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Technical Consultant/database Administrator Resume

Tampa, FL


  • 12+ years of experience as Oracle Database Administrator, providing 24x7 production, development and integration support on oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i databases on different Platform.
  • 3+ years of experience in MS SQL Server 2012/2008/2005 database administration activities and troubleshooting in Windows platforms for approximately over 250+ instances.
  • 2+ years in Managing/Installing/Troubleshooting MySQL and MariaDB in production and development on Linux environments.
  • Around 2+ years of experience in AWS, analysis, design, development, implementation and testing of systems primarily in the distributed web application and client/server environment.
  • Installed oracle database server on HP - UX, AIX, WINDOWS, REDHAT LINUX and migration of oracle server from 9i to 10g, 10g to 11g and 11g to 12c.
  • Proficient in Oracle Database Administration on Production, Development and Test Databases including Disaster Recovery, High Availability Solutions (RAC & Data Guard) and Backup & Recovery (RMAN).
  • Designs and Configures Logical and Physical Database Design and Construction with ERWIN and BDA tools
  • Migrated single instance databases to multi-node 11g R1, R2 RAC environments for high availability and load balancing.
  • Continuous review of Business-Critical Database to proactively identify space issues, performance tuning issue.
  • Hands on experience in dataguard, Grid control, stream & replication, monitoring batch performance.
  • Handled entire DBA activity on server move for VERITAS cluster and Data warehouse servers.
  • Configured OEM 11g R2 and Installed agent on all the servers.
  • Administration, migration, health check, resource management, patching/upgrade and SQL tuning.
  • Extensive knowledge on database backup/recovery strategy (RMAN), Goldengate bidirectional replication, Import/Export & Data pump, Capacity Planning, Replication (Streams) standby databases, Oracle configuration management, Data guard, database cloning, refresh and patch management.
  • Delivering Oracle Database performance-tuning services for customers with EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, STATSPACK, SQL TRACE, ORADEBUG, 11g/12c OEM Grid monitoring custom scripts troubleshooting oracle databases using SQL trace utilities.
  • Experience with SQL coding including DDL, DML and fine-tuning those SQL’s for better performance.
  • Experience in using 10g features Flash-Back Recovery, Data Pump, AWR, ASM, ADDM, ASH, Recycle Bin, 10g Grid Monitoring.
  • Expertise in creating Oracle Tables, Table Partitions, Views, and Materialized Views.
  • Experience with SQL, PL/SQL coding, stored procedures, triggers, cursors, functions, packages, UNIX Shell Scripting, Indexes, Logical and Physical database design to implement the business logic.
  • Implemented High availability solution’s like Windows Clustering, Failover Clustering that include Active-Active and Active-Passive Clustering, Database Mirroring, Log Shipping and DR recovery strategies.
  • Installing different versions of SQL server Standalone ( ).
  • Installation of SQL Server Reporting Services and Folders creation and assign rights to Users.
  • Ensuring that all databases are backed up on a regular basis, fixing backup failures, and address implemented resolutions.
  • Performed MySQL Replication setup and administration on Master-Slave and Master-Master.
  • Perform database migrations from MSSQL and Oracle to MariaDB/MySQL.
  • Actively involved in Database transitioning from MySQL to MariaDB.
  • Worked on many Unplanned power outage and restored the DB
  • Trained and nurture new Junior DBA to handle Daily Oracle activities.


Operating Systems: RHEL, HP-UX, AIX, Windows

Data Bases: Oracle12c/11g/10g/9i, MSSQLServer 2012/2008/2005, MySQL 5.x, MariaDB 5.x.x /10.x.x

Software Applications: Web logic, Oracle Application servers, ERWIN, VERITAS Backup, SQL Loader, OBIEE, Oracle Cloud, HP OVO, Apache, Tomcat, Apex, EMC / Netapp, FSC, HP, Java, JMeter, AWS, Abinitio, WebSphere.

Ticketing Tools: HP Service Manager, Nagios Tool, Remedy tool, Service Now

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, JSP, C#, C, C++, XML, UNIX Shell Scripting, Perl, JBoss, Qlik, SVN, J2EE

Database Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c OEM, SCOM 2007, Toad, RMAN, dbvault, ZFS, Oracle Goldengate 11g/12c.

Tuning Tools: TKPROF, Explain Plan, Statspack, AWR, ADDM, Grid Control Tuning Advisors


Confidential, Tampa , FL

Technical Consultant/Database Administrator


  • Managing test support team for the entire project cycle across different regions and environments.
  • Supporting different environments and regions using Oracle Golden gate.
  • Managing day to day activities 11g and 12c databases as per customer needs.
  • Setting up High Availability Oracle Golden Gate (OGG) systems on Oracle 12c RAC with ASM environments.
  • Oracle Golden Gate maintenance, such as resync, re-instantiation, or adding tables
  • Oracle Golden Gate performance tuning of lagging by methods such as splitting replicats, OGG parameter tuning, database tuning, application large table re-design, Linux/Unix kernel performance tuning, etc.
  • Troubleshooting OGG abending due to long running transaction, trigger firing, unique key violation.
  • Troubleshooting hang due to index unusable by means of GGSCI, report file or discard file analysis, logminer utility, sql monitoring.
  • Working with code and db deployment activities in test and integration environments.
  • Ownership of test lead activities like Estimations, Resource Management.
  • Analysis of the business requirements, technical designs and data models.
  • Develop Traceability matrix, Functionality matrix.
  • Test planning & Designing of test cases to map the requirements.
  • Test execution and Test management.
  • Defect life cycle and Defect tracking activity.
  • Involvement in Integration, Regression, Sanity testing and Ad hoc Testing.
  • Metrics, Status tracking, UAT analysis and support.
  • Production Deployment support and checkouts.
  • Taken ownership of client issues ensuring appropriate parties are engaged for timely resolution.
  • Running and monitoring the jobs as application demands.
  • Given Support for application users in solving their database/ TNS issues.
  • Deployed and trouble shoot database change requests.
  • Administrate, update of Service Now applications, business rules, email notifications, Scheduled Jobs, Script Includes, Events, forms, SLAs, reports, Access Controls, Workflow, Homepage Administration, User Administration, Update sets, Notifications.

Environment: RLMS, Oracle Database 11g / 12c, Oracle Goldengate 11g,12c, CA workload automation AE, Shell Scripting, Linux 7, WebSphere, Abinitio, Service Now.

Confidential, Tampa , FL

Sr Oracle/ MySQL Database Administrator


  • Installing and upgrading Oracle binaries & application tools, applying patches, bug fixes, security updates, perform monthly or quarterly database/system maintenance, configuration and administration of Oracle databases. Upgrades from 11g to 12c.
  • Involved in capacity planning of databases and their host machines (database storage, memory, CPU, network usage, and I/O contention) in a complex Architecture layout to include both standalone and clustered environments
  • Setting up High Availability Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) systems on Oracle 11gR2 RAC environments (Front-end: IBM p770/AIX 6.1, Back-end: Oracle Exadata X4 Full Rack).
  • Upgrade Oracle GoldenGate from 11gR2 to 12c. Implement OGG 12c new features in mission-critical production environments.
  • Troubleshooting typical OGG technical problems such as unique key violation / long transaction abending by using GGSCI / Logdump / discard file analysis etc.
  • Performance Tuning OGG in extremely high data volume environments. Installing and configuring OGG heterogeneous environments (from MS SQL Server to Oracle Exadata).
  • Monitored different databases and application servers using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 12cCloud Control
  • Use database tools such as EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL TRACE, TKPROOF, AWR and ADDM to evaluate database performance, gather statistics, resolve performance related issues, and generate report.
  • Developed and managed PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Packages used by the database instance.
  • Evaluation and implementation of alert monitors, implementing database security using standard/fine auditing.
  • Create Knowledge based containing database structure, changes common issues and resolutions.
  • Creates and implemented various table partitions for large tables.
  • Created and tuned various materialized views.
  • Schedule jobs using various Oracle tools such as Oracle OEM, DBMS JOBS, SCHEDULER.
  • Automated hot backup using a combination of incremental, differential and full RMAN backups.
  • Use Datapump to export data from production Database to test Database.
  • Provide 24x7 database support Developed hot, cold and logical backup scripts to automate the backup procedures.
  • Provide on-call support in adherence to specific business and customer Service Level Agreements
  • Created Testing and Development databases following OFA compliance rules.
  • Performing Complete Media Recovery of Database depends on the nature of failure.
  • Configure and implement the use of Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) for cold and hot backup to the databases.
  • Installed and configured MySQL on Linux and Windows environments.
  • Managing MySQL 5.1 and MariaDB 10.1.6 in production and development environments.
  • Performed installation, new databases design, configuration, backup, recovery, security, upgrade and schema changes, tuning and data integrity.
  • Increased database performance by utilizing MySQL config changes, multiple instances and by upgrading hardware.
  • Assisted with sizing, query optimization, buffer tuning, backup and recovery, installations, upgrades and security including other administration functions as part of profiling plan.
  • Ensured production data being replicated into data warehouse without any data anomalies from the processing databases.
  • Converted existing Master-Slave Replication to Galera Cluster.
  • Created and refined stored procedures, routines and triggers.
  • Upgraded MariaDB from 5.5 to 10.1.
  • Perform full and incremental backups.
  • Recover backups and perform point in time recoveries as needed.
  • Management of MySQL's underlying storage engine.
  • Apply MySQL/MariaDB best practices.
  • Analyze existing databases and device best sharding goals.
  • Configure and monitor Replica sets.

Environment: MySQL /MariaDB 10.1.16, Oracle 11g/12c, Oracle Goldengate 11g/12c, Galera Cluster, Web Server /Apache Server, JMeter, Shell Scripting, Linux 7, Cloud infrastructure Services AWS.


Technical Lead Database Administrator


  • Involved in the analysis, design, build, and testing phase of the life cycle for the largest reinsurance project.
  • Handled Entire DBA activates on datacenter environment and maintained around huge TB’s of production servers.
  • Provided L3 Support for IT infrastructure, Involved in the installation of new database 12c on Red hat Linux for Production and development environments.
  • Using Amazon RDS with multi-AZ for automatic failover & high availability at database tier for oracle workloads.
  • Configured scalable infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Created EC2 instances, configured its specifications and ran specific AMI's on them as per requirement.
  • Automated different AWS resources like EC2 Instances, S3 Buckets, Security Groups, VPC and Databases using Cloud Formation Templates.
  • Build application and database servers using AWS EC2 and create AMIs as well as use RDS for Oracle DB.
  • Configure and build Golden Gate Extracts/replicate for multiple databases.
  • Hands on experience in Oracle Apps installation of R12.1.1on RHEL 5 and Database upgrades from 8i, 9i to 10g, 9i to 11g, 10g to 11gR1, 10g to 11gR2.
  • Designs and Configures Logical and Physical Database Design and Construction with ERWIN and BMC BDA tools.
  • Migrated Database from to for both Production and Development environment.
  • Configured flash recovery area, created RMAN scripts and export scripts for regular backups.
  • Cloned/Refreshed Oracle Databases as per schedules and request.
  • Responsible for database backup strategies, database recovery and validation & reporting database statistics.
  • Implemented Disaster Recovery plans.
  • Responsible for optimizing the queries and application tuning.
  • Perform SQL tuning and assist developers with coding PL/SQL.
  • Mentoring the Database Performance using automated scripts.
  • Answerable for setting and managing User Accounts, Granting required privileges to users.
  • Experienced in Security Administration and Space Management.
  • Perform other regular DBA activities including space management and performance monitoring.
  • Involved in process improvement, Oracle Server Installations/Upgrades/Patches, Space Management, Capacity Planning, Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Database Performance Tuning, Memory Tuning, Application Tuning, Security Administration, Data Warehousing, Data guard, Oracle Advanced Replication, Real Application Clusters, Oracle standby services.
  • Involved in setting up oracle http server 11g for in house HP applications.
  • Having regular interaction with client for regular issues.
  • Working for German client. Which is having more than 200 databases on Linux
  • Installation of SQL server 2008 SP3 and 2012 with SP1 CU2.
  • Failover Cluster Installations in SQL 2008/2012 and Failover resources between nodes in Downtimes.
  • SAN Disk replacement in 4 NODE Cluster environments.
  • Performing Deactivation\De-installation of SQL Server instances in SQL 2005 & 2008.
  • Applying Service packs and Hot fixes on SQL Server.
  • Performing backups of SQL databases by setting up backup schedules at regular intervals and restoring databases.
  • Performing Security Administration Tasks like Creating users and Delegating appropriate permissions to the users as required.
  • Creating and Monitoring the Maintenance plans - scheduling tasks to run daily and/or on weekends tasks like rebuilding indexes, defragmenting Databases, Shrink Database.
  • Migrating Database from lower version to higher version SQL Server.
  • Copying the databases between several servers as a part of DB refreshments.
  • Proactive monitoring of all Databases & Backups.
  • Ensuring high availability of the database exploiting the concepts of DB mirroring.
  • Checking the general Health of the servers for identifying SQL Job failures & Bottlenecks.

Environment: Oracle 11g R2 RAC, Golden Gate 11G, Oracle 12c/11g, OEM 12C, Cloud infrastructure Services, ODI, Informatica, OBIEE, Shell Scripting, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, MSSQL server 2008/2012


Database Administrator


  • Worked as an DBA for Oracle/MySQL &MS SQL server.
  • Managing Databases of Dinathanthi newspaper, Sirez Info Systems, Cyber Futuristics and Indian Overseas bank.
  • Creating and Managing Users, Managing User Resources with Profiles, Controlling User Privileges through roles.
  • Managing Physical structure of Oracle database like Datafiles, Redo log files and Control files.
  • Creating and Managing the Tablespaces.
  • Monitoring Alert Log files.
  • Apply MySQL/MariaDB best practices.
  • MySQL administration5.x on production environment - installation, tuning, backups, resources optimization and distribution, InnoDB and MyISAM storage engines, replication in large-scale environments.
  • MySQL query optimization and performance problem solving.
  • Installation of MySQL server and client software applications in a large environment (100 databases with at least 500G).
  • Effectively configured MySQL Replication.
  • Experience with MySQL GUI tools MySQL Workbench, MySQL Administrator, MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Migration Toolkit.
  • Supported and configured MariaDB clusters over WAN to avoid node partitioning.
  • Verify All Instances are up checking Listener Status.
  • Checking Mount Point Status.
  • Used different V$ views to study the database activities
  • Moving Data between Database using utilities like Export/Import and Transportable Table spaces.
  • Transported the Table space from production database and plugged-in it in development/ Test database for the usage of developers.
  • Performing Logical Backups through Export and Import Utility.
  • Creating new databases and users accounts, setup backups, and other monitoring scripts.
  • Setting up Log Shipping between servers.
  • Creating Jobs and maintenance plans.
  • Database backups and recovery.
  • Sizing database objects for effective space management and optimal performance.
  • Implemented High availability solution’s like Windows Clustering, Failover Clustering that include Active-Active and Active-Passive Clustering, Database Mirroring, Log Shipping and DR recovery strategies.
  • Installing different versions of SQL server Standalone.

Environment: Oracle 10g /11g, ASM, Shell Scripting, Linux, Solaris, Tomcat Apache, MSSQLServer 2000/2005, MySQL5.x, Maria DB 5.x.x.


Database Administrator


  • Worked for the clients APPA (Andhra Pradesh Police Academy), Electricity Holding Company, Ministry of Health.
  • Involved in the installation of 10g RAC on LINUX environment.
  • Administered Oracle 10g production, test, and development environment on RHEL, IBM-AIX.
  • Skilled with STATSPACK, AWR, ADDM, SAR to check health of database & hardware.
  • Worked on tools such as TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, ORADEBUG and TRACE FILE to tune SQL Queries.
  • Performed database cloning to setup test and development database.
  • Conducted sizing & capacity planning for Oracle databases.
  • Involved in Migration of Database from 9i to 10g and applying patches whenever required.
  • Installed OEM agents on 10g database and setup alerts using OEM.
  • Experienced with SRVCTL, OCR and Voting Disk of 10g RAC.
  • Worked on maintaining schemas and partitioning tables.
  • Expertise in Database Performance Tuning, Performance Monitoring and Optimization using tools such as PL/SQL, Oracle Hints, SQL Trace, Explain plans.
  • Experienced with all kinds (Status, Performance, and Trend Analysis) of DB Monitoring.
  • Rebuilding of Indexes for better performance, maintenance of Oracle Database.
  • Developed RMAN scripts for database backup and recovery including hot and cold backup options for both RAC and standalone instances.
  • Installing ASM environment and migrating database from NON-ASM to ASM.
  • Created table spaces, tables, and users for custom applications.
  • Developed views, materialized views, functions, procedures, triggers, and packages using PL/SQL & SQL to transform data between source staging area to target staging area.
  • Creating and dropping of users, granting and revoking permissions to users/roles as and when required.
  • Experienced with precise (DB performance tuning tool) .
  • Monitoring batch performance.
  • Have a solid understanding of VTL, EDL, Tape Cloning and EMC SAN storage technologies and helped SAN Engineers in their projects.
  • Experienced with Dataguard Implementation.
  • Implemented oracle high availability solution using oracle 10g Physical Standby.
  • Importing data from flat files into database using SQL loader and External Tables.
  • Assisting the ETL team to improve performance by analyzing SQL statements, reorganizing database objects and design indexes to improve response of queries.
  • Involved in the documentation of every task involved in the recovery issues or backups.
  • Setting up and monitoring cron jobs to schedule database backups with the help of RMAN scripts and daily night exports.
  • Monitoring Growth of tables and undertaking necessary re-organization of tables and indexes as and when required.
  • Used Explain Plan to monitor the query execution and views to make sure the operations run without roadblocks.
  • Troubleshooting Database performance issues using Automated Workload Repository (AWR) and Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM).
  • Creation of various database objects including materialized views.
  • Running scripts and monitoring the load process to avoid roadblocks in ETL jobs running for a long duration.
  • Troubleshooting expdp/impdp errors in a RAC environment, configuring storage accordingly.
  • Monitored Database growth and provide Database capacity planning for applications expansion.
  • Upgraded from 9.2.0.x to 10.2.0.x.

Environment: Oracle 9i/10g, Shell Scripting, Linux, MSSQLServer 2000/2005, windows, Nagios tool.

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