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Sr. Database Administrator Resume

Santa, AnA


  • Extensive experience with relational databases on large and small projects
  • Twenty years of wide-ranging development experience
  • Strong system analysis and design skills
  • Senior financial analyst before IT; good accounting/financial background
  • Problem solver, self-starter, adaptable, can-do attitude, quick learner
  • Work well with little direction, singly or as part of a group; very good interpersonal skills


  • Microsoft SQL Server – administration and development
  • Versions: 4.x, 6.5, 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 Largest database – 1 TB
  • Database design and performance tuning; capacity planning; data migration; architecture recommendations; version upgrades; backups/restores
  • Experience with high-availability solutions: clustering, replication, log-shipping
  • Write and optimize complex stored procedures, triggers, ETL, and DTS/SSIS packages
  • MS Analysis Services (SSAS); SSRS;Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)
  • SQL tools: Microstrategy, Erwin/Visio, Spotlight, Litespeed, SQLSafe, RedGate
  • Documentation: requirements definition, business design, technical design, proposals, needs assessments, cost–benefit analyses, cost estimates

Confidential,Santa Ana (contract) 5/10-pres
Sr. Database Administrator

  • Design and architect database systems for database systems as large as 2TB.
  • Oversee all aspects of database activities to insure database availability and performance.
  • In conjunction with Project Management: installing, upgrading and configuring complex database management system software that has broad business impact.
  • Monitor capacity and performance, troubleshooting and proactively resolve a wide variety of problems.
  • Install, upgrade, configure, design, develop, implement, secure, tune, monitor and maintain required database objects.
  • Set up two SQL Server clusters, one being a SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • Advanced SQL coding for stored procedures and triggers.
  • Data design, such as online transaction processing, online analytical processing, data warehousing, operational data stores, and decision support systems.
  • Validate that all physical database designs satisfy business requirements, data integrity, security, performance and recoverability.
  • Apply standards and strategies for security, database objects, and systems maintenance.

Confidential,Santa Ana 6/09-4/10
Database Administrator

  • SQL Server administration for 60+ SQL servers in a 24x7 environment. Schedule and oversee production maintenance tasks such as backups, index defrags, and DBCC tasks. Monitor performance and tuning of highly transactional databases and applications.
  • Code and optimize T-SQL queries and procedures. Review and implement developer/vendor scripts, and all production SQL Server database objects.
  • Work with software development team to assess the impact of database changes on system performance. Identify architectural issues and propose alternative solutions.
  • SSIS package development for production maintenance and projects. Provided data comparisons in Excel format for team converting new campuses to FA software.
  • Lead in the design of logical and physical databases.
  • Responsible for all staging servers ETL processes for BIS.
  • Administer, maintain, develop and recommend policies and procedures for ensuring the security and integrity of the company\'s databases.

Confidential,Lake Forest 9/08-12/08
Consultant – DBA

  • After analyzing existing SQL 2000 implementations, developed needs assessment document detailing specific work to be done. The recommendations were all completed.
  • Upgraded production, development, and QA environments from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005. Set up replication from new production server to a new 2005 instance created on the old server, to relieve workload on the production server. Many management queries were run from Access against the SQL database and severely deteriorating performance.
  • Used existing Access code to write stored procedures to update search research costs on a daily basis, and created month-end invoicing table used for all customer bills.
  • Identified problem stored procedures. Enhanced database design, including enforcement of data integrity with foreign keys and dropping several indexes on main tables.

Confidential,Marina Del Rey 12/07-8/08

  • Migrated QA and Development environments to four new servers (50 databases) from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005. Set up SQL Server on all new servers.
  • Upgraded major production server to SQL 2005 64-bit (60+ databases). Server consolidates information from multiple servers, required migrating over 100 jobs. Migrated four other large production servers to SQL 2005.
  • First task was resolving major log shipping issue on BI server that had been down for a month, severely impacting the business.
  • Responsible for data warehouse DTS packages (fix/modify existing, write new ones), converted DTS packages to SSIS when migrating to 2005.
  • Assisted developers with difficult code. Wrote code to pass data between Web apps and SQL Server databases. Coded variety of scripts and ad hoc reports. Used Profiler to identify long running processes that caused deadlocks
  • Monitored MOM alerts and resolved all database issues that surfaced.

Confidential,W. Hollywood 2/07-11/07
SQL Server Administrator

  • As a member of the Enterprise Systems team, responsible for administering and maintaining SQL 2000/2005 environments, providing support for all primary business systems at the corporate offices of Ticketmaster.
  • Administered 40 SQL servers, including active-active and active-passive clusters.
  • Worked closely with the Windows System Administrators to design, implement and support the architecture and operational practices of the enterprise.
  • Configuration, installation, maintenance of all Windows 2000/2003 servers hosting SQL.
  • Optimized SQL performance; partitioning; indexing; stored procedures; backup configuration and maintenance.
  • Identified fragmentation problem on all corporate servers, and led project to select, procure, test, and implement defragmentation software (Diskeeper) on 100 servers.
  • Installed MOM SQL Management Pack on 25 SQL servers.
Confidential,Culver City 9/06-12/06 Sr. DBA
  • Responsible for production databases on two-node active/active cluster, running SQL 2005. Created new databases. Migrated data between nodes and servers.
  • Replication administration: added articles; ran snapshot agent (usually after resolving replication issues).
  • Used PerfMon to identify cause of high CPU usage (and other problems) on primary node: servers had been configured with 0 fill factor, and indexes were badly fragmented.
  • Ran Profiler traces to identify stored procedures that were used frequently, or had big numbers for CPU/reads/duration/writes, and optimized them by adding hints, creating new indexes, or rewriting. Analyzed and modified complex stored procedures.
  • Implemented version control (VSS) for SQL code and objects. Defined SQL coding standards for developers.

Confidential,Culver City 2/06-8/06

  • T-SQL development, maintenance, and problem resolution. SQL 2000 was used to store both code and content for online publication of more than 80 e-zines (including Online Variety).
  • Responsible for information feeds from more than 120 sources, and loading data into SQL databases using DTS packages. Tried to filter mistyped, missing, and bad data.
  • Wrote and modified stored procedures, triggers. Created and modified tables and indexes. DTS package creation and modification, including ActiveX scripts. Ran Profiler traces to identify problems. Replication support.
  • Supported programming staff, promoting code from the development environment to stage, and then to production. Reviewed stored procedures for efficiency and conformance to standards. Optimized critical procedures.
Confidential,Irvine 10/05-1/06

Consultant - DBA

  • Reviewed 200+ problematic stored procedures used by Epicor ERP and modified them to improve performance.
  • Responsible for secure SQL Server used to store and transmit daily deposit data. Wrote script, created DTS package to automate data download from credit card clearing house to be able reconcile cash flow with product orders, payments for events, and memberships. They had not been able to reconcile previously.

Confidential,Long Beach 6/04-10/05

  • Responsible for administration of 20 large SQL 2000 servers. Database creation, backups, and restorations. Tracked Performance Monitor counters weekly to identify potential problems; wrote and optimized complex stored procedures; reviewed and optimized programmers’ SQL code; set up and ran Profiler traces to identify variety of issues; cluster setup and administration, set up and maintained test environments.
  • Defined, designed, coded (T-SQL) process to automate payments ($30M/year) to agencies that provide temporary warehouse staff. Loaded data extracted from current time and attendance (eTime) system into SQL tables. Create journal vouchers to generate agency checks. Project manager for eTime upgrade.
  • Installed Analysis Services, created data warehouse, and set up cubes. Prepared proposal (which was approved) to bring in Informatica data warehouse.

Confidential,Van Nuys 5/03-1/04

Sr. Developer
  • Analysis of existing integrated management software used by construction subcontractors, focus on financial modules. Re-wrote complete system in Xbase++ to incorporate enhancements, improve performance, and use SQL backend. Installed SQL Server.

Confidential,Los Alamitos 1/02-5/03

Sr. Developer/DBA
  • Setup SQL 2000 servers; created and designed SQL databases (ERWin); setup users and permissions; wrote triggers and stored procedures; migrated data from existing applications (DTS); performance tuning, monitoring, and optimizing.
  • Modified several existing applications to use SQL Server backend.
  • Designed and coded AR module to replace SBT accounting system functions.
  • Developed and implemented new budget system with multi-level security; management-level and ad hoc reports. Intended for both internal use and to be marketed to clients.

Confidential,Universal City 5/00-9/01

Sr. Systems Analyst/DBA
  • Installed SQL 2000, re-wrote Script Log application in T-SQL, created database for the application, migrated data from existing FoxPro system using DTS, and implemented full-text search. Primary support after system went into production.
  • Created database for digital images of script evaluations, and imported the images from CDs.
  • Designed and coded (T-SQL) application that was used to match images of script evaluations with the Literary Properties and Script Log systems.

Math – BA, Economics – BA, MA

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