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Dba Resume

Basking Ridge, NJ


Senior Database Administrator with ten plus years experience seeking a challenging position, in a heterogeneous environment supporting multiple RDBMS platforms. An accomplished, result - focused IT professional, works well with team as well as independently, assumes increasing levels of responsibility and interfaces with all levels of technology and able to work well under pressure and meet timeline.


  • Over ten years of experience as DB2 Database Administrator in various aspects of DB2 UDB database administration including installation, configuration, physical and logical design, performance monitoring & tuning, maintenance, query optimization, backup and recovery, replication and migration.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, technical skills and can easily adapt to new technology and environments & strong commitment to get the job done.
  • Ten plus years of experience in the field of Information Technology and experience in diversified fields of Administration, Analysis, Design, Development & Implementation, Maintenance, Administration and Re-Engineering projects in client server and mainframe environments and related applications.
  • Expertise in designing and implementing databases, Installing, configuring, upgrading and maintaining DB2 on AIX, Linux (versions 8*, 9*, 10.*, 11*), full life-cycle application development, administration DB2 utilities and Tools, and experience in Data modeling tools ERStudio, Erwin and Rational data modeler and good experience in migrating databases and HA failover process using HADR & SA MP.
  • Performed creating database objects like tables, views, index, trigger, aliases, schema, etc, and configure DB logging options LOGARCHMETH1 and involved in NetBackup/TSM for backup/archival logging.
  • Provided production support for critical finance applications running on 24/7 basis.
  • Expert in Performance Tuning & query optimization using Explain utility for complex SQL tuning and complex DB2 applications, Security, fault tolerance, and disaster Recovery planning.
  • Developed and documented the High-Level database procedures such as Backup and Recovery logical & physical database design, and setting up VERITAS NetBackup for backup & archival logging.
  • Database maintenance utilities using Export, Import, REORG, RUNSTATS, QUIESE, IMPORT, EXPORT, DB2MOVE, DB2LOOK, LOAD, DB2AUDIT, Rebind, Index-Rebuild, and data replication.
  • Experience in IBM DB2 OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) function in e-business applications and wrote various SQL queries, and worked on Database Partitioned Feature (DPF) of DB2 databases.
  • Excellent track record in the handling of customer requests during the life cycle of a project.
  • Wrote shell scripts in UNIX to automate them in CRON jobs for database maintenance.
  • Experience in monitoring database manager, databases, applications, tablespaces, active logs, locks, etc using Database System Monitoring tool (snapshot, event monitor, db2pd, db2top).
  • Extensive experience on DB2/SQL, shell scripting, wrote various SQL queries and stored procedures.
  • Experience in cloud computing and distributed systems principles, including load balancing, scaling, in-memory vs. disk etc. and experience with large-scale, Big Data methods and in depth understanding of the Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS, Pig, Hive, MapReduce, Sqoop, Spark, YARN, Oozie, NoSQL etc.) and configuring access to BigSQL & ODBC access to Hive data source and exposure to Netezza data warehouse appliance.


Tools: DB2 UDB databases & Utilities, DBF, BLU Acceleration, Federation, BigData Control Center, Data Studio, SAP BW, Netezza data warehouse appliance, HDFS Diagnostic Tools, db2pd, db2mtrk, inspect, db2top, DSMtop, SyncSort, db2support, db2advis, HADR,Q Replication, Toad for DB2, Data Studio/DSM, ODBC, OS monitoring tools, Nmon, vmstat, iostat, ps, top, HBase, VISUAL EXPLAIN, Erwin, ERStudio, Embarcadero, ETL Process, Optim, Informatica, Vedit, IBM UTILITIES and TOOLS, Tivoli, Visio, MySQL, ORACLE, MS-ACCESS and, ITSM & ServiceNow, MS-PROJECT 2000.

AIX RS: 6000, SUN, ES9000, IBM 3*/4*, Windows/NT, IBM PC

Cloud Computing, Hadoop open: source software framework.


PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: SQL, NoSQL, Jaql, MemSQL, Hql, JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, Perl-cgi, VB SCRIPT, VB, C, C++, SQL *Plus, PL/SQL, PERL/CGI, HTML, ASP,Shell, scripting, HDFS Shell, JSON, Hive, Pig, Spark and Hadoop.

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: Insurance, Publishing, Manufacturing, Retail Sales, Automotive, Office Automation, Software Development, Banking & Finance and Government.


Confidential, Basking Ridge, NJ



  • Performed Installation, configuration, upgrading and creating & maintaining DB2 databases on AIX, Linux, UNIX (multiple versions V10.5) and successfully completed the migration process for DB2 UDB V9.7 databases of all environments into V10.* and db2 client upgraded into V11.1
  • Create new DB2 & MySQL databases & objects for various finance and healthcare applications, using three Tier architecture and real time applications using WAS & MDM and maintained.
  • Accomplished setting up HADR for multiple non clustered and clustered environments.
  • Setting up Q Replication and configure databases for replicating data between core and analytical databases and maintain.
  • Provided production support for critical applications 24/7 and write shell scripts and automate using cron for database maintenance.
  • Performed enhancement and maintenance for existing single and multi-partitioned databases (DPF) for EDW & DataMart.
  • Performed Cross training and created new databases on MySQL and maintained.
  • Participated in multiple BigData projects to evaluate different architectures, tools and vendor products and configured a single-node Hadoop installation.

Confidential, Harrisburg, PA



  • Created new databases for various health-care applications, using web-based real time applications, and successfully accomplished, and performed build and configure high availability databases, HADR for a clustered non-clustered environment. Performed Data Refresh, Performance Tuning & Query Optimization.
  • Performed database migration from Oracle to DB2 UDB database and moved the data across.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE



  • Created new databases & objects for various finance applications and perform data warehousing enhancement using for Card Services adding DB2 objects on database and code deployment into production. Implement backup and recovery procedures for Confidential Data Warehousing and CommercialCards databases and test regularly in conjunction with Operations.
  • Monitor system resources of database servers to assure production systems meet performance & availability requirements and hardware enhancements are scheduled in a timely fashion.
  • Provide after hours on-call support for critical database issues.
  • Analysis and management of DB2 UDB Data Warehouse problems/defects with IBM and installation of Patches and act as liaison between application developers and DBMS vendor to report and resolve problems.
  • Work with application programmers to insure that application problems do not adversely affect production.
  • Monitor security breaches, error log(s), database and log space, user activity and resource utilization of production databases. Configure, generate, and analyze audit reports using DB2AUDIT utility for auditors.
  • Perform Installation, configuration, upgrading and maintaining DB2 databases on AIX, Linux, UNIX (multiple versions 9.* & 10.*), apply Fix Packs and Debugging & diagnostic for error capturing.

Confidential, Newark, NJ



  • Database Maintenance activities including Security control, space utilization & system monitoring, Image Copies, Data Cleansing, Backup & Recovery, Reorgs, Runstats, Index Rebuilds, and Performance Tuning.
  • Administered and managed TB data spread across partitions of EDW on AIX.environment. Responsible for backup and restore, REORG, runstats, MQTs, creating objects, user authentication, database access control, updating of DB and DBM configuration parameters, performance tuning, Query tuning, Loading and troubleshooting for the enterprise warehouse & data marts.

Confidential, Somerset, NJ



  • Database Maintenance activities including Security control, Image Copies, Data Cleansing, Backup and Recoveries, Reorgs, Runstats, Index Rebuilds, Performance Tuning & Query Optimization.
  • Created new DB2 databases in Cloud on AWS and Setting up HADR for failover process.
  • Performed enhancement and maintenance for existing single and multi-partitioned databases (DPF).

Confidential, NYC, NY



  • Database Maintenance activities including Security control, Image Copies, Data Cleansing, Backup and Recoveries, Data refresh, Reorgs, Runstats, Index Rebuilds, Performance Tuning & Query Optimization using Visual Explain, generating & Binding load modules, loading and unloading data.
  • Performed designing system storage structure and planning future storage requirements (design & analysis of file systems, logical volumes, raw containers) and Planned, Designed, and implemented DB2 version upgrade, and DB system performance monitoring & tuning.
  • Participated analysis and building standardized realtime datamarts for customized management reports using BI solution (analysis about number of database partitions, available memory, database size, database & database manager configuration options) and accomplished versions upgrade successfully.

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