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Oracle Dba Resume

Cupertino, CA


  • Over 7 years of Oracle Database Administration experience
  • Worked as a lead in Data Center Consolidation on large database systems.
  • Mentors the team on technology concepts and ensures team compliance to best practices for design
  • Participates in code and design reviews to ensure quality and conformance to product standards
  • Helps motivate team members to get the best out of team.
  • Worked as a Primary support for database related issues with clients.
  • Worked on multiple projects in parallel to daily DBA activities.
  • Designed Data Archival policy on high transactions tables using Bulk deletes, partition drops, exchange partition, Transportable Tablespaces.
  • Implemented Disaster Recover Site with Data Guard, and maintained Physical and Logical Standby Databases along with Active Data Guard and Oracle GoldenGate.
  • Performed Database Tuning & Performance, Storage Management, Plan growth and changes (capacity planning), Database Monitoring, Security Management and Tuning SQL queries.
  • Worked with various Oracle Replication technologies like Oracle Materialize Views, Oracle Streams, Oracle Golden Gate and Oracle Active Data Guard.
  • Used tools like TOAD, DB Console, Confio, and Grid Control to monitor database performance.
  • Build and administer SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 standalone and cluster databases.
  • Provided analysis to other teams and keep them informed for better resource management.
  • GoldenGate setup and support
  • Build, configured and managed 8i/9i/10g/11gdatabases.
  • Experienced in Oracle Golden Gate implementation, configuration.
  • Golden gate basic administration and issue handling.
  • Implemented Oracle Data Guard and golden - gate.
  • Installed and Configured Golden Gate Setup for replication.
  • Installed Golden Gate for real-time uni-directional replication.
  • 11g R2 Administration included:
  • Installation of RHEL5, set up group/users, installing Linux packages and setting kernel parameters
  • Upgrade from 10g R2 to 11g R2
  • Build 11g R2 RAC from scratch including Linux OS installation.
  • Installed11g R2, upgraded and performed Hot Patching
  • Partitioning - system partition, virtual column base partition, reference partition, composite partition and range-range partition
  • New features and enhancements of RMAN, Flashback and logminer
  • Data recovery advisors
  • SQL Access Advisor, Performance Analyzer, Plan Manager, Automatic SQL Tuning, SQL performance analyzer, Table compression and SQL access advisor, SQL plan management and Database replay
  • Table compression enhancement,
  • Active Data Guard
  • Installed and worked on grid control.
  • Worked on 12c cloud control


Operating Systems: RHEL, HPUX, AIX, Windows

RDBMS: Oracle 12c, 11/10g, 9i, SQL Server 2005 / 2008

High Availability: RAC, Data Guard

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell scripting, T-SQL

Tools: RMAN, OEM, sqlldr, exp, imp, expdp, impdp, ERWIN, TOAD, dbconsole

Tuning Tools: TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, S TATSPACK, SQL Advisor, performance analyzer


Confidential, Cupertino, CA

Oracle DBA

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Supported more than 30 databases including development/production sizes up to 5 TB for 24/7.
  • Designed, Installed and configured the Oracle server software and related products. Upgraded 30+ databases from to to to 11gR1/R2 on RHEL and AIX.
  • Completely build RAC from scratch including OS and RAID configuration.
  • Scheduled meetings with application team for database migration review to gather legacy information such as type of application, database options, current oracle configuration, capacity and oracle outstanding tasks.
  • Developed, revised and implemented policies, standards, procedures and guidelines necessary to effectively administer the database environments.
  • Ensure databases adhere to corporate standards and policies. Worked with application team, developers, change management team and DBA team to ensure smooth life cycle progress from development through testing and production implementation.
  • Monitoring and maintaining 2/3 node RAC database on Red Hat Linux. Providing support to the development team and handling release schedules.
  • Maintaining sound backup and recovery policies and procedures using RMAN. Monitoring the scheduled backup procedures for daily basis using crontab.
  • Database refreshes using export /import and datapump. Used RDA, ADDM and AWR reports to monitor the database performance.
  • Used power designer, E/R Studio for data modeling and to estimate the database size, database design reviews.
  • Developed and maintained PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Packages, Functions and Database Triggers. Developed and maintained shell/Perl scripts for setting up batch jobs and managing release scripts.
  • Implemented SQL outline to get the better execution plan for the offending queries. Setting up analyzing scripts and coordinated with development team to gather table statistics.
  • Perform Database Tuning & Performance, Storage Management, Plan growth and changes (capacity planning), Database Monitoring, Security Management and Tuning SQL queries.
  • Day to Day General Administration Tablespace Management, Undo Management, Managing Users, Resources, Managing User Privileges and Roles.
  • Diagnosed Oracle bugs and coordinating with Oracle support through metalink to resolve them in timely manner.
  • Performed various tasks like Administering RAC using SRVCTL, Adding nodes and instances, Administering Storage Components, Parameter Management, and Configuring High Availability Features for RAC.
  • Primary DBA for 1GB - 2.5TB database for 24/7 support.
  • Worked on OLTP
  • Refreshed multiple databases for Development and Testing upon short request.
  • Served as part of a 7 member DBA team which was involved in the maintenance of the Oracle 9i/10g database for the Production as well as the development environments.
  • Actively involved in designing/Testing of Disaster Crash recovery.
  • Improving the performance of the database by tuning SQL and database instance parameters using Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor and SQL Tuning Advisor in Oracle 10g.
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning of Oracle Application Servers using Statspack, TKPROF, and OEM for tuning on 9i and on 10g using SQL access manager, SQL tuning manager.
  • Performed database cloning/exp/imp to setup identical databases in the production and development environments.
  • Created and maintain users, roles and privileges.
  • Involved in discussions with the management regarding the advantages/disadvantages and upgrade plans.
  • Perform Backup and Recovery thru RMAN.
  • Strong exposure in Installing / configuring / maintaining RAC, Dataguard, Physical / Logical Standby environments.
  • Provided technical troubleshooting and give consultation to development teams.
  • Performed Database Refreshes and Database Copies for Development, Test and Production databases.
  • Implemented basic replication through Materialized Views.
  • Performed Oracle Golden Gate implementation, configuration.
  • Golden gate basic administration and issue handling.
  • Implemented Oracle Data Guard and golden-gate.
  • Installed and Configured Golden Gate Setup for replication.
  • Installed Golden Gate for real-time uni-directional replication.
  • Involved in monitoring the lock processes, releasing locks in case of resource blockage and gathering statistics.
  • Initiated cronjobs to review alert logs and dump files to check for any ORA- errors.
  • Used Oracle 10g AWR & ADDM to monitor database activities and performance tuning.
  • Performed Database Administration using TOAD, Oracle Enterprise Manager and SQL scripts.
  • Worked on 12c Cloud control
  • Installed, migrated, configured and tested Oracle 11g databases in various environments.
  • Extremely dedicated, self - motivated, Pro-Active and willing to assume responsibility.

Environment:, SQL, SQL*Plus, Oracle 8i,9i, 10g, 11g; RHEL, AIX, Windows NT/2000, HP UX,TOAD, Grid Control, OEM, SQL Developer

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Oracle DBA


  • 24 X 7 Production database administration, support and monitoring to ensure a proactive problem recognition and resolution of database issues.
  • Proactive database monitoring using 11g grid monitoring tool.
  • Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of RAC, Stand by database. Installed and Configured Oracle 11g RAC, CRS using ASM.
  • Implemented the Physical Data Guard in Maximum performance mode for production system in case of disaster recovery, maintain primary and standby databases.
  • Database migrations from HP-UX11 to AIX 6.1 platforms.
  • SQL tuning using statspack and explain plan, tkprof.
  • Setup jobs/alerts using OEM.
  • Assisted in migrating data from Oracle rdbms to MS SQL Server
  • Developer Environment Setup, Support, Cloning and Refreshes.
  • Responsible for upgrade & migrating databases from 10g to 11g &11g to 12c.
  • Conducting sizing & capacity planning for Oracle databases.
  • Upgrading development and production databases to Oracle 11g, 12c & OEM
  • Install, configured and maintained Oracle 10g on Linux Red Hat 5
  • Clone database from Production to Development, QA testing environments
  • Create materialized view (snapshot)
  • Installed, patched, and configured Oracle 10g and monitoring Oracle database.
  • Upgrade OPatch
  • Worked with MS SQL Server team
  • Upgraded MS SQL server 2008 R2 to MS SQL server 2012
  • Used windows performance monitor to improve server performance
  • Worked on MS SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS) to perform ETL services
  • Rolling install oracle patch in Oracle RAC 11g
  • Upgrade database from 10g to 11g
  • Monitoring database in GRID CONTROL, OEM and OS level
  • Provided support to Application Database Administrators in designing the database.
  • Installed and Implemented Backup & Recovery procedures.
  • Taking periodic Backup of the Database and the software using RMAN and VERITAS Netbackup.
  • Used RMAN for backup and recovery. Performed backup validations using RMAN.
  • Management of schemas, objects partitioning the tables & indexes.
  • Automation of data load using Korn shell scripting and SQL*Loader.
  • Responsible for setting and managing user accounts, Granting required privileges to users.
  • Perform other regular DBA activities including space management and performance monitoring.
  • Involved in process improvement, Oracle Server Installations / Upgrades/Patches, Space Management, Capacity Planning, Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Database Performance Tuning, Memory Tuning, Application Tuning, Security Administration, Data Warehousing, Data Guard, Oracle Advanced Replication, Real Application Clusters, Oracle Standby.

Environment:: Sun Solaris 5.10, Aix 6.1, HP-UX 11.31 Oracle 9i, 10G, 11G, & 12C, OEM, MS SQL Server 2008/2012, SSIS UNIX, SQL, Oracle Auditing, Oracle Partitioning, Oracle Replication, Hot Standby, Data Guard.

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