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Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Experience in managing large - scale OLTP databases 5+TB size in HA and DR setup.
  • Solid experience in oracle database migration, upgrades, applying patch sets, code reviews, database release and deployments and data center consolidation activities. Proficient with Database Cloning, Migration, and Patching of Oracle Databases.
  • Installed Oracle 11g with ASM and OCFS2 File systems.
  • Extensive Experience with RMAN Backups, Hot Backups and Logical Backups.
  • Experience in doing upgrades including maintenance & monitoring implementation.
  • Create user accounts, unlock accounts, grant roles and privileges to users.
  • Administer and execute Change Requests(CR) for Oracle Database support
  • Cross platform migration/upgrade of databases from 10g to 11g using transportable tablespaces from Linux to HP-UX
  • Experience in install and support OEM Grid control 10G/11G/12c.
  • Expert in Backup & Recovery using Data Pump, Hot, Cold, Logical and RMAN
  • Design and Implementation of Oracle Disaster Recovery Solutions using Oracle Data Guard technology.
  • Successfully implemented Backup & Recovery using RMAN which includes hot backups and Cold backups.
  • Worked extensively on Performance tuning of Queries by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, indexing and use of Hints, Stored outlines, Statistics.
  • Planned and implemented high availability solutions such as Real Application Cluster (RAC) in Oracle 11gR2 Grid and 10g on ASM and OCSF2 file systems.
  • Extensively implementedDatapump, conventionalExport/Import (Oracle 11g, 10g) for migration and logical backup of database.
  • Strong skills in applying security patches (Patch set, Critical Patch Updates (CPU) / Patch Set Updates (PSU), One-off Patch) using “runInstaller” and perl based utility “opatch”.
  • Highly experienced in implementing Oracle's Transportable Tablespace (TTS) feature using DatapumpExport/Import (Oracle 11g, 12c) allowing users to quickly move a user Tablespace across Oracle databases.
  • Worked with EXP/IMP, EXPDP/IMPDP to refresh the schemas.
  • Database Performance Tuning Diagnosing using AWR (Automated Workload Repository) and ASH (Active Session History) reports, ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor) analysis.
  • Proactive database monitoring via automatic Email and Text alerts of Alert.log, Listerner.log and Space errors to DBA cell phone
  • Experience in Upgrading databases, applying patches.
  • Managing Security Management, Schema Management, Instance Management, Storage/Space Management.
  • Checking and resolving Database corruptions using DBVERIFY utility. Configured Manager, Replicate and Extract processes and implemented unidirectional, bidirectional replication using Oracle11g Golden Gate on RHEL 5 platform.
  • UNIX Systems Administration - Database and application integration efforts. Heavy UNIX shell scripting, CRON jobs.



Tools: and Utilities: RMAN, OEM, SQL*Loader, EXP, IMP, Data pump, TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer.

RDBMS: Oracle 10g, 11g

Operating Systems: HP-UX 10.x, 11.x, 12c, Sun RHEL 2.1, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x.Linux Enterprise


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Utilized Grid Control to administer multi-node RAC database also managed redo and undo in the RAC environment. Load balancing of RAC instances.
  • Monitoring space, wait events, locks and long operations running on the database
  • Monitoring the session waits for the database performance and resolving the performance issues.
  • Monitoring the database for growth and added space to the table spaces as per demand.
  • Generating AWR reports on regular basis to identify the database performance at peak load.
  • Taking care of database by checking the size the database and addition of table spaces, data files.
  • Creating &Managing Database Structures, Storage Allocations, Table/Index segments, Rollback segments, Constraints, Database Access, Roles and Privileges.
  • Creating and scheduling Oracle backend process jobs in Crontab.
  • Handled all standard database administrative tasks, such as proactive performance tuning and monitoring, troubleshooting on an as needed basis.
  • Monitored daily backups using RMAN and Export/Import.
  • Establish refresh jobs for test databases using Export-Import and RMAN DUPLICATE option.
  • Regularly applying Critical Patch Update (CPU) patches to DEV, TEST and Production databases to mitigate security risks and fix bugs
  • Moving large amount of dataAdministered (12c RAC) environments adding and removing nodes to the cluster and handled performance tuning using AWR.
  • Supported off-hour on call support for database related issues.
  • Supporting multiple databases for production, development, test and staging purposes on Sun Solaris, linux and Windows environments.
  • Evaluated mix of backup and recovery methods based on organizational needs. Implemented, tested and documented various backup/recovery scenarios for knowledge base.
  • Experience on working with data guard physical/logical standby databases.
  • Documented the Standard Processes for peers to follow.
  • Applying upgrade patch, maintenance and interim (opatch) patches on all the databases.
  • Refreshing Dev and Test instances with data from Production on a regular basis.
  • Used Data Pump for export and import. Wrote scripts for Backup of databases, maintenance of archive logs for databases. Streamlined backup procedures and implemented RMAN for backup and disaster recovery.
  • Database Refreshing / Replication from production to testing using Exp/Imp.
  • Experience in writing UNIX/SHELL scripts for providing the reports.
  • Installed and configured Oracle 11g database on a test server using Oracle standard procedures and OFA, for performance testing and future 10g production implementation.

Environment: Oracle 10g/11g RAC/9i, VMS, Sun Solaris, Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Linux, TOAD, RMAN, SQL server, OEM.

Confidential, New York, NY

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Oracle 10g/11g Real Application Clusters (RAC).
  • Worked in various areas of Data guard i.e. Installation, Recovery, RTA (Real Time Apply), Patching, Tuning, Switchover, Switchback and Failover.
  • Implemented and configured 11g grid control on RHEL.
  • Performed Logical backup of critical application databases using EXPDP/IMPDP with a scheduled jobs (Cron Job).
  • Responsible for creating RMAN catalog Database and Registering the Databases in Catalog Database and Cloned production RAC instances to development and QA systems using RMAN duplication.
  • Experience in using 11g features such as Data Pump, Flash Back Recovery, ASM, AWR, and ADDM.
  • Involved in Defragmenting data blocks of table spaces for optimized performance. Also partitioned large tables to increase performance.Evaluated Oracle 11gR2 Golden Gate for future purposes that is for reducing the complexity involved in Oracle Streams.
  • Participated in the configuration ofOracle Streams on Oracle 11g, 10g databases for data replication and monitored them using Grid Control.
  • Used Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 11gGrid Control for monitoring multiple database and notification of database alerts, and configured EM agents on multiple database servers.
  • Efficiently performed installation, setup and creation of four node cluster RAC with Oracle11.2.0.3 database using GRID infrastructure with ASM file systems on RHEL 5.5.
  • Maintenance of Oracle 11gR2 Real Application Cluster (RAC) Database for High Availability, Scalability and Performance by determining the best Cluster architecture, choosing the best hardware configuration for Oracle RAC.
  • Successful in installation/maintenance of Physical Standby database using OracleData Guard forOracle and Oracle databases.
  • Implemented switchovers on primary and standby databases as a part of planned maintenance activities.
  • Implementing Datapump, conventionalexport/import utility of Oracle 11g, 10g for re-organizing Databases/Schemas/Tables to improve the performance.
  • Used import/export utilities for cloning/migration of small sized databases and Datapump import/export to move data between 9i and 10g/11g environments.
  • Installed ASM environment and migrated databases from NON-ASM to ASM.
  • Used TOAD for database management.
  • Made optimal use of Oracle Support in resolving the SRs.
  • 24 X 7 Production & Development database support and administration.

Environment: Oracle,, IBM AIX V6.1, RHEL 5.2, RAC, ASM, RMAN, AWR, ADDM, SQL* Plus, SQL*Loader, OEM, TOAD 10.0.

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