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Sr. Software Engineer Resume



IT professional with 8 yrs of experience in Database Administration and related technologies. Worked in industries such as banking, consumer credits, insurance, health care, underwriting, web portals

Technical Summary

  • 6+ years of experience in Database Architecture, Administration and Design of MS SQL Applications.
  • 3+ year of experience with application development in VB & VB.Net.
  • Strong interpersonal, organizational and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Education & Work status

  • MScin Computer Science,
  • MBA IT(Systems); Authorized to work for any employer

MCTS: 70-431Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - Implementation and Maintenance
MCP: 70-305Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic.NET & Microsoft Visual Studio.NET


  • Databases: SQL Server 2008/2005/2000/7, MS Access, mySQL
  • Database Admin Tools: SSIS, SSRS, SSMS, DTS, SQL Profiler, SQLDIAG, PSSDIAG, PerfMon, Quest tools (Quest Central, PAAS, Foglight, Litespeed) for database administrations
  • Web Server: IIS6.0, IIS5.0, Apache
  • Operating System: Windows 2003/2000 Server, Windows XP/2000
  • Languages & Tools: ASP.NET, VB.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, PHP, HTML, CSS, Visual Interdev, Visual Source Safe, ERWIN, VISIO 2003, Ultimus, SQLYog, T-SQL Programming (Stored Procedures, Triggers), Remedy
  • Project Profile
  • Accenture- Confidential, Pleasanton, CA 05/07 - Present
    Data Architect/Sr. DBA


  • Managed over 300+ MS SQL Databases which includes databases over 1 TB across 50+ servers
  • Assigned various Database Initiatives to the DBA team specified below.
  • Develop and Implement DB backup/recovery procedures, Identify and perform database reorganizations, Perform DB Purge/Archive and report, Report DB Size/Growth and perform DB Capacity Planning and Reporting, Daily/Weekly reports on DB Backup success/failure and status/finish time etc, Identify product and enhancement opportunities for improved performance, Advice management on upgrades/patches/fixes/going out of support/unsupported version etc, Perform DB integrity check and perform results, Maintain Business disaster recovery manuals for applications, Monitor system availability, Perform daily system monitoring with checklists (Alert log, space, backup), Rollout blocking sessions monitoring thru scripts, Rollout consistency checks on all production servers, Put monitoring scripts to find fragmentation on db tables, Establish Uniform Backup policy (full, differential, trx log) across all SQL Servers, Evaluation and use of Monitoring and Alerting Tools (Quest Foglight, LiteSpeed, Performance Manager and Capacity manager.)
  • Managing High Availability Business Continuity Planning using Log Shipping, Sync/Async DB Mirroring. Providing SQL 2005 mirroring/DB Snapshots as an alternate solution for Reporting.
  • Creating ETL jobs, Configuring & Deploying SSIS packages.
  • Created, configured and deployed reports with security settings using SSRS and IIS 6.0
  • Managing a team of off-shore and on-shore DBA team and providing support to the Corporate IT Service Desk in resolving and troubleshooting problems and incidents.
  • Conduct weekly team meeting on the progress of the DB initiatives, DB Server incidents/ uptimes/ downtimes, server hardware capacity upgrades, status on the roll-out of service packs/ hot fixes/ patches, and revisiting db best practices document, and new db support/data services requirements.
  • Ensure database stability and reliability of data access and data quality across the organization using ongoing database support and maintenance.
  • Identify and resolve data related problems, e.g. data load script (DTS, BCP, stored procedures).
  • Providing consultation to the application staff in the design, development, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of new databases and revisions to existing databases.
  • Administration of db servers, in terms of performance, data access, data integrity, and data security.
  • Tracking and notifying management of database performance, capacity and usage in terms of Avg. Duration, Avg. Reads, Avg. CPU, number of Executions for each procedure, and disk / db size growths.
  • Perform DB tuning and maintenance tasks, such as Rebuilding and Reorganizing of Indexes using Online Re-indexing of SQL 2005, Show Contig/Defrag for SQL 2000.
  • Distribution of Data with Partitioning of tables, file groups and files for performance improvement.
  • Tuning of long running stored procedures for performance - By capturing SP Statements and SQL Batch events of profiler, and adding /altering appropriate indexes by using query execution plans, index related dynamic views and DB Engine Tuning Advisor / Index Tuning Wizard.
  • Using SQL Server Replication to replicate OLTP data to a Reporting Server to separate OLTP and DSS needs of the application and to reduce the load of reporting needs on OLTP DB.
  • Administering and maintain SQL fail-over Clusters
  • Implemented Change Control Management - Review, revision, and release of application developer db code from Dev to Test, Stage and Production DB Server environments.
  • Automating Daily Collection/Reporting of Disk Space Utilization, DB Space/Log Space Utilization from sysaltfiles/dbcc sqlperf(logspace). Daily Backup Durations/Daily Scheduled Job Success/Failure/Execution Durations from sysjobhistory table.
  • Automating the perfmon data collection directly into DB table, and online/ad-hoc reporting of performance of the db servers in terms of CPU Usage, Transactions/Sec and User Connections.
  • Using SSIS packages for data transfers between homogenous and heterogeneous servers, and end of the day business data processing.
  • Providing Daily/Weekly/Monthly Status with detailed reports and graphs for performance and utilization of DB Servers. Replication discrepancy report for mismatch in counts between source and destination.
  • Rewrite and Tune Stored Procedures, Revise schema tables, views, indexes, Jobs, SSIS/DTS Packages.
  • Revisit and check Server Level, Database Level, Schema level and object level security is in place.
  • Using SQL 2000/2005 Best Practices Analyzer to make sure all the Microsoft recommended configurations and guidelines are followed in promoting a database system to production.
  • Using SQLDIAG and PSSDIAG tools to collect baseline performance data for all servers.
  • Participates in Projects as an infrastructure, production support resource to the application project/product managers/leaders/teams.
  • Organizing database documentation and db source codes of tables, views, indexes and stored procedures using Visual Source Safe.
  • Using Visual Studio 2005 for Database Professional Tool for database schema comparison and data compare operation to detect and resolve the anomalies in the schema integrity.
  • Managing Daily/Weekly/Monthly database administration functions, such as backup/recovery/data management / performance monitoring / tuning / data archival/Update Statistics / Jobs and Re-indexing.
  • Using Quest Foglight for Enterprise SQL Server Monitoring and Alerting mechanisms.
  • Using Quest LiteSpeed for DB Backups and Capacity Manager for DB Capacity Planning.
  • Verifies the accuracy and completeness of all aspects of database application developed by the various application teams.
  • Conduct research and make recommendations on database products, services protocols, and Perform database transaction and security audits.
  • Point in time restore of databases from a year old tape back up.
  • Automating Bulk copy (BCP Command) of databases to create table dumps which can be ported to any other databases such as Oracle / Sybase.
  • Worked along with Microsoft SQL Database Engineers on multiple occasions for trouble shooting various issues with SQL databases.

Environment:HP/Compaq Servers, EMC/HITACHI Storage Area Networks (SANS), MS SQL 2005/2000 Servers, IIS Web Servers, ETL, OLTP, OLAP, BCP, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) DTS packages and Reporting Services (SSRS)

Confidential - Celtic Insurance Company, USA 04/04 - 04/07
DBA/Sr. Software Engineer

DBA Activities for Celtic Insurance Company, USA
Celtic Insurance is a major provider of individual health insurance plans in USA. Stablix Solutions was contracted by Celtic Insurance Company to develop and maintain the applications that power Celtic business. The contract covers the maintenance and performance tuning of critical database servers.


  • Monitored and fine-tuned the production database servers on a daily basis.
  • Identified the faulty scheduled jobs and DTS's
  • Optimized the stored procedures, database log monitoring.
  • Created database maintenance plans, database consistency checks
  • Index tuning on databases, rebuilding indexes and database fragmentation analysis
  • Creating weekly full backup of databases and differential backups
  • Transaction Log backup and Log truncation
  • Performance monitoring using SQL Profiler
  • Setting SQL Server counter to analyze the performance of database servers
  • Creating monthly statistics reports on all the production databases servers with graphical representation of processor, memory and network utilization
  • Schema diagram creation and creating data dictionary

Environment:SQL Server 2000, SQL Performance monitor, Perfmon, DTS jobs, inbuilt system stored procedures, MS Excel, NetOp

Celticcare Online Web Applications
The purpose of this project is to provide a more stable, reliable and maintainable Internet application that accept different insurance applications, available to the "portals" as well to Celtic's public web site for consumer and agent access. It replaced the Internet application deployed in Lansa.

The application was designed into Client, Business, Data Access and Database tiers. The Business tier was designed to be reused from multiple applications.


  • Development of step9, step9a, step9PDF, step10 and step10Trackingpages in the 10 step application.
  • Peer reviews of stored procedures
  • Porting of datafrom SQL server 2000 and AS400 databases to mapped fields in SQL Server 2000 machine. Created DTS and stored procedure to port data from old database to respective fields in the new database
  • Creating DTS and restoring of rate quoting databases
  • Production releases, versioning and point of communication with the client
Platform: NET Framework, XML, ASP.NET, Web services, Log4Net, SQL Server 2000, IIS 6.0, Appligent, Windows 2003 Server, AS400, SQL Server 2000, Rumba, NetOp

Celtic Basic 1.0
The introduction of the Celtic Basic product provides Celtic with the opportunity to retain, and hopefully grow, the market share they currently posses by offering a more competitively priced health plan. Celtic introduced the Celtic Basic Health Plan through D.S.M. quoting-channels. This product offers a "Spousal" discount.


  • Development of step2, step3, step4 and step5 pages in the 10 step application.
  • Peer reviews of stored procedures
  • Creating DTS and restoring of rate databases
  • Production releases, versioning and point of communication with the client
Platform: .NET Framework, XML, ASP.NET, Web services, Log4Net, SQL Server 2000, IIS 6.0, Appligent, Windows 2003 Server

HSA 2.0/Short Term 2.2
TheConfidentialis a qualified high deductible health insurance plan designed to provide you with major medical coverage including up to $7,000,000 of reliable health insurance protection combined with a Health Savings Account (HSA) option to make your health plan even more affordable.

Short-Term major medical insurance is a temporary health insurance plan that provides flexible, inexpensive coverage for most injuries and illnesses.


  • Design and development of different modules
  • Unit and Integration Testing & QC activities of the modules
  • Creating new DTS for porting all the data from AS/400 STELIG file to SQL server database
  • Production releases, versioning and point of communication with the client
Platform: .NET Framework, XML, ASP.NET, Web services, Log4Net, SQL Server 2000, IIS 6.0, Appligent, Windows 2003 Server

Automated Workflow and Online Underwriting
The scope of this project is to replace the existing workflow software for processing insurance applications, with more powerful business process automation software. The primary goal of online underwriting is to automate underwriting decisions while an application is in process (of being entered and submitted) online. The successful implementation of this project had a great impact on business done by Celtic Insurance Company. Benefits from this project are reduced processing times, and reduced manual intervention and a logical flow of data and work throughout the departments who need to process the incoming applications. Automating the underwriting decisions will result in more consistent decisions and enable easier trending analysis of underwriting considerations


  • Design and development of automates underwriting decisions and handling the final action with application
  • Unit and Integration Testing & QC activities of the modules
  • Database related activities
Platform: .NET Framework, Ultimus, XML, ASP.NET, Web services, WSDL, Log4Net, SQL Server 2000, IIS 6.0, Rumba, Windows 2003 Server

Confidential, Nagpur, India 03/02 - 11/03
Software Engineer


  • Designing and development of various application modules and Database.
  • Exporting the various data from the database to excel sheets for review by the administrator
  • Overall management of the project to ensure the project meets the deadline and that the deliverable is bug-free
  • Platform: VB6.0, MS Access, ODBC, Data Report, Windows 2000 Server
Confidential, Trivandrum, India 05/01 - 02/02 Web Programmer


  • Design and development of various client applications
  • Database Design
  • Unit and Integration Testing & QC activities of the modules

Platform: VB 6.0 / MS Access, PHP, CSS, mySQL, Apache Server, HTML, JavaScript, Dream Weaver, Photoshop

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