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Sr.dba Consultant Resume


  • About 8 years of IT experience working as an Oracle Database, SQL Server DB, MySQL, Postgress Administrator, having hands on experience in Production, Development, Implementation and Testing of Relational Database Management systems for Business solutions. Proficient in an assortment of technologies with Oracle Software 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i on Windows, Linux and Unix Environments.
  • Performed Database tuning using AWR, ADDM, and ASH Reports.
  • Experience in design, implementation and maintenance of business applications as a Database Administrator of Oracle 12c, 11g, 11gR2, 10g, 9i in an Agile Environment.
  • Experience in maintaining very large database up to 30 TB in Data warehouse.
  • Performed numerous Installation of RAC Databases 9, 10g, 11g, 11gr2 and 12c RAC Databases.
  • Extensive knowledge in reporting tools like Business Objects and crystal reports.
  • Performed exchange Partition on large tables to improve performance and storage management.
  • Well experienced with schema changes, database design, database reorgs, and migrations between instances, database upgrades and database tool upgrades.
  • Database Backup using RMAN Utility, Data Pump and Traditional Methods.
  • SQL*Loader and various other tools to load data in table in various environments.
  • Worked on SQL performance and tuning for better response time. Used SQL tracing and TK Prof for analyzing the query.
  • Experience in proactively supporting application teams for any database related issues, requirements, and provide database support documentation.
  • Perform Data base refresh from production environment to staging, DEV and QA.
  • Knowledge of SAN, ZFS, and Linux Administration and configuration settings.
  • Cloning of database from different Operating Environments using various strategies like HOT, COLD, Logical and RMAN.
  • Responsible and Performed code migration from Dev to Production environment.
  • Experience in design & development of applications using ASP.NET, Web Services, C# and VB.NET technologies.
  • Installed patches, oracle clients, ODBC connection and Utilities in oracle database.
  • Configured roles and privileges for any user which needed access to application.
  • Experience in working with PGP key Encryption and Decryption testing for secure data transfer validation.
  • Experience in writing SQL queries, stored procedures, in SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008.
  • Providing assistance in logical/physical data modeling using ERWIN, experience of creating PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Materialized Views to retrieve, manipulate and migrate complex data sets in Oracle Databases.
  • Performance Tuning in Amazon Web service for oracle DB
  • Experience working with Oracle golden and DataGuard.
  • Experience using Greenplum DB and upgrade UI Monitoring and DB to a higher version successfully.
  • Administration of all database objects, including tables, Indexes, views, sequences, packages and procedures.
  • Have the ability to adapt fast in new technologies and environments.
  • Experience in handling and coordinating multiple tasks in team environments and can, has worked individually.
  • Achieved best performance and appreciation from many clients for the outstanding performance for Administration Work.
  • Created Monitoring templates to monitor oracle databases
  • Experience in writing various Shell / SQL / PL/SQL Scripts for automation and monitoring of databases.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Database: Oracle 9i, Oracle10g, Oracle 11g, RAC 11gR2, RAC 12c, mysql5.1, 5.5, 5.6, Postgress, Greenplum, DBSQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, MS Access 97/2000

Operating systems: Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000, Win7,Win8 Windows Server 2000, 2003, Linux, Unix

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C#, C++, ASP.NET 3.0, Java, ASP, VB.NET, XML/XSL, CSS, UNIX, Linux, Shell Scripts.

Web: HTML, XML, ASP.net, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets, Web Services, Silverlight, LINQ, WPF, WCF and Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Tools: & Utilities: MS Office, Dreamweaver 3.0, Photoshop 7.0, Flash 5, SnagIt, Beyond Compare, AWR, ADDM, Export/Import, RMAN, Oracle Client, ISQL, sqlplus, OEM grid control, SQL*Loader, Flashback, Erwin, Goldengate, PeopleSoft tools, TKPROF, Oracle Discoverer, Toad, OEM, Erwin, SQL Developer, Grid Control, Srvctl, Crsctl, Crs, Nagios, TFA, Oracle IMP/EXP, sqlloader, Netezza admin, Greenplum gpcrondump, Toad, sqlplus, Adrci, Opatch, Snagit, Outlook, Lync, Bugzilla, Wnscp.



Sr. DBA Consultant


  • Aetna is one of the leading American based health care company which provides health insurance plans and related services to its customers. Aetna needed a DBA Familiar with the design, hardware specifications, calculating network load, Upgrade, Patching, implementation and support of medium to large Oracle RAC databases.
  • Performed installation of RAC 11gR2, 12c Databases, and 13c Cloud Control for lower and production environments for Data Migration Project.
  • Perform Database Upgrade from 11gR2 to 12c RAC in all the environments successfully.
  • Implemented 13c OEM Monitoring templates for monitoring Oracle Databases for target databases.
  • Schedule IMP/EXP Backups on the Oracle Database 11gR2, 12c Databases.
  • Upgrade MySQL DB from 5.1 to 5.5 using INNODB Engine and installation of MySQL DB 5.6 on DATA Center migration projects.
  • Troubleshoot replication Issues on MySQL DB.
  • Created various documentation for SOP, Purging, Installation and many more documents
  • Review and tune initialization parameters, memory structures and physical data layout for optimal performance.
  • Supported various ETL Tools like Informatica to speed the process for data loading using various sql loader path
  • Maintenance of 11gR2 on LINUX Operating System, including ASM and CRS.
  • Performed review for Netezza Admin tool.
  • Experience in proactively supporting application teams for any database related issues, requirements, and provide database support documentation.
  • Created Backups and retention policy for the newly created DB’s.
  • Monitor DB’s and perform health checks and implement solutions to improve performance and avoid future issues.
  • Perform Data base refresh from production environment to staging and QA.
  • Cloning of database from different Operating Environments using various strategies like HOT, COLD, Logical and RMAN.
  • Maintain Roles and privileges.
  • Performance tuning and upgrading Oracle DB on AWS Platform.
  • Develop shell scripts to take RMAN Backups on Oracle DB.
  • Installed latest combo bundle, security and PSU patches to Oracle 12c Databases in rolling fashion without downtime.
  • Installed Patches onto 13c Cloud control and agents

Environment: Oracle 12c DB and OEM, 11g, 10g,11gr2, Windows Server, Windows XP,7, SQL, Quality Center HP, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Share point, PL/SQL, Unix, Linux, Shell Script, Netezza, Nagios, Informatica, TOAD, Putty, Citrix, Service Desk, SQL Server DB, MYSQL DB 5.1,5.5


Sr. DBA Consultant


  • Experience on Oracle DB creation, installation and Administration on AIX and Linux environments for single and Cluster Databases.
  • Performed installation of RAC 11gR2, 12c Database for lower and production environments.
  • Greenplum DB administration knowledge and experience.
  • Created Restoration Script for DB from production to Greenplum DCA DR Appliance.
  • Created shell scripts and configured Weekly backup for Greenplum in PROD and DEV DCA Appliance.
  • Performed upgrade project for Greenplum DB from to
  • Upgraded Command center for Greenplum DB.
  • Involved in upgrading the firmware version to 1.97 for Greenplum Plum DEV and PROD Appliances.
  • Created many maintenance scripts for Greenplum DB and ORACLE DB for any further issue occurrence.
  • Upgrade security Patches for Greenplum and Oracle DB.
  • Performed many purging, reorg activities for Production database to improve performance and be part of the program called database hygiene.
  • Schedule IMP/EXP Backups on the Oracle Database 11gR2, 12c and trouble shoot Adhoc Issues.
  • Recovered ODI Repositories using IMP/EXP DB Backup for accidental deleted files by Unix Team.
  • Strong Skills in setting up backup and recovery strategies using RMAN.
  • Implement and maintain database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges) Database Access Control.
  • Implement database security to only allow authorized access. Manage user accounts, its rights and privileges. Knowledge of setting up an OEM for basic administration.
  • Able to perform high level SQL statements tuning and DB Tuning. Patch Management, Maintenance and Administration of Oracle Databases.
  • Applied Oracle Patches and rolling upgrades on different version of the Databases.
  • Experience in problem analysis, determination and root cause analysis. Created shell Scripting, upgrades, patching and maintenance.
  • Implemented a HA solution by configuring/building a Disaster Recovery (DR). This was a Physical Standby Database using DataGuard for Oracle standalone and RAC databases release 10r2 and Oracle 11gr2
  • Applied Patches and security Patches on 11gR2 Database rom to
  • Maintenance of 11gR2, 12c on LINUX Operating System, including ASM and CRS.
  • Implementation is in progress for virtualizing the environment using ORACLE VM.
  • Provided help to application in providing suggesting on improving the loading of data using SQL Loader.
  • Trouble shoot Issues in around Informatic Fast Clone for proper dataflow, and backfill data.
  • Created shell scripts to schedule backups for MySQL DB.
  • Setting up alerts for database parameters through manually and automated process using shell scripting.
  • Involved in the AWS Performance Tuning of the database.
  • Set up Oracle Database on AWS and test various application load testing on the oracle database.
  • Upgrade Oracle database on AWS Platform and migration existing Linux and windows based systems to AWS.

Environment: Oracle 12c OEM, 11g, 10g,11gr2, Linux, Unix, Windows Server, Windows XP,7, SQL, Quality Center HP, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Share point, PL/SQL, Unix AIX Power HA, Linux, Shell Script, Python, PostgreSQL, GPDB, GPDB, Command Center 1.2, Command Center 1.3, TOAD, Putty, Citrix, Service Desk, SQL Server DB, MYSQL DB 5.1,5.5.

Confidential, New York, NY

Sr. DBA Consultant


  • Installation, configuration and upgrading of Oracle Database 11g, 12c and related products to Implement and maintain database security.
  • Validate the Scripts on high CPU Usage, performing analysis, providing solutions on changing execution plan based on the use of Grid Control.
  • Administrator Greenplum Databases for DEV and PROD Databases.
  • Support and troubleshoot oracle golden gate.
  • Performed Monitor for 11Gr2, EXADATA for production database and fixed issues on adhoc Issues.
  • Configured DataGuard for disaster recovery procedure using Physical Standby Databases.
  • Writing of O/S Shell and Oracle scripts for automation and manual monitoring of databases.
  • Meetings with various stake holders related to data issues/concerns with IT, Business User and PMs.
  • Created Backup by using RMAN Utility, and export utilities for some of the crucial tables.
  • Setup roles and privileges based on the request.
  • Validation after the migration of the code changes for valid and invalid objects.
  • Execute jobs in Data stage and monitor those reports on successfully completed.
  • Verified on the ETL Jobs for failure reports and rectified the logs reports for reports being process or rejected based on the business logics.
  • Configured Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for 11g RAC databases for reducing disk contention and providing centralized management for Disks.
  • Setting up DataGuard and provide all DBA support from Dev to PROD
  • Install Patches, and troubleshoot existing patches on production environment on Oracle Linux,
  • Refresh Staging Database from the production environment.
  • Monitoring and Administrating ORACLE RAC databases on ORACLE 11g, 12c Clusters.
  • Cloning Database from different operating system to Linux.
  • Maintenance of 11gR2 on LINUX Operating System, including ASM and CRS.
  • Created various Database triggers using PL/SQL.
  • Experience in managing of schemas, partitioning of the table and Indexes.
  • Performing database changes to increase the size when table spaces, data files run out of spaces.
  • Verified TDD Document, SIT Results and AMS (Production Team) for various documents before commencing of the project requirements.
  • Set up execution plans for different application and related performance issue execution plans have been changed.
  • Contributed for database inserts for QA Groups for the data not to be tampered for crucial tables.
  • Setup/Document Standards and Policies for the installations, upgrades, operational and DBA procedures for applying vendor/custom patches.

Environment: Oracle 12c, 11g, 10g, RAC 11gR2, Exadata, Data Guard, Unix AIX Power HA, ASM, SQL Developer, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, 7, App Engine, SQL, Quality Center HP, Postgress SQL, GPDB, Command Center 1.2, Command Center 1.3, Microsoft Excel, Snag it, OEM, Microsoft Outlook, Share point, Grid Control, Data Stage, PL/SQL, Unix, Linux, Shell Script.

Confidential - Secacus, NJ

Oracle DBA Consultant


  • Re-tolled backup and recovery strategy and Evaluate hardware, capacity planning.
  • Oracle Standby/Failover Administration.
  • Worked with onshore and offshore model.
  • Used SQL*Loader Utility to load files into database
  • Design of Data Models using Erwin. Worked on designing of Dimensional Data Models.
  • Helping Dev team to move database objects from Dev environment to PROD.
  • Database Migration across various OS platforms and in between different databases.
  • Used Security features such as FGA, Roles and privileges.
  • Performing Various Backup methods and Recoveries using RMAN Utility.
  • Used Data pump for backup based on certain specification of the requirements.
  • Used Flashback utility to restore the erroneously deleted objects.
  • Database cloning to setup Test & Development Databases.
  • Good understanding of Data warehouse tasks ETL such as data mining, data integration, data cleansing, data transformation and data governance.
  • Performed Table, Index Partitions for increased performance and for better storage management.
  • Responsible for weekly status report, daily status report, share them with PM and BA for any deliver at risks and status of the projects.
  • Filling documentation for various applications in order to link ALM with TFS, SharePoint.
  • Used Business intelligence to test the performance of the reports when new servers were installed.
  • Responsible for the GHRDB Feed Views, and execute scripts to ensure the latest record based on business logic is being pulled from the source tables. It will also to check the performance of the. sqr before hitting the production.
  • Supported developers in logical design, SQL-tuning, schema refreshes and code migration.
  • Review and tune initialization parameters, memory structures and physical data layout for optimal performance.
  • Worked on SSIS Package on executing store procedure to populate data and understand the whole architecture of the application.
  • Worked on ASM on available disk space pertaining to a table space.
  • Perform various security protocols of certain application, to improve the performance of the site while the security is still intact with E&Y Standard.
  • Responsible for GHRDB Upgrade project, from 10g and 11g Implementation.
  • Held responsible for projects GHRDB, GHRS, HRSSC, Americas Business Intelligence, EY Cache Engine tool and many other projects.

Environment: Oracle 11g, RAC 11gR2, 12c, ASM, XML, SQL*Loader, HP-UX 11.0, IBM AIX, Grid Control, SQL Server Reporting Service, VPN, Base Camp, Manage Service Desk Plus, OEM, Q trace, Notepad++, Edit Plus, Unix, Linux, Beyond Compare, SharePoint, Business Intelligence, HTML, XML, PGP.

Confidential - Lyndhurst, NJ

Oracle DBA Consultant


  • Provide solution based on the requirements of the clients to the offshore team in Hyderabad.
  • Work with the BA Analyst in end to end solution for the log tickets in relation to product enhancement and outstanding issues which clients are facing.
  • Worked on Features: Data Pump, ASM and RMAN. Data Base Recovery (complete & Incomplete).
  • Provide Support 24x7 Support and Maintenance for more than 40 Oracle databases.
  • Performed as a daily duty on prioritizing and coordinate DBA Related activities which included cloning of the database, CPU Patches, upgrades and installations.
  • Identify and resolve database performance and communicate them with the Dev team in residing for a solution.
  • Monitor, review and resolve CPU, I/O Activity, memory and resource utilization issues using scripted Tools, OEM, TOAD & PLSQL Developer.
  • Code deployment and maintain version control. Perform validation on the new code changes and doesn’t impact the performance.
  • After discussing with the BA and product specialist discuss with the developers and create technical design document.
  • Validation of the file based on the schema referencing to each client.
  • Created store procedures and script to generate reports based on client requirements.
  • Manually generated on risk factors using d reports based on automated process failed.
  • Presented to the higher management to ensure proper test cases are implemented based on business needs.
  • Excel format was also provided to the BA as a standard process, with the level of effort, severity, screenshots, and timeframe for any defects found in UAT environment.
  • Testing cross browser functionalities and providing SLA rules to support the product.
  • Problem analytics and problem solving on missed requirements.
  • Keep track of the development life cycle, ensure QA and UAT environment are in sync for any changes occur.
  • Work on IIS, report scheduler, and revenues reports.
  • Created user assigned Profiles-Resource limits, maintained Security with Roles/Privileges granting and revoking upon requirements.
  • Involved in the meeting with the Project Management, TSM, and BA.
  • Worked with Error Reporting 2.5, 2.0 using SSIS, ETL, and flat file validations.
  • Web service schema based on the HP document which WSE security standards
  • Work with the CSM for affidavit forms and the process involved.
  • Extracting data using EXDP and IMDP for backup, and move data from different operation systems.
  • Year-end process and project plans for multiple clients’ discussion.
  • Meeting with the CFO for the development and DBA Related activities in order to meet the deadlines to meet the budget.

Environment: OEM, IIS, ASM, Oracle Database, XML, Microsoft Application Blocks, SQL Server Reporting Service, Bug Tracker, J Query,10g Oracle Database, AJAX, SOS, CSS, JavaScript, VPN, Base Camp, Manage Service Desk Plus, Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Outlook, HTML, XML,PGP.OEM

Confidential ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ - Pompano Beach, FL

Junior DBA / .Net Developer


  • Developed ASP.Net Web Forms pages using C#
  • Converting files into higher version of the .Net Framework.
  • Resolving bug issues when designing the site.
  • Used function which used delegates and multithreading.
  • Check all the validation controls using boxing and white boxing.
  • Used Sql for Backend testing, extracting all the right iterate data.
  • Generated Scripts for automated login process, and all the input validations for audits.
  • Generated complex queries and match the results against the base to ensure accuracy for the desired result set.
  • Merging of the code and perform several regression tests on the application.
  • Used JavaScript and HTML controls for Client-Side validations.
  • Implemented Ajax controls to aid in efficiency in the site.
  • Worked with UI in enhancing the layout of the front end using XML Schema and CSS style sheet.
  • These results are then formulated assigned to the right developer with the details of the error, screenshot and severity levels if any defects found.
  • Performed Use Case analysis of the requirement and plan development iterations.
  • Involved in automation testing using QTP and Wrote external library functional using VB scripting to create common methods for Objects and incorporated changes in Test Scenarios based on changes Requests.
  • Created new users and maintain their roles and privileges.
  • Developed middle tier and custom controls using C#.
  • Developed Master Pages based on the company portfolios.
  • Developed pages using CSS, jQuery and JavaScript to in corporate to the look and feel of the site.
  • Responsible for maintenance and release of backend business objects.
  • Monitored Server events logs, Oracle alert logs
  • Daily Health Checkup of the database using AWR, ADDM.
  • Taking Periodic Backup of the databases using RMAN.
  • Tested the loaded data and documented the errors and reporting.
  • Run various Unix Scripts to check the performance related Issues.

Environment: C#, Net 2.0, COM. ADO.Net, IIS, SQL Server 2005, XML, Microsoft Application Blocks, SQL Server Reporting Service, jQuery, AJAX, SOS, CSS, JavaScript, VPN, FileZilla, Visual Source Safe, HTML, XML, PGP, Oracle 9i,10g, OEM, RMAN,DBCA, Putty, Data Pump

Confidential - Albany, NY

Internship Web developer


  • Implemented changes based on the client requirements on an existing server-side application using MVC architecture in Facets web application framework.
  • Developed C# web-based tool for a major client for managing citations & reference thru auto-references saving time & maintenance cost.
  • Created and deployed XML Web Services (WCF) using ASP.net and C#, used them to generate the proxy class files based on the web services and consumed in web application.
  • As part of Phase 1, designed and developed C# web application based on functional requirement specification and wire frames with ability to research settlement cases based on multiple criteria’s.
  • Developed intranet web application in C# and displays sales data vast on query string parameters.
  • Understand the flow of the business objects and the architecture of the application.
  • Developed Application using Multi-Threading.
  • Validation of code making sure malicious characters is not being entered.
  • Applied different Validation Controls, from custom to compare validations.
  • Applied Ajax extender in providing the ease to fill the form for the client.
  • Building SQL queries to generate reports.
  • Developed and implemented C# Master pages, user controls, and Ajax callbacks.
  • Worked with Director, Client Manager’s and team to implement new requirements and changes.
  • Added log support to monitor request status and for troubleshooting errors.

Environment: C#, ASP.Net, MVC, ADO.NET, MS SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports .Net, LINQ, Visual Source Safe, HTML, Java Script, Microsoft Visio, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSLT,WSE, Crystal Reports, MS Visual Studio 2008,WCF

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