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Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Owa City, IA


  • Experienced, passionate and motivated Database Administrator with over six years of extensive experience in Oracle Database administration. Responsible for the implementation, design, and optimization of various database environments ranging from small business databases to large enterprise databases. Expertise involves in Performance Tuning, Production support, installation, Upgradation, monitoring and, optimization of Oracle databases. Great team player, quick learner, bilingual (French and English) and excellent motivator that has been very instrumental in vital DBA team collaborations, and has also excelled working alone in various environments.
  • Six (6) years Superb Knowledge in Oracle Databases 10g, 11g and 12c
  • Six (6) years’ Experience in database. MIGRATION - 10g to 11g, 11g to 12c databases, cross-platform using Data guard, Golden Gate, Transportable tablespaces. Non-ASM to ASM. Maintain performance across all phase. Worked on oracle migration workbench. Responsible for Datacenter Migration from old Datacenter to new datacenter.
  • Six (6) years’ Experience with performance tuning and troubleshooting Completed Oracle University performance tuning course. Using Explain plan, ASH, ADDM, AWR, v$, dba views, HIST tables &TKPROF, SQL Profile. Instance, database & SQL performance optimization. Forcing index, hints. I/O & CPU utilization trend analysis. Top SQL/session, bottleneck issues, locks, identifying oracle wait events. Create performance baseline, comparing performance and Investigate top activities; generate trend report of tablespace usage & estimate future growth. Extensive use of OEM grid control for tuning. Worked on ADRCI command-line 11g
  • Size (6) ) UPGRADE&PATCHES - Apply security/PSU patches. Validate database structure. Troubleshoot failed component in upgrade process. Upgrade ASM and RAC from 10g to 11g.
  • Size (6) years in backups, restores and recovery processes.
  • Six (6) years DATA GUARD - Set up physical standby for DR. Configure data guard broker, open standby in read-only, manage archive gap, testing fail-over/switch-over scenarios, changing protection modes. Configured Active, Logical, and Snapshot Data Guard.
  • Six (6) years RAC - Implementation & administration of 10g/11g RAC on Linux. Oracle ASM, OCFS, RAW devices. FAN, TAF, load balancing, inter instance parallelism, add/remove node. Troubleshooting & Admin ASM. Apply patches. Setup SCAN Listeners on 11gR2.
  • Four (4) years Expert experience with Data Security, Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and data protection best practices.
  • Six (6) years GOLDENGATE: Setup, data mapping, filter, troubleshoot, developing parameter file. Live reporting, CDC, Active-Active standby configuration. STREAMS replication at table, schema and database levels. Down steams, advance queuing, change data capture.
  • One (1) year AWS: Migrating databases from Oracle to AWS vice versa.
  • Two (2) years SQL Server: Software installation, databases and user creation, Recovery models.
  • One (1) year POSTGRES: Software Installation, user and tablespace creation.


Databases: Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c, Exadata, AWS

Database Tools: Oracle (Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL*Plus, SQL Loader, DB Configuration Assistant) Toad, OEM Grid, Oracle Enterprise Manager 13C, RMAN, SQL*Loader, Exp/Imp/Data Pump, AWR, DBCA, DBUA, ADDM, Toad, Putty, WinSCP, SQL Developer, OEM 12c, Exadata.

Operating Systems: LINUX, UNIX (Solaris 8/9/10, AIX, HP-UX), MS WINDOWS



Confidential - Iowa city, IA

Oracle Database Administrator

  • Up-gradation and migration of database from 10g to 11g and then to 12c and also applying patches whenever required.
  • Implementing datapump, conventional export/import utility of oracle 11g, 10g for re-organizing databases/schemas/tables to improve the performance and cloning/migration of databases in 10g /11g and 12c environments.
  • Performed database refresh from production to QAT, UAT and development databases.
  • Monitored different databases and application servers using oracle enterprise manager (OEM 13c) 10g, 11g grid control, and cloud control 12c.
  • Loading data from flat files to database using SQL*loader, external tables.
  • Implemented and managed optimum physical database design (tablespaces, datafiles, extents, redo logs, archive logs) and assessed database capacity by monitoring online storage, growth and file system space.
  • Worked on automatic storage management (ASM) with EMC storage for managing data in san.
  • Worked extensively on performance tuning of queries by maintaining aggregates, compression, partition, indexing and use of hints, stored outlines, statistics.
  • Extensively used AWR, ADDM and Explain plan for periodic performance tuning. provided instance level performance monitoring and tuning for event waits, sessions, physical and logical I/O and memory usage.
  • Experience in editing and rewriting UNIX/shell scripts for providing the reports.
  • Created a clone database using rman on remote server and used srvctl commands for real application cluster (RAC) databases.
  • Successfully implemented backup & recovery using rman which includes hot backups and cold backups.
  • Implemented data guard with high availability and performance configurations and participated in data guard fail over tests.
  • Responsible for the smooth functioning of all ecommerce activities of the organization.
  • Knowledge in oracle data warehouse dba skills relating to administration and management of VLDB environments, oracle OLTP.
  • Performing monthly and annual performance reports for trend analysis and capacity planning

Confidential - MILWAUKEE,WI

Oracle Database Administrator

  • Participated in 24 x 7 production & development database support and administration.
  • Worked with data pump to take the logical backups of databases and experienced in performing point in time recovery using rman. used oracle configuration assistants like: dbca (database configuration assistant) for creating databases, dbua (database upgrade assistant) for upgrading databases, and netca (network configuration assistant) for creating client-server environment using listener, tnsnames etc.
  • Working experience with latest toad having new features PLSQL & SQL script debugger, database health checkup, ASM manager, diagnose extents, segment advisor, SGA trace and query builder.
  • Extensively used AWR, ADDM and explain plan for periodic performance tuning.
  • Implementing datapump, conventional export/import utility
  • Implemented proactive monitoring using tuning pack, diagnostics pack, and statspack, SQL Trace & TKPROF. implemented oracle database 11g two node real application cluster (RAC) using oracle cluster-ware, and responsible for high availability and load balancing. * configured oracle data guard for oracle disaster recovery. applying upgrade patch, maintenance and interim (Opatch) patches on all the databases. implemented flashback technology of the oracle 12c, 11g, 10g along with recycle bin for a faster recovery of the databases and database objects. performed full & incremental backup (cumulative and differential) using rman and implemented recovery strategies. refreshed/cloned databases using rman utility. involved in converting a single instance database to oracle 12c, 11g, 10g RAC databases. installed ASM environment and migrated databases from NON-ASM to ASM. made optimal use of oracle support in resolving the SRS documented the standard processes for peers to follow.

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