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Lead Oracle Engineer And Enterprise Architect Engineer Resume


  • Senior Systems Engineer, Oracle Database Architect, and Project Engineer with 13+ years experience in Solaris/Linux administration, Oracle database architecture design, enterprise architecture engineering, financial and accounting system design, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation.
  • Well developed technical skills in Oracle Database System Engineering, Unix (Solaris and Linux) System Engineering, Oracle E - business suite (EBS) engineering, Identity Management engineering, Business Intelligence engineering, and IT corporate governance & strategic alignment implementation.
  • Well developed skills in technical writing and information graphics design. Special interests in Oracle Database Design, Transaction System Design, Systems Engineering, enterprise Single Sign-on design, Data Warehousing, Financial and Accounting Systems Engineering, Business Intelligence Engineering, and Solaris/Linux System Engineering.
  • Engineered and Implemented Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS) R12 and Oracle Federal Financials enterprise systems with Oracle EBS modules including General Ledger (GL), Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), and Purchasing (PO), and Inventory (INV)
  • Designed Oracle OBIEE Business Intelligence and Financial Performance Management systems to support corporate performance management strategies and Quality Management controls
  • Engineered and implemented Oracle Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) controls — Application Access Controls Governor (AACG), Transaction Controls Governor (TCG), Preventive Controls Governor (PCG) and Configuration Controls Governor (CCG) —to ensure strategic alignment and compliance to government regulations, rules, and mandates
  • Engineered, implemented, and administered various Oracle 10g/11g Database systems on Solaris, HP/UX and Linux platforms
  • Implemented benchmark testing for Oracle RDMS standalone database systems and Oracle RAC systems, and advanced Oracle Replication Systems using Oracle Data Guard
  • Engineered Data warehousing and ETL infrastructures implemented with technologies such as Oracle Data Warehouse, Essbase, Informatica PowerCenter, and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Deployed, integrated, and managed J2EE applications with Oracle Application Servers, Weblogic and Oracle 11g databases
  • Designed, engineered, and implemented multiple Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) projects for the government and commercial clients
  • Engineered and implemented Oracle Fusion Middleware 11G infrastructure environments to support enterprise-class applications such as Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), Identity Management 11g, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Oracle GRC, and Webcetner
  • Successfully engineered, designed, and managed Solaris 11 and Linux system environments for the various government and commercial businesses
  • Built Storage Area Networks (SAN) for large database environments and high redundancy networks
  • Built Veritas VCS, Redhat Cluster, and Oracle RAC Cluster Management Systems for Web and Oracle Systems on SUN Solaris and Linux based platforms
  • Design and engineered High Performance Computing (HPC) environments for complex cluster computing projects
  • Engineered Virtual Architectures using Xen, VMware ESXi, Linux KVM, and Oracle Virtualbox


Computer Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, CGI Scripting, C, C++, Java, SQL, Perl, TCL/TK, XML, and shell scripting

Unix Administration: Sendmail, NFS, Kerberos, Hylafax, SNMP,DNS,NIS, Apache, Iptables (Linux Firewall), SSH v1/v2, Veritas Netbackup, Veritas Volume Manager, Shell Scripting, X-windows, and VMware

Hardware Virtualization: Xen, VMware GSX, Linux KVM, and SUN Virtualbox

Operating Systems: Solaris 10, Linux, Redhat, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Windows XP/7

Cluster Management Systems and Cluster File Systems: Oracle 10g/11g, Mysql, Oracle RAC, Oracle Clusterware, Redhat Cluster, Veritas Cluster, Veritas File System, Lustre file system, and Redhat GFS

Database Management Systems: Oracle 10g/11g, Mysql 5, TimesTen, Oracle Streams, Oracle Data Pump, Oracle Data Guard, and Oracle RMAN

J2EE Application Servers and Middleware: Oracle Weblogic, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Identity Management (OAM/OIM), Webcenter, Oracle SOA, Oracle Application Server (OC4J), Tomcat, and JBoss

Database Tools and Utilities: Toad for Oracle, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle Grid Control, TKPROF

Data Warehousing, ETL, and Business Intelligence: Oracle Data Warehouse, Oracle OBIEE, Essbase, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle ODI, and OBIA

Oracle e-Business Suite (Oracle Apps) 11i/12: Oracle General Ledger, Assets, Inventory, Receivables, Business Intelligence, BOM, Payables, Cash Management, Federal Administration, and Oracle GRC

Security: Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Public/Private Key Encryption

Systems Engineering: Requirements Analysis, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Capability Maturity Model (CMM), Database Modeling, Software Design Patterns, ERP Engineering, Financial Systems Engineering, J2EE Application Engineering

Network and Internet Protocols: TCP/IP, Ethernet, PPP, Radius, Cisco Secure AAA, ATM, Fibre Channel, Storage Area Networks (SAN), iSCSI

Graphics/CAD Software: Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Indesign CS6AutoCAD 2013, 3D Studio Max 2013

Productivity Software: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project Management, CVS based version control software


Lead Oracle Engineer and Enterprise Architect Engineer



  • Engineered physical Oracle data storage by implementing partition tables, index structures, optimal storage allocation, and efficient buffer utilization.
  • Served as senior technical and functional Oracle Financials expert in Oracle EBS engineering
  • Engineered, administered, and upgraded Oracle e-Business Suite (Oracle Apps) 11i and R12 infrastructures used for Supply Chain Management and financial/cost accounting information systems using Oracle EBS modules GL, AR, AP, CM, INV, PO and OM
  • Engineered large Oracle 11g databases supported by Oracle RAC
  • Engineered Informatica and Oracle ODI ETL infrastructures used to populate Oracle and Essbase Data Warehouses which were used to perform real-time financial data analysis and Data Mining
  • Engineered Oracle Data Warehouse and Oracle OBIEE Business Intelligence infrastructures used to analyze financial data and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) metrics
  • Engineered and integrated the following Oracle GRC modules into Oracle EBS infrastructures: Application Access Controls Governor (AACG), Transaction Controls Governor (TCG), Preventive Controls Governor (PCG) and Configuration Controls Governor (CCG)
  • Engineered Linux Cluster systems and performed Unix (Solaris/Linux) system administration activities such as OS and application installation, networking, I/O tuning, and kernel optimization
  • Engineered, Implemented, and Integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) solution using Oracle Identity Management Suite 11g
  • Designed technical documentation including proposals, engineering specifications, design documentation, installation guides, etc

Confidential, Reston, VA

Lead Unix Systems and Oracle Database Architect Engineer


  • Engineered Veritas Clusters to support High Available enterprise applications and Oracle RAC database infrastructures
  • Implemented information Oracle control and monitoring systems with alerts and dashboards to support Corporate Governance and Compliance to Sarbanes - Oxley regulations
  • Performed various Oracle DBA activities including database engineering and administration, RMAN backups, Dataguard replications, Oracle Streams Replication and database performance monitoring/tuning (using Qwest Spotlight, AWR, ADDM, and OS Tools)
  • Conducted benchmark testing for database, I/O, and cluster management systems to ensure high performance, load balancing, and high availability
  • Upgraded and reengineered Oracle e-business suite 11i infrastructure for financial accounting and Customer Relationship Management
  • Performed project planning activities including scheduling, risk management, cost controls, business process management, etc)

Confidential, Reston, VA

Senior Systems Architect & Database Engineer


  • Engineered and tuned Solaris 10 servers to support Oracle RAC cluster databases
  • Engineered Oracle 10g RAC clusters to support Oracle database redundancy and high performance
  • Conducted Oracle database load tests and Capacity planning strategies
  • Helped to migrate over a terabyte of data into new Oracle 10g RAC Cluster
  • Implemented cluster design using Veritas Cluster, Veritas Volume Management, Veritas File System, and Storage Area Network (SAN) Technologies
  • Deployed and administered J2EE applications running under Oracle Application Server
  • Engineered and administered an Enterprise Unix (Solaris and Linux) production environment, used to support business critical applications ( Confidential ’s financial and CRM applications)
  • Reengineered Oracle e-Business infrastructure in support of an integrated cost control system
  • Participated in project planning and monitoring activities
  • Engineered Oracle Enterprise Manager to support Oracle RAC clusters
  • Implemented Nagios systems to monitor Unix systems and database servers
  • Performed project quality management activities

Confidential, Mclean, VA

Senior Systems Engineer & Project Engineer


  • Engineered and administered large Unix (Solaris 10 and Redhat Linux) environment.
  • Administed Unix services including Apache web server, Sendmail email server, Mysql and Oracle database systems, NFS servers, etc
  • Engineered multi-node SAN systems for online storage of Oracle database data and database backups
  • Engineered Xen and VMware GSX virtualization environments
  • Built Veritas Cluster Systems (VCS) for Oracle databases, Web servers, etc.
  • Configured and Maintained Sunfire E6900 servers for use in cluster configurations
  • Engineered custom designed Unix software using C++, C, and Unix system-calls
  • Performed DBA activities for Oracle, and Mysql relational database systems
  • Designed, implemented, and maintained Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system for network encryption systems and secure web servers.
  • Participated in Project Planning and Project Management activities
  • Performed technical writing and supporting graphics for various TCS proposals.
  • Designed, architected, and implemented systems and sub-systems for disaster- recovery; redundancy and/or the high-availability of various Unix systems and applications; security systems and web/email services

Unix Systems Engineer

Confidential, Ashburn, VA


  • Built Highly Available Veritas Clusters on high-end Sun E10000 systems for use in mission critical environments
  • Architected Fibre Channel SAN systems to support large Oracle Databases clusters
  • Built Unix systems networks (using E10000, E4500, E6500, E3500, Linux on PCs, CISCO Ethernet switches, etc), email (using Sendmail) administration, NFS administration, Kerberos v5 administration, server monitoring (through SNMP v3 agents), storage administration (through Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas VFS, various hardware RAIDS, and SAN connections), backup administration (using Veritas Netbackup software).
  • Planned, engineered, and managed multiple backup and disaster-recovery, SAN-based system architectures for Solaris and Linux based systems. Performed extensive analysis of customer systems to ensure "capacity planning", "time constraints" and "level of redundancy" were properly formulated.
  • Built multi-node backup SANs, and utilized network-based backup software, to ensure the backup and recovery of mission critical systems.
  • Administered Kerberos and NIS+ user authentication environments
  • Configured Solaris Jumpstart servers
  • Engineered cluster Software RAIDs for Oracle and Sybase databases using Veritas Volume Manager
  • Configured TCP/IP network configurations for Linux and Solaris
  • Administered Apache web servers and BIG-IP load balancers
  • Engineered Capacity Planning strategies for enterprise systems
  • Documented engineering designs, systems recommendations and benchmark tests

Software Engineer

Confidential, Arlington, VA


  • Designed digital, distributed control systems based on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) SCADA protocols for US military and manufacturing clients
  • Engineered Solaris Unix clusters for image processing systems
  • Engineered client-server software systems
  • Designed Object Oriented software systems for military application
  • Engineered embedded SQL queries used in military enterprises software systems
  • Designed and implemented warfare simulation systems using Objective-C, C++, Java, and TCL

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