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Sr Oracle Application Dba/ Unix Administrator Resume

City Of Kansas City, MO

Database Architect/ DBA Team Lead or Middle management position in Information Technology.

AOracle Certified Professional (OCP)11g/10g/9i DBA & a Certified UNIX administrator,having more than 15 years of experience as Information Technology Professional, with 4 years in managing database operations, 11 years as an Oracle DBA. Managed the mission critical 24x7 production support of high availability database projects. Worked closely with business users, end users, functional analyst and development team. Expert in software development lifecycle & PM methodologies who can manage multiple projects at a time.
My expertise as DBA includes database planning, database architecture, installation, database creation, replication, clustering (RAC), Oracle Data guard (hot standby databases), application and database tuning, backup and recovery operation, database security, routine maintenance, database growth analysis, database designing.


  • MS (Computer Science )
  • BS (Mathematics / Computers)
  • Oracle Certified Professional - 11g,10g and 9i.
  • IBM Certified Specialist System p Administration


Software:ORACLE 11g /10g//9i/8i, Enterprise Manager , Server Manager, Network Manager, Oracle Applications 10.7/11.0.3/11i.5 Oracle Enterprise Backup Utility,SQL Server HP9000 HP-UX 10.20 / 11.0, IBM AIX 7.1/6.1/5.3 4.3.3 ,Sun Sparc Solaris 2.6 ( SunOS 5.6 ) Windows NT/2000/XP, Forms6i, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, SQL Reports VisualSourceSafe

Programming Languages:SQL, PL/SQL, C,Unix Shell Scripts,

Hardware- Operating Systems:IBM Server 55A AIX 6.1/5.3/4.3 ,Linux ,Sun Sparc Solaris, HP Unix, Windows 7 / Vista/ XP/2000

RDBMS:Oracle 11g / Oracle 10g / Oracle 9i/8i. SQL Server

Tools:HMC,IBM Storage Manager ,VERITAS volume manager, ARCSERVER IT, SQL*Loader, SQL*NET, TOAD DBARTSIAN, Exceed ,HACMP,Clustering , Oracle Fail Safe


May 2001 - Present
Confidential, City Of Kansas City ,MO
Sr Oracle Application DBA/ Unix administrator

Working as a Sr. Database and Unix Administrator for Water ITD a Utility company my responsibilities includes,

  • Installation and Support of Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i24x7databases. Maintaining Production, Development, Testing, Training databases. Database migration from 8i to 9i , 9i to 10g and 11g etc. using both manual and oracle tool driven technology. Day to day Oracle Database Administration task. Fine Tuning the Oracle database and Oracle memory structure. Oracle Troubleshooting and Oracle SQL tracing for both Oracle and non-oracle applications like Hansen, Banner(Billing) , Pro*c programs. Designing the Databases to meet additional user requirements. Database Backup & Recovery using RAMN , Database Tuning, Memory Tuning, Disk Utilization ,Support and development of data interfaces and user interfaces for Banner CIS and Hansen used to maintain and keep track of the existing Water, Storm & Sewer assets, managing customer Service Requests, generating work orders, planned or scheduled maintenances, Database, perform daily backup using Export, weekly backups using Hot Backup mechanism. Created Cron jobs for automating Backup process. Using RMAN backup and recovery utility for performing and automating backups, Create and maintain the Standby database for Production Database and Data Replication. Configured the database in Archive log mode to ensure no data loss
  • Performed AIX OS upgrades and frequent patch application. Extensive monitoring of systems and database using shell scripts and Patrol for:- Hardware errors, Runaway processes, Processes consuming max system resources, Failure of essential database and system daemons, Table spaces having high I/O, Disks having high I/O,File system reaching or crossing threshold values, Table spaces reaching or crossing threshold values, Immediate corrective actions and alerts on the basis of above details, System Security and Creating / troubleshooting Network printers
  • AIX HW upgrades from 6H1 to 55A and growth planning, Configuring the SAN , Zoning on IBM San Switch, Craving SAN Disk using IBM Storage Manger , Attach Disk to SAN and AIX server. Backup of the Production & Development of Operating system using makesysb utility ,Management of multiple IBM server using the HMC .
  • Providing 24/7 Full Life Cycle Database Administration support for multiple Oracle and SQL Server Databases on , AIX, LINUX and Windows platforms.
  • Established best practices and best procedures for database administration. Responsible for capacity, infrastructure planning, data integrity, data security and Software life-cycle support to include migration of all custom application changes through four different instances to production.
  • Responsible for providing end-to-end Database solutions which include day to Database Administrator responsibility with conjunction of translating business data requirements into conceptual, logical, physical data models and Dimension models.
  • Provide data architecture, business intelligence, and management consulting in support of various projects; write and present training seminars to project managers and development staff to accelerate new technology integration.
  • Examine current business functions and suggest strategies for technology development that streamline operations and automate data processes. Compose Proof of Concept presentations and suggest integration solutions.
  • Architect and managing reliable, scalable and cost effective solution for various Oracle database applications by using various Oracle technologies i.e. Oracle RAC, ASM and Data Guard.
  • Hands on DBA experience on Oracle High Availability solutions i.e. Oracle RAC, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Enterprise Grid Control, RMAN and ASM.
  • Providing High availability expertise for Various SQL Server production databases by using various SQL Server high availability solutions features i.e. Log Shipping, database Mirroring, Database Snapshot and Various replication techniques.
  • Leading Development/maintenance and supporting of enterprise data models for OLTP and OLAP for various in house applications.
  • Provide database design expertise to ongoing data warehouse development projects, review data models/schema methodology Data transformation, data cleansing processes.
  • Leading Installation, support, tuning, backup, recovery and implementation of disaster recovery/Business continuity plan for various Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 Databases..

Nov2000 - April 2001
Confidential, San Fransisco CA
Oracle DBA

Worked as a Oracle DBA to remotely manage databases of different clients of Fusionstorm.
Responsibilities include:

  • Remote Installation and Configuration of Oracle8I ( 8.1.x ) on Sun Solaris and Windows 2000. Installation of Designer 6 and Forms Sever. Creating the repository for OEM2.1 and Oracle Designer.
  • Extensive Performance Tuning using Oracle Enterprise Manager and written scripts UTLBSTAT/UTLESTAT, SGA tuning by define appropriate parameter setting.
  • Providing database Hot/Cold backup scripts to the customers, Performance tuning for SGA.
  • Database Migration from 8.0.5 to 8.1.6 using the Import and export on Windows XP/ Windows 7.
  • Reorganize the database to reduce fragmentation which including table, index views Synonym etc
  • Configuring the Standby Database for high availability of the database, Write the scripts for automatic transfer archived to the standby database and then archived log applied on the Standby database for updating the standby database.
  • Net 8 installation, configuration troubleshooting. ODBC connection setup for the clients.
  • Created Data files on RAW Devices, Tablespace, datafile creation .Wrote shell scripts for monitoring load on the server, memory usage, disk space etc. Analyze alert Log files for the data base. Oracle Physical Database Layout Design.
  • Wrote the scripts for creation of the databases, tablespaces, datafiles etc.
  • Taking Backup for database, Space management, Defragmentation of the database,
  • Managing Users of Oracle and Unix. Shell Scripting for auto customize database creation,
  • Providing solution to the customer as per requirement on Oracle Support.
  • Configure ArcServeIT and VERITAS for taking hot backup .
  • Create database link and use this link to transfer the data between two databases on remote location.
  • Administer all database objects, including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences packages and procedures Troubleshoots with regards to database problems, applications and tools support
  • Implement RMAN backup script for taking Full, Incremental backups.

Oct 1999 - October 2000
Confidential, Cupertino CA
Oracle 8i DBA, UNIX Administrator

Worked as a Oracle DBA for Hewlett Pacard in their Cupertino Office.

My responsibilities included:

  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle 8, Performance tuning .Database creation, Net 8 installation and troubleshooting. Creation of Databases, Tablespaces, Datafiles on RAW Devices. Reorganize the database, Performance Tuning, Oracle Physical Database Layout Design and Logical Design using ERWIN
  • Installation of Oracle 8i / 8.0.5/8.1.6 on HP_UX 11.x, creation of the databases, Net 8 installation and troubleshooting. Creation of Partitioned table and indexes. Loading data into Table using SQL Loader. Taking Backup of Database using VERITAS volume manager, Space management, De-fragmentation of the database, Managing Users of Oracle and UNIX. Shell Scripting for automatic database backup; customize database creation, Tablespace creation Datafile addition. Monitoring load on the server, memory usage, disk space etc.
  • Tuning of Database Performance. Finding Performance bottlenecks using UTLBSTAT, UTLESTAT, ESTIMATE, ANALYSE,EXPLAIN PLAN,SQL TRACE,TKPROFF
  • File System Administration, Physical Volume , Logical Volume, creation on HP UX.

Jan 1996 - Oct 1999
Sr System Analyst

  • Perform routine DBA activities for Oracle 7.3 on IBM-AIX RS/6000 server.
  • Designed the system to automate new Mercedes-Benz car manufacturing plant’s process including receiving orders, body shop, paint shop, assembly shop, and quality control using ORACLE and Designer 2000.
  • DBA activities involved system security, creation of roles and privileges, user creation and maintenance. Database backup, tuning of database for improving the performance. Developed standard script for startup and shutdown of Oracle Database. Developed shell scripts to call Oracle stored procedures.
  • Developed coding standard, form layout and report layout standard, developed standard functionality which is common across the forms for better system maintenance and reducing the development time and efforts.

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