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Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Mechanicsburg, PA


  • 10 years of experience as an Oracle Database Administrator having hands on experience in database designing, administration, production support, installation, configuration, upgrades, patches, performance tuning, backup and recovery, space management, database security, cloning, migration, shell scripting and documentation.
  • Experience in Configuring Single instance, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Automatic Storage Management (ASM).
  • Good exposure of Oracle DBA tasks like Installation, Patching, Cloning and Upgrade of Oracle Databases.
  • Experience in Oracle products, especially with Oracle Web Services Manager, Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Enterprise Repository, Oracle Service Registry, Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Access Manager.
  • Actively involved in the implementation and deployment of Middleware projects.
  • Installation of Weblogic Server, configuration of domains, performance tuning of WebLogic server.
  • Experience in configuration and management of WebLogic in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.
  • Experience in Backups and Recovery using Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN).
  • Experience as On - Call 24x7 production DBA support, application/development DBA, system, Storage Management (ASM).
  • Experience in creating, maintaining, and monitoring of Oracle databases in Development, Test, and User Acceptance and Production environment.
  • Experience in converting existing Oracle 11g applications to AWS Oracle
  • Understanding of the AWS storage, RDS and EC2 hosting DB environments.
  • Experience with Oracle and AWS
  • Knowledge on Postgresql.
  • Excellent experience in Oracle database installations 9i, 10g, 11g and 12c in UNIX/LINUX, HP-UX, SUN Solaris, AIX, Windows environment with hands-on experience in upgrading the Oracle databases (9i to 10gR1,10gR1 to 10gR2,10gR2 to 11g).
  • Experience with Oracle 12c multitenant and pluggable databases.
  • Experience in applying oracle upgrades and database patches.
  • Experience in oracle wallet creation and maintaining of application user account passwords.
  • Efficient in security administration by creating and maintaining users with appropriate profiles, roles and privileges for database access.
  • Extensive experience in performance tuning of database, memory & I/O using tools such as AWR, ADDM and analysing queries using EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL-TRACE and TKPROF.
  • Experience on Configuring ASM (Automatic Storage Management) which includes creating disks, disk groups for the RAC environment.
  • Knowledge of Golden Gate for replication at schema and tables level.
  • Hands on experience of daily monitoring of Oracle instances and maintenance of databases using Oracle Enterprise Manager(OEM), Oracle GRID and SQL*Plus Command line scripts.
  • Experience in shell scripting for various CRON jobs to be run.
  • Experience with data transfers and data loads using SQL Loader and Data Pump Utilities.
  • Experience in taking backups on scheduled time, monitoring scheduled backups and recoveries using RMAN.
  • Maintained Data warehouse on Exadata.
  • Implemented Exadata plugins for OEM 12c for monitoring and setting up incident rules.
  • Involved in installation of database on Exadata half rack 4 compute nodes and 8 ZFS storage cell.
  • Performed various database migrations, refreshes as per requirements on EXADATA environment.
  • Designing & Deploying Database Schema and Objects.
  • Proficient in SQL, PL/SQL, stored procedures, packages, triggers, forms and report.
  • Monitored lock escalation, dead locks, resources utilization by sessions, capturing long running SQL queries.
  • Experience in Oracle Transportable Tablespace (TTS).
  • Experience in applying patches like Critical Patch Updates (CPU), Patch Set Updates (PSU).
  • Co-ordinate with UNIX administrators for space managements on various servers.
  • Excellent knowledge in Hot/Cold Backup, Recovery, cloning of databases using RMAN, VERITAS Net Backup, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • Experienced in Supporting Healthcare centric databases.
  • Responsible for installation and configuration of sql server 2012.
  • Experience in creating database Objects like Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, user defined data types and functions.
  • Responsible for day to day tasks like re-indexing, checking integrity, backup and recovery.
  • Involved in troubleshooting various database server issues to free up log space, update statistics, configure number of locks, create databases and match their data, log patterns with contingency. Performed many database upgrades using import/export.
  • Proactively monitored the database health through automated scripts for checking thedatabase and extents growth, probing the alert log files, monitoring the rollback segments and temporary space usage.
  • Knowledge on ETL Process and Reporting Tools(Cognos,Informatica).


Operating Systems: Red Hat Linux RHEL 4.x, Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP/7, Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008.

RDBMS: Oracle 12c/11gR2/11g/10g/9i/8i, 10g Data guard, SQL Server 2005/2008, Sybase, DB2, Exadata 2.0, Oracle Fusion middleware

Languages: PL/SQL, C, Linux, UNIX Shell Scripting, Korn Shell Scripting, SAS.

Tools: RMAN, SQL*Plus, F-Secure FTP, TOAD, Datapump

Utilities: SQL Loader, Export/Import.



Confidential, Mechanicsburg, PA

Oracle Database Administrator


  • 24x7 Production database and applications support.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained Oracle 10g, 11gR2 and 12c.
  • Upgraded databases from Oracle 10g to 11g and 11g to 12c.
  • Restoration and Recovery of databases at the times of occurrence of critical failures.
  • Responsible for installing, upgrading and configuring the Oracle environment by creating databases, storage structures and objects, database backup and recovery, monitoring and optimizing database performance.
  • Applied ORACLE patches.
  • Implemented Oracle database backup & recovery solutions using RMAN and manual methods.
  • Performed block recovery using RMAN.
  • Moving data between databases using Data Pump.
  • Performed large batch jobs, and tuning of SQL queries and database systems.
  • Created User accounts, Roles and granting required access permissions and privileges to the database based on the applications they are accessing.
  • Partitioned large tables for better performance and manageability.
  • Installed and configured GoldenGate for replication.
  • Responsible in configuring and backing up database using RMAN, Hot backups, Cold backups and Logical backups.
  • Migrated databases from Sun Solaris, Linux to Azure.
  • Worked with Data Pump to take the logical backups of databases.
  • Alert monitoring and Ticketing.
  • Supporting database migration activities

Confidential, MD

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Maintenance of installed Oracle database and supporting multiple production, development and test instances of varied complexity including multiple tier and RAC environments.
  • Organizing Oracle Database operations, installation, creation, configuration, laying out database tables and database schema design, startup and shutdown of Databases.
  • Worked in creation of wallets to access the database without using the password.
  • Implemented the tablespace encryption (TDE) in oracle 11g.
  • Provided 24x7on call support for all the production and development databases.
  • Implemented 10g/11g with one physical database.
  • Configured and Upgraded to Oracle 12c from 11gR2.
  • Designed, configured and maintained backup and recovery policies including RMAN backups.
  • Writing PL/SQL triggers, procedures, and functions.
  • Creating and Managing Table Spaces, Tables, Views, Indexes, and Partitions.
  • Optimized the query result cache for best performance.
  • Extensively used AWR, ADDM for database performance statistics.
  • SQL query tuning using tools like Explain Plan, SQL*Trace, TKPROF and Stats pack.
  • Oracle Database and SQL tuning using STATSPACK, EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, AWR and ADDM reports.
  • Performed Range Partitioning as a cause to improve the performance of the database.
  • Experience in code migration, database change management and data management through the various stages of the development life cycle.
  • Handled all standard database administrative tasks, such as: proactive performance tuning and monitoring, trouble-shooting, backup and recovery, installations and configurations on an as needed basis.
  • Performed version upgrades and patch installs.
  • Designed and implemented database backup/restore methodologies, responsible for Troubleshooting performance and networking issues.
  • Solid discipline in providing end-users timely updates on their problems. Installing server software.
  • Checking database performance on a regular interval, which includes checking various log files.
  • Taking care of database by checking the size of the database and addition of table spaces and data files.
  • Migrating, upgrading the Oracle 11g database to Oracle 12c, and incorporating the changes in the database design.
  • Provided Oracle database administrative support.
  • Oracle 9i,10g,11g grid control (OGC), Putty, sql*plus, RMAN, Data Pump.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of table spaces, data file, control files etc.
  • Implement and maintain database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges).
  • Database monitoring and maintenance activities which include checking alert logs, space management, undo management, gathering database statistics, database locking issues, scheduling of jobs, creation of users, schemas, table spaces and other database objects.
  • Implemented scripts, which monitor database health check at regular interval, upon error, send email to the concerned person.
  • Creating table spaces, tables, indexes, users, etc.
  • Importing of dumps using impdp/expdp utilities.
  • Define Backup Strategies and Implementation.
  • Loading bulk data from flat files usingsql*loader and external tables.
  • Created a PostgreSQL RDS instance in AWS.
  • Create a User Using AWS IAM.
  • Performed RDS Instance backup using AWS console.
  • Performed Restore an AWS RDS Instance from Backup.
  • Performed the Replication and High Availability on the AWS Cloud.

Confidential, Gaithersburg, MD

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Responsible for upgrading system from Oracle to Oracle
  • Hands on experiences on installing and maintaining of RAC databases.
  • Performed restoring of database via RMAN utility.
  • Hands on experiences on 12c Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control for monitoring several databases.
  • Used Oracle backup utility RMAN to implement Oracle backup.
  • Performed the migration and up gradation of Oracle databases by using import/export, oracle datapump.
  • Production & Non-Production support for several mission critical/entity essential OLTP systems, which utilize multiple Oracle databases (TB Sizes).
  • Installed and Configured Oracle 11g.
  • Created database objects like tables, views, indexes and partitions.
  • Scheduling meeting with the Application Team in different location to gather the information for migration.
  • Perform the database cloning using active database method in 11gR.
  • Implemented Data guard, Physical Standby databases in 11g RAC environment for the Production databases
  • Performed SQL Tuning and database tuning based on reports generated by Run time SQL execution plans, AWR, ASH Reports, Explain Plan and monitor the database performance
  • Estimating the space requirements for database growth for next 12 months and availability of Hardware to support the processes.
  • Creating Users and Grant/Revoke roles, privileges on database objects and creating database links (dblink).
  • Monitoring the Users, Tablespaces, Memory Structures, Rollback Segments, Redologs, Tables, Archived Redologs and Alerts.
  • Performed various database migrations, refreshes as per requirements on EXADATA environment.
  • Planning Backup/Restoration Strategy, Planning and scheduling Backups, taking Logical Backups (with Export/Import Data pump utilities).
  • Regular Monitoring Alert Files, growth of database and archivelog destination on Day to Day Basis using OEM GC.
  • Upgraded the grid infrastructure and database from to 12c.
  • Worked with developers to tune, optimize code.
  • Worked with Oracle support to resolve various issues with the database by opening SR’s.
  • As a team member, involved in interacting with business users, gathering business requirement.
  • Automated the nightly RMAN backups for the Production and Test Databases in Crontab.
  • Creating and Scheduling Oracle Backend Process Jobs in Crontab.
  • SQL tuning and Database performance tuning has been done based on reports generated by SQL Trace, Explain Plan, AWR, ADDM and monitor the database performance on daily.
  • 24x7 remote support and on call Database support for Database developers & end-users.

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