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Oracle Dba Resume

Tampa, FL


To obtain a position as a MySQL Database Administrator for an organization offering challenges and career advancement with my hands - on technical training, skills and experience in a stimulating and innovative environment with experience in using the Oracle and MySQL RDBMS.


  • 4-year experience in Linux/Unix, Windows, MySQL and Oracle Environment.
  • MySQL/Oracle Database installation, upgrade and configuration.
  • MySQL Replication (Master-Slave)
  • Knowledge of MySQL backup and recovery, replication and performance tuning
  • Experience with MySQL/Oracle database architecture, design, monitoring system performance, troubleshooting and deployment.
  • Experience with MySQL/Oracle data load and migration between servers
  • Basic knowledge of BASH and Perl scripting
  • Experience with Amazon AWS cloud computing


Relational Databases: MySQL 5.6, Oracle 10g, 11g, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008

Operating systems: Microsoft, DOS v2.x - 6.x, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, 2003 & 2008 Advanced Server, Unix (Solaris, Linux)

Networking Topologies / Protocols: Ethernet, TCP/IP & router configuration

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS



Confidential, Tampa, FL

Oracle DBA


  • Upgraded MySQL persona server from 5.5 to 5.6 on test and production servers
  • Managed 3-Terabyte database hosted on Amazon AWS and Firehost in integration, UAT, QA, Development and Production environment.
  • Recommend and assess new versions and products
  • Manage multiple concurrent RDBMS instances, both production and development or test on various platforms.
  • Resolved deadlock issues mainly on InnoDB tables
  • Managed MySQL instances and backups on AWS
  • Participated in DR and Capacity Planning activities with systems engineer and systems architect.
  • Helped with generating audits and report for compliance team
  • Managing high availability and optimal performance of the MySQL databases
  • Find existing database areas for improvement (remapping of tablespaces, adding indexes, etc)
  • Managing schema and user accounts and database objects including permissions and grants
  • Monitor and maintain the database backups, diagnose and resolve database backup failures.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting and problem solving of MySQL Database.
  • Enforce security standards and controls to ensure the integrity and security of the data resources.
  • Responsible for implementation and release of database changes according to Change management system
  • Recommend and assess new versions and products
  • Integrate configurations and applications
  • Managed Database security
  • Purged Transaction logs
  • Monitored server logs and transaction logs growth size
  • MySQL DBA for terabyte legacy system. Primarily concerned with tuning and monitoring.
  • Setting up of cron jobs for backups, monitoring, Percona XtraBackup, Percona toolkit for monitoring, etc.

MySQL/Oracle DBA

Confidential, Brooklyn, MD


  • Created, implemented and managed custom databases on Linux and windows platforms.
  • Worked in a database environment hosting tomcat application servers
  • Provided MySQL and Oracle database administrative support to various user groups (application developers, data managers etc); created and maintained Oracle database objects (schemas, tables, indexes etc).
  • Designed, developed and implemented technology-based systems for a wide range of applications for different user groups.
  • Performed capacity planning in terms of memory and disk usage, establishing benchmarks for business and technical performance.
  • Performed backup and recovery tasks on MySQL servers
  • Performed backup and recovery on Oracle database using RMAN and cold back -ups using shell scripts.
  • Using RMAN to restore and recover control and data files respectively.
  • Performed a flashback and point in time recovery.
  • Creating a database recovery catalog and registering databases to the recovery catalog database.
  • Scheduling backups using the CRONTAB utility.
  • Supported system administration groups with maintaining oracle database servers and in pre-production, test, training, and development environments.
  • Tuned database objects to run smoothly by analyzing query paths (creating explain path tables) and using efficient indexing.
  • Control and monitor user access to the database using roles, and profiles.
  • 24hr on call rotation.
  • Monitoring Alert logs for any errors, problems or processes running
  • Create and Assign Roles, Privileges and Profiles to Users.
  • Created non-default listeners for databases.
  • Knowledge in cloning using cold backup, hot backup and RMAN
  • Performed data migration from a database in one server to a database housed on another server using database link.
  • Migrated data using the data pump export (expdp) and import (impdp)
  • Created non-default listeners for databases.

Oracle DBA

Confidential, Catonsville, MD


  • Install and configure DBMS software, upgrades and related products; Recommend and assess new versions and products;
  • Integrate configurations and applications;
  • Manage multiple concurrent RDBMS instances, both production and development or test on various platforms.
  • Managed Database security
  • Backup and recovery
  • Reverse and forward engineer databases.
  • Migration of DDL and DML from one database to another.
  • Troubleshoot database issues like connectivity and slowdowns.
  • Creation of customized database scripts for administrative purposes.
  • Create and maintain data dictionary with emphasis on business rules
  • Maintain/Restore using RMAN.
  • Find existing database areas for improvement (remapping of tablespaces, adding indexes, etc)
  • Help improve database analytical skills of an existing DBA who was converted from a System Administrator
  • Disaster Plan testing plans
  • Create Crystal Reports based on business areas needed for analytical study
  • Extensively used SQL Plus for Querying/Reporting.
  • Performance monitoring and tuning via AWR reports, ADDM statistics, Statspack and ASH.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot database backups, disk space and server availability.
  • Identifying root cause of Oracle errors and providing solutions to resolve errors.
  • Creating database reorganization procedures, scripting database alerts and monitoring scripts.
  • Generated internal DBA team documents including problem resolutions documents, lessons learned documents, how to documents.
  • Controlling and maintaining system security through Profiles, Roles, Privileges and Auditing.
  • Creating indexes on fields that are used most often for search criteria.
  • Using set timing on and auto trace to figure out explain plans.
  • Configure and manage database backups (full and incremental), restores, cataloguing, and migrations on primary servers and across servers within a project, including various forms of database replication to provide high availability and various levels of failover capabilities as warranted by individual projects.
  • Participate in the development and testing of disaster plans and security processes.

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