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Oracle Dba Resume



  • With 7 years of extensive experience as an Oracle Production Database Administrator on versions 12c/11g on different UNIX Platforms.
  • Total 9 years of I.T Experience, with extensive 2 years on SAP tools and PeopleSoft Tools, data movement between different platforms.
  • Hardworking, result oriented good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience in Installation and Configuration of Oracle 10g and 11g in UNIX (Linux, HP, AIX, and Solaris) and Windows environment.
  • Experience in RAC and Adding instance to the existing multiple node cluster.
  • Experience in regular Database Administration activities such as Upgrades, Migration, Patches, TAR support, Cloning, Backups and Recovery Manager, Performance Tuning, capacity planning, script development, and documentation
  • Experience in using 10g features Flash - Back Recovery, Data Pump, AWR, ASM, ASH, Grid Control
  • Skilled in setting up/Installation and configuration of release 11g RAC R2 with ASM and Raw Devices and 10g CRS.
  • Experience with Golden Gate, Installed, configured and supported Unidirectional replication
  • Strong physical and logical Data Guard skills.
  • Upgrade databases from 10g to 11g R2 and from 11g to 12c
  • Experience with new features of 11g R2 which includes SQL Access Advisor, SQL Performance Analyzer, SQL Plan Manager, Table compression enhancement, Active Data Guard, Query Result Caching, and Invisible Indexes etc.
  • Creation and management of Materialize View server for reporting purpose.
  • Installing oracle server and client software, creating, upgrading, cloning and patching databases and applications in UNIX and Windows environments, maintaining standby databases and clone/refresh databases.
  • Experience in migrating from SQL to Oracle, Replications, and Clustering.
  • Experience with installing and maintaining Oracle Grid Control.
  • Experience with Tuning Tools like Oracle Enterprise Managers (OEMs), SQL analyzer, top session, top SQL,
  • Performance Tuning of test and production database, monitoring system. Tuning and diagnosing of database performance by query Optimization and trace facility Monitoring users, free spaces, table spaces and indexes.
  • Installed and configured 10g RAC on LINUX platform with ASM disks for storage.
  • Skilled in dealing with ASM environment such as Installation, taking backup, migration from NON-ASM to ASM environment.
  • Experienced in RAID, storage technologies and backup solutions
  • Skilled in cross platform migrations from Windows to Linux, Solaris to Linux
  • Skilled in using tools such as SQL Developer.
  • Dealing with database security and auditing.
  • Experience on Oracle Support processes for technical requests through Metalink.
  • A self-motivated, responsible and team player with a set of strong technical skills.
  • Creating and reviewing documentation for change management, implementation plan and proof of concept (POC).
  • Supported the system 24x7. Ability to work beyond regular hours.
  • Implemented hot backups and recovery procedures using RMAN.


  • Performance Tuning
  • 11g/12c Patching
  • Oracle 11g/12c
  • Backups
  • Application Modeling
  • Toad
  • Recoveries
  • Decision Analytics
  • Sql Developer
  • Upgrades
  • Data Guard
  • Database Access Suite
  • Project Management
  • Team work
  • Spotlight
  • Organizational Communication
  • RAC
  • Putty
  • Mobax Term


Confidential, FL

Oracle DBA


  • Involved in 24x7 support for production RAC databases with on-call pager
  • Supported production, development and testing databases of Multi Terabytes DB sizes.
  • Installation of 11g and 12c clients/databases on Solaris and Linux.
  • Complete Build of 4-node 10g RAC Cluster on RHEL 4 from scratch.
  • Migrated 10g database to 11g R2 and 11gR2 to 12C
  • Skilled with stats pack, AWR, ADDM, SAR to check health of database & hardware.
  • Used Performance tuning tools such as tkprof, explain plans, or debug and trace files to tune SQL Queries.
  • Performed database cloning to setup test and development database.
  • Conducting sizing & capacity planning for Oracle databases.
  • Migration of Databases and applying patches whenever required.
  • Developed 10 PL/SQL Packages from the scratch for monitoring purpose.
  • Experienced with SRVCTL, OCR and Voting Disk of 10g RAC
  • Handled RAC Node hangs and node eviction issues.
  • Worked closely with storage admins to space build ASM database servers.
  • Integrated backup reporting for the entire database to enable the web reporting using Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Shell scripting
  • Configured and maintained uni-directional and bi-directional Golden Gate replication.
  • Maintaining schemas and partitioning tables.
  • Implemented the Security using Oracle Database Vault
  • Experienced with all kinds (Status, Performance, and Trend Analysis) of DB Monitoring.
  • Experienced with Space Management and Security.
  • Experienced with GUI and CLI to manage database farm house.
  • Rebuilding of Indexes for better performance and maintenance of Oracle Database.
  • Tuning high - resource queries introducing hints and creating indexes/parturitions, changing the query if necessary
  • Configured and Maintenance of SQL Server databases
  • Implemented 10g, 11g Physical Data Guard.
  • Implemented Oracle high availability solution using oracle RAC, Physical Standby and Golden Gate.
  • Importing data from flat files into database using SQL loader and External Tables
  • Written shell scripts to automate the tasks
  • Physical and Logical database design.
  • Database sizing, Capacity Planning.
  • Worked very closely with development team

Environment: Oracle RAC, ASM, Linux, Solaris, Data Guard

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Oracle DBA


  • Installing, upgrading and maintaining Oracle RDBMS on UNIX, Linux platforms.
  • Maintaining databases from all the environments from all preproduction to production which are on RAC and
  • Experienced in ORACLE 11g installation, configuration, and upgrading.
  • Experience with rolling upgrade to Oracle 11G RAC.
  • System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology for designing, analysis, development and implementation.
  • Worked with lead DBAs for preparing cluster, configuring, installing Cluster ware and Oracle
  • 10g RAC on AIX and HACMP.
  • Installation, Configuration, Upgrading, Migration and Maintenance.
  • Configure, maintain and deploy the Data Guard and grid control.
  • Installing and maintaining Oracle GRID CONTROL
  • Configured Workload Management, JDBC ASM, and RMAN for maximum performance.
  • Troubleshoot OCFS2 install issues and working with Enterprise Manager.
  • Design and implement Auditing and other security features for the existing Production systems.
  • Used Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Toad, SQL developer and Shell scripting for administering several databases.
  • Backup of database Logical and Physical (hot and cold) procedures and also using RMAN.
  • Migration from Linux to Solaris and 32 bit to 64 bit.
  • Restore and Recovery of database in case of database crash, disk/media failure.
  • Applying patches and works closely with Oracle to make Application environment up to date.
  • Created users and grant privileges according to the requirements.
  • Working knowledge on UNIX administration on AIX server.
  • Using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) for routine administration, database monitoring, replication process and performance tuning.
  • Provided System support for both development and 24*7 production environments.
  • PeopleSoft Server Administration People Tools v 8.52/8.51/8.4 x.
  • Involved in PeopleSoft Application upgrades with team/collective manner.
  • Worked for PeopleSoft Security on People Tools 8.5x/8.4x.
  • Security on HRMS, Financials, CRM, EPM, and Portal environments.
  • Successfully installed and configured BEA Web Logic Server 11g/10g, Application
  • Ensured system availability by implementing failover by spreading multiple WebLogic Web Server domains.

Environment: Oracle 10g RAC, ASM, AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, RMAN, SQL*Plus, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Data Guard, SQL*LOADER, Oracle OEM, Import/Export Data pump, STATSPACK, PeopleSoft Admin

Confidential, Troy MI

Oracle DBA


  • Supported more than 1500 databases for more than 289 production servers for 24/7 support.
  • Upgraded 10g to 11g, 11g to 12c and applied latest PSU every quarter.
  • Installed and configured new Quarterly ORACLE HOMES for the 10g and 11g versioned servers.
  • Primary DBA for all databases in DEV/TEST/PRODUCTION on 11g and 12c (Agents and Databases monitoring).
  • Handled individual project for ASM (Automatic Storage Management) migration in every 2 months for Linux servers.
  • Handled as a Primary DBA on Quarterly Patches as a shift lead for Linux, HP-UX and AIX operating systems, assigning making schedules and delivering the results to end client.
  • Application on-boarded process handled as a primary DBA, new applications requirement gathering from application team and then updating in a SharePoint.
  • Supported the upgrade of RHEL and Hard work are diagnostics on various servers.
  • Worked in all shifts and 5 days SNAP (production maintenance) at the maximum handovers.
  • Documented all the incidents and presented in a form of report.
  • Conducting meeting as a host on various occasions, preparing RCA (root cause analysis) as shift coordinator for several months.
  • Supported the agent patching for 12c server transformations.
  • Regular work on 12c OEM for Monitoring the system databases and applications for availability and maintenance.
  • Conducting shift weekly team meetings and involved in giving sessions on topics to the new folks, trained new team members in the team including 12c upgrade and monitoring support in OEM cloud control.
  • Experience in ITIL with Incident tracker maintenance and SLA agreement following.
  • Making sure the backups and file system usage is up to date, ASM is enabled and auto rebalancing is on.
  • Installed Oracle 11G RAC software with ASM filesystems.
  • Supported the quarterly reboots for multiple servers and involved in Data guard home relinking as well as RAC Relinking.
  • Prepared the document for applying quarterly UNIX patch over several databases.
  • Tablespace management including, adding/resize data files, allocated quotas to user and managed disk space
  • Help developers writing database triggers, packages, procedures, functions, utilities for application development.
  • Export and Import of User, Tables and Database using exp/imp and Data Pump.
  • Installed GRID Patch for and moved ASM to newer homes.
  • Installed the fresh homes for on Linux servers.

Environment: Export Import, RAC, Data Guard, ASM, Upgrade, Migrate, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Tuning, Instance Tuning, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and 2012, MSSQL, RHEL, AIX, HPUX, Windows, TOAD, Grid Control, RMAN, Troubleshooting Skill. Grid Control, Cloud Control 12c, OEM 12c, GRID Infrastructure, SQL Server Business Intelligence 2008, Golden gate.

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