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Oracle Dba Resume

Bellevue, WA


  • 7+ years of experience of Oracle Database Administration including 12c, 11g and 10g on platforms Sun Solaris, Unix/Linux, HP - UX and windows.
  • Extensive Experience in database administration, production support, staging and development installation, configuration, upgrades, patches, performance tuning, backup and recovery, space management, database security, cloning, migration, shell scripting as well as full documentation.
  • Build and Configure Oracle RAC clusteron multiple nodes clusters.
  • Lead team in migration of databases between data centers.
  • Installed and applied CPU/PSU patches to oracle RDBMS
  • Hands on experience in Hot/Cold Backup, Recovery & Cloning of databases using RMAN
  • Worked on setting up Physical Standby Data Guard Environments
  • Written shell scripts and
  • Extensive use of RMAN to backup/restore/recovery scenarios.
  • Experience in tuning Different components and identifying bottle necks in performance of databases on OS, Storage, SGA levels.
  • Experience in managing databases using OEM 12c and 13c
  • Experienced in installing OEM Agents.
  • Good experience in Transportable Table spaces, SQL Tuning Advisor, Flashback Table, Table space Management, Materialized Views, and Oracle GoldenGate
  • Handling tools such as Toad, SQL*Navigator, SQL*Advantage and OEM.
  • Hands on Experience in Performance tuning and optimization using DBMS STATS, AWR and optimizer hint and tools like Explain Plan, STATSPACK, SQL Trace, TKPROF.
  • Analyzed Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), Active Session History (ASH) reports
  • Worked on creating and Managing Users, Roles and Privileges with required security implementations
  • Implemented RMAN backup (Full, incremental and cumulative) and recovery, Incomplete recovery and disaster recovery using Data Guard.
  • Database replication using snapshot, materialized views and advance replication methods
  • Extensive experience in writing shell scripts to setup cron jobs for checking Adaptive server's availability, backup of databases and crucial system tables, nightly batch jobs for data transfer between servers.
  • Flexible and excellent team player. Ready to work in any time slot.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills and quick learner.
  • Worked on 24/7 high availability environment.
  • Provided on-call support.
  • Worked with Oracle Global Customer Support Service Request(SR) Analyst
  • Excellent Experience as Production DBA with 24X7 supports.
  • Good skills in tools like SQL Plus, EM GC10g, TOAD, Spotlight
  • Expertise in Developing Recovery Manager (RMAN) scripts for database backup and disaster Recovery including HOT and COLD backup options for both RAC and standalone Instances.
  • Excellent Experience in installing and maintaining Oracle Data guard to implement physical Standby Database for Disaster Recovery in 9i, 10g, 11g and Providing Critical Solutions with strategic Disaster Recovery Plans.
  • Experience in taking Logical Backups by using Oracle Utility EXPDP and IMPDP and experience in loading data from flat files to database using Oracle utility SQL Loader.
  • Expertise in creating (Manual & DBCA) the databases and configuring them to get best throughput.
  • Solid experience with routine maintenance of Oracle databases including gathering stats and monitoring the databases using OEM.
  • Excellent experience of data migration, data archiving and data access techniques
  • Used DBUA, silent installs and scripts to install RDBMS software and install databases.


RDBMS: Oracle 12c, 11g/10g/9i, oracle 10g (RAC & Data guard), SQL Server 2000/ 2005OS: Windows, Linux, Solaris

Technologies: RAC, Data Guard, FRA, ASM, Oracle GoldenGate

Tools: OEM, TOAD, SQL Developer

DB Utilities: SQL * Loader, exp/Imp, Data Pump, RMAN, Tkprof

Language: SQL, PL/SQL, Shell programmingShell script: Shell Script (Bourne shell &Korn Shell)


Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Oracle DBA


  • Supported, build and managed 11g and 12c Databases.
  • Build 11g and 12c RAC
  • Set up Physical Standby and Active Standby databases.
  • Worked on various performances related issues.
  • Very familiar with RAID configuration.
  • Worked with Storage team for ASM and other file system needs.
  • Set up uni-directional Golden Gate for replication.
  • Setup the materialize views for replication.
  • Worked For the support of Oracle Exadata Systems
  • Provided assistance to Customers in Solving ORA-00600 and ORA-07445 errors
  • Provided assistance to Memory Corruption and Dictionary Corruption Errors
  • Provided consultative services to implement the Memory configuration for Database Instance and ASM instances.
  • Provided assistance to Implement Huge pages /Large Pages in Unix platforms
  • Assistance to High memory utilization issues in Unix and Windows Platforms
  • Provided assistance to Slowness of Data Pump, expand SQL Loader utilities
  • Worked with Oracle Development and Oracle Bug Diagnostics Escalation Team for solving the bugs hit by the customer
  • Assistance to Solving Memory leak issues in AIX 6.1 and other flavors of UNIX
  • Provided assistance to numerous customers in production Database Hung and non-responsive issues
  • Has good understanding of analyzing the hang analyze and system state dumps
  • Supported application and professional services to manage their data ranging from GB to TB in oracle database, solving of space problem, data loading problem.
  • Helped customers in EBS migration
  • Providing all round DBA support to resolve Application and DB outages on production, development, test and staging Customer environments across the Globe.
  • Involved in resolving issues after Installations, Upgrades, Cloning, patching (both DB and Applications), CPU patches, and one-off patches.
  • Identifying, analyzing and resolving technical problems related to Oracle Application by raising bugs with development team and coordinating with them to reproduce the issue internally in local instances..
  • Assisted solving ORA-04031 and ORA-04030 issues for the customers across globe
  • Setup the RMAN Backups for all the Production databases satisfying RTO and RPO. Leading in performing periodic DR Drill and testing RMAN backups with various scenarios.
  • Evaluated Oracle Database Monitoring and PL/SQL tools.
  • Helped on Demand engineers in the dry run for disaster recovery test for On Demand Customer instances.
  • Investigate, diagnose, and quickly resolve issues in production and testing environments. Work closely with the customers to quickly resolve production problems.
  • Performance tuning of applications and the databases Oracle 10g/9i
  • Proactive database monitoring using 10g grid monitoring tool.
  • Install Oracle supplied tools to assist in database and SQL Tuning like SQLT.
  • Ensured technology roadmaps are incorporated into data and database designs Leads team tasks Leads the development of database solutions, within the guidelines identified in the Information Systems Development Life Cycle (ISDLC), that have high availability and scalability consistent with Customer needs, Mentors and develops Associates
  • Models compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity
  • Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions
  • Upgrade/Migration databases from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g
  • Installing ASM environment and migrating database from NON-ASM to ASM.
  • Setting up and testing the backup and recovery strategies.
  • Database Tuning by generating explain plans for long running queries, creating indexes on columns to improve performance.
  • Database performance monitoring, Application performance monitoring, tuning database and application with efficient database parameters.
  • Intensively used 10g Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) & Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitoring (ADDM) reports for the health check of the databases, and used the notification tool to send the alerts in OEM Grid Control.
  • Remove unnecessary histograms in highly volatile schemas.
  • Worked in Tuning OS, Shared Pool, Buffer Cache, and Redo Log Buffer.
  • Database dot release upgrades using oracle universal installer and catpatch.sql.
  • Applied various recovery scenarios for complete and incomplete recovery in case of failure
  • Performed Security administration tasks, setup users accounts, passwords, roles, profiles and quota
  • Monitored data files, logical data storage and data growth activities
  • Performing day-to-day database administration tasks like Tablespace usage, checking alert log, trace files, monitoring disk usage, Table/index analyze jobs, database backup logs etc.
  • Planned and Performed Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backups. Tested and implemented restore procedures for complete and incomplete recovery using RMAN.
  • Perform capacity planning required to create and maintain database environments.
  • Supported 24/7 on-call pager support for mission critical financial databases.
  • Involved in designing new structures/procedures/views/functions for development and data migration from production to reports.
  • Experience with pre-production and production of Oracle 10gR2 with multi node RAC with ASMOptimization of the SQL queries to meet the performance requirements.
  • Worked with database export & import scripts to backup database structures and automation procedures.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Responsible for administration and supporting oracle 11g, 10g and 9i databases.
  • Coordinated system support and performance
  • Actively participated in gathering Business Requirements and System Specification from system users.
  • Responsible for Analysing requirements, designing, maintaining and updating data models
  • Analyse the current data management procedures in practice and suggest ways for automating the process or improving the existing system.
  • Installation of Oracle on Linux and Windows.
  • Performed installations of Oracle 8i and Sql server databases.
  • Created tables, indexes, table spaces, users, integrity constraints and supported all phases of a development cycle.
  • Analyzed and suggest improvements to SQL queries and statements written by others.
  • Developed stored procedures to pull the data from the distributed systems.
  • Involved in Developing and handling the PL/SQL Packages, Procedures and Database Triggers.
  • Involved in tuning of SQL queries by using quest central tools and manual by EXPLAIN PLAN.
  • Maintaining daily batch cycle and providing 24/7 support.
  • Involved in unit testing and integrated testing.
  • Involved in preparing the User Test plans.
  • Extensively used SQL*Loader to load the data from the flat files to the database and validated the data with the PL/SQL procedures.
  • Defined database requirements and designed data model.
  • Tuned complex stored procedures for faster execution and developed database structures according to the requirements.

Environment: RHEL, Oracle 9i, 10g, Windows NT, Korn shell, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005

Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

Desktop Support / Jr. Database Administrator


  • Access Databases
  • Desktop Support
  • LAN Administration.
  • Database installation.
  • Shell Scripting
  • Networking Connectivity Issues
  • Microsoft SharePoint Documentation.
  • Build Sheet Maintenance.
  • Run Scripts during Deployments
  • Netca
  • DBCA
  • SQL Server Installation

Environment: Windows, Linux, Access DB, SQL Server, Documentation, Oracle 9i/10g.

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