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Senior Oracle Dba Resume

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Obispo, CA


  • (Eight) Years of Oracle Database Administration (Oracle DBA) experience worked under ITIL methodology with respect to handling incident, change, problem management and solved database issues with in strict SLAs. Very detailed oriented with focus on minimizing risks and system down - time.
  • Record to keep the project on track with effective use of resources.
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle server software and application tools Upgrading and Patching Oracle software and databases.
  • Creating Primary Database storage structures and administers all database objects, including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences, packages and procedures
  • In depth technical knowledge in managing databases and troubleshooting.
  • Experience in Oracle Advanced Security Transparent Data Encryption
  • Experience in performing Oracle Database backup and restore using RMAN
  • Experienced in using Explain Plan, Tkprof, STATSPACK and AWR utilities to fine tune Queries
  • Supported 24x7 environments and ensure the availability, performance and operational efficiency.
  • Experience in LOGICAL BACKUPS and Database migration tools with DATA PUMP, Export/Import and Transportable Tablespaces.
  • Experience in capacity planning and Monitored and optimized database performance relating to index tuning, ETL, and query optimization on Data warehousing environment.
  • Design, implementation and support of Oracle Data Guard for disaster recovery.
  • Ongoing maintenance and backup of Oracle dev, testing and production instances.
  • Experience in resolving OS specific issues related to Oracle RDBMS.
  • Logical Backup of Databases using Export and Import Utility.
  • Experience in using ASMCMD and ASMLIB and FlashBack Technology
  • Experience in Healthcare and Logistics domain
  • Participated in providing root cause analysis for oracle problem tickets.
  • Experience in administration of Real Application Clusters (RAC) servers.
  • Expertise in configuring oracle XML DB webservices and grant users to access HTTP web servers.
  • Experience in resolving complex problems and implementing change requests in a timely manner.


Hardware s: UNIX, Linux, Solaris, IBM-AIX, HP-UX & Windows Server

Database Software s: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g & 12c | SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2008

Database Utility & Tools: SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Export/Import, Data Pump, RMAN Backup, Oracle 11g Grid Infrastructure, TOAD, SQL Developer, Putty, VNC Server, OEM 12c Grid Control, ASM, RAC, Dataguard, Oracle Goldengate and Streams, VMware, Oracle VMBox.

Middleware Software: Oracle Goldengate

Performance Tools: SQL Tuning, Explain plan, SQL Trace, TKProf, Statspack, AWR & ADDM

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Script

Ticketing Tools: ISM Maximo,BMC Remedy,Impact


Confidential, Obispo, CA

Senior Oracle DBA


  • Supported production, development, test, UAT databases. Solved issues as per ITIL methodologies. Provided administrative support for SAP, Tivoli agent and TSM.
  • Cloning Oracle Applications and Databases between DEV, UAT, CPRD and Production Environments.
  • Managed GPFS clustered 50+ Oracle Databases in SAP Box.
  • Tracing, troubleshooting with database performance and tuning issues.
  • Automated database and backup jobs through scripting. Created crontab jobs to monitor database behavior proactively and report in case of abnormalities.
  • Participated in go live and provide technical support for enabling tivoli monitoring on Oracle databases.
  • Migrated databases from Windows to Linux. Performed migration of existing tablespaces to encrypted tablespaces(TDE) while the application remains fully available using Online Table Redefinition.
  • Implemented appropriate backup and recovery solution using RMAN and performed database recovery. Used Datapump to take the logical backups of the database.
  • Performed disk space capacity planning to meet growth requirements and reallocate as necessary.
  • Created databases as per user requirement and created database users.
  • Implemented Oracle 11gr2u4 Grid Infrastructure on 3 node RAC on AIX and Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL)
  • Performed Database Tuning for I/O Contention, Memory contention, Locks, Latches, Row Migration, Row Chaining, Block Contentions and etc.,
  • Encryption of the entire contents of a tablespace and its tables using TDE techniques.
  • Automating Oracle backups to tapes using RMAN scripts for weekly full backups as well as daily incremental backups and monitoring the same using automated scripts.

Environment: AIX, RHEL Linux, Oracle 11g/12C, Dataguard, RAC,Goldengate

Confidential, Compton, CA

Oracle Database Engineer


  • Performed Cross platform migration for all the versions of database from 9i, 10g to 11g and 12c using Uni-Directional / Bi-Directional GoldenGate replication.
  • Migrated standby, primary and secondary goldengate databases using RMAN backup/restore and recover to SCN strategy.
  • Worked with different application teams to carry out different Migration strategy
  • Performed Cross platform migration for all the versions of database from 9i, 10g to 11g and 12c using Uni-Directional / Bi-Directional Goldengate replication.
  • Migrated standby, primary and secondary goldengate databases using RMAN backup/restore and recover to SCN strategy.
  • Implemented Oracle 11gr2u4 Grid Infrastructure on 2 node RAC on Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) from the scratch.
  • Installation and Configuration of Standby for production databases.
  • Performed Database Configuration Tasks like creating tablespaces for data and indexes, adding datafiles to tablespaces, monitoring tablespace size, tuning SGA for optimal database performance, modifying redo log sizes and groups depending on the requirement, monitor v$ views for database related information
  • Oracle monitoring and performance using Oracle recommended tools like OEM Cloud Control 12c, Oracle 10g Grid Control, SQL Tuning Advisor, AWR, ADDM, TKPROF, ASH and Explain Plan
  • Involved with the Unix admin teams regarding disk and storage requirements and also regarding server tuning efforts in case of performance issues
  • Monitoring the Database size and add/resize datafiles when required.
  • Granting specific privileges and roles to the users. Proactive monitoring and health checking of all DEV/TESTING/PROD databases
  • Attending daily, weekly and bi-weekly calls with Customer (IT divisions) for discussing on-going activities and upcoming projects.

Environment: AIX, HP-UX, RHEL Linux & Windows, Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, Dataguard, RAC


Oracle Database Administrator / Senior Software Engineer


  • Managed production, development, test systems running Oracle Applications in 24/7 environment.
  • Performed backups, restores and cloning of databases
  • Importing of dumps using impdp/expdp utilities.
  • Installed catalog database and implemented Recovery Manager (RMAN).
  • Created clone and duplicate databases and managed standby databases.
  • Applied quarterly CPU patches to different version of DBs
  • Collecting statistics using data dictionary views, user trace files to monitor the performance of the Instance and data file structures.
  • Applications tuning of database using explain Plan, TKPROF, and SQL Trace.
  • Design and implementation of Oracle Advanced Auditing, in support of security monitoring requirements.
  • Exported and Imported of database objects to copy from one database to another database.
  • Performed Hot, Cold, Table space level backups and Detection of corrupted blocks by using utilities like DBVERIFY and with RMAN Block corruption.
  • Upgraded Oracle 11g DBs from to using patch set.

Environment: RHEL Linux & Windows, Oracle 10g/11g


Technical Services Specialist


  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Database Software .Creation and configuration of databases.
  • Upgrading database from Oracle version 10g to 11g.
  • Communicating with Oracle to get the necessary patches required to fix up the database changes needed using TAR support and coordinating the patches and implementing the necessary changes.
  • Rebuilding of Indexes for better performance, maintenance of Oracle Database.
  • Used Export/Import and Datapump utilities for full/partial backup.
  • Performing Backup/Recovery of all the Oracle databases using RMAN, also setup RMAN catalog for the same.
  • Sizing the SGA, db buffers, shared SQL area, log buffer based on the requirements.
  • Performed logical backup using export/import and data pump (remote export) utilities.
  • Database refreshes based on Application requirements.
  • Troubleshoot Database performance issues using Automated Workload Repository (AWR) and Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM)..
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Client software and Tools.
  • Provided Production DBA support, as needed, on a 24/7 basis.
  • Moving database into archive log mode, configuring RMAN backups, instance & database tuning.
  • Monitoring alert.log, disk space usage at database level and from operating system (OS) level.
  • Created Testing and Development DBs following OFA compliance rules.
  • Implemented Unix shell scripts to monitor database status, start and stop the database, re-cycle the database listeners.

Environment: RHEL Linux & Windows, Oracle 9i/10g


Oracle DBA / Software Engineer


  • Upgrading database from Oracle version 10g to 11g.
  • Greatly improved Performance by identifying and reorganizing indexes.
  • Worked on AWR, ADDM and ASH performance statistics collection.
  • Documented instructions for migrating & upgrading databases.
  • Pro-active business users support including performance tuning the SQL queries for reports and discussing the same to meet their requirements
  • Fine-tuned database wait events. Identified and reduced wait events such as DB File sequential read,DB File Scattered read and Buffer latch waits.
  • Designed Scripts to automate periodic task and improve the performance of the system
  • Upgraded to latest release and Introduced new features for ongoing support of the databases.
  • Reduced database escalations 70% by resolving issues prior to development involvement
  • Monitored DR (Data Guard) implementations regarding connectivity issues and "log shipping" to failover site.
  • Diagnosed and troubleshot database problems such as errors and bugs, performance problems and Poor SQL statements

Environment: Solaris, AIX & Windows, Oracle 9i/10g/11g


Oracle DBA


  • Established automation for repetitive processes to minimize errors
  • Implemented Proactive space monitoring and effective space allocation
  • Provided database support and worked with Oracle as needed.
  • Installed and configured disaster recovery for high availability.
  • Completed Oracle migration from SQL Server to Linux using SQL Developer and Export/Import.
  • Tuning, Backup and Restore of Databases
  • Performed media recovery from RMAN backups as required by circumstances.
  • Export and Import schemas and tables as required for recovery, cloning or refreshing of Test or Development from Production.
  • Setup backup/recovery. Responsible for applying all server side database patch sets.

Environment: RHEL Linux & Windows, Oracle 10g /11g


Oracle DBA


  • Managed and Supported 50+ Oracle Databases
  • Managed Users, Privileges and Roles
  • Installation of Oracle Databases and Patches
  • Upgrading the database from lower version to higher version
  • Written and tested Shell scripts for daily, weekly and monthly backups.
  • Performed application and database tuning
  • Exported and Imported data using Export/Import utilities
  • Created documentations for Build and BAU database tasks for database
  • Worked with application developers to implement indexes, sizing tables and optimizing the performance of the queries.
  • Cloned/Refreshed Oracle Databases.
  • Performed System Administrator duties on the application side.
  • Responsible for query optimization using Tracefile and TKPROF
  • O/S monitoring for CPU, Memory and Disk I/O utilization.

Environment: Windows & Linux, Oracle 10g

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