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Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Springdale, MD


  • Oracle Database Administrator with over 4 years database administration experience, over 1 year Cloud experience and over 5 years general IT experience.
  • General IT experience covers areas in Cloud computing, Business Analysis, SharePoint Administration, Unix/Linux OS, Oracle backup and Recovery (RMAN, open and closed backups), datapumps, Performance Tuning and database cloning.
  • Proficient with virtualization Software like Virtual Box.


  • Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g, Amazon AWS(EC2, RDS), MySQL, MS Azure, Oracle RAC 12c, NoSQL
  • Computer Skills - Microsoft Office Suite, PL SQL, Toad, DB Visualizer, SharePoint(2007, 2010, 2013), JIRA,HP ALM, InfoPath, Access, Enterprise Architect, C++, AutoCAD, Inventor, Minitab, JMP, SPSS, Arena, Visual Studio, Statistics, Unix/Linux Shell Scripting
  • Project Management, Process Improvement, SAP


Confidential, Springdale, MD

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Creating oracle databases on the AWS EC2 and RDS cloud instances.
  • Migrating Schemas and Applications to the AWS EC2 and RDS cloud instances by datapumps jobs
  • Tracking run time on all databases on the Amazon EC2 cloud instances for efficiency
  • Administering a 400 GB development environment with a two-node RAC hosting Oracle 11g ( on a Red Hat Linux (RHEL 6) operating system with Tomcat servers as the application servers.
  • Administering a 100GB DEV environment with single instance Oracle database servers on oracle 12c(
  • Migrating Schemas and Applications from different servers by Networking, exports and Imports
  • Creating and Administering MySQL and Oracle databases on a RHEL Linux environment
  • Performing MySQL and Oracle database backups, copying and recoveries
  • Tuning MySQL and Oracle databases for overall optimal functionalities.
  • Creating Schema objects for all production and development databases as needed for system support.
  • Generating reports on projects and system performance using SQL query language
  • Performing RMAN and user-managed (Hot and Cold) backup on issues that could crash databases
  • Registering databases and listeners to OEM Cloud control 12C
  • Monitoring oracle databases on the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 12C
  • Performing upgrades of all databases from Oracle 11G to 12C
  • Performing upgrades by application of quarterly patches.
  • 24 - hour on call rotations as needed for system performance and production support
  • Creating, administering, Installing, and deploying of Oracle database instances (11.2.3, on a Red Hat Linux environment (RHEL 6)
  • Granting privileges to new and existing database users.
  • Creating non-default listeners for all databases.
  • Performing database restore point flash backs.
  • Capacity planning on production databases and filesystems ( Tablespace administration)
  • Performing scheduled incremental level 0 and level 1 backups of all production and development database instances
  • Shell Scripting and scheduling using Crontab and PL-SQL optimization
  • Gathering and Eliciting requirements using interviews for the development of a sales application
  • Updating Sprint documents by the application change management.
  • Tracking project status and sprint status for application development using JIRA
  • Conducting JAD sessions within an Agile Environment for the implementation and review of application codes
  • Developing test cases to test for optimal application performance
Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Database Administrator


  • Provided Oracle database support to various user groups (developers, data analysts)
  • Assisted in the management of a 500GB sized production database environment.
  • Worked on an oracle 11g database environment hosting Tomcat/Weblogic applications
  • Analyzed and tuned SQL codes needed for database queries.
  • Created and maintained Oracle database objects (schemas, indexes, tables)
  • Applied RMAN for recovering and restoring control and data files.
  • Migrated databases within the same downtime window.
  • Developed shell scripts to automate and perform backup and recovery tasks on Oracle Databases using RMAN, hot and cold backups.
Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Business Analyst


  • Created and Validated team SharePoint sites that optimized team processes, housed procedures and documents
  • Archived and tracked requirement document changes using HP-ALM to aid SharePoint development
  • Monitored and validated Wealth Management Client’s Stock Activities for the firm using SQL to query databases
  • Researched and Analyzed techniques to drive efficiency towards Portfolio Loan accounts
  • Applied engineering Forecasting techniques in predicting when clients expected to approach margin calls
  • Trained Analyst in the application of SharePoint to various operational processes
  • Received STAR award for being an outstanding employee within Wealth Management

Confidential,Chicago, IL

Management Information Systems (IT) Analyst


  • Created and designed SharePoint sites that showed relevant Departmental information
  • Created Process flowcharts for operations that are being used within the symphony environment
  • Developed a SharePoint site that showed present and upcoming projects within Global Information Systems.
  • Made a successful Poster Presentation to IT Management outlining the SharePoint Site success to the teams
Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Student Researcher


  • Tested the User friendliness and observed user interface between users and the TI-89
  • Analyzed gestures and body language made by users
  • Created an algorithm that helped the software easily detect the gestures made by users

Human Factors and Ergonomics Volunteer Research


  • Researched on understanding the interactions of human and other elements of a system
  • Recorded and performed statistical analyses on over 200 data to optimize human well-being and system performance

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