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Db2 Udb Database Administrator Resume



  • Over 10+ years of experience in Information Technology with extensive experience in DB2 UDB Database Administration.
  • Provide world - class consulting, database administration, and support services to Confidential Information Management clients and business partners implementing Confidential DB2 database technologies on open systems platforms with DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows (DB2 for LUW).
  • Expertise to installations, configurations and administration on various platforms LUW.
  • Good experience in EXPORT, IMPORT and LOAD utilities, moving data between servers. Well acquainted with backup and recovery of database, online database backup, archived log files and offline database backup. Very good working experience in DB2 utilities, handling production and development issues, creation of database objects, backup and recovery.
  • Installed, set up and configured SAP Basis on Oracle and DB2 UDB platform respectively. Setup and configured the SAP Central Instance and other application servers within the Landscape. Installed, set up and configured SAP Solution Manager for SAP R3 4.6C on Oracle and DB2 UDB platform to monitor the entire enterprise.
  • Design the overall solution architecture by integrating SAP Basis, PEAK and Optivision for the various plants/mills throughout the enterprise.
  • Worked on SQL Replication and Q Replication. Experienced in Replication products Infosphere, CDC, SQL and Q Replication. Well versed in all aspects of Relational Database Design and Administration like logical and physical database design, creation, maintenance, backup, recovery strategies, performance monitoring and tuning, problem identification and resolution, security and disaster recovery planning in both OLTP and OLAP/DSS (Data Warehouse Environments).
  • Scheduling regular backups / Image Copies to disks, TSM and HP Data Protector tool. Proficient in creating database objects such as tables, table spaces, indexes, views, and aliases and altering tables and adding check constraints and referential integrity.
  • Expertise in DB2 UDB Administration involving Performance Tuning, backup, Flashcopy and recovery, space management, disaster recovery and maintenance, HADR, TSA. Competent in monitoring databases using snapshot monitor and event monitor.
  • Ability to work independently as a member of a team, with external clients and vendors. Possess excellent communication, interpersonal and representation skills. Installation, configuration, and upgrade experience (including automated response file) on both symmetrical multi-processing (SMP) and massively parallel processor (MPP) servers with enterprise storage area networks (SAN) including VMware virtual machine servers and multiple DB2 versions.
  • Client server communications configuration experience using TCP/IP, NetBIOS, SNA (APPC), IPX/SPX, and clustering over system area networks with TCP/IP and Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA) protocols.
  • Database utility experience including reorg, runstats, rebind, export, import, load, auto-load, backup, restore and recover database utilities.
  • Database backup and recovery experience with online full and incremental backups, online and offline transaction log archiving, restore and roll-forward (including redirected restore), and recover database utilities.
  • High availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) experience with DB2 HADR, offline transaction log shipping, split mirror images, data replication, and Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS) using SCSI and SAN subsystems.
  • Instance and database monitoring and tuning experience using the DB2 Health Center, Snapshot and Event monitors to monitor and optimize instance and database configuration parameters, table spaces, and buffer pools.
  • Database and SQL statement access plan optimization experience with DB2’s Explain, Visual Explain, and Design Advisor tools.
  • Data replication experience using DB2 Data Replication (DPropR) from DB2 mainframe and DB2 to DB2 client/server databases including Replicas (update anywhere) subscriptions.
  • Stored procedure (SP), user defined function (UDF), and user defined table function experience with DB2 SQL/PL.
  • Database analysis, design, and reverse-engineering experience using Power Designer Data Architect, Embarcadero ER/Studio, and ERwin.
  • DB2 system, instance, and database security and auditing experience using table definitions, triggers, data replication, and automated monitoring and alerting of security events recorded by the DB2 Audit Facility.
  • Extensive experience automating database maintenance and monitoring with shell scripts including automating system event logging, e-mail alert notification, and reporting using the DB2 utilities and Command Line Processor (CLP) with the Windows Shell, Windows Scripting Host (WSH), and Open Object REXX.
  • Database migration experience from DB2 on mainframe platforms to DB2 for Windows as well as Sybase ASE and Sybase SQL Anywhere to DB2 for Linux with the Confidential DB2 Migration Toolkit.
  • Confidential Problem management, and resolution (PMR) experience with DB2 diagnostic log facility, administration notification log, trace facilities, db2 inspect, DB2 database analysis reporting tool (db2dart) and the Confidential DB2 Lab.
  • Experience in operational 24x7 support, best practice trouble shooting, monitoring, and maintenance.


DB2 UDB Database Administrator

Confidential, PA


  • Designed the disaster recovery strategies, which involved the backup and recovery procedures, setting up of HADR across UNIX clusters, HADR with TSA (Tivoli Software Automations) Implementations.
  • Scheduled the self - written shell scripts to do periodic runstats, reorgchks and REORGS if required (during the maintenance window) and all other database maintenance activities, like tablespace, container space monitoring, and database sizing scripts for Servers running on UNIX Operating Systems.
  • Implemented DB2 Audit Facility and SSL across multiple servers for the enterprise level DB2 Database.
  • Worked extensively on db2move, Export, Load for exporting it to a file and then importing from the file to the database respectively i.e. moving the data from one database to the other one.
  • Responsible for successful execution of the ticket, documenting status, providing feedback to the owner and closure of the tickets.
  • Support production environments, configuration, testing, and performance tuning of all DB2 database environments. Verify the database support requests and execute them in timely manner as the business SLA's.
  • 24X7 Production DBA support for application development, deployment and support activities.
  • Extensive experience supporting DB2 system administration, application developmentTroubleshooting and resolving DB2 issues, performance tuning, monitoring data security and integrity.
  • Responsible for performance tuning, support, analysis and resolution of database problems that occurs during the critical time processing.

Environment: DB2 Version 10.1/10.5, AIX, LINUX, DB2 Connect V 10.1, Jira Ticketing tool, Shell Scripting, BPM, Websphere.

Confidential, Ballinger, TX

Sr. DB2/Oracle DBA


  • Provided DB2 database migration for Confidential s DB2 v9.5 migration project.
  • Primary responsibilities included planning and upgrading Confidential s test, development, and production Data Connect JD Edwards (DCJDE) environments running DB2 v8.1 on Windows 2000 Server to DB2 v8.2 and subsequently installing and migrating systems to DB2 v9.5 on Windows Server 2003 on VmWare.
  • Displaying and Setting up the environment variables. Updating the instance and database configuration parameters dbm cfg and db cfg respectively.
  • Ran db2move, Export, Load for exporting it to a file and then importing from the file to the database respectively i.e. moving the data from one database to the other one.
  • Responsible for successful execution of the ticket, documenting status, providing feedback to the owner and closure of the tickets.
  • Support production environments, configuration, testing, and performance tuning of all DB2 database environments. Verify the database support requests and execute them in timely manner as the business SLA's.
  • Well Experienced in performing upgradations from V9.5/9.7 to 10.1.
  • 24X7 Production DBA support for application development, deployment and support activities.
  • Perform DB2 installation, configuration, and upgradation and install fixpacks to keep DB2 at most recent level on AIX, LINUX, Solaris servers including in HADR environment.
  • Drive intermediate Severity-1 and Severity-2 issues through to resolution.
  • Worked extensively with backups (Offline and online), restores, redirected restores and backups/Restore using TSM and table compression.
  • Responsible for performance tuning, support, analysis and resolution of database problems that occurs during the critical time processing.

Environment: DB2 Version 9.7.x/9.5.x/10.1/10.5, AIX, LINUX, DB2 Connect V 9.7, HP Service Manager, Microsoft Cluster, Control-M, Windows Server 2008 R2 enterprise, Shell Scripting, BPM, PowerShell, Websphere

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Sr. DB2/Oracle DBA


  • Administration of database, table and table spaces.
  • Moving the data by using EXPORT, IMPORT, LOAD, db2move utilities.
  • Monitored Databases using snapshot monitoring and Event monitoring.
  • Database backup & recovering the database as per business requests.
  • Implemented DB2 Security, Locking and Concurrency Control.
  • Constantly migrated instances, databases to current level of DB2 versions/fix packs to in corporate the new functionalities. Migrated from V8.2 to V9.1
  • Create and modify databases and database objects as per application requests.
  • Provided on - call support and well exposed to 24x7 environments.
  • Daily and weekly database Maintenance activities such as backup, runstats, reorg and all related activities for databases.
  • Worked on SQL Tuning using db2advisor and db2explain tools.
  • Updated the DBM and DB configuration parameter.
  • Generated SQL Statements using DB2LOOK Utility.
  • Worked as part of a database administration team and provided support for critical and non-critical implementation and maintenance issues.

Environment: DB2 Version 9.7/9.5.x/9.1.x/10.1, DB2 Connect 9.5.x/9.1.x, AIX 6.1/5.3, Web sphere Federation Server 9.5.x, DB2 Client 9.5.x/9.1.x, BMC Patrol, HP Service manager, Control-M

Lead Db2DBA

Confidential, Kansas


  • Provided 24*7 supports to over 100 database instances. This includes 15 UAT, 25 Development and over 50 Production DB2 Mission Critical databases running on AIX, and Windows 2000 environment. Databases included OLTP Batch Processing systems.
  • Installed and configured DB2 v9 .7fp5 on Linux, AIX and Windows.
  • Migrated DB2 v9.5 databases to DB2 V9.7
  • Change Management - Schedule change, get approvals, do broadcast and work on change tickets.
  • Data refresh at table level and database refreshes across prod/non-prod environments.
  • Performance Tuning of all UDB instances - identifying performance degrading factors and taking corrective measures to improve server and query performance. The tuning efforts ranged from physical I/O tuning, memory cache optimization, Application Tuning included query optimization and Proper index selectivity.
  • Monitor table space growth statistics for the production databases and estimate the size for the month/year by actively participating in Capacity Planning meetings with users and managements and drew out relevant statistics for upper management to study.
  • Performed day to day online/offline database backups using Commvault Console.
  • Used Remedy for Change Control/Change Management.
  • System crash and hang analysis - collecting stack trace, running db2support and uploading the same to Confidential Support to investigate PMR.
  • Moving databases from Development to Production after successful completion of application testing.
  • Installed/ Configured CDC in LUW/AIX.
  • Designed and implemented strategy for running data reorg/runstats on timely basis for large tables to avoid data fragmentation and improves performance and system throughput.
  • Supported developers to write SQL statements and test them before running it in Production environment. Take the backup of the database when restarting the dprop.
  • Database backup & recovering the database at the time of crash.
  • Involved in HADR setup, monitoring, Rolling up upgrades.
  • Created DPF and Range partitioning tables, MQT.

Environment: Db2 UDB V9.1, 9.5, 9.7 Commvault, BMC Patrol, Db2 Optim, Quest Central, TSM, Java, JSP, AIX, LUW, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.

Sr. DB2/Oracle DBA (SAP)

Confidential, Omaha, NE


  • Configure the physical design of the database by implementing OFA compliance that suites both OLTP and Enterprise Data warehouse reporting applications.
  • Configured various logical database structures such as table spaces to store application objects and rollback segments for transaction processing.
  • Implements change management controls, processes and practices to deliver quality services that increase client bottom line results.
  • Lead a team of 14 other Database Administrators, 5 developers and 6 application vendor consultants to ensure quality deliverables to our clients.
  • I have successfully engaged in various DR (Disaster Recover) efforts for my customers.
  • Make recommendation on systems hardware and software implementation for management approval and took responsibility for complete and timely implementation.
  • Organized and co-ordinates daily operations and project delivery meeting to identified all possible problems and ensure they are rectified to keep project on schedule and report any project variance to the appropriate upper management personnel.
  • Apply fixes and patches as necessary to DB2 UDB & Oracle database environment to keep track of cutting edge technology.
  • Guide Confidential IT infrastructure team to successfully analyze and implement DB2 UDB & Oracle technology best practices in respect of database and key application deployment.
  • Guide Confidential IT infrastructure by providing valuable inputs into planning, implementation and execution of top notch business applications that runs on DB2 UDB & Oracle database platform in accordance with best practices.
  • Develop a problem tracking applications that assigned all related systems errors/problems to appropriate database and / or application personnel using remedy.
  • Design the backups and recovery strategies for Oracle databases from 7.3 thru 10g and DB2 UDB databases to meet our customer SLA requirements.
  • Managed entire project to which assigned in accordance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Statement of Work (SOW) to ensure all departmental related cost and expenses as keep on track with the project schedule.
  • Managed the entire database environment visibility and accountable for every database decision made to upper level management.
  • Act as a backup to my project managers on occasions they are not available and or too busy to attend to other project needs and requests.
  • Managed major resources deployment within departmental budget by assigning DBA personnel according to their skill sets and interest and make proposal for and .
  • Multi-tasked by managing other projects within departmental budget and resources when assign by senior management personnel.
  • Installed, configured and managed both OLTP and enterprise Data Warehouse on Oracle 7.3 thru 11g and DB2 UDB environments.
  • Installed, setup, configured and manage data replication using Oracle 10g Streams and DB2 UDB data propagator respectively.
  • Installed, setup, configured and manage high availability topology for Oracle and DB2 UDB environment using RAC, DataGuard and DB2 high availability disaster recovery (HADR) respectively.
  • Manage and provide steady state support for Oracle database RAC environment after implementation and go-live.
  • Installed, setup, configured and manage federated systems using Oracle and DB2 UDB as data sources respectively.
  • Installed, set up and configured SAP Basis R3 4.6C on Oracle and DB2 UDB platform respectively.
  • Setup and configured the SAP Central Instance and other application servers within the Landscape.
  • Installed, set up and configured SAP Solution Manager for SAP R3 4.6C on Oracle and DB2 UDB platform to monitor the entire enterprise.
  • Led the architecture effort of the various SAP Basis components deployed throughout the enterprise.
  • Design the overall solution architecture by integrating SAP Basis, PEAK and Optivision for the various plants/mills throughout the enterprise.
  • This solution enables the various plants/mills to be available 24/7.
  • Perform SAP architecture sizing and capacity planning to meet SAP enterprise deployment.
  • Recommend and implemented fail over solution for SAP architecture using Veritas HA solution and Confidential HACMP capability.
  • Recommend and implemented fail over solution for SAP and other WAS architecture using the new Confidential DB2 HADR (High Availability Disaster Recovery) capability Recommend and implemented load balancing solution for SAP application, Oracle/DB2 databases and servers using EDI and F5 switch capability.
  • Installed, setup and configured SAP alert monitoring using CCMS. Work with the Basis team to install the various SAP application servers and load balancing components and integrate such with the database servers on Oracle and DB2 UDB platforms.
  • Startup, shutdown the SAP Central instance and application servers as requested by the environment team and as situation demanded.
  • Disable unneeded Siebel server component groups and server components to conserve memory for other processes.
  • Consistently ensure that SAP Central Instance, application servers, database server and web components are available by constant monitoring of the SAP environments using shell scripts and CCMS tools - all integrated with TSM Monitors.
  • Monitor the SAP Oracle and DB2 databases using Quest Central and Sportlight.
  • Ensure availability of special SAP components such as Message and Enqueue Servers.
  • Setup the SAP transport systems and consistently move transports from Development, Test, Staging to Production environments using STMS transaction.
  • Perform Runstats, Reorg Check, Reorg and other SAP jobs on DB2 and oracle using DB13 and SAPDBA tools respectively.
  • Monitor SAP performance on DB2 and Oracle using transaction ST04 and SAPDBA tools respectively.
  • Monitor SAP traces on a daily basis using transaction ST05.
  • Monitor SAP space/storage usage and objects definitions using transaction ST04.
  • Consistently monitor SAP daily logs using transaction SM21.
  • Perform SAP security administration tasks by creating users, assign them to login groups, assign responsibilities as requested using transaction SU01.
  • Monitor SAP user logins and resources usage using transaction AL08. Setup SAP R3 system Landscape in development, test, staging and production environment.
  • Managed organizational visibility through positions and responsibilities and assigned different types of views visibilities such as personal, team base and organization base assignments.
  • Created and setup SAP employee accounts as requested.
  • Consistently synchronize SAP Staging databases with a backup copy of Production using DB2 redirected restore and Oracle cloning utility respectively as requested.
  • Installed, upgrade and apply fixpaks on DB2 UDB, Oracle and Sql server databases.
  • Setup users and enforced security policies in DB2 UDB, Oracle and Sql server databases modules.
  • Setup responsibilities and audit those as assigned.
  • Configure linkages between the DB2 UDB databases and its SAP integration.
  • Installed, setup and configured DB2 UDB and Oracle databases for SAP proof of concept {POC} and implementation.
  • Configured and setup JDBC and ODBC connection layer for SAP interface with DB2 UDB databases.
  • Installed and configured MQSI broker and repository application server on top of a DB2 UDB and Oracle databases.
  • Installed and configured MQSI config manager and message repository on DB2 UDB and Oracle databases.
  • Installed, setup and manage master tax and vertex application server on DB2 UDB and Oracle databases
  • Setup and managed the security layer between master tax and vertex application server running on DB2 UDB and Oracle databases.
  • Configure the connections and network linkages between the Oracle 8i database and Ariba Buyer/Tibco Active enterprise.
  • Involve in the capacity planning of various databases application design and architecture for Ariba, Lawson and SAP implementations.
  • Install Lawson 7.2.3, 7.3.3 and 8.x on Oracle 8i and 9i databases for the Financial Module implementation.
  • Set up entire Lawson environment to interface with Oracle and DB2 UDB databases.
  • Setup Lawson environment to interface and share data with Ariba buyer for shared services reporting using tibco integration exchange.
  • Manage user security setup through the Lawson application to interface with Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g databases.
  • Performed upgrade of the Lawson financials environments from 7.2.3 to 7.3.3 and 8.x to ensure client is always at the cutting edge of technology innovations.
  • Constantly monitor Lawson application performance both at the database level and application server side.
  • Load data into Lawson applications and monitor transaction resources consumed at the server side.
  • Configured Lawson Product lines strategy and setup data-areas on top of DB2 UDB EE/EEE/ESE and oracle databases.
  • Perform constant refreshes of various Product lines from Production systems as at when requested by developers, vendors and end users.
  • Installed patches on the Lawson Financial application as at when required.
  • Managed and setup concurrent jobs on the Lawson Financial Application.
  • Installed and configured Mqsi config manager and repository environment on DB2 database and monitor the appropriate flows for steady deployment.
  • Monitor MQSI flows and channels on DB2 UDB and Oracle databases that share data with Lawson environment.
  • Configure the link between Mqseries database applications and Lawson environments to exchange data and flows across a secured socket layer.
  • Setup the integration interface for Mqsi flows and Ariba application to exchange metadata with oracle 9i database.
  • Upgrade Wmqsi and Mqseries to 2.1 and 5.2.1 respectively on a DB2 7.2.5 environment.
  • Setup Wmqsi enterprise services to run on multiple machines while serving the users as one logical unit and enables clustering with load balancing and failover.
  • Constantly interact with end users and developers to troubleshoot their jobs as at when needed.
  • Successfully perform several migration/upgrades of the Oracle and DB2 UDB EE/EEE/ESE RDBMS servers from 7.3.x, 8.0.x to 8.1.x, 9i & 6.1 to 7.1, 7.2 and 8.1 respectively.
  • Play a lead role in the migration of oracle 8.1.6 databases in a Sun Solaris environment to 8i and 9i on AIX/RS6000 shop.
  • Perform installation of Oracle, DB2 UDB EE/EEE/ESE and Ms Sql Server RDBMS on Aix, Sun Solaris boxes and Windows NT Enterprise server 4.0 and Windows 2000 respectively.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Sr. DB2/Oracle DBA


  • Managed database instances for Consolidated Online trading system in DB2 UDB in version 8.x and 9.x on AIX 5.3 and Linux servers.
  • Provided DBA 24x7 on call Support for company wide UDB Production databases. Responded and troubleshoot all database related issues and had a 100% on - time resolution for all PROD and DR issues. As a result no Production or DR database had any downtime throughout the years.
  • Managing DB2 UDB databases on 30 Unix servers, sizes up to a few hundreds GBytes. Troubleshoot all database related problems.
  • Responsible for company wide DB2 UDB upgrade planning and design, including from version 7.x to version 8 and from version 8.x to version 9.x. Function as DB2 Engineering DBA. Presented upgrade plans including comprehensive Fallback Plans to application and business users. Carefully designed and planed the upgrade strategies including changing the database file system layout during the upgrade, separated the database file systems, file systems for tablespaces and the instance owner's file system which had been all under one file system in old version. Database performance was improved as a result. Separating the file systems enforced the UDB database standard practice and it also simplified tablespace and file system maintenance.
  • Analyzed and tuned problematic SQL statements, As a result, the response time of some slow running queries went from hours to minutes or in some cases even to seconds, resulted in dramatic reductions in application processing time.
  • Assisted developers with the performance test initiatives. Performed index analysis and made recommendations to development teams.
  • Monitored database and Unix system performances identifying and removing bottlenecks. Monitored the performance of the databases utilizing event monitors on statements, snapshots on database, locks, applications, bufferpools and tablespaces etc. Selected appropriate Database configuration parameters for efficient database operation. Optimized buffer pool configurations on DB2/UDB server. Interact with the System Administrator for database issues including capacity planning, such as installation and configuration of new disks on Unix Systems.
  • Work with BMC team to comprehensively test and configure UDB Monitoring thresholds and scenarios for version 8.2 and 9.1 to ensure BMC monitoring was available when databases were upgraded in Production environment.
  • Responsible for researching various UDB FixPacks for v8.x and v9.x and provided assessment of these FixPack to the upper management. Applied various FixPacks to v8.x and v9.x database servers.
  • Installed Performance Expert and OPM (Optimal Performance Manager). Configured and tested both software products in Engineering, test and QA servers.
  • Created UDB instances and Databases for both v8.2 and v9.x in Engineering, Test, QA, DR and PRODUCTION environments. Provided full DBA supports during application life cycle, including database change requests and business processes analysis. Worked on database release changes and supported migration of release changes from test environments to QA and Production environment.
  • Reviewed production database and dbm settings and provided recommendation for database configuration changes. Set up database performance monitoring after config changes to measure the performance improvements. Measurements showed over 30% improvement in performance.
  • Evaluated and examined disk space allocation in PROD environments on an ongoing basis to ensure sufficient disk space to cover the size increase of PROD/DR databases.
  • Performed problem analysis and created monitoring scripts to capture a snapshot of Locking Issues. Added indexes to existing tables to fix the locking issues.
  • Worked on data center move project to move all the engineering, test, qa and Production servers from Lincoln Harbor to Bluestone data center in CT.
  • Opened PMR's with Confidential DB2 support and worked with support engineer to resolve database and OS related issues.
  • Performed backup and restore functions using TSM. Redirect restored test databases with production databases. Moved databases from one server to another or from existing file systems to new file systems.
  • Managed some Oracle databases for multiple applications and functioned as an Oracle backup DBA.
  • Technical expertise in the following: Technologies include DB2 UDB v7.x, v8.x, v9.x, UNIX, Linux, Oracle, PERL, Shell Script, BMC Patrol, DB Artisan, Control Center, Performance Expert, Optimal Performance Manager (OPM).

Software Engineer



  • Description:Securent is the Leader in Entitlement Management Solutions.
  • Securent, with its XACML-based Entitlement Management Solution (EMS), enables organizations to administer, enforce, and audit fine-grained access policies across heterogeneous application and IT environments, all with centralized management and visibility. The significant time to market, security, compliance, and cost reduction benefits of EMS have been proven at many Fortune 500 customers.
  • Responsibilities:
  • • Administration DB2 V9.7 databases on LUW platform.
  • • Installed and configured DB2 v8, v9, V9.5, V.9.7on Linux, AIX and Windows.
  • • Database creation and designing.
  • • Fixpak installation.
  • • Performance Tuning
  • • Backup and Recovery and Problem Solving.
  • • Database migration
  • • Working and troubleshooting on day-to-day problems via opening and closing tickets.
  • • Explain and Snapshots, Buffer pools performance optimization, SQL performance evaluation, analysis, and optimization.
  • • Federation of DB2 databases across the environments.
  • • Developing the database codes, scripts for databases
  • • Deploying store procedures for application users.
  • • Based on the security level granting privileges to users.
  • • Involved in production/development setup, configuration and support
  • • Reverse engineering, schema generation & Complete compare using Erwin tool.
  • • Monitored backup operations, and schedules manual backups as needed
  • • Usage of tools like DB2 Load, Import, Export and Reorg, Run stats, Reorg Check, Backup, Restore, Db2move, and Db2look
  • • Performed Redirect restore.
  • • Performed Database migration/upgrades between multiple versions.
  • • Performed Server migration.
  • • Provide 24/7 Oncall support on rotational basis.

Environment: Java, Servlets, JDBC, JSP, Confidential Web sphere Application Server 6.0.2, Veritas Net Backup, Confidential DB2 UDB 8.2,9.1,9.5,9.7, Rational Application Developer (RAD), AIX, Oracle 9i,10g, Sql Server 2000,2005, Sybase

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