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Dba / Software Engineer Resume


  • I am a very unique Software Engineer.
  • A true engineer who is always using my boundless energy and self - motivation in learning, questioning and seeking to improve myself and processes.
  • Software Engineering is both my profession and one of my hobbies - thus I always do a deep dive into software ecosystems.
  • One of the very few who are experts on both mainframes and distributed systems, who is adept at gathering requirements and creating design through implementation documentation as well as creating robust, scalable, software for customer facing, middle tier or back end applications.
  • I am thoroughly versed in software technologies, procedural, object oriented as well as event loop programming and so I can shift seamlessly between COBOL/CICS/REXX to Java/.NET as well as LAMP and MEAN stack with expert proficiency.
  • Experienced using Waterfall or Agile including Test Driven software development methodologies.
  • My expertise includes mainframe Systems Programming (CICS and z/OS), Systems Administration for CentOS and Ubuntu as well as Database Administration for both relational and document databases (DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and now MongoDB and NOE4J - MongoDB DBA
  • I am an experienced Team Lead, Agile Scrum Master and Technical Lead with excellent communication skills, who interfaces effectively with team members and customers.


Platforms: IBM Mainframes, Windows, Unix/Linux, VMs, Cloud/AWS.

Software: Assembler, COBOL, Micro Focus COBOL, C/C++, CICS, DB2 for z/OS & LUW, RACF, TSO/ISPF, CLIST/REXX, SMP/E, JCL, DYL280, CSP, SQL Server, Oracle, SOA, REST, SOAP, JSON, Java, C#, .Net, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Control-M, MongoDB DBA, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.



DBA / Software Engineer


  • Created the MongoDB DBA toolkit which incorporates support for standalone and clustered servers, local and remote databases and related filesystem components, including FTP and SSH capabilities.
  • Responsible for MongoDB installation, upgrades and maintenance on Windows and Linux. Created custom software to monitor multiple installations, software suite includes exclusive Proactive Query Analysis (PQA) facility.
  • Created procedure to migrate from DB2 to PostgreSQL. Supported PostgreSQL installation, participated in research of NOE4J graph database.
  • Created bi-directional Java procedures to access multiple mainframe data stores (flat files, VSAM, DB2 and PDS) and transform data for consumption by Java RESTful services. Utilized Java multithreading, and encryption for both data at rest and data in flight (SSL/Transport Layer Security) for both Websphere and Linux.
  • Provide training to relational DBAs on transforming client data to document database (DB2/Oracle/SQL server to MongoDB).
  • Created bi-directional load/unload utilities and assisted with schema creation and performance review/enhancements both for load and application processes.
  • Utilized both SQL and JPA for various database endpoints, also created JSON logging processes to record and facility to review Confidential process activities.
  • Utilized Java reflection to secure access to designated modules.
  • Created custom Java classes to in corporate Linux Secure Copy and Managed File Transfer to securely transport data between platforms.


Founder / Architect / DBA / Developer


  • Designed and built Omni Directory prototype.
  • Work with potential partners to implement this globally scalable, disruptive technology.
  • Re-engineered from LAMP stack to MEAN stack.

Environment: CentOS, LAMP stack, MEAN stack, PHP, XHTML, CSS, XML, JSON, AJAX.


Software Engineer


  • Assist with Commercial Driver License pointer verification, Confidential passport verification and Verification of Legal Status (VLS) by consuming Confidential webservices. Automated z/OS Unix Services usage of SFTP and produce reports.
  • Created DB2 functions including use of IBM cryptography and assisted with VLS application programming.

Environment: z/OS Unix System Services, COBOL, CICS, DB2 z/OS, MS .Net. Powerbuilder.




  • Automation of Confidential z/OS DB2 utilities (IBM/BMC/CA) using ISPF Dialog Manager.
  • Installed and configured DB2 10.1 for LUW and DB2 Connect (personal & server) along with processes to transport mainframe data from z/OS DB2 to and from DB2 for LUW for obfuscation of Personal Protected Information (PPI) pursuant to HIPAA regulations.
  • Configured security for DDF based ‘fenced user’ and performed
  • DBA functions for multiple DB2 (V9 & V10) databases on zOS and LUW (many partitioned tables/indices with OB data) as well as moving data between the zOS and LUW instances.

Environment: zOS, Windows Server 2008R2, REXX, ISPF Dialog Manager, DB2 zOS & LUW.

Confidential, California

Technical Lead/Advanced Technology Developer


  • Assisted with design, coding and implementations on technologies on both mainframe and open systems.
  • Designed, coded and implemented re-usable mainframe encryption technology (SOA) for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance with encrypted keys in DB2 and SQL Server utilizing online, batch and MQ Series.
  • Assisted with upgrading, customizing and administering Serena ChangeMan - customized DB2 package versioning and implementation of custom stages in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Assisted with design, coding and implementation of EXCI to CICS from batch systems and MQ Series using Common Service Routines (CSR/SOA) to encrypted credit card system which was isolated on a “protected island” with data stored in a protected DB2 subsystem with controlled access.
  • Designed, coded and implemented storing and retrieval of binary images from scanned and internet sources (SOAP/XML) to DB2 using CICS Channels/Containers for processing images that were larger than 32K. Created CSR (Common Service Routine) for storing/retrieving images in DB2 BLOBs (Binary Large Objects).
  • Assisted with design, coding of retrieving credit card information from PCI compliant secure hardware devices and transmission to banks for certification and authorization/payment processing.
  • Designed, coded and implemented a PCI required data archival/purge that run can run at anytime, thus not requiring any outage and meeting specifications that included executing in a 24/7 uptime business system.
  • Assisted with automated Image RPS (Remittance Processing System) using Opex 150 (mail processing hardware) with IEM (Image Exchange Module) and Burroughs NDP 200 (200 documents per minute).
  • Administered Compuware’s DevEnterprise product after figuring out how to implement in the mainframe environment. Installed product (including SQL2008R2 database) on new server and implemented strategy to maintain software repository for impact analysis across Confidential mainframe code (BAL, JCL, COBOL and PL/1) in both batch and online systems. Created procedure for rolling out client to developers. Assisted with product maintenance and maintained SQL Server code repository.
  • Practiced Agile methodology as Developer and Technology Lead.

Environment: Microsoft .Net, MS SourceSafe, COBOL, CICS, DB2, MQ Series, SQL Server, Unix, Z/OS, XML, SOA, Control-M, Agile Methodology, SOAP, XSLT, SAS, REXX, CLIST, ISPF/Dialog Manager.

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