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Sr. Database Administrator Resume

Stamford, CT


  • Over 12+ years of experience in Oracle Database Administration on Unix and Linux environments & Project management.
  • Enriched hands on experience for datacenters migration & databases migration across different platforms for Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g & 12c databases along with administration in PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase, Informix and SQL/MP (Tandem) RDBMS & Confidential administration .
  • Outstanding administration experience in very large and heavy volume online transactional databases and analytical processing databases (data warehousing) up to 40 TB in size.
  • Well versed in all aspects from installation, configuration, requirements gathering, database design, performance tuning, partitioning, backup - recovery, database Upgrades, User Administration, Security & audit management, Disaster Recovery, Oracle Enterprise Manager install/upgrade, Oracle RAC with ASM, Oracle Golden Gate & Oracle Streams, Oracle Data Guard, various UNIX flavors, shell scripting, application design through Oracle Apex.
  • Strong team player & possess quality leadership skills to lead team from the front.


Confidential, Stamford, CT

Sr. Database Administrator

Databases: Oracle RDBMS - 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c PostgreSQL 9.4 MySQL - 5.5.23ES Microsoft SQL Server - 2008, 2012

Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager -,, TOAD, SQL Developer, OID

Operating Systems: Solaris - v. 8.x-10.x Red Hat Linux - v. 4.x, v.5.x, v.6.x Microsoft Windows - 2005, 2008

Applications: Data Warehouse, Oracle Apex (HTML DB), Oracle EBS Suite, Oracle Golden Gate


  • Developed an application using Oracle Apex for databases, servers and application users password which was maintained in spreadsheet before the app development
  • Deployed OEM 12c ( in QA setup with 2 node RAC databases & 2 OMS servers.
  • Deployment of OEM 12c ( setup in progress with Level 4 disaster recovery solution.
  • Implemented TDE (transparent data encryption) for EBS and non-EBS databases
  • PostgreSQL databases administration setup for new project requirement
  • Percona MySQL setup and support for Software Advice, Gartner acquired company.
  • Facilitates development, implementation, maintenance and continuance of databases within the current infrastructure.
  • Establishes and implements database policies, procedures and standards, and ensures their conformance.
  • Studies and projects database resource requirements including personnel, software, equipment and facilities, and makes recommendations to management
  • Works closely with other members of Application Development and Technical Operations teams to identify and implement continuous improvement, new or enhanced measurement reports and effective problem resolution

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Sr. Database Administrator Consultant

Databases: Oracle RDBMS - 9i, 10g, 11g MySQL - 5.5.23ES Microsoft SQL Server - 2008, 2012

Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager -,, TOAD, SQL Developer, OID

Operating Systems: Solaris - v. 8.x-10.x Red Hat Linux - v. 4.x, v.5.x, v.6.x Microsoft Windows - 2005, 2008

Applications: - PeopleSoft (ERP) - v. 8.x, 9.x, Emptoris, Oracle Apex (HTML DB)


  • Databases migration from on premise to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud
  • Installation, configuration, upgrade of Oracle Grid Infrastructure, Oracle RDBMS, Oracle Cluster ware and MySQL
  • Databases migration & upgrade to Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c.
  • Installation, configuration, upgrade of OEM 10g ( to OEM 12c ( using 2 system
  • Performed POCs for Oracle to My SQL, My SQL to Oracle RDBMS migrations, Confio (Ignite) databases monitoring tool, Neo4j Graph database, recovery catalog database upgrade
  • Design, deployment & maintenance of Oracle data guard for critical production databases
  • Performance tuning recommendations during ongoing support & after databases upgrade/migration
  • Database (DB) architecture, design, development, and build for new projects
  • Proactive DB monitoring, backup (physical/logical), recovery in case of user errors or database logical corruption or ASM disks corruption, capacity planning, quarterly CPU & one of patches, audit and security management, lifecycle management, databases refresh, OID setup
  • Guide & mentor offshore (in India) DBA team for day to day & planned projects implementations
  • Perform investigation and diagnosis on performance incidents. Identify, recommend and implement fix for the performance incidents and problems through tuning measures (database parameters, memory structures, queries etc.)
  • Engage the production vendors (Oracle, & application vendors through application teams) through the formal Vendor Service Request mechanism/process to seek support in Incident/Problem management
  • Develop shell scripts for automation of routine, critical tasks
  • Application “DB INFO” development through Oracle application express for internal DBA team

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

DBA Team Lead

Databases: Oracle RDBMS - 8i-11g, Oracle RAC 10.2.0.x, Oracle RAC 11.2.0.x MySQL – v. 5.1.x

Tools: Oracle Cluster Services – v.10.x, 11.x Oracle RAC – v. 10.x, 11.x Oracle Enterprise Manager – v. 10.2.x

Operating Systems: Solaris – v. 8.x-10.x RedHat Linux – v. 4.x HP-UX – v. 11.x Oracle Enterprise Linux - v. 5.x (OEL 5) Microsoft Windows – v. 2000, 2003, 2005,2008

Applications: Applications Oracle Applications (ERP) – v. 11.x, 12.x, SAP (ERP) – v. 6.x, Siebel (ERP) – v. 7.8, 8.x, PeopleSoft (ERP) – v. 8.x, 9.x, Oracle Internet Directory – v. 10.x


  • Installation and configuration of High Availability software components (Clusterware) and database binaries
  • Define and create the physical database design (e.g. data files, log files, undo segments, tablespaces etc.)
  • Databases upgrade, migration, patching
  • Perform restoration/recovery of databases
  • Setting up and implementing database reorganizations as per schedules/requests in collaboration with application teams whenever required
  • Constructively collaborate with Application/Infrastructure/functional/Problem Management teams e.g., to fix the availability/performance incidents, to identify the root cause for problems involving multiple layers (application, database – Oracle, MSSQL, Teradata, and MySQL), infrastructure etc.)
  • Perform impact analysis for the database changes/patches/upgrades and also for the infrastructure/application changes that could impact the database layer
  • Perform data collection on the database capacity (CPU, Memory, Storage etc.,) and report out capacity forecast and requirements
  • Perform High Availability (e.g. Real Application Cluster) configuration, administration and management of databases in High available infrastructure
  • Nodes addition, deletion on cluster nodes
  • Perform Cloning of databases as per requests/schedules. Assist in migrating/refreshing data/schemas in collaboration with other support teams
  • Adherence to the Qualification/Validation processes. Create all documentary evidences/documents required for Qualification/validation/SOX purposes.
  • Work with Oracle support through SRs/OWCs in case of critical issues.

Confidential, South Barrington, IL

Sr. Database Administrator

Environment: Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, Informix, Sybase, BO, SAS, Toad, Sun Solaris

Database: Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g Oracle RAC 11g, Informix/Sybase

Tools: BO, TOAD, Oracle OID/LDAP/OEM

O/s: Sun Solaris, Linux

Hardware: SUN 15K, SUN 25K


  • Data Centre migration from initiation stage to closure stage by active participation at each & every stage
  • 70+ Oracle databases migration to totally different hardware in GE & then upgrade of all Oracle 9i databases to release with out any issues
  • Successfully migration & consolidation of 70+ Non RAC development databases to 12 RAC (2 nodes) databases with ASM from Confidential owned servers to Allstate servers
  • Oracle 10g databases smaller in size were successfully migrated using Oracle data pump utility.
  • Deployed Oracle Streams for production database of 400+ GB in size which helped for migration to be accomplished in only 15 minutes instead of 8+ hours on the cutoff date
  • Implemented online migration strategy for Oracle 8i instances & the approach took less than 30 minutes down time which was initially estimated around 12 hours for each database migration.
  • Ensured that databases copy was available in to be new environment much ahead of scheduled migration date so that application teams were able to test their application functionality thoroughly, against the to be new environment
  • Ensured that databases backups, restore, alerting & performance issues were duly taken care before the migration
  • Active participation provided greater level of proficiency & immediate issues resolution for mission critical applications
  • All & above the best point to mark is not a single migration (60+ databases hosting 100+ applications) had any issues because of databases. All the times, database migration was done very smoothly, well ahead of the scheduled window assigned for databases.
  • All cron jobs successfully migrated to new environment to run through Tivoli scheduler
  • AARP web deployment successfully launched in production with out any issues
  • Old databases decommissioned successfully
  • All databases migrated in new environment successfully registered through LDAP
  • Supported Informix & Sybase databases administration along with Oracle database support primarily
  • Learnt & implemented practically Oracle Streams, Data Guard, ASM, LDAP (OID) and many more new features of 10g
  • Installation & configuration of master server & client for Confidential release 11.2
  • Database performance tuning using OEM, AWR reports & ADDM advisories
  • Validating RMAN backups regularly through RMAN commands without actual restoration
  • Coordination with Oracle support through bridge calls, OWC for SRs for faster resolution of production issues
  • Help business users to write the better code for faster query response time and lesser servers/databases resources utilization

Confidential, Shelton, CT

Module Lead

Database: Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g

O/s: Sun Solaris

Hardware: SUN 15K, SUN 25K


  • Installation of software, creating databases & upgrading as per requirement
  • Applying patches/CPU patches to fix the bugs
  • Provided support to RAC environment for OLTP (Midrange) environment.
  • Actively lead the team for making databases PCI compliance.
  • Installed HTTP server & HTML DB (Oracle Application Express)
  • Database performance tuning and Query Optimization using OEM, AWR reports & ADDM advisories
  • Reviewing partition/sub partition strategies for tables, perform EOM activity for daily data loads, partition exchange for data loads, support for 40 TB DWH database.
  • Reviewing on backup strategies (logical/physical) for databases depending upon size, database availability & resources
  • Supporting business users for reports & ETL Job Failure Resolution
  • Ensuring security policy through column masking & Virtual Private Database (VPD) technology
  • ERT Involvement for critical issues and Co-ordinate with onsite/off-shore team members
  • Interacting with Clients regularly for time to time reviews related to databases implementations
  • Databases cloning as & when required
  • Backups (BCV/SNAP backups) validation before the backup is taken on tape
  • Validating RMAN backups regularly through RMAN commands without actual restoration
  • Performing recoveries as per scenarios (tables truncation/data file corruptions etc)
  • Capacity planning & space management
  • Automating various regular tasks to avoid manual interventions



Database: Non Stop SQL/MP

Tools: Confidential trading tool

O/s: Tandem

Hardware: Tandem Servers


  • Objects creation & ensuring necessary privileges grant
  • Mock trading testing & ensuring its successfulness
  • Daily backup activation & checking it through restoration occasionally
  • Ensuring all necessary checklists are performed during BOD-EOD processes.
  • Resolution of online errors during trading if occurring during trading

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