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Senior Oracle Dba Resume



  • Around 10 years of experience as Oracle Database Administrator, providing 24x7 production support. Knowledge using database administrative tools such as Oracle Enterprise manager (OEM) Grid control and Cloud (12c), SRVCTL, CRSCTL, CVU, ASMCA, ASMCMD, SQL*PLUS and TOAD.
  • Extensive experience in databases on Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g R2, 12c
  • Experience in Installation and configuration of Oracle 10/11g/12c Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Experience in installation and configuration of Oracle Goldengate replication between homogeneous databases
  • Experience working with Oracle Streams& has successfully completed projects with complete end - to-end support for Oracle Streams.
  • Experience on Oracle Enterprise Manager-Database Control, Grid Control
  • Experience in data transfer utilities like SQL*loader, Data pump and import/export.
  • Upgradation of database from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g, 11g to 12c
  • Experience in handling recovery issues using Oracle Flashback Technology.
  • Configured ASM for Oracle databases.
  • Performance Tuning experience using Explain Plan, Autotrace, TKPROF and Statspack utility and Tuning database using AWR, ADDM.
  • Experience on Adding and removal of nodes in RAC environment
  • Proficient in handling databases on Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c RAC and Dataguard.
  • Experience on Backup and recovery using RMAN and import/export on 9i, 10g, 11g
  • Extensive experience in database cloning and refreshing.
  • Experience in Toad (Tool for Oracle Application Developers)for database maintenance tasks
  • Additional responsibilities have been Interaction/Communication with Oracle for Technical Support and handling day to day problems, assisting developers and other users in writing complex queries.
  • Hands on experience in Shell Scripting.
  • Experience monitoring Oracle RDBMS availability, database exports, tablespace, and extents reports.
  • Automated Storage Management (ASM) for 10g, 11g databases.
  • Experience in setting up Grid Control.
  • Comfortable with both command-line and GUI interface.
  • Hands on experience in implementing 11g Oracle Golden Gate.
  • Oracle Backup and Recovery (Cold backup / Hot backup / RMAN backup).
  • Planning and scheduling Backups, Database Recovery, taking Logical Backups (with Export/Import).
  • Strong experience in OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager), Oracle Data Guard, SQL* Net, SQL Loader and SQL*PLUS, STATSPACK, Explain Plan and TOAD.
  • Proficient in writing UNIX Shell scripts to automate business process and daily backup.
  • Experience in Application tuning using session trace file and TKPROF utility.
  • Hardworking, result oriented good interpersonal and communication skills.


Databases: Oracle 12c, 11g, 10g, 9i, MS SQL Server 2005/2008

DB Management Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager-Database Control, Grid Control, RAC and Dataguard, ASM, Import Export, Datapump, SQL*Loader, Statspack, AWR, ADDM, Oracle Scheduler, Tkprof, Data Pump, Shell Script, PERL Scripts RMAN, AWR, Toad, Oracle Streams, Cron jobs.

Operating System: Windows 2003/2008, RHEL, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, UNIX

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell, T-SQL, C, C++, PERL

Other Software: Citrix Metaframe Server, ArcMAP, Arc GIS, Network Engineer, Web Server/ToolsIIS, Websphere, HTML, XML


Confidential, NC

Senior Oracle DBA


  • Pro-Active Monitoring of the Databases using 11g and 12c Enterprise Manager and fixing the issues, also working on Root Cause Analysis and documenting the issue resolution steps for future reference.
  • Monitoring RAC instances with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control.
  • Stop and start nodes via srvctl, crsctl and manually.
  • Reconfiguring Services via srvctl utility
  • Cloning and creating database using RMAN
  • Provided strategic and technical expertise in Oracle database Infrastructure and Project application by developing on APEX.
  • Maintenance of all Non-Production and Production databases.
  • Responsible for setting and managing user accounts, Granting required privileges to users.
  • Management of schemas, objects partitioning the tables & indexes.
  • Hands on Experience in TOADfor efficiently handling database.
  • Analyzed AWR, ASH and Explain plan reports to find out the issue in all databases.
  • Involved in Migration of Database from 11g to 12c and applying patches I 11g and 12c when required.
  • Clear documentation was prepared on all the processes like program specification, bugs fixing logs & change requests for future reference.
  • Management of schemas, objects partitioning the tables & indexes.
  • Creating and dropping of users, granting and revoking permissions to users/roles as and when required.
  • Maintained monitoring and backup procedures for the database by automating the backups and disaster recovery support for the production and development of Oracle database.
  • Daily Monitoring Database and Tablespaces Growth and Monitoring Space Availability at operating System.
  • Configure Golden Gate to replicate uni-direction, bi-directional and master-master replication on 11g R2.
  • Installed Oracle Golden Gate 11.2 on RHEL5 and setup table level replication as well as DDL replication too. Configured and Monitoring Golden Gate for Replication of data from source to destination.
  • Carrying out application performance tuning and testing.
  • Applied patches on oracle 11g Clusterware and Rac databases
  • Used RMAN for backup and recovery. Performed backup validations using RMAN.
  • Automation of Startup Shutdown on all Production and Development Database.
  • Providing assistance in activities such as knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer.

Environment: Solaris, RAC, DBCA, OEM Grid Control, Exadata, Data Guard, Golden Gate, TOAD, SQL/PLSQL, Oracle 12c, OEM 12c,Oracle Apex


Senior Oracle DBA


  • Supported Oracle database systems (versions 11g, 12c) on UNIX.
  • Consulted on and reviewed database application design documents.
  • Coordinated and completed patch set installations for Oracle server products.
  • Monitor and optimize performance of the database, plan for backup and recovery of the database, and allocate system storage and plan future storage needs.
  • Performed capacity planning in terms of memory and disk usage, establishing benchmarks for business and technical performance.
  • Developed complex stored PL/SQL programs for high level database management tasks (e.g. user security administration and session control and reports).
  • Determining database security guidelines for users, roles, and permissions to access applications.
  • Managing backups, Migrating, security, and performance.
  • Performed and tuned Oracle Database using AWR report, Statspack, OEM Grid and Tkprof.
  • Refreshed/clone the Test or QA environment with Production data.
  • Automated routine tasks through OEM Grid control and shell scripts.
  • Tuned database objects to run smoothly by analyzing query paths (creating explain path tables) and using efficient indexing.
  • Monitored and managed 2 node RAC environments, databases using OEM Grid control, ASM and RMAN database backup and recovery
  • Collaborate with vendors and Sys Admin to configure servers for high availability and performance and open SR with Oracle support when needed.

Environment: Oracle 11gR2/12c, SUSE Linux 10, ASM, RAC, RMAN, Putty, Data Guard, OEM 12C, TOAD, PL/SQL,ESRI ArcSDE.

Confidential, IA

Senior Oracle DBA


  • Performs day-to-day maintenance of databases and monitors database statistics; ensures that sufficient backups are taken by operations to recover from any situation. Part of team responsible for pre and post GO LIVE on production support. Resolving underlying GO LIVE performance issues.
  • Generate AWR reports for performance analysis and tuning opportunities.
  • Participates on project teams as database administration support to ensure that databases are appropriately modified to support new business applications and requirements
  • Installed 11g & 12c to support internal production and test environments. Installation of 12c OEM and customize it to our needs.
  • Applied JAN 2015 PSU PATCH GRID(12c,11204) AND RDBMS HOME(,,
  • Carries out capacity planning and monitoring for the databases to ensure that disk space is adequate.
  • Involve in managing very large database with 30TB in size on a 8 node RAC cluster
  • Supporting the databases and ensuring their performance, availability and security.
  • Defining the standards and checklists, to maintain the health of the server. RAC to RAC physical standby configuration of dataguard for Disaster recovery requirement.
  • Resolved compliance failures based on the company policy.
  • Built physical standby using RMAN Active duplication method as well for Disaster recovery site.
  • Achieved load balancing in RAC by creating services for different purposes based on the application requirement and also defined TAF policy for RAC instances.
  • Develop appropriate polices and plans relating to database backup, recovery, and disaster recovery using RMAN. Improve the database performance by Using the Hints, Indexes, Explain Plan and TKPROF for effective retrieval and processing of queries.

Environment: Oracle 10g/11gR2/12c RAC, Windows 2008, Sun Solaris 10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, ASM, RMAN, FTP, putty, SecureCRT, Data Guard, OEM11 &12C, Golden Gate, TOAD, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Oracle DBA


  • Installation, configuration and administering 4 nodes RAC on ASM file system.
  • Troubleshoot RAC issues with olsnode, crs stat, crs register, crs unregister, crsctl, cssd, crsctl, srvctl etc.
  • Configure and administer Oracle Goldengate for schema/database migration and Disaster Recovery solution.
  • Responsible for production database operations including regular maintenance, quarterly CPU patching, implementation of audit and security.
  • Responsible for migration and upgrade of development, QA and Production Oracle databases from to and migration of multiple independent module databases from Oracle to Oracle
  • Replicated databases using OracleStreams and Data Guard for reporting purposes in OLTP environment with minimum lag.
  • Used Explain Plan, Oracle hints and creation of new indexes to improve the performance of SQL statements. Involved in SQL Query tuning and provided tuning recommendations to Application jobs, time/CPU consuming queries
  • Installation, configuration and administering 10g/11g databases and Clients on RHEL/ Solaris and windows platform.
  • Implemented Data guard for faster Disaster Recovery and implemented Golden Gate for database replication
  • Installed ASM disks.
  • Implemented zero downtime migration and upgrade of 10g to 11gR1 database using Oracle Streams.
  • Add and delete node in RAC environment for horizontal scalability.
  • Stop and start nodes via srvctl, crsctl and manually.
  • Reconfiguring Services via srvctl utility
  • Worked with Oracle support to solve multiple RAC issues
  • 24x7 Production database administration, support and monitoring to ensure a proactive problem recognition and resolution for multi-terabyte database issues.
  • Configured and Administered Oracle 10g/11g RAC high availability on ASM.
  • Installed and configured OEM Agent.
  • Experienced in Export/Import and Data pump utilities for full/partial backup.
  • Optimal Sizing of Instance memory pools like SGA, db buffers, shared SQL area, log buffer based on the requirements.
  • Setup Data Guard physical standby database to protect mission critical from any failures, errors or corruptions
  • Database cloning/refresh from production to production reporting, Backup and SIT.
  • Implemented and maintained full, incremental and cumulative RMAN back up’s on NAS storage.
  • Restored & recovered production database via hot backup using RMAN.
  • Automated several scripts to monitor various processes, sessions and taking back up’s using crontab.
  • Monitoring various scripts and alert log files to ensure that Data Guard, and the database are healthy.
  • Implementing oracle security as per the company standards.
  • Writing Perl and UNIX shell scripts

Environment:: Oracle 10g/11g RAC, Goldengate, Data Guard, OEM, Oracle Streams, RMAN, RHEL, Solaris, TOAD, OEM, AWR, ADDM, ASH

Confidential, Kenosha, WI

Oracle DBA


  • Designed, configured and installed Oracle Real Application Clusters on a 3 node Cluster on an ASM file system.
  • Performed backup and recovery activities on the RAC databases.
  • Migrated databases from Oracle Versions 9i, 10gR1/R2, 11gR1/R2 to 11gR1/R2.
  • Experience in adding and removal of nodes in a RAC environment.
  • Daily database administration tasks including backup and recovery through RMAN, Import/Export, and data pump export/import.
  • Configured and maintained Grid Control Repository and Deployed OMS Agents on different database servers.
  • Added nodes to the RAC cluster for the increased load balancing and removed it.
  • Performance Tuning of Applications/Databases using various Oracle tools like SQL trace, TKPROF, Explain Plan, AWR, ADDM, ASH and Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  • Tuned memory structures such as the database buffer cache, shared pool, and library cache.
  • Configured physical standby database to protect mission critical from any failures, errors or corruptions·
  • Worked closely with application developers and system administrators to ensure all database needs are being met.
  • Managed databases with size more than 2 TB.
  • Used SQL*Loader to move data from flat files into an Oracle database.
  • Used Grid Control for Backup and Recovery tasks.
  • Applied various patches which includes quarterly critical patch.
  • Applied DST patches on multiple platforms.
  • Worked very closely with ORACLE for Data Guard implementation and other major issues.
  • Duties included all aspects of Oracle Database administration including oracle installation and upgrade, patching, performance tuning, database maintenance and database backup and recovery.
  • Used RMAN to perform HOT database Backup and Recovery.
  • Installed and configured Oracle Database 9i, 10g.
  • Performed database transfer using SQL *Loader, import export and Datapump.
  • Performed Cloning of the databases from production to test environment and done subsequent refreshing.
  • Utilized Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control to manage Tablespaces, indexes, sessions, schemas and monitor instance locks, long running queries, listeners, free space, extents growth, etc.
  • Configure Shell script and scheduled jobs using Oracle Scheduler and Cron jobs
  • Suggested/Implemented tuning measures both proactively and reactively.
  • Created logical standby database from hot backup of primary database
  • Handling backup and recovery activities on RAC configured database.
  • Handling Performance related issues on RAC environment.
  • Performed physical and logical data modeling using ERWIN.

Environment: Oracle 9i/10g, Oracle Versions 9i,10gR1/R2,11gR1/R2 to 11gR1/R2 OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) Grid Control, RAC and Data Guard, ASM, SQL *PLUS, PL/SQL, Sun Solaris 5.9, RHEL, Windows NT, RMAN, OEM, Statspack, Tkprof, PERL Scripts UNIX, Toad.

Confidential, Buffalo, NY

Oracle DBA


  • Configure Oracle 10g Data Guard physical standby database for disaster recovery for critical production databases.
  • Cloning of application from production environment to test environment and application of patches.
  • Performing Backup/Recovery of all the Oracle databases using Recovery Manager (RMAN), also setup Recovery Manager Catalog for the same and hot and cold backups.
  • Creating table spaces, sizing the system table space, allocating default table spaces for users.
  • Creating users with restricted access, with default and temporary table spaces.
  • Experienced in maintaining high availability of databases for global operation using Oracle RAC and Data Guard/Standby databases.
  • Implementation of High Availability solutions with Oracle 10g RAC, Physical and Logical Standby Databases (Data Guard) and Replication using Oracle Streams.
  • Creating different kinds of partitions on tables and indexes.
  • Creating roles and granting to users based on their group requirements.
  • Creating profiles and attaching them with users, performing.
  • Worked with Data modelers in designing and implementing performance improvement changes to ETL processes using Informatica .
  • Sizing the SGA, sizing the database buffers, shared SQL area, log buffer based on the requirements.
  • Oracle Export, Import, SQL*Loader and data pump utilities.
  • Installing & configuring Oracle 10g, 10g RAC, 9i on Linux & RHEL.
  • SQL issues and Tuning Considerations for Different Applications.
  • Established and wrote the Database Administrators Procedures document for the IT department. This document outlines all standards for the DBA Group including installing/upgrading Oracle, creating databases, DBA tools, administration and monitoring, naming standards.
  • Estimate growth of database size by detail analysis of the company's future policies and generating reports for the management to act in advance.
  • Clear documentation was prepared on all the processes like program specification, bugs fixing logs & change requests for future reference.
  • Expertise in PL/SQL, SQL and UNIX Scripting (Used to write UNIX Scripts & implemented by Using CRONJOB for Day - to - Day activities.)

Environment: ORACLE 11g, Data Guard physical standby, RMAN, SQL, PL/SQL, Import/Export, RHEL, Windows NT.ETL, Data Modeler

Confidential, Hopkins, MN

Oracle DBA


  • Managing daily operations for over 20 servers, including the Oracle System, using physical data guard and Delivered technical presentations on Oracle database operation.
  • Designing and Implementing Database security using Oracle roles and privileges.
  • Creating and managing stored procedures and triggers, distributing data, database replication, server tuning, and automation of administrative tasks
  • Performance tuning for optimized results using tools like Explain Plan, SQL*Trace and TKPROF, STATSPACK.
  • Preparing a plan, policy and testing for the Upgrade of Oracle from 9i to 10g.
  • Used RMAN for Backup, recovery and security.
  • Supporting all aspects of production, QA, and development Databases (versions 9i and 10g) on Solaris and Linux
  • Working in/with Development and Production in resolving SQL issues.
  • Generated scripts for daily maintenance activity like analyzing the tables/indexes, and monitoring their growth rate and Coding stored procedures, Packages and functions and well tuning the SQL in the application.
  • Strong and extensive use of DDL and DML tools/ Maintained database schemas and dictionaries and Involved in PL/SQL Coding, Scripting & Training Developers
  • Installing, creating, configuring, tuning, and supporting Oracle Databases for several Enterprise java based E-commerce and portal applications
  • Written PL/SQL programs functions, procedures, packages and triggers.
  • Implementing Database object changes that were tested in testing environments
  • Performing capacity planning and sizing of Databases based on inputs from business.

Environment: Oracle 9i/10g, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, Solaris, Red Hat Linux AS 2.1/3.0, and Windows 2000.

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