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Sr. Database Engineer Resume

Lexington, MA


  • Senior Level Oracle DBA/Technical Architect (23+ years) with extensive experience implementing and upgrading of Oracle EBS (10.7 thru 12.2.x) - ERP, Financials, ASCPMaster Data Management, iStrore, Siebel, Demantra - and Oracle Databases (7.0.3 thru
  • Experiences include designing, building and migrating technical architectures for deploying
  • Oracle High Availability (HA) environments utilizing Oracle RAC and Oracle Data Guard;
  • Requirements Gathering and technical specifications generation to build instance strategies reporting strategies, Naming standards and integrations standards.
  • Technical Project Management and Director level success delivering complex IT projects on-time and within budget.
  • Proficient in SQL/PLASQL languages
  • Design/Build/Deploy and document various enterprise strategies
  • Reporting
  • Security/SSO
  • Development/Naming Standards
  • Integration
  • Business Continuity and High-Availability
  • Install/Support/Upgrade Oracle Oracle EBS - 10.7SC thru 12.2.x
  • Oracle EBS System Administration
  • Oracle EBS Configuration and Change Management
  • Oracle EBS Patch Management
  • Oracle EBS Cloning and data masking
  • Oracle Database Administration (10g, 11gR2, 12C)
  • Oracle Golden Gate Replication (11 and 12)
  • Postgresql Database Administration (9.x)
  • Postgresql Streaming Replication (9.x)
  • Single Node and Multi Node Deployments (RAC/ASM/OCFS) using Oracle 10g thru 12c
  • Database Replication - Shareplex, Oracle DataGuard, Golden Gate
  • Data Center-to-Data Center Replication
  • Load Balancing (Network, Database and Application Layers)
  • Advanced Security and Single Sign-On (SSO) - Oracle Access Manager
  • Oracle Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Oracle SOA Suites 10g/11g
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence (OBIEE), BI Applications
  • Informatica - ETL tools
  • Master Data Management (PIM and CDH) and Data Governance
  • Managing DBA and OS Support teams (up to 25 colleagues)
  • Technical Project Management - timelines, status reporting, delegating tasks, managing resources


HARDWARE: HP, Sun, Fujitsu, Dell, IBM

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Redhat Linux 4.x/ 5.x/6.x, IBM AIX 5.x-7.x, Sun Solaris, HP-UX 11.x, SuSE Linux 10.x, MS Windows 2003/2008 Oracle EBS (10.7 - 12.2.x) Oracle Demantra 7.xEnterprise Data Quality/MDM: Oracle Fusion (CPG, Customer Data Hub, PIM Data Hub), JD Edwards, Bottomline PayBase

Oracle EBS AD TOOLS: adadmin, adpatch, adcntrl, admrgpch, rapidclone Peoplesoft 7.6

DATABASES: Oracle 7.x/ 8.x/ 9x/ 10g/11g/12c (RAC, ASM and Data Guard)

DATABASES: Postgresql 9.x Oracle Golden Gate 11 and 12

EPM: Windchill, ESimms (custom), Agile, Oracle Product Information Management SOA Architecture

CRM: Siebel


APPLICATION SERVERS: Weblogic 10.3, OAS 10g/11g, BPEL Process Manager, LDAP, WebMethods, OID, Oracle Identity Management Suite, Oracle Exchange, Netegrity, Informatica

TOOLS: Oracle Developer 10g/11g, OAF framework, Oracle Tools (OC4J, OFA, OSA, Express, Relational Access Manager, RMAN, Enterprise Manager), Developer/2000 (Forms 3.x/ 6.x, Reports 6.x), Shareplex, Golden Gate, Cognos 8


Confidential, Lexington, MA

Sr. Database Engineer

  • Lead Sr. Oracle DBA and Technical Architect
  • Oracle DBA Team Lead for 3 US based and 2 offshore Oracle DBA’s
  • Creating database triggers, procedures and packages using PLSQL
  • Conduct in-house training to development teams on writing efficient PLSQL
  • Deployments Include On-Premise and AWS (EC2)
  • Production DBA Support (Oracle and Postgresql) and Special Projects
  • Performance Tuning
  • End User Support
  • Design/Deploy Oracle Maximum Availability Architectures for Business Continuity - includes RAC, ASM, Active Dataguard, datacenter-to-datacenter replication (versions 11gR2 and 12c)
  • Patching and Upgrades
  • Backup and Restore with RMAN
  • Oracle Financials 12.1.4 (administration. Patching, Cloning and Tuning)
  • Alerting and Monitoring via OEM 12C Grid
  • Oracle Database Installations and Upgrades from 10g/11gR2 to 12C (single and multi-tentant)
  • Oracle Golden Gate Installation and Support
  • Postgresql HA using streaming replication
  • Data Center Migrations
  • OEM 12c/13c Architect and Administrator
  • Automation/Scheduling and bash scripting

Environment: s: Oracle Databases (,,, Postgresql 9.2, Oracle SOA Suite 11G, Redhat Linux 6.2, HP-UX 11 Oracle 11gR2/12c RAC, ASM, Active Dataguard, OEM 12cAWS Cloud

Confidential, WI

Sr. Oracle DBA/Architect

  • Sr. Oracle DBA and Technical Architect
  • Lead Oracle DBA managing 3 other OracleDBA’s
  • Creating database triggers, procedures and packages using PLSQL
  • Conduct in-house training to development teams on writing efficient PLSQL
  • Design/Build/Deploy technical architectures to support Oracle RDBMS 11gR2/12c
  • Install/Configure/Support Oracle EBS 12.0.4 - PO, INV, AR, AP, GL
  • Cloning Oracle EBS environments
  • Design/Deploy Oracle Maximum Availability Architectures for Business Continuity - includes RAC, ASM, Active Dataguard, datacenter-to-datacenter replication (versions 11gR2 and 12c)
  • Patching and Upgrades
  • Backup and Restore with RMAN
  • Oracle Database Performance Tuning
  • Alerting and Monitoring via OEM 12C Grid

Environment: s: Oracle EBS R12.0.4, Oracle Databases (,,, Oracle SOA Suite 11G, Redhat Linux 6.2, AIX 7.1, Oracle 11gR2/12c RAC, ASM, Active Dataguard, OEM 12c

Confidential, Newington, NH

Sr. Oracle DBA/Architect

  • Sr. Oracle DBA and Technical Architect
  • Manage DBA Team
  • Creating database triggers, procedures and packages using PLSQL
  • Design/Build/Deploy technical architectures to support Oracle RDBMS 10gR2/11gR2
  • Install/Configure/Support Oracle EBS and R12.1.3
  • Cloning EBS environments
  • Design/Deploy Oracle Maximum Availability Architectures for Business Continuity - includes RAC, Dataguard, datacenter-to-datacenter replication, EMC SAN replication
  • Implemented Oracle VCP De-Centralized Planning Architecture
  • Backup and Restore with RMAN
  • Implemented Oracle Identity Management/ Database Security and Audit Procedures
  • Oracle Database Performance Tuning/Patching and Upgrades
  • Alerting and Monitoring via OEM 12C Grid

Environment: s: Oracle EBS, Oracle Databases (,, Oracle SOA Suite 11G, Redhat Linux 6.2, EMC Storage, Oracle Virtualization, Oracle Identity Management Suite, Windows Terminal Services 2008, Oracle 11gR2 RAC, Oracle 11gR2 Active Dataguard, Cognos 8.2

Confidential, Andover, MA

Sr. Oracle DBA

  • Technical Project Management/Sr. Oracle DBA
  • Performing Database Administration Tasks
  • Patching/Backup/Restore
  • Creating database triggers, procedures and packages using PLSQL
  • Cloning and Shareplex Replication
  • Performance Tuning
  • End-User Support
  • Database Security
  • Peoplesoft Application System Administration Tasks
  • Linux and HP-UX System Administration Tasks
  • Database Upgrades from 9i to 11gR2
  • Server and Database Consolidations

Environment: s: Peoplesoft 7.6, Oracle Databases (, 9.2.05,,, Oracle SOA Suite 11G, Redhat Linux 5.6, NetApps Storage, Oracle Virtualization, Oracle Identity Management Suite, Windows Terminal Services 2008, Shareplex, Cognos

Confidential, Cambridge, MA

Sr. Oracle DBA

  • Strategic Contract
  • Technical Project Management/Sr. Oracle DBA
  • Upgrade Production RAC database from 10gR2 to 11gR2
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c - Design Architecture, Create high-level project
  • Plan including tasks and resource allocation; Create installation procedures

Environment: s: Oracle Databases (,, Oracle RAC (10gR2, 11gR2), IBM AIX 6.x, Redhat Linux 5.6, NetApps Storage, OEM 12c

Confidential, Bedford, MA

Sr. Oracle DBA

  • Technical Project Management/Sr. Oracle DBA
  • Managing 30+ Oracle Application Environments ( -> R12.1.3) consisting of Oracle ERP (OM, INV, PO, BOM, WIP), Oracle Financials (AR, AP, GL, TAX) and Enterprise Reporting and Governance (OBIEE, BI Apps)
  • Cloning EBS environments
  • Design, build, deploy and maintain multi-node databases using Oracle 10g/11g RAC, RMAN and providing maximum availability and protection using 10g/11g DataGard, Golden Gate
  • Responsible for use, adherance and governance of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) principles and processes
  • Responsible for configuration, maintenance, upgrades, patching and deployment of SOA infrastructure components (OSB, WSDL, BPEL, Rules Engine)
  • Design, build, deploy and maintain the automated data exchange using Informatica and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) to facilitate ETL
  • Design, build, deploy and manage the security framework consisting of Oracle Identity Management suite - Oracle Access Manager
  • Design, build and implement OBIEE/BI Applications
  • Designing and documenting strategies
  • Cloning and Applying Patches
  • Performance Tuning and Incident Management
  • Managing Off-Shore DBA Resources

Environment: s: Oracle EBS ( thru R12.1.3), Oracle Databases (,, Oracle RAC 10g/11g, Oracle SOA Suite 11G, Redhat Linux 5.6, NetApps Storage, Oracle Virtualization, Oracle Identity Management Suite, Windows Terminal Services 2008, Golden Gate

Confidential, Jasper, IN

Sr. Oracle Technical Architect

  • Lead Oracle Application DBA
  • Responsible for all technical delivery, project plans, management reporting and esculation
  • Implement and Manage all technical deliverables related to all Oracle Implementations
  • Creating database triggers, procedures and packages using PLSQL
  • Conduct in-house training to development teams on writing efficient PLSQL
  • Install/Configure/Support Oracle EBS (OM, INV, BOM, WIP, MFG, AR, AP, GL, PO, TAX,ASCP)
  • Enterprise Data Quality and Master Data Management (Product Data Hub and Customer Data Hub)
  • Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)
  • Cloning EBS environments
  • SOA 11g (OSB, WSDL, XML, BPEL, Rules Engine)
  • OBIEE and BI Applications
  • 3rd party application integration
  • Support 30 Oracle Databases - Production and non-Production
  • Performance tuning of both database and application layers
  • Applying patches to Oracle databases, Oracle EBS and OBIEE
  • Manage hosting and Database Administration teams
  • Perform capacity planning, server and database sizing (current and future state)
  • Develop storage strategy, integration strategy and reporting strategy
  • Design and build Data Center-to-Data Disaster Recovery by rollover between data centers for both planned and unplanned downtime using RAC, Dataguard, Golden Gate and NetApps NAS replication
  • Design, build, deploy and maintain the distributed Advanced Planning Architecture (ASCP)
  • B2B Integration using Oracle SOA Suite 11g (Service Bus, Weblogic Server, BPEL Process Manager, B2B Adapter)

Environment: s: Oracle EBS (R12.1.3), Oracle Databases (,, Oracle SOA Suite 11G, Redhat Linux 5.6, NetApps Storage, VMWare 4, 5, Windows Terminal Services 2008, OBIEE/BI Applications, Oracle Developer 10g/11g, BPEL Process Manager, Weblogic Server, OEM 12C, Golden Gate, DataGard


Sr. Manager - Oracle

  • Oracle DBA and Technical Architect
  • Manager DBA Team - 25 team members both onshore and offshore
  • Manager SOA Team - 12 team members both onshore and offshore
  • Designing and documenting instance strategies
  • Designing and documenting reporting strategies
  • Designing and documenting integration strategies
  • Designing and documenting development naming standards
  • Business Generation / Pre-Sales Support / RFP Response Generation
  • Capacity Planning / Technical Architecture
  • Create B2B integration strategy utilizing Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • Create development standards and code migration strategy
  • Create Master Data Management (MDM) and reporting strategies
  • 2 Oracle Database Platform migration from 32-bit Big Endian 64-bit Little Endian
  • Perform 12 Oracle EBS Upgrades from 11.5.8 to R12.1.3 (OM, iStore, INV, BOM, WIP, MFG, AR, AP, GL, PO, Vertex, ASCP, Demantra)
  • 7 Full-Life Cycle Implementations of Oracle EBS 11.5.3 thru 12.1.3 (OM, iStore, INV, BOM, WIP, MFG, AR, AP, GL, PO, Vertex, ASCP, Demantra)
  • 15 Oracle RDBMS Upgrades from 10g to 11gR2
  • 3 Data Center Migrations
  • Database replication - Datagard, Golden Gate
  • Database/RAC Performance Tuning
  • Application Performance Tuning
  • Fusion Middleware Performance Tuning
  • Design SOA Strategy to migrate current decuppled architecture into a service oriented architecture utilizing Oracle SOA Suite 10g/11g
  • 5 Enterprise Data Quality and Oracle Master Data Management implementations (PIM, CDM/CDH, Supplier, Locations)
  • Oracle Value Chain Planning (Demantra, ASCP)
  • Enterprise Reporting and Governance using OBIEE and BI Applications
  • Providing Single Sign-On and security using Oracle Identity Management Suite

Environment: s: Oracle EBS (11.5.8,, R12.1.1, R12.1.3), Oracle Databases (,,, Oracle RAC 10g/11g, IBM Blades, HP-UX IA, HP-UX PARISC, OEL 5.6, RHEL 5.3, SOA 10g/11g, OBIEE/BI Applications, Oracle Enterprise Manager, BPEL Process Manager, DataGard, Golden Gate

Confidential, North Sioux City, SD

Sr. Oracle EBS DBA

  • Oracle EBS DBA
  • Technical Architect
  • Coordinated and planned project to migrate Oracle EBS 11.5.10 from Oracle OnDemand to an internal Gateway Data Center
  • Designed technical architecture of all servers, including SAN storage and multi-node configurations
  • Cloned and built 16 Oracle Application instances consisting of the Oracle EBS, Advanced Supply Chain Planning, and Business Process Execution Layer (BPEL) environments
  • Trained Gateway Application Database Administrator on the use of rapid clone, adconfig, and use of context files to maintain, configure, and customize configuration files
  • Installed and configured BPEL that consisted of Oracle 10g database, 10gAS, OC4J, OC4J BPEL, and WebCache
  • Documented the use of OPMN and DCM to provide insight to the Gateway team on maintaining configurations for 10gAS
  • Responsible for performance tuning, instance management, and change management
  • Technical Lead for the Database Administration group

Environment: s: Oracle EBS 12.0.3 (Financials, HRMS), Oracle 10g, Oracle 10gASDiscoverer 10g, Developer/2000 (Forms 10g)

Confidential, Columbus, IN

Oracle EBS Development Lead

  • Oracle Technical Lead
  • Responsible for production support and enhancements of Payroll, HRMS, SSHR, and Financials 11.5.10 for client supporting 23,000 employees
  • Managed developers, prioritization, timelines, and deliverables
  • Supported the Payroll check printing processes utilizing PayBase applications from Bottomline technologies
  • Utilized the new forms customization framework to add additional functionality to core forms
  • Managed the change management processes to promote code and configuration changes throughout the different environments
  • Managed the SR process with Oracle Support for bugs, patches, and issue resolution
  • Led weekly client meetings communicating development deliverables, timelines, and risk assessment
  • Managed the documentation standards and code migration to adhere to the clients Software Development Life Cycle processes
  • Participated in the creation of the functional specifications along with the initial technical design
  • Developed, tested, and migrated solutions based on the client-approved technical specifications

Environment: s: Oracle EBS 11.5.10, Oracle Database, IBM AIX 5.xBottomline PayBase

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr. Manager - Oracle

  • Oracle Lead Application Developer
  • Oracle EBS DBA
  • Oracle Technical Architect and infrastructure design
  • Pre-Sales Support and RFP Response Generation
  • Designed conceptual, logical, and physical architecture to support the implementation of Oracle EBS (11.5.3 thru 11.5.10)
  • Designed operating system standards, server and storage layouts, operational readiness, support procedures and messaging standards for WebMethods and EDI communications
  • Created Database Administrator and system administration support procedures
  • Designed security standards and single sign-on framework, utilizing Oracles Internet Directory server (LDAP)
  • Developed budget that included time, money, and resources to design, build, and deploy the complete new environment, including data center build out, server installations, applications installations, integration, and EDI framework, and proposed headcount for resources across all functions of the Technology team
  • Managed the RFP processes for all vendors and gathered quotations
  • Served as a Technical Lead for the HRMS, SSHR, Benefits, Financials, and Inventory enhancements and solutions
  • Managed all Oracle Application Designers and Developers, Database Administrators, and System Administrators
  • Designed technical architecture to support application integration between Oracle, Siebel, and Agile and supporting banking integration

Environment: s: Oracle EBS (11.5.9, 11, 5, 10), Oracle Databases (9.x, 10g), MS Project, LDAP, WebMethods, OID, SharePlex for Oracle

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Consultant - Oracle EBS Developer

  • Technical Consultant and Oracle EBS Developer
  • Worked for an apparel manufacturing client
  • Implemented Oracle EBS 10.7SC for an apparel manufacturing company
  • Enhanced application performance, and provided post-implementation support and module enhancements
  • Customized Order Entry transactions, and modified existing business logic within various PLL files
  • Customized WIP forms to allow the block style creation of discrete jobs for a single assembly
  • Interfaced third party Inventory Management system with Oracle INV module
  • Built custom reports for various modules and created custom WIP transactions
  • Installed Sun Solaris servers for 24/7 availability utilizing Veritas clusters
  • Deployed 3-tier environment consisting of ColdFusion and Oracle Application Servers
  • Built dynamic Web pages using PL/SQL procedures with HTP and HTF packages with encoded JavaScript functions
  • Integrated Netegrity agents and policy servers with Oracles Internet Directory Server for LDAP security
  • Provided load balancing capabilities using foundry switches in the network to redirect URL requests based on application server availability
  • Designed data content database for caching data in an Oracle 8i database

Environment: s: Oracle EBS 10.7SC (OE, INV, WIP)

Confidential, Columbus, IN

Customer Support and Service Systems - Director

  • Lead Continuous Improvement and Quality Projects
  • Led 40 IT employees consisting of Developers, System Administrators, Database Administrators, and Operators
  • Responsible for distribution centers IT operations in Belgium, Singapore, and USA
  • Functioned as liaison between business unit and IT Support staff
  • Developed annual operating plan for IT customer support
  • Constructed and enhanced the Oracle Architecture and standards for application development

Confidential, Columbus, IN

Management of Oracle EBS Development

  • Technical Manager
  • Managed Oracle EBS development in the automotive business unit
  • Managed Oracle standards, web enabled applications, hardware installations, and database design standards and tools
  • Supported international parts distribution centers business systems in Singapore; Mechelen, Belgium; Miami, Florida; and Memphis, Tennessee
  • Designed RAID methodology for digital hardware to support Oracles Flexible Architecture for optimal performance and maintenance
  • Designed the standards document and methodology to install Oracle Web Application Servers on digital hardware
  • Served as an Oracle Application Representative for corporate Web Technology team

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Oracle Development

  • Business Systems Engineer
  • Responsible for hardware, software, and network integration for new distribution center
  • Performed application, hardware, and software migration from multiple databases and operating systems to a common infrastructure consisting of Oracle EBS, Oracle RDMBS, and DEC Unix servers
  • Implemented a Unix-based job scheduling package for all Oracle database jobs and server maintenance, and interfaced with UC7/11 on IBM 3090 600J for distributed job steps including Mainframe activity
  • Built a SNMP network for system, database, and network monitoring utilizing BMC Patrol as the framework
  • Led migration project of distribution center from Scotland to Belgium
  • Designed, tested, and implemented a packaging and kiting module, multi-warehouse, and wave picking functionality into existing Oracle based system
  • Managed global team members from England, India, Belgium, and Memphis, TN

Confidential, Columbus, IN

Oracle Programmer Analyst

  • Programmer Analyst
  • Designed, tested, and implemented Oracle based Distribution system with multiple languages and multiple currencies to support operations in United States, Belgium, Latin America, and Singapore using Forms 3.0, database triggers, and stored procedures for Order Entry, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Pricing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Accounts Receivable and Payable, and General Ledger
  • Interfaced with corporate Mainframe for specific month-end procedures
  • Created site specific modules to support site specific business functionality, consisting of European financials, bonded warehouses, duty accounting, value added tax, export houses, in-transit Advanced Shipping notification module, Asian Financial support of general sales tax, letters of credit, restricted parts sales, and Performa invoices
  • Designed aftermarket sales analysis system, utilizing Oracles multidimensional database engine (Express), Oracle Sales Analyzer, and Relational Access Manager that sourced data from Oracle RDBMs and legacy system

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