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Oracle Dba Resume

Nashville, TN


  • As Oracle Database Administrator having hands on experience in production design and test environments. Also having experience in database administration, production support, installation, configuration, upgrades, patches, performance tuning, backup and recovery, space management, database security, cloning, migration, shell scripting and documentation.
  • Extensive knowledge on database administration for Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g with experience within very large - scale database environment.
  • Upgrading the databases from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g and Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g, Oracle 11g to oracle 12c.
  • Created development, testing, staging, production, RAC and standby databases for OLTP and Data Warehousing using customized shell scripts and stepwise.
  • Knowledge of the Oracle Golden Gate installation and configuration.
  • 24*7 production database support with Support to developers & end-users.
  • Hands on with backup strategies like Hot/Cold Backup, disaster recovery, RMAN, Export/Import, Data Pump and Flashback Technologies.
  • Designed and implemented Backup and Recovery strategies using conventional and RMAN utilities (Full, incremental and cumulative).
  • Database replication using snapshots, materialized views and advanced Replication methods.
  • Hands on using Oracle's Transportable Table space (TTS) feature allows users to quickly move a user Table space across Oracle databases.
  • Management of Objects, Schemas, Partitioning the tables and Indexes. knowledge of Oracle Architecture, SGA, PGA, LISTENER, TNS-Names, V$ and DBA views.


Platforms: Linux (Red Hart Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux), Sun Solaris 9, 10, AIX 5.x, Windows XP, Windows 7, HP-UX.

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, C.

RDMS: Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i.

Tools: Golden Gate, EXP/IMP, EXPDP/IMPDP(DATA PUMP), RMAN, SQL Loader, SQL Developer, Toad, OEM, DBCA, DBUA.

Tuning Tools: TKPROF, Statspack, Sql Trace, Explain Plan, AWR, ADDM, ASH, SQL Tuning Advisors.


Confidential, Nashville, TN

Oracle DBA


  • responsible for performing production support activities for data warehouse and transactional servers running Sybase database management software.
  • Participated in migration and integration of Sybase database servers.
  • Performing replication using Sybase replication agent that captures transactions in oracle primary database and then transfers the transactions to replication server.
  • Provide technical assistance for functional and performance testing.
  • Provide instance level performance monitoring and tuning for Event Waits, Sessions, Physical and Logical I/O and Memory Usage.
  • Creating Database users and granting appropriate privilege, Privileges to Users, troubleshooting utilities, stripping of the database, Database Sizing.
  • Created and modified database structures and objects for application enhancements.
  • Reorganization of the database segments through Storage Parameters.
  • Database Security by monitoring User Management, Auditing, Profiling and Authentication.
  • Evaluated database availability and reviewed backup audit procedures. write python scripts to convert excel files to tab separated and comma separated files. write windows batch scripts to trigger python conversion process.
  • Performed Autosys jobs as an AutoSys developer, developing and testing Jil Scripts on QA environment and moving it to the production.
  • Developed batch scripts for SFTP Files from external DMZ servers to organization production server
  • Performing day to day activities as AutoSys developer and responsible for monitoring AutoSys jobs, ensure whether all jobs are in success state.
  • Responsible for fixing failed AutoSys jobs by checking the logs and initiating the job run again and make sure job is successful in the current run.
  • Database monitoring/maintenance, replication process and performance tuning done using OEM.
  • Perform Database Refreshes periodically using oracle Data Pump export/import which could be table level, schema level, Database Level.
  • Write python scripts to convert rich text format documents to comma separated documents and tab separated documents.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Oracle DBA


  • Tune Queries, write Stored Procedures, perform indexing and other database elements.
  • Involved in Sybase Database server migration.
  • Support operation center projects and Sybase database backup process.
  • Perform database design, coding, testing and debugging and installing.
  • Tuned databases and application queries, performed server access and login management and performed database backups and restores.
  • Developed administration tools using C, UNIX and Perl shell scripts and SQL stored procedures to assist DBA's in performing daily functions.
  • Applying security patches both Server side and Client side and Performed testing.
  • Cloned schemas, objects and data on new server using exports from 10g database and imported in 11g using Oracle data pump.
  • Verify the status of last backup. Report new backup corruption and previous unmitigated backup corruption events.
  • Look for newly invalidated objects and unusable indexes and for any hung resumable sessions and blocked sessions.
  • Participated in Oracle Golden Gate 11.2 installation, configuration and management, and supporting Bi-directional data replication.
  • Upgraded golden gate from 11.1 version to 11.2 version on 11gR2.
  • Performed Oracle 11g RDBMS installation, upgrade, configuration, backup, recovery, archiving & purging activities.
  • Involved in implementing 11g RAC with ASM disk on Linux servers.
  • Migrated database Schemas from Single instance to RAC.
  • Duplicated RAC Databases in non-production environment through RMAN.
  • Implemented and troubleshooted Data Guard (Standby) for high availability/disaster recovery purpose.
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Grid Control and installing OEM agents on all the database server hosts.
  • Installed Oracle 10g/11g/12c stand-alone and RAC systems in HA environment in different O.S platforms (AIX, Linux, Solaris, RHEL and VMware).
  • Monitoring the operating system response in terms of CPU usage, disk space, and swap space by using various UNIX utilities like VMSTAT, ISOSTAT and TOP.
  • Database recovering using Veritas, NetBackup and RMAN.
  • Performed backups and recoveries using RMAN/conventional hot & cold backups.

Confidential, San Antonio, Tx

Oracle DBA


  • Installed & Configured Oracle 11g databases on Linux and also Upgraded Oracle databases from 11g to 12c.
  • Responsible for maintenance of around 20 databases combined on all the production, development and testing environments.
  • Performed administrative maintenance, monitoring on Oracle database systems in a global 24x7 operational environment.
  • Implemented Oracle Database 10g Two node Real Application Cluster (RAC) using Oracle Cluster-ware and responsible for high availability and load balancing.
  • Configured Oracle Data guard for Oracle Disaster recovery.
  • Responsible for Restoration and Recovery of databases at the time of occurrence of critical failures.
  • Responsible for installing, upgrading and configuring the Oracle environment by creating databases, storage structures and objects, database backup and recovery, monitoring and optimizing database performance.
  • Achieved High Availability, Data protection and Maximum performance by maintaining physical standby database.
  • Extensive use of Oracle Data pumps, Exports/Imports utility for moving data among the servers.
  • Performed large batch jobs and tuning of SQL queries and database systems.
  • Performed automated backups and scheduling using scripting.
  • Management of Objects, Schemas, Partitioning the tables and Indexes.
  • Written Stored Procedures and Triggers for database maintenance and management using PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts for backups.
  • Automated the nightly RMAN backups for the Production and Test Databases in Crontab.
  • Clear documentation was prepared on all the processes like program specification, bugs fixing logs & change requests for future reference.


Database Administrator


  • Execute SQL queries in the database and develop business scenarios to translate member and claim data into information compatible with CMS EDGE Server / PSR for the registration and generation of claim extraction.
  • Provide accurate and complete analytical assistance for data sample submissions by consulting the member and claim database in PSR.
  • Developing SQL databases, writing applications to interface with SQL database as well as writing and testing code.
  • Development includes designing tales, storing procedures, views and functions.
  • Decomposes business requirements and high-level users into functional requirements.
  • I worked on prioritizing the requirements to meet the needs of the stakeholders.
  • Creation and maintenance of requirements specifications according to standard templates.
  • Determine the operational objectives by studying the functions of the business, Gathering information, Evaluation of requirements and output formats.
  • Prepares technical reports through the collection, analysis and summary of information and trends.

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