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Oracle Developer Resume

Lansing, MI


  • Dynamic, Result-oriented professional with 6+ years of IT experience in Oracle Database as a proven success record in working as OraclePL/SQL developer.
  • Expertise in working with Oracle Versions such as Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i and Oracle 8i.
  • Expertise in working complete System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and support with exposure in database.
  • Extensive knowledge of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Concepts.
  • Deep knowledge of Oracle Architecture and it's content.
  • Expertise in using Oracle SQL Developer GUI(Graphical User Interface) tool for database development, browse database objects, implement and edit SQL as well PL/SQL statements.
  • Strong knowledge of Database Architecture, Database Development and Data Modeling (Physical and Logical).
  • Extensive work experience in writing and implementing database objects like Tables, Views, Indexes, Sequences, Synonyms, Stored Procedures, Functions, Exceptions, Triggers and Packages.
  • Modified existing complex queries into easily understandable by using Sub-query and Loop structures.
  • Efficient in Creating and Using Cursors and Ref Cursors in processing of data.
  • Created Materialized Views and DBlinks.
  • Experience with Oracle LOB Data type (CLOB, BLOB, BFILE, NLOB).
  • Implemented Oracle skills like SQL*PLUS, TOAD.
  • Implemented Oracle tools SQL*Loader, export/import and data pump utilities like expdp/impdp to load data from another database and text file to oracle database.
  • Experience in Query optimization/Performance tuning like Performance Planning, Instance Tuning.
  • Used Collections and Bulk Techniques to improve performance.
  • Experience in creating different kinds of Partitions on large tables and creating indexes in order to improve performance.
  • Experience in SQL tuning using tools like Explain Plan command, SQL Trace facility, TKPROF facility, V$ performance views, Autotrace Report, STATSPACK scripts.
  • Effectively worked on several Oracle provided packages like DBMS_ALERT, DBMS_OUTPUT, DBMS_CONNECTION_POOL, DBMS_JOBS, DBMS_PROFILER, UTL_FILE, UTL_HTTP and UTL_SMTP.
  • Hand on experience with Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and BIRT Reports.
  • Experience working with API (Application Programming Interfaces) such as JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) used to connect and access data that stored on the server.
  • Extensively used ETL methodologies for Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading processes.
  • Knowledge of Data staging which simplifies Data warehousing process. It supports in extracting source data, decoding, transforming, integrating, loading, cleaning of target databases.
  • Have extensive knowledge of Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) ETL tool.
  • Good knowledge of STAR Schema, Snow Flake Schema, FACT Tables and Dimensional Tables.
  • Knowledge of Oracle E-Business Suit Modules.
  • Knowledge of Cognos Reporting Tool for design and development of reports in report studio. Also knowledge of different kinds of reports like planning reports, executive reports and pre-generated reports.
  • Worked on Data modeling tools like CA Erwin, TOAD and Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.
  • Expertise in using PL/SQL Wrappers to protect the PL/SQL Procedures and Packages.
  • Extensive use of Crontab in UNIX environment for scheduling routine tasks and other UNIX command as per need.
  • Expertise in conforming SQL and PL/SQL coding standards as per business rules.
  • Experienced to translate reporting and analytical needs into technical solutions.


  • Database : Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i, SQL Server 2000/2005
  • Operating System : Windows NT, Windows 95/98/2000, Windows XP
  • Tools : TOAD, Putty, OWB/ETL, SQL Developer, Cognos 8 business intelligence 8.3/8.4
  • Languages : SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, C, C++, Perl Scripting
  • DB Utilities : SQL*Loader, Explain Plan, vi Editor, Data pump, Export / Import, Expdp / Impdp
  • File Transfer : TCP, UDP, FTP, DNS, SMTP, DHCP
  • Web Technologies : HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Other Application : Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader/Writer


  • IZ0-051:- Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I
  • IZ0-147: Oracle 9i Program with PL/SQL


  • Bachelors of Engineering in Computer


Confidential,Lansing MI Aug 2011 - Present
Oracle PL/SQL Developer / Programmer Analyst
MiCSES - Michigan Child Support Enforcement System
MiCSES is a child support project which provides all different kinds of benefits to the needy child(s) in Michigan and also has connected cases with different states and feds. It also has communication with Feds, SACWIS, BRDGES system of the states and share required information among them.


  • Construct database objects like Packages, Procedures, Functions, Batches, SQL Queries, Views, Indexes, and Exceptions using Toad.
  • Also involved in creation & modification of Triggers, JIL's & TAPI's.
  • Modified existing cursors & also created brand new as per required.
  • Modified Oracle Forms (.fmb) as per business requirement.
  • Convert Oracle Reports into BIRT (Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools) open source report tool.
  • Created new queries & modified existing queries requested by different counties of Michigan as per needed.
  • Modified Templates which coded in XML tags.
  • Working on Construction (Changes in Code), Unit testing and Test Result.
  • Also involved in string testing which is high level scenario based testing of the changes.
  • Have a well experience with Oracle Forms
  • Working with OVER PARTITION BY, BULK COLLCTS, ROWTYPE, %ROWTYPE as per the data requirement as output.
  • Created Indexes for faster retrieval and improved query performance.
  • Implemented table Partitioning and Sub-Partitioning to improve performance and data management.
  • Used SQL* Loader and Oracle Bulk techniques to load data from flat file to Oracle database tables.

Enviornment: Oracle11g, Toad 9.6.1, Oracle Forms/Oracle Reports, JDK, JBOSS, SQL-Plus11.2.0, BIRT reports, TML, XML, Examine32

Confidential,MI May 2010 - July 2011
Oracle PL/SQL Developer
Description: Ford is an American 2nd largest multinational automaker company which is
based in Dearborn, MI. It provides financial service through the Ford Motor Credit Company. In the United States, Ford has different plants like Assembly Plants, Stamping Plants, Engine Plants, Transmission Plants and Casting/Forging Aluminum Plants. In Dearborn, Michigan it has truck plant, stamping plant, engine and fuel tank plant, manufacturing and, tool and die plant.


  • Created database objects like Tables, Indexes, Views, Materialized Views, Triggers, Procedures, Functions, Exceptions using SQL*plus and TOAD.
  • Involved in creating Sequences (to generate consequence numbers) and Constraints (to limit the type of data).
  • Used JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) connection in support of creating and executing queries.
  • Created and managed users, roles and profiles, monitored databases and user access.
  • Analyzed time consuming SQL and PL/SQL block queries and tuned them to run in less time by using cost based Optimizer hints, Explain plan.
  • Worked with different types of Sub-queries and Loop structures which suit according to business logic.
  • Written Cursors and Ref Cursors to fetch records.
  • Created Indexes on the tables and on another Index for easy retrieval of the data to make the data searching speed faster.
  • Planned Index Rebuilding, Index Analyze and Table Analyze on periodic basis.
  • Involved in creating users and privilege Management using roles and grants.
  • Used Pragma Exception_INIT to name the system exceptions that are raised by the program.
  • Handled errors using System defined exceptions and User defined exceptions like INVALID_NUMBER, NO_DATA_FOUND and PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT.
  • Developed Row level and Statement level Triggers for auditing tables in PL/SQL.
  • Written Shell scripts to automate loading the files into database using Crontab.
  • Developed Views and Materialized Views for specific data retrieval for the reports.
  • Made used Sub-query (WITH clause) to make complex SQL statements simple and make them more efficient.
  • Used PL/SQL tables to avoid mutating problem in database triggers.
  • Used Public Synonyms, read only User Accounts and Database Links for remote database access.
  • Used Oracle supported DBMS_STATS, DBMS_JOB packages to gather the statistics and schedule job respectively. Also used DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL package to describe table structure.
  • Used %TYPE and %ROWTYPE for anchoring the variables to the database data types.
  • Worked with Bulk Collects to improve the performance of multiple-row queries.
  • Documentation of the completed work.

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g, UNIX Shell Scripting, Export/Import, SQL Developer, SQL*PLUS, TOAD, Oracle Forms, vi editor, JDK

Confidential,Woodcliff Lake, NJ Nov 2008 - Apr 2010
Oracle Developer
Description: Par Pharmaceutical is the fifth largest generic pharmaceutical company in the United States. Par was founded in 1978 and initially traded on theNew York Stock Exchangein 1987.It develops, manufactures, markets and distributes different medicine products through two divisions: Par Pharmaceutical - the generic drug division and Strativa Pharmaceuticals - Proprietary product division. It has more than 600 offices and marketed more than 50 products.


  • Interpreted the requirements and assisted in creating different models making use of Erwin tool.
  • Involved in database development by creating different schema objects like Tables, Views, Cursors and different types of Indexes and Clusters.
  • Created Materialized views to store aggregate values.
  • Written Queries for the management in the form of stored procedures and packages. Implemented logical backup of the structures with the help of EXPORT utility.
  • Created different types of Sub-queries and used Loop structures.
  • Maintained the Data Integrity and Security using Integrity Constraints and Database triggers.
  • Created control files and used SQL* Loader to upload bulk of data and also data from any text file into database tables using SQL script.
  • Used EXPORT/IMPORT to do table level and full database level de-fragmentation.
  • Extensively used Transformations like Lookup, Router, Aggregator, Normalization, Source Qualifier, Joiner, Expression, Update Strategy.
  • Used Oracle packages like DBMS_ALERT, DBMS_OUTPUT and also used Dynamic SQL (DBMS_SQL, DBMS_DDL).
  • Extensively used UTL_FILE to create data dictionary in HTML format.
  • Using DBMS_STATS, DBMS_JOB to gather the statistics and schedule jobs.
  • Involved in Tuning, Performance and Optimization of queries and standardization of the codes.
  • Involved in providing the data to and from the other teams for their development and testing.
  • Worked with Oracle Enterprise Manager and TOAD.
  • Granting privileges on schema objects for other users to be able to share content.
  • Managed and Resolved design issues during development.
  • Implementing the Business Rules and Logic by using Expression, Look up, Sequence Generator, Joiner and Update Strategy transformations.
  • Interacted with end users to incorporate any changes in requirement.

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g, UNIX Shell Scripting, Export/Import, SQL Developer, SQL*PLUS, TOAD, Oracle Forms, vi editor, JDK

Confidential,India Oct 2007 - Sep 2008
Oracle PL/SQL Developer
Description: TheIndustrialDevelopment Bank of India Limited(IDBI) is one oflargest
leading public sector bank in India. It is currently 10th largest development bank in the
world in terms of reach with 1392 ATMs, 833 branches including one overseas branch at DIFC, Dubai and 555 centers including two overseas centers at Singapore & Beijing. It is a Nationalized bank.


  • Designing module wise Oracle 8i/9i database structure and its implementation on the client server.
  • Extensively used Explain Plan, TKPROF utilities for SQL query optimization.
  • Used PL/SQL table to avoid mutating problem in database trigger.
  • Using the Crontab in UNIX and Scheduler in windows for Automatic Tasks (Analyzing tables, loading into Tables, Imp/Exp).
  • Develop tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, indexes, rules, defaults, and user-defined data types.
  • Worked on tuning the SQL queries and stored procedures.
  • Used various forms of control structures including IF-THEN-ELSE, FOR loops, WHILE loops while developing procedures.
  • Used EXPORT/IMPORT to do table level and full database de-fragmentation.
  • Developed packages, procedure and functions for complex Reports.
  • Utilizing Built in Oracle Packages like (UTL_FILE, DBMS_OUTPUT) for better debugging.
  • Worked on User-defined and System defined exceptions to handle different types of Errors like NO_DATA_FOUND, TOO_MANY_ROWS.
  • Developed PL /SQL code for updating payment terms.
  • Developed SQL * loaderscripts to load data into the database tables.
  • Created database links to retrieve data from multiple servers.
  • Created public synonyms on the database links for easy reuse.
  • Developed invoice-printing reports for single and consolidated invoices
  • Modified existing codes PL/SQL packages to perform Certain Specialized functions and enhancements.

Environment: Oracle 8i/9i, SQL*Loader, TOAD, SQL*PLUS, UNIX

Confidential,India Sep 2006 - Aug 2007 Oracle Developer
Description: Nielsen is a software development company, dominating over more than 100
countries. Nielson employees work in the era's to measure market performance, analyze market dynamics, solve marketing & sales problems and identify & capture growth opportunities for the clients. It provides business solution for the companies.


  • Analyzed the existing access system and re-designed it in Oracle 8i by developing data validation and load processes using PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, and Triggers to enhance and improve functionality requested by business for reducing manual processing time.
  • Optimized and modified the existing Triggers, complex Stored Procedures, and Functions.
  • Implemented Cursors and performed Exception Handling.
  • Used SQL*Loader to load data from Excel (text) file into temporary table and developed PL/SQL program to load data from temporary tables into base tables.
  • Wrote Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Packages and managed Oracle
  • Used Dynamic SQL (DBMS_SQL, DBMS_DDL) in Functions and Procedures.
  • Created database Triggers to record Insertion, Updating, Deletion and all other audit routines.
  • Responsible for Code Reviews and PL/SQL Code Tuning.
  • Extensive use of CRONTAB and Shell Scripting in UNIX environment for scheduling routine task.
  • Creating Korn Shell Scripts which act as a wrapper for various tasks like - for executing the SQL*Loader command lines, for refreshing the materialized views and for updating the Fact and the dimension tables with the data from the Staging Area Tables.

Environment: Oracle 8i, SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL, HTML, TOAD, SQL*Loader, UNIX

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