPT, STATSPACK, RMAN, DBCA.

Confidential,CA Jan. 2003 – Nov. 2003
Oracle DBA

Project details: Batch Master Enterprise (B.M.E) process MRP System
Batch Master has been leading process manufacturing software product available for the Mid-Market, BME provides robust functionality specifically designed for complex chemical and other manufacturing industries. This innovative solution manages the Manufacturing, Material Planning and Shop Floor requirements to optimize the business processes. BME core modules automate critical plant functions by facilitating the creation of Formulae, Bill of Materials, Purchasing and Production Planning. BME Core modules include Formula, MSDS, Laboratory, Bills of Materials, and Material Requirement Planning. Its Distribution Modules are Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Quality Control.

  • Installation and patching of ORACLE & SQL Server
  • Database creation using DBCA and manual approach, DATABASE CLONING using cold backup approach.
  • Taking Backup of Database using Logical method (Export / Import)
  • Set up RMAN for Backup and Recovery.
  • Tuned database performance using STATSPACK and various dynamic performance views.
  • Databases user creation and there management using ROLES / PRIVILEGES / PROFILES / Quota’s .
  • Schema refresh using EXPORT/IMPORT as and when required.
  • Loading data to Oracle tables from external data source such as flat files using SQL*LOADER.
  • Working with DEV team to optimize problematic sql’s using tools like TKPROF, SQL TRACING.
  • Setting up jobs in task scheduler for daily backup of database using tools like BLAT and GREP.

Environment: Oracle9i (, VB, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000


Masters in Business Administration.

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