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Oracle Dba Resume

Deerfield, IL


  • Managed Oracle Databases on the following OS
  • RHEL, OEL, CentOS
  • AIX, Solaris
  • Windows
  • DB
  • Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c R2, 18c R1
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Monitoring:
  • 12c/13c OEM
  • High Availability:
  • RAC
  • Data Guard
  • ASM
  • Exadata
  • AWS
  • Projects:
  • Complete build of standalone including deployment of Linux OS
  • Complete build of 2 - node and 4-node RAC Cluster
  • Data Center Migration
  • Cross Platform Migration
  • Complete Build of Disaster Recovery Site using Data Guard
  • Setting up Materialize Server
  • Build Uni-directional replication using GoldenGate
  • Migration databases to RAC on Exadata
  • Database refreshes using RMAN Duplicate
  • Backup, restore and recover using RMAN
  • Schema and table level refreshes using Data Pump and Export Import.
  • Tune slow running queries
  • Tune instance for reduce contention and latches.
  • Written Shell scripts to automated tasks.
  • Setup 12c multitenant environment
  • Setup databases on VMware
  • Migrated databases to AWS.
  • Tools
  • Putty, TOAD, SQL Developer, ERWIN
  • Performance Tuning
  • Analyzed ASH and AWR reports
  • Used ADDM
  • Used SQL Baselines and SQL profiles
  • Use Explain plan, execution plan, tkprof, indexes, and hints.
  • Management
  • Database Management
  • Tablespace Management
  • User Management
  • Backup Management.


Confidential | Deerfield, IL

Oracle DBA


  • Build multiple nodes RAC Clusters on Linux.
  • Migrated 12c databases to AWS
  • Migrated standalone database to Exadata
  • Provided day to day support for three applications.
  • Provided support in refreshing schemas
  • Provided support in cloning databases
  • Used data pump, RMAN duplicate database and export/import for data moment.
  • Set up grid control alerts and thresholds.
  • Written shell scripts to automate database monitoring tasks.
  • Constant monitoring of database space and space management
  • Setting up Oracle Standby Data Guard.
  • Support HA databases and resolved gaps in physical data guard environments.
  • Responsible to improve the performance by Using the Hints, Indexes, Explain Plan
  • Performance tuning of SQL statements using Explain Plan, SQL tracing and tkprof.
  • Perform Backup and Recovery thru RMAN.
  • Strong experience in Installing, configuring, maintaining Data Guard environment.
  • Strong experience in patching databases.
  • Worked on locking and issues with latches
  • Initiated cronjobs to review alert logs and dump files to check for any ORA- errors.
  • Used ASH, AWR & ADDM tools to troubleshoot performance
  • Used TOAD, 12c Cloud Control, and SQL Developer as GUI tools aside from terminal.
  • Installed, migrated, configured and tested Oracle 12c databases in various environments.
  • Extremely dedicated, self - motivated, Pro-Active and willing to assume responsibility.
  • Worked with offshore DBA and Developers
  • Export and Import of User, Tables and Database using exp/imp and Data Pump.
  • Provided my support during off hours and weekends.
  • Helped coordinating jobs with offshore team.
  • Provided on-call 24/7 support

Confidential - Chicago, IL

Oracle DBA

  • Build Data Guard
  • Configured and Managed ASM disks and disk groups
  • Build 2-node cluster using Oracle RAC
  • Conducting Installations of Oracle 11g and 12c on standalone servers
  • Worked on Migration Projects.
  • Upgraded Databases from 11g to 12c
  • Setup uni-directional GoldenGate.
  • Build database servers on VMWare.
  • Performed work on Capacity planning
  • Applied CPU, PSU and on-off patches
  • Managed database using 12c cloud control
  • Create and maintain multiple databases.
  • Create multiple 12c databases on RHEL, OEL and AIX
  • Worked on SQL Tuning and instance tuning
  • Using TCP/IP Protocol Configured SQL*Net files on server / client machines, and resolved client connectivity issues.
  • Responsible to improve the performance by Using the Hints, Indexes, Explain Plan
  • Generated and analyze ASH, AWR and ADDM reports
  • Devised an efficient backup and recovery strategy and implemented it in line with Business requirements (SQL Backtrack and RMAN)
  • Written shell scripts
  • Worked with RAC implementation team. Added nodes.
  • Refreshed multiple databases for Development and Testing upon short request.
  • Performed database cloning/exp/imp to setup identical databases in the production and development environments.
  • Created and maintain users, roles and privileges.
  • Day to Day General Administration Tablespace Management, Undo Management, Managing Users, Resources, Managing User Privileges and Roles.
  • Diagnosed Oracle bugs
  • Performed Export/Import through Data Pump.
  • Worked on basic replication through Materialized Views.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Oracle DBA

  • Installed of 10g and 11g on UNIX and Windows platform.
  • Configuration of OS, Staging of Oracle 10g Software, Backup's
  • Daily Health Check Activities
  • Regular file systems growth
  • Resolving user and network related issues
  • Applied patches on TEST, DEV before its go to PROD
  • Implementation of Open Database Backups (Hot Backups / Online Backups)
  • Implementation of Logical Backups (Export / Import)
  • Performed user managed backups and RMAN backups.
  • Periodical checks of scheduled Backups
  • Implemented Hot Standby Database for fail over situations
  • Implemented multiple ARCHIVELOG destinations to archive redo logs to the development server to support immediate database recovery
  • Created and altered Oracle Users, Oracle Roles, Granting Privileges and Profiles
  • Managing Password Security and Resources
  • Conversion of Database in Archive Log / No Archive Log Modes
  • Documented on implementation project
  • Initiating Backup scripts through
  • RMAN, & Cold Backup scripts
  • Schedule cronjob
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Solving Issues (Archive errors, Temp tablespace errors, User password issues, etc.)
  • Good Communication between "Integration Team", "Data Migration Team", "Development Team", "DBA Team", and end-users
  • Database administration, Managing tablespaces, Objects, disk space
  • Create and Alter user roles, Granting privileges and profiles
  • Managing password security and resources
  • Database backups Online backups, Offline backups, & Logical backups (Export / Import using Parameter file, schema level, Full Database)
  • Configured multiple ARCHIVELOG destinations to archive redo logs to the development server to support immediate database recovery
  • Changed parameter
  • Worked on dynamic and static parameter changes.
  • Recovered pfile/spfile.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Jr DBA / Desktop / IT Support

  • Provided user support via phone and email
  • Worked on LAN
  • Worked on Access DB
  • Written SQL Queries to fetch data
  • Worked on Client/Workstations.
  • Troubleshot issues via phone and email with phone back-ups Assist in Windows7 deployment to include peripheral setup, data migration, and software installations.
  • Recognized for outstanding work on special projects, Created and edited documentation

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