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Dba Application System Analyst Resume

Austin, TX


  • Experienced professional, team leader and DB application developer in Mainframe and Object Oriented multi - platform applications and information systems for over 20 years. Expertise includes:
  • Systems design and development from the initial formulation of user requirements.
  • Design and Develop Data transformation using Pervasive and Informatica ETL tools to simplify the data management within different Data warehousing platforms.
  • Specialized in developing interfaces from Java to Legacy system using either Visualage Generator or Java and DB2 Stored Procedures.
  • Database Design skills - Logical data modeling with the very strong SQL, monitoring, analyzing and optimizing existed SQLs making a significant performance improvement.
  • Design detailed specifications for program modules using UML and use cases.
  • Plan and coordinate all level and types of testing for projects and programs throughout the project life cycle including production implementation and support.
  • Document systems, programs, operations, and user procedures.
  • Analyze and rectify production problems as required and makes recommendations for non-recurrence of such problems.


Programming Languages: WebSphere, IBM z/OS, OS390, IBM 3090, 9370, AS/400MVS, VM/CMS, VSE, OS/2, UNIXWindows XP, NT, 2000, 3.1, ’98, ’95Weblogic TSQL, Crystal Report 2008, Java, Java Script, SmallTalk, JSP, HTML, XML, STRUTS, CICS, CSP, COBOL, 4GL, JCL, PL/I, Easytrieve, CLIST, REXX, Visual Age Generator, Visual GEN, Power Builder

Databases and Tools: MS SQL Server 2005 & 2008, MySQL, UDB, LUW, DB2, DB2/2, OracleWSAD, VisualAge Generator, UMLVisualAge Java & SmallTalk, WinSQL, IBM Data Studio, SQL, ISQL, QMF, Crystal Reports, PROEDIT, SPUFI, PLATINUM, TSO/ISPF, FILE-AID, MS SQL Server Management Studio, ETL: Pervasive & Informatica, File Manager, SyncSort, Erwin, XPEDITER, CHANGEMAN, ENDEVOR, BMC Utility, Collage Works By Web, Loan Processing through The Life Cycle, Vendor and Customer Management, Item & UPC Management, Transportation, Billing, Ordering & Shipping, Stock Management, Accounting System, Asset Management, Invoicing, Financial Application, Airline Line Maintenance


Confidential, Austin, TX

DBA Application System Analyst


  • Participate in the Design Team to develop a DataBase Design from existed Confidential System to be able to accommodate requests for DCS Government Project
  • Evaluating DB2 Version 10 database features to in corporate them in the new Project
  • Perform DataBase application tuning and performance monitoring, optimizing existing SQLs within Informatica, Crystal Reports, JDBC, Stored Procedures (SQL and Cobol)
  • Provide consultation and trouble shooting for the development team and a constant production DataBase and Application Support
  • Participated in the Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing fixing any shown issue in 04/13.
  • Performed the full SQL Server 2008 Installation (Upgrade) on Development, Production and Reporting Server.
  • Managing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Data Base as DBA, performing DB backups, restores, replicating Production Data in Development Environment, creating new DB ObjectsScheduled Tasks automating the process of DB Maintenance. Store docs into MySQL DB.
  • Designing and developing ETLs (extract, transfer and load) processes used by companies to acquire and store electronic data using Pervasive Software and Titanium Application. Profile Management & Advantage Web Project
  • Performing Application DBA role for new developments, production support and Managing all Universal Data Base Environments for Advantage Web Project.
  • Designing, Creating and Modifying Data Base Schema, Creating Tables, Views, Indexes, Constrains, Triggers, User Defined Functions and UDB Stored Procedures.
  • Analyzing and optimizing DB2 performances using Visual Explain & Advanced Query Tool, modifying complex SQLs, redesigning Stored Procedures and Data Base Processes, gaining significant saving in CPU and total execution time.
  • Creating and Maintaining all Test and QA Data Base Environments, modifying DB schema, setting up test data, building SQL Scripts for Production Data Base implementation.
  • As a part of DBA team participated in the developing a generic Data Base model with metadata to finalize a Data Base design for Profile Management Project.
  • Initially significantly contributed in setting up the environment to compile, bind and run Cobol and SQL DB2 stored procedures including DB2 Connect environment as well.
  • Analyzing business requirements and developing complex DB2 stored procedures to allow update DB2 and IDMS database and keep them in sync.
  • Developed code, created mapping documents, test plans and performed testing.
  • Significantly Contributed in Optimizing other projects like DMR and Data Warehouse, Suggesting and Modifying Design, Changing Queries based on my own SQL Analysis.

Technical environment: IBM OS/390, COBOL, CICS, IDMS, UDB, DB2, VSAM, QMF, CA7, SyncSort, Windows XP, DB2 Connect and MS Office (Word, Excel, Visio, Access and Project).

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Consultant - System Analyst


  • Lead for analysis, design and documenting CICS applications for the Fusion Project as a part of the assimilation to First American Real Estate Tax Services applications.
  • Analyzed business requirements and created technical specs together with logical DB design for Loan Delinquencies application and Reporting.
  • Developed complex DB2 stored procedures to allow WEB access to legacy application.
  • Performed DB2 logical and physical design for the enhancement of Loan Delinquencies Project.
  • Developed code, created test plans, performed testing and implementation through Endevor.
  • Maintenance/support for Loan applications and production problem solving.

Technical environment: IBM z/OS, OS/390, COBOL, CICS, DB2, VSAM, QMF, Endevor, XPEDITER, IBM File Manager, IBM File Manager/DB2, View Direct, CA7, SyncSort, Control-M, Erwin, Windows NT, AS/400 and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Visio, Access and Project).

Confidential, Knoxville, TN

System Analyst


  • Performed analysis, coding, debugging, unit and system testing, using DB2 and VisualAge Generator 4.5 (generates Java, JSP and Cobol source code) in IMS environment. Developed a model scrolling for TUI applications and GUI prototype.
  • Developed applications for Student Curriculum Project that can be accessed on the WEB using three-tier architecture as a replacement of the Legacy System developed with Cobol, CSP, DB2, CICS and IMS.

Technical environment: IBM OS390, IMS, CSP, COBOL, CICS, DB2, VSAM, QMF, PLATINUM, Windows XP and Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Visio, Access and Project).

Confidential, Temple, TX

Consultant - System Analyst


  • Redesigned and developed Vendor and Customer WEB based Project, performing analysis, coding, unit and system testing, using WebSphere Application Server, Visualage for Java, JavaScript, HTML, EJB, JSP HTML and Cobol-DB2 Stored Procedures.
  • Created a new Interface for transfer data from MPN to VM System, generating ChangeMan Packages and promoting them to production.
  • Responsible for the significant application development and design of the same project using VisualAge Generator 3.1 and VisualAge for SmallTalk developed previously ( ).
  • Participated in generating the SQL and custom queries in the Oracle database, provided help for the developers within the group, mostly improving optimization and performance.
  • Constructed and developed UPC Validation Project converting it from VA Generator to VA Java and DB2 Stored procedures running on the Websphere application server.
  • Performed analysis of VA Generator code, screen design, coding, unit, system and integration testing, using VA Java, JavaScript, Servlets, JSP, HTML and Cobol-DB2 Stored Procedures.
  • Created QA test plans and change specs and participated in the deployment and installation.
  • Redesigned and reprogrammed Item Management Project that was utilizing Websphere application server and integrating it with the Legacy System through CICS Transaction Geteway, mapping CICS/Cobol programs with Java front end.
  • Performed analysis, coding, code review, created QA Test Plans, conducted unit and system testing, using Java, JavaScript, HTML and JSP.
  • Prepared application implementation and was responsible for the production support.
  • Responsible for the significant application development and design of the same project using VisualAge Generator 3.1 and VisualAge for SmallTalk developed previously ( ).

Technical environment: WebSphere VisualAge Java & SmallTalk, Java Swing, IBM OS390, MVS/XA, COBOL, CICS, DB2, VSAM, VIASOFT Tools, CHGMAN, CLIST, Windows NT and UNIX and Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint and Project).

Confidential, Portland, OR

Consultant - Team Lead


  • Led the team of developers to perform analysis, coding changes, code review, unit and system testing for the Shipment Control, Invoicing and Imaging System Applications at CTS.
  • Conducted installation of modified programs and supported implemented applications.
  • Performing Code AUDIT for all Cobol and Easytrieve programs, creating final documentation.
  • Led and supervised a group of 5 developers, performing analysis, JCL changes, code review, creating documentation and managing the implementation to production.



Consultant - System Analyst


  • Analyzed, developed, maintained, performed unit and system testing applications of BOSS (Billing Ordering Shipping System) project
  • BOSS system is initially developed using CSP/DB2 on the IBM 3090 and than migrated to the OS390, utilizing Visual GEN and DB2/2.
  • Conducted migration of CSP applications to Visual GEN running on OS2 client server base and continued developing new applications and enhancement using Visual GEN and DB2/2.
  • Interaction with end users to develop program specifications for new applications and did production support for Confidential Oil, fixing and solving all production problems and issues.
  • Analyzed JDE users’ needs and developed mainframe interface applications to JDE.

Technical environment: IBM Mainframe 3090, MVS/XA, CSP, Visual GEN, COBOL, CICS, DB2,VSAM, QMF, PLATINUM, PROEDIT, REXX, CLIST, OS/2 and Windows NT.


Consultant - System Analyst


  • Developed and tested new ARCS & ORCS record maintenance system using CSP, DB2, and QMF in a MVS/CICS environment.
  • Designed, developed and tested applications of Asset Management system using CSP, DB2, SQL/DS, QMF in a VM/CMS and MVS/CICS environment. Design included screen and report design, application flow and program specifications.
  • Migrated CSP source code of HR package of about one hundred applications from MVS to VM and conversed CSP 3.3 to CSP 4.1 version under MVS/CICS environment. Defined all transactions and applications driver in CICS, as old driver was COBOL program.

Technical environment: IBM Mainframe, MVS/XA, VM/CMS, CSP, COBOL, CICS, DB2, VSAM, QMF, PROEDIT, REXX, CLIST and Windows 3.1.


Lead System Analyst


  • Analyzed existing VSAM accounting system and developed database design for all new financial and accounting development using SQL/DS and ISQL.
  • Designed Account Activity applications, screens and reports based on end user requirements.
  • Participated in developing and testing of applications and supervised two other programmers.

Technical environment: IBM Mainframe, MVS/ESA, CSP, PL/I, CICS, SQL/DS, VSAM, ISQL, CLIST, and Windows NT.

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