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Sr. Programmer Analyst Resume

Woodlawn, MD


  • Skilled in MVS Operating System Support, DB2, Oracle, VSAM tools, System Utilities, CICS, TCP/IP network communication, support and maintenance.
  • Experienced at expert level in Assembler (BAL), REXX, C/C++, COBOL, JCL, and SQL - PL/SQL languages.


OS: IBM MVS/370/390 - z/OS, IBM/VM, UNIX (AIX, Linux, Solaris, z/OS USS), Windows NT/2000/XP

HARDWARE: IBM S/370-390-zSeries, System/88, RS/6000, Intel platform

SOFTWARE: C/C++ (IBM/SAS/MS), STL, MFC, MS SDK, MS Visual Studio, XDC-debugger, IBM z/OS Utilities, CA software, BMC, SYNCSORT/DFSORT, FileAid, VSAM, VTAM, SNA, TCP/IP, CICS, DB2-Connect, Endeavor, ChangeMan, MQSeries, HTML, PHP, SQL.

DBMS: DB2 zOS/UDB; Oracle

LANGUAGES: IBM Assembler, JCL, C, C++, PL/I, COBOL, REXX/CLIST, SQL-PL/SQL (Oracle, DB/2), XML, Java, JavaScript.


Confidential, Woodlawn, MD

Sr. Programmer Analyst


  • Long-term project on obfuscation of PII/FTI and other sensitive information for Validation Database (COBOL, Assembler, JCL, DB2, VSAM, IBM Utilities, SYNCSORT, Compuware software tools, File-Aid/RDX/Data Solutions).
  • Created and updated Exit Routines Assembler code, for using in Data Solutions product, and in DB2 processing.
  • Performed system test runs and result verification according to the test plan, and test milestones.
  • Supported speeding-up for system regression test via automated comparison of test results with expected result templates.
  • Developed and introduced technological standards and naming convention on testing and QA activities.
  • Applied Ajile software development methodology for managing, design, coding, and testing activities.
  • Organized training classes for the company User Group, covering topics like z/OS, JCL, REXX, Assembler, TSO/ISPF, others, to share knowledge and experience among mainframe development teams.

Confidential, Annapolis, MD

Sr. Mainframe Developer-Analyst


  • Project on conversion of a large-scale legacy Retirement Payment System to the new platform (zOS, CICS, COBOL, Assembler, Endeavor, IBM Utilities, SYNCSORT, VSAM, .Net, SQL).
  • Provided documentation required to port the system between platforms.
  • Advised management and technical staff on standards and regulations for record management.
  • Provided analysis, and created program specification documentation on legacy program code, both in Assembler, and COBOL.
  • Performed and documented verification and tracking of code versions to plan testing according to delivered change requests.
  • Evaluated and compared competing requirements for Database Record Management Systems.
  • Represented Application Support, Service Management to audit, business or other areas w/accurate responses. Responded to operational inquiries, audit requests and management reporting questions.

Confidential, Hanover, MD

Sr. Mainframe DB Developer


  • Project on conversion of a legacy medical claim processing system to newly designed Claim and Accumulators database system (DB2, Oracle, zOS, AIX, CICS, COBOL, IBM Utilities, and DFHSORT).
  • Provided consultations on database design, and system architecture issues.
  • Performed remediation of control deficiencies, risk concerns, agreed upon actions. Independently researched and resolved multiple issues.
  • Performed DBA functions (DB2, Oracle, BMC Utilities, and FileAid).
  • Supported major system upgrades, vendor patches, operation scheduling, job dependencies, necessary storage increase.
  • Design and further tuning of SQL queries (DB2, and Oracle) to provide required data for claim processing application components. Design and development of DB Stored Procedures (SQL, PL/SQL) for complex database requests.
  • Supported initial database load and data verification (ETL, DB2, and Oracle).

Confidential, Rye, NY

Senior Software Engineer


  • Completed series of development and enhancement of proprietary multi-platform Data Warehouse Management System (zOS, DB2, Unix, Oracle, Windows, MS-SQL, .Net, Websphere, Java).
  • Designed and developed multiple components of Total Content Management System (IBM Assembler, XDC, C/C++, COBOL, REXX/CLIST, CICS, script languages, TSO/ISPF, Change Manager, IBM Utilities, SYNCSORT, others).
  • Created unified interface between data servers, and databases (DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, zOS, AIX, Unix, Windows).
  • Strong analytical skills. Designed algorithms, and their SQL implementation for fast data retrieval from huge-scaled customer databases (billions of records, and larger).
  • Performed major DBA responsibilities (DB2, Oracle, REORG, RUNSTATS, UNLOAD/LOAD, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, BMC and FileAid tools, others)
  • Reviewed and evaluated applications’ technology risks, performance and capacity concerns, and supportability issues. Created recommendations on improvement; maintained application documentation, operational procedures, and identifying alternative solutions suggested to project management.
  • Participated in compatible database schemas design (DB2, Oracle, MS-SQL). Performed physical and logical schema design, database objects allocation, tables, constraints, triggers and stored procedures.
  • Analyzed and improved the logic of database access algorithms.
  • Implemented and supported enterprise environment data transfer and conversion (DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, XML, DB2-Connect, etc.)
  • Experience in solving software problems. Discovered and fixed the underlying source of major incidents. Production support liaison with Delivery Services, Technology Services and business support areas.


Senior MVS Systems Programmer


  • Managed production application & business process operations environment.
  • Diagnosed, and identified resolution activities and required resources to restore technical systems and business processes.
  • Identified, analyzed, helped determine root cause, follow-up actions and coordinate changes to resolve incidents and problems.
  • Created updates, improvements, and fixes for customization and tuning of z/OS components, including TSO/ISPF, and DB2 subsystems; used languages are mainly JCL, REXX/CLIST, Assembler, and system utilities.
  • Performed incident analysis and recommended appropriate solutions for fixing problems causing production incidents; working closely with business staff, Information Security, and Technical Services teams.
  • Provided production database migration between physical locations. (ETL, Disaster Recovery).
  • Maintained banking environment including. (zOS, CICS, DB2, IMS, TSO/ISPF, MQ-Series, VTAM, VSAM, Eztrieve, others).
  • Monitored and enhanced Operating System performance (MVS, DB2, Omegamon, SMF, Trace Logs, SMP/E).
  • Monitored and maintained telecommunication components.(S390, S88, AIX, PC, TCP/IP, SNA, Assembler, COBOL, REXX/CLIST).


Oracle DBA


  • Administration and maintenance of Oracle production database dedicated for processing credit card transactions, running on cluster of Windows/NT servers.
  • Performed incident & problem management building and maintaining extensive application, technical environment and/or business process knowledge.
  • Supported data and application migration after system upgrades.
  • Provided automated database backup and recovery, and auto-switching between instances after failures, based on both AIX shell scripts, and Windows batch
  • Facilitated business continuity planning, disaster recovery (BCP/DR) exercises, coordinated necessary steps with other involved parties (e.g. TCM, CNO, DBA, WMS/WIO)
  • Database optimization and customization to provide appropriate balance between better batch performance, and faster OLTP response time. Previous related experience
  • Developed a proprietary Office Document Management System, with major features later found in Lotus Notes. (OS/2, Windows, Novell, Sybase SQL Server, C/C++, MFC).
  • Designed and developed components of Data Storage subsystem, Report Generator subsystem, and Data Control subsystem of a proprietary Database Management System running on IBM/370-390 platform; OS MVS and VM. (PL/I, IBM Assembler, C/C++).
  • Developed DOS and Windows based office Document Management Systems, and proprietary banking Payments Authorization System. (Novell, RDBMS, C/C++).

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