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Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Dallas, TX


  • An Oracle DBA with 7+ years’ experience managing Oracle Databases.
  • Managed 12c, 11g, 10 databases on standalone and RAC
  • Setup Disaster Recovery Site using Data Guard
  • Build 2 node, 3 node and 4 node RAC clusters.
  • Proficient in Linux Operating Systems.
  • Managed databases on Windows.
  • Build Amazon instances on AWS.
  • Setup and managed replication using Oracle GoldenGate.
  • Setup replication using Materialized vies.
  • Assisted Dev and application teams on databases related queries.
  • Written Shell Scripts to automate tasks.
  • Managed databases on SQL Server.
  • Good understanding of Windows, Active Directory and DNS Servers.
  • Migrated databases from filesystem to ASM.
  • Build Database Servers using silent installs.
  • Experience in User Management, tablespace management and monitoring of databases.
  • Managed databases using terminal, TOAD and 13c Cloud control.
  • Experience in backup, restore, recovery of databases via RMAN.
  • Cloned databases using RMAN Duplicate.
  • Experience in export/import and Data Pump.
  • Worked on various performances related issues.
  • Experience in analyzing Explain plan, ASH, AWR and ADDM reports.
  • Experience in applying PSU, one off and CRS bundle patches.
  • Expertise in Oracle performance tuning using statspack, tkprof, explain plan.
  • Good understanding of Dictionary tables and v$views.
  • Troubleshoot performance issues for the Oracle cluster
  • Experience in upgrade and migration of databases.
  • Experience in managing databases on Exadata.
  • Experience in adding and removing Nodes from RAC.
  • Experience with implementing the Oracle Partitioning on Tables & Indexes
  • Move databases from one location to another successfully. Expansions/Upgrades in RAC cluster done with no downtime in 24X7 environment
  • Experience in troubleshooting, system analysis, data modeling, logical and physical database design and installation, and performance analysis and optimization
  • Work in 24x7 production environment and provided on - call and day-to-day DBA support


Operating System: RHEL, Sun Solaris, AIX, Windows 2012Scripting SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripting

Databases System: Oracle 12c, 11g R2, 10g, SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2012

Documentation Tools: Share point MS Office, Visio, Wiki

Tools: /Utilities sqlplus, sqlldr, exp, imp, expdp, impdp, RMAN, RAC, Data Guard, ASM, TOAD, OEM, DB console, RMAN, lsnrctl


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installed Oracle 12c on Exadata with container and pluggable databases
  • Worked on project to migrate databases to AWS instance.
  • Set up oracle instances on AWS cloud.
  • Managed 2 node and 4 node clusters.
  • Setup the Disaster Recovery Site using Oracle Data Guard.
  • Managed Standby databases and resolved gaps.
  • Participated in day to day DBA tasks: installations, ongoing maintenance tasks, database updates, backup and recovery process for Oracle databases
  • Worked in PL/SQL and SQL Tuning tasks, change management, database refreshes.
  • Supported sales and marketing teams by providing technical Product expertise and creating write-ups for new product releases.
  • Evaluated new Oracle 12c features for DBAs and Developers
  • Provided day to day operations support.
  • Refreshed schemas using Data Pump
  • Cloned databases using RMAN
  • Setup alerts and jobs using crontab and 13c Cloud Control.
  • 24*7-production database support with Support to developers & end-users.
  • Analyzed performance using ASH, AWR and ADDM reports.
  • Analyzed explain plans and assisted developers.
  • Analyzed indexes and fragmentation.
  • Setup jobs to collect database statistics.
  • Migrated databases from non-ASM to ASM.
  • Applied PSU patches.
  • Troubleshoot node hangs.
  • Supported on-call rotation.
  • Worked with onsite and offshore teams.
  • Managed databases using GoldenGate replication.

Confidential, St. Louise, MO

Oracle Database Administration


  • Install 12c databases and clients on RHEL and other win/*nix platforms.
  • Build RAC clusters and supported existing clusters
  • Build Data Guard and supported existing DR databases.
  • Worked with Storage team to build ASM diskgroups.
  • Install ASM disks.
  • Manage ASM disk groups via ASMCMD and database control.
  • Provided day to day operation support.
  • Used 11g grid control and 12c cloud control to setup alerts/threshold for monitoring.
  • Manage 5-node RAC cluster.
  • Restored and cloned databases using RMAN
  • Setup uni-directional GoldenGate setup.
  • Analyzed performance of databases.
  • Analyzed execution plan and used baselines and SQL Profiler.
  • Provided user, tablespace, datafile management.
  • Troubleshoot RAC issues with olsnodes, crs stat, crs register, crs unregister, crsctl check crs, crsctl check cssd, crsctl check crsd, crsctl check evmd, crsctl stop, srvctl nodeapps, crsctl status, ocrconfig etc.
  • Multiple OCR and Voting Disk to different location for higher availability.
  • Add and delete node in RAC environment.
  • Stop and start nodes via srvctl and manually.
  • Reconfiguring Services via srvctl utility.
  • Working with Oracle to solve multiple RAC issues.
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues and solved listener configuration.
  • Worked with Unix Administrators to create new 4 node RAC cluster.
  • Configure and install database control.
  • Managed agents for Database Control monitoring tool.
  • Troubleshoot OEM repository.
  • Update sysman passwords to troubleshoot OEM connection issues.
  • Manage security and grants for database users.
  • Created Materialize Views on remote host to refresh multiple times in a day.
  • Responsible for writing shell scripts to automate tasks.
  • Responsible for managing daily full backups.
  • Recovered corrupted datafiles from backups.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Jr. Oracle Database Administrator


  • Support various prod and non-prod SQL server 2000 databases
  • Configure Log shipping
  • Worked on Windows Server Installation.
  • Worked on SQL Server Installation.
  • Configured SQL Server Backup
  • Restore databases
  • Migrate Databases
  • Restore Windows Servers.
  • Writing batch scripts.

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