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Senior Dba And Developer. Resume

New York, NY


  • Ten years of experience in the field of software development, designing & analyzing and high concentration in relational database design, programming and administration.
  • Skilled in designing and implementing complete life cycle client servers and database applications with various development tools and languages.
  • Proven track record of providing on time, on spec, and on budget project delivery, and exceeding target objectives.
  • In - depth awareness of industry trends and emerging technologies.
  • Results oriented, can-do attitude and highly motivated professional.
  • Highly regarded for his heads-up interaction with team members, customers, and associates.


RDBMS: Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g, MS SQL Server, MySQL and MS Access.

Languages: PL/SQL, T-SQL, Shell scripting, Visual Basic, .NET, C++ and Java.

Operating Systems: Windows 2003, 2008, UNIX and Red Hat Linux.

Tools: SQL Developer, SQL navigator, SQL Loader, Oracle Enterprise Manager, MS SQL Management Studio.


Confidential . NEW YORK, NY

Senior DBA and Developer.


  • Database designing and data modeling.
  • Preparing Window and Linux Servers (with SAN) for Oracle database.
  • Installing, managing and monitoring Oracle Grid Control for Servers (O/S), Oracle and MS SQL servers database.
  • Configuring, setting and monitoring multiple Physical STANDBY databases (Oracle Data Guard) for disaster recovery.
  • Creating, maintaining and monitoring production, development, QA databases which include Oracle, MS SQL Server and MYSQL databases.
  • Performing backup and recovery of database using RMAN, Data Pump.
  • Analyzing ADDM results and implementing its recommendations.
  • Writing of Shell Scripts for database backups and ETL processes.
  • Migrating Oracle 8i database on Windows to Oracle 10g on Linux server.
  • Creating and managing users and roles for security and management.
  • Creating Virtual Private Database using Oracle Label Security and synonyms.
  • Cloning the development and QA database from Production database using RMAN and Oracle Data pump backups.
  • Installing and managing Oracle Gateway for connectivity from Oracle database to MS SQL server.
  • Configuring SQL*NET files (Tnsnames and Listener files) for client- server setup.
  • Replicating data using Oracle streams, Materialize view (Snapshots) and logical standby database.
  • Installing and configuring MS SQL server.
  • Migrating MS SQL 2000 server to MS SQL 2008
  • Managing MS SQL server backups using maintenance plane.
  • Creating MS SQL server DTS packages for exporting Oracle data to MS Access.
  • Writing T-SQL procedures and functions.
  • Writing stored procedure for all CRUD operation to enhance performance and security.
  • Writing Complex queries, procedure, function and packages for Crystal and Web reports.
  • Tuning SQL queries using SQL tuning Advisory, analyzing tables and Indexes and creating necessary indexes etc.
  • Profiling and Tracing PL/SQL programs in order to identify bottlenecks of program.
  • Writing PL/SQL programs for ETL (Loading data from transactional database to reporting database).
  • Optimizing ETL process using Direct path insert, parallelizing query, Collection with BULK COLLECT, dynamic SQL with EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement, FORALL statement, bind variables and pining Packages in Shared memory pool.
  • Writing JAVA stored procedure to extend the functionality of database application.
  • Converting Visual Basic, .NET programs into Oracle PL/SQL for better performance and centralize the code management.
  • Partitioning big history tables and Indexes.
  • Implementing business logic using database triggers and Constraints.
  • Reviewing database changes requested by developer before implementing in production for database standers.
  • Loading external data to database tables Using Oracle External table and SQL Server import export utility.

Confidential, NJ

Senior Oracle Developer.


  • Preparing Sun UNIX Servers for Oracle database.
  • Installing Oracle server and client software on Window, UNIX and Linux Servers.
  • Controlling and monitoring user access to the database.
  • Monitor and supporting production Database servers for server health, Storage management, Database Security and Performance using OEM, Oracle Grid control and alert files.
  • Exporting data to dump files using oracle Export-Import tool for logical backups.
  • Storage management (Tablespace and database files).
  • Creating tablespaces for tables and indexes after analyzing file I/O, table join and Indexes for optimal performance.
  • Writing PL/SQL codes (procedures, functions, triggers, packages, jobs etc) as per business requirement.
  • Rewriting PL/SQL batch processes (ETL) using dynamic SQL, bulk collect functionality, bind variable and PL/SQL memory which brings 8 hours batch processing time to 2 hours.

Confidential, NY

Oracle DBA and Developer .


  • Performing hot and cold backup database.
  • Refreshing development database from Oracle dump files using Oracle Import utility.
  • Distributing database files to reduce I/O contention.
  • Managing UNDO and TEMP tablespace.
  • Tuning and sizing of various part of SGA like shares pool, buffer cache, redo log buffer for performance by querying V$ views (Hit ratio and wait event) .
  • Tuning SQL queries by using SQL Trace facility with TKPROF utility..
  • Setting up services and listeners.
  • Checking Database files using DBV utility.
  • Rolling out development changes to production database.
  • Backup Oracle database files to tape drives on Spark machine.
  • Loading data to database tables from external text file using SQL Loader.
  • Creating and modifying Tables, Indexes Views, Snapshots, Database links stored procedures, functions, triggers, types and packages. (PL/SQL).
  • Creating and managing external text files using UTL packages for log and reports.
  • Converting front end ASP Code into oracle PL/SQL.

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