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Oracle Dba Resume

Memphis, TN


  • Hands - on experience in Oracle (11gR2, 10gR2) 11gRAC, 10gRAC, 12c installation, upgrade, designing, backup, recovery, migration and performance tuning.
  • Experience in query optimization, cloning, patches, migration, troubleshooting, space management, capacity planning and UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Experience in managing large-scale OLTP databases 25+TB size in HA and DR setup.
  • Resolved the database performance issues successfully by using various tools and utilities i.e. ORADEBUG, AWR, ASH, SQL Plan Management (SPM), SQL Profile, Real Time SQL Monitoring, Database Tracing, TKPROF etc
  • Experienced in Installation and Configuration of Oracle Primary and Standby (Data Guard) Database and Switchover/Switchback of Database in 11g R2
  • Implemented data transfer using Transportable Table Spaces (TTS), Data Pumps and Export/Import utilities.
  • Exposure to SQL Tuning Advisor, SQL Profiles, SQL Monitoring, SQL Access Advisor, SQL Baselines and SQLTXTRACT tools and utilities
  • Experience in Flashback Recovery, Hot/Cold Backup and Cloning/Refresh of databases using RMAN. Experience in applying patches/ patch sets to the databases.
  • Migrated SQL Server databases to Oracle using SQL Developer.
  • Installed, patched, and upgraded Oracle 10/11g & 12c to support internal production and test environments.
  • Installation, Upgradation, Configuration and Troubleshooting Golden Gate on Oracle 12c software.
  • Proficient in use of Microsoft Office Suite and project management tools (Word, Excel, MS Project, Outlook & Power Point)


Confidential, Memphis, TN

Oracle DBA

Environment: Oracle 12c/11g/11g RAC/10g, VMS, Sun Solaris, Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Linux, TOAD, RMAN, SQL server, OEM.


  • Installed, configured, and maintained Oracle 10g, 11g R2 and 12c on Red Hat Linux.
  • Worked extensively with stored procedures, triggers, functions, packages, UNIX Shell scripting, Partitioning, and Indexes and excellent experience in installations, configurations, administration, and tuning of Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c and ASM for high available databases.
  • Installed 11g/12c software and created databases in RAC and non-RAC environments for new projects by interacting with multiple application teams.
  • Created 12c Multitenant Databases (Oracle 12c Container and Pluggable databases) and consolidated database creation in Oracle 12c using multiple Pluggable databases
  • Install, patch and upgraded Oracle 10/11g & 12c to support internal production and test environments.
  • Used RMAN in 12c to restore a table which is more efficient in comparison to 11g
  • Installed and configured Oracle Golden gate on Oracle 12c and RedHat Linux and setup table level replication as well as DDL replication too.
  • Replication of data using Oracle Golden gate and configured Uni-directional for reporting and Bi-directional for instant failover. Performed Golden gate monitoring, tuning, and capacity planning. Implemented Golden Gate heartbeat table for lag monitoring.
  • Done migration of 5TB of data across databases and operating systems
  • Worked on 11g Grid control extensively, used for Diagnostic & tuning activities.
  • Responsible for maintaining ORACLE 11gR2 using SRVCTL, OEM, maintaining Oracle Clusterware using CRSCTL.
  • Resolving issues related to Network Congestion, Memory (SGA and PGA), CPU & IO and other oracle related issues.
  • Effectively made use of PL/SQL features such as Bulk Collections/Exceptions/Inserts, Bulk Binding, Ref-Cursors, Multi Table inserts, SQL Types in Bulk Operations for better performance and readability, Query optimization, PL/SQL Performance Tuning using Oracle Cost based Optimization techniques, Explain Plan, Trace, Hints and TKPROF, SQL, PL/SQL and UNIX shell scripting.
  • Implemented transparent data encryption (TDE). Used TDE with encrypted columns and data pump.
  • Applied quarterly released CPU patches to update and security fixes to Oracle database 11g.
  • Executed and troubleshot Transportable Tablespace issues successfully while supporting the data archiving mechanism
  • Used the backup and recovery tool RMAN for the backup and recovery operations of the production database
  • Partitioning strategies for very large tables. Implemented Range, List, Hash and various Sub Partitions, Create and schedule refresh for materialized views.
  • Expertise in performance-tuning, SQL tuning services with EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, STATSPACK, SQL TRACE, AWR, and ADDM to collect and maintain performance statistics and improves the database performance.
  • Database and Schema REFRESH from Production to Test as needed.
  • Experienced in RAC Administration (11gR2) with ASM storage and backup and recovery using RMAN.
  • Schema migrations from Development to Production via Tech Test environments.
  • Verifying, troubleshooting and fixing data corruptions.
  • Monitoring growth of tables and undertaking necessary re-organization of database, capacity planning
  • Clone databases for development and testing from production.
  • Assisted in the configuration of Oracle Golden Gate for replication on Oracle 12c
  • Using R AT (Real Application Testing) to Capture production work load and replay in a test system and SPA (SQL performance Analyzer) - to identify performance divergence between workloads on source and target platforms.
  • Worked as a member of production DBA team in perfect coordination with seniors and team members.
  • Implemented proactive monitoring using Diagnostics Pack, STATSPACK, SQL Trace & TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN.
  • Database monitoring/maintenance, replication process and performance tuning are done using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager).
  • Experience with multiple methodologies of software development including Scrum and waterfall

Confidential, Framingham, MA

Jr. Oracle DBA

Environment: RHEL 5.X; Windows NT 2000/2003; Oracle 10g, 11g, Peoplesoft


  • Involved in checking and managing tablespace growth, monitoring the data file growth and extents too.
  • Involved in export and import of database objects in order to copy them from one database to another & for backup the tables.
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting of Database Replication issues.
  • Performance Tuning of Oracle Database Objects using tools like EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL*TRACE, TKPROF, STATSPACK for optimized results
  • Implemented code changes like DML and DDL by coordinating with Developers and Change Management team.
  • Worked on application and database security (data access, passwords, network, etc.)
  • Handled daily production problems/change requests with Oracle.
  • Performed daily database administration tasks: User management, Space monitoring, Performance monitoring and tuning, Alert Log monitoring and backup monitoring.
  • Performed Physical backup (hot and cold) as well as Logical backup (Export/Import).
  • Monitoring tablespace issues, creating tablespaces and adding datafiles.
  • Involved in session management and monitored the critical wait events, blocking sessions in the database.
  • Planning Backup/Restoration Strategy, Planning and scheduling Backups, taking Logical Backups (with Export/Import Data pump utilities).
  • Creating & Managing Database Structures, Storage Allocations, Table/Index segments, Rollback segments, Constraints, Database Access, Roles and Privileges.
  • Performed SQL and PL/SQL tuning, oracle contention and monitored production database using automatic workload repository (AWR), automatic database diagnostic monitor (ADDM) and Active Session History (ASH).
  • Create database Objects, Tablespaces, Schemas as needed.
  • Experience developing SQL*LOADER Data loading/unloading scripts, stored procedures that process and modify existing data
  • Creating, maintaining, and tuning standby databases, disaster recovery using data guard
  • Database and Schema REFRESH from Production to Test as needed.
  • Database refreshes using EXPDP, IMPDP, RMAN Duplicate and cloning.
  • Experienced in cloning the databases using HOT and COLD backups.
  • Used RMAN Duplicate and HOT/COLD backups to migrate the data
  • Created a standby database using RMAN Duplicate to reduce the down time for the PROD database during the migration process.
  • Performed Database Upgrade from Oracle 10g to 11g
  • Successful in applying RDBMS patches, security patches for improving the security and functionality of the databases
  • Backup/Recovery monitoring and reporting using Oracle RMAN

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