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Oracle Dba/sql Dba Resume


  • Over all 9+ years of experience as an Oracle Database Administrator having hands on experience in Database Installation, Administration, Configuration, Production support, Performance tuning, Backup and Recovery, Space Management, Database Security, Migration, schema maintenance in various platforms include UNIX, LINUX and HP - UX.
  • Having expertise skill in Install, Configure, Upgrade, Migrate, Maintain and Support Oracle Databases, related tools and products on various Infrastructure platforms. .
  • Hands on experience in configuration of Oracle Real Application Cluster 10g/11g/12c databases.
  • Experienced in managing Automatic Storage Management (ASM) in RAC and Single Instance Environment.
  • Having hands on experience in Upgrade/Migrate Oracle Database from 10g to11g and 12c.
  • Experienced in oracle clusterware patching, CRS & Voting disks backups and restore.
  • Migrated standalone database to RAC using Rconfig and DBCA .
  • Experienced in applying One-off patches, Patch sets, CPU/PSU, Newly released Database Bundle Patches against Cluster and standalone database infrastructure.
  • Installation of OEM grid control, configuration and installing agents on all database servers.
  • Proficient in scheduling jobs, patches, alerting for databases, hosts and also database administration through OEM grid control.
  • Experienced in Oracle Database refresh between prod and UAT/Dev environments using cloning method.
  • Hands on experience of Database backups and Recovery strategies using RMAN, Export/Import, Data Pump and Transportable Tablespace.
  • Responsible to monitor database performance using AWR, ASH and ADDM using Oracle Enterprise Manager Database and Grid Control, generated reports as needed.
  • Experienced in Capacity Planning, Configuration, Installation, Upgrades and High Availability (HA) solutions and & Backup & Recovery, performance tuning & Cloning.
  • Expertise at database administration activities such as monitoring database instances activity for blockers, waiting sessions, locks, dead locks, services start-up problems, Cluster management, connectivity problems, and max session reached errors etc…
  • Create & Maintain UNIX Shell scripts and automating activities through shell scripting.
  • Expert in Performance Monitoring and Tuning of Oracle Databases on Unix/Linux platform
  • Creating and Managing Users, Responsibilities and Request Groups.
  • Experienced and knowledge of High availability SQL Server solutions with SQL Server Failover Clustering, Database Snapshot, Log shipping and Database Mirroring.
  • Experience in creating Scheduled Tasks for regular Database Backup and Maintenance Activities in SQL Server.
  • Experience in Upgrade server from SQL Server 2005/2008R2/2014 and handling OLTP and OLAP environment in 24/7 and on call basis


RDBMS: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g/12c, SQL Server 2008R 2/2012/2014.

Operating Systems: UNIX, IBM AIX, HP-UX, LINUX, Windows

Utilities: SQL*Plus, SQL* Loader, EXPDP/IMPDP, RMAN, Export /Import, TKPROF, STATSPACK, OPATCH

Tools: SQL Developer, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Toad, Putty, Erwin, Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant. ADDM, OEM12c





  • Handling over 1800+ databases, which includes Production and RAC (Real Application Cluster) databases.
  • Database admin support on Oracle 11g / 12c databases which includes upgrades / installations / migrations / patching for RAC cluster / RAC One Node and single instance databases.
  • Working on ASM management which includes Create Disk groups / Drop Disk groups & ACFS filesystems.
  • Configuration and installation of Oracle 12c RAC.
  • Migrating databases using various tools such as EXPORT/IMPORT, RMAN and DATAPUMP.
  • Adding nodes to existing RAC environment using RCONFIG.
  • Configured Data Guard (Physical Standby database) for the production database and tested for Switchover, Fail over, Activating the Standby to Primary Database.
  • Worked very closely in implementing Oracle OEM Grid control and monitoring all the databases through the grid.
  • Applied latest releases of the RDBMS BP patches from Oracle to the Production and test instances to resolve technical challenges & issues.
  • Involved the database Capacity Planning for the future business growth requirement and suggest the input value to customer.
  • Restore and recover successfully production databases in RAC and ASM environment using RMAN. Convert successfully oracle databases from ASM to Non-ASM and Non-ASM to ASM database using RMAN.
  • Plan and perform recovery for Disaster Recovery Drill.
  • Cloned/Duplicated databases using RMAN backups whenever required by business.
  • Done the database/schema refreshes from production databases to test/development servers.
  • Manage Offshore and Onsite DBA Services including management of client work activities, understanding overall client and business deliverables.
  • Prepare and Review Process documents for process improvements including ensure compliance with all laid down processes and procedures by all team members.
  • Monitoring of cluster resources on RAC environment with cluster server manager.
  • Participation in Change review board meetings and coordinating with application support team and execution of change requests as per schedules.
  • Documentation and maintain database, Fix the issues and provide root cause analysis.


Oracle DBA


  • Responsible for Oracle 11gR2 installation, configuration the application, responsible to install, create database
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle RDBMS 11gR2 on Oracle Enterprise Linux.
  • Perform Daily Monitoring of Oracle instances using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, monitor users, table spaces, memory structures, rollback segments, logs and alerts.
  • Experience in fulfilling DBA daily activities, including schema management, user management (creating users, privileges, roles, quotas, tables and indexes), monitoring, scheduling jobs, UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Implemented Automation of PSU Patching through OEM12c.
  • Configuring the databases in OEM12c cloud control and configuring the alerts by installing the agents on clients.
  • Oracle Database backup's configured through Commvault.
  • Knowledge in handling Distributed database and replication environment issues with MViews, Streams, Golden Gate and Advanced Replication
  • Recovery of Database using oracle recovery manager RMAN (Performed full recovery and point in time recovery).
  • Responsible to monitor database performance using AWR, ASH and ADDM using Oracle Enterprise Manager Database and Grid Control, generated reports as needed.
  • Supporting Multi node 11g RAC database for HA and supporting Data Guard environment for HA
  • Experienced in creating duplicate databases using RMAN.
  • Performed applying latest Oracle patches and security patches for Oracle databases.
  • Creating and Managing tablespaces, roles, quotas & tables.
  • Responsible to develop UNIX shell scripts to automate support tasks.
  • Responsible for network configuration and involved in a Client-Server environment using TNS, LISTNER, Net Configuration Assistant and other configuration files.
  • Doing the regular activities like monitoring the alert logs, redo log status, listener log, v$session and checking the space for normal segments, rollback segments.


Database Administrator


  • Provide 24x7 support to Production Environment and Manage Database Servers and its availability.
  • Resolving the Issues and updating the Tickets status to the client from time to time.
  • Managed appropriate use of freespace within tablespaces, reclaimed space whenever possible.
  • Reorganized tables and indexes within databases when needed.
  • Developing methods to install and create databases as per user request.
  • Prepared the checklist for Patching, Migration& Upgrading of databases.
  • Supported as a Development/Production DBA to 500 plus database on different servers including databases of TB in sizes.
  • Configuring database backups respective to EMC networker.
  • Worked on upgrading and migrating critical SAP databases.
  • Converting Non RAC databases to RAC databases.
  • Monitoring the database growth on daily basis, Addition of table spaces, data files.
  • Creation/Drop of Redo log files.
  • Generating and analyzing AWR and ASH reports.
  • Implementing and maintaining database security (create and maintain users, roles and assign privileges)
  • Monitored the production Oracle alert logs for database errors and system resource availability and responded to system memory and data issues.
  • Database Tuning using AWR SQL Reports, ASH Reports, ADDM, and Cloud Control
  • Performing critical TDM (Test data Management) refresh activities.
  • Cloning/duplicate of database with RMAN (Recovery Manager) and user managed backups like hot or cold backups.
  • Maintaining nightly backup, finding root of cause for failed jobs.
  • Perform switchover or failover for Dataguard database whenever is required. Troubleshoot dataguard database related issues/failures.
  • Involved in Production, Development and Test support
  • Hands on Experience in installing and configuring Oracle 10g, 11g RAC on Linux.
  • Worked on Data Guard with Physical Standby configuration with hot backup and testing it for failover and switch over in different modes.
  • Efficient in managing database server from command line, OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) Grid Control.


Jr Database Administrator


  • Created users, table space, roles and assign the privileges to them.
  • Backup of Databases using Logical (Export & Import) & Physical (Online & Offline).
  • Monitored the production Oracle alert logs for database errors and system resource availability and responded to system memory and data issues.
  • Documenting day-to-day activities, Changes and Development.
  • Database links (db links) were created to access the data from remote databases.
  • Generating AWR reports to monitor database health.
  • Performing basic health check on Server and Database, sending report to higher management.
  • Involved in DBCC requests handling, batch job monitoring, database health checking, ensuring the database availability and monitoring the database.
  • Troubleshooting server configuration files such as tnsnames.ora and listener.ora
  • Monitored the production Oracle alert logs for database errors and system resource availability and responded to system memory and data issues.
  • Escalated the issues to senior management in a timely fashion following the escalation matrix.

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