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Oracle Dba Resume



  • 5 years of IT industry experience in Oracle DBA (12c/11g10g/9i) , with experience in both application and production environments under UNIX, Windows NT platforms.
  • Experience as On - Call 24x7 production DBA support, application/development DBA.
  • Extensive knowledge on database administration for Oracle 9i, 10g.11g and 12c, with experience in very large scale database environment and mission critical large OLTP and OLAP systems.
  • Involved with installation and maintenance of oracle 12cRAC and standby database for High Availability and Disaster Recovery purpose.
  • Experience in managing Oracle databases running on UNIX/Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX & AIX and RHEL.
  • Hands on experience in Oracle 12c RAC implementation & administration (Oracle Cluster ware setup and configuration, RAC installation using ASM, Grid Installation).
  • Good experience RAC Cluster ware administration, Configuration and Patching.
  • Extensive experience in Data guard configuration, implementing and maintaining standby databases.
  • Hands on experience in Grid control, Streams, Golden Gate Replication.
  • Experience in Performance Tuning using EXPLAIN PLAN, SQLTRACE, TKPROF, STATSPACK, AWR and ADDM.
  • Setup Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 12c & 13c for database monitoring/performance/diagnostics.
  • Extensive experience in Database Backups RMAN (Full/Incremental backups) and in traditional hot/cold backups.
  • Experience in LOGICAL BACKUPS and Database migration tools with DATA PUMP, Export/Import and Transportable Tablespaces.
  • Good experience in writing/editing UNIX Shell Scripts.
  • Good experience in PATCHING AND UPGRADATION. Expertise in upgrading Oracle Development and Production databases from 9i to 10g & 11g, 10g to 11g, 11g to 12c.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience on managing very large Data Warehouse databases.
  • Proficient in SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, Cursors and Triggers.
  • Extensive experience in configuring and implementing ASM and proficiency in using ASMCMD and ASMLIB.
  • Experience in Flash-Back Technology.
  • Experience in Database Refresh and patch management and in Database cloning with RMAN and manual methods.
  • Experience in Capacity Planning and Bench Marking.
  • Developed database monitoring/health check alert scripts for database uptime/downtime status, and sizing issues using grid control (OEM).
  • Proficient in raising TAR with Oracle Support and using Metalink to resolve the bottlenecks in the database environments.
  • Excellent Communication skills, co-ordination and communication with system administrators, business data analysts and development teams.
  • Self-starter, highly motivated, technically sound, and mentoring skills in driving development teams to successful resolution.


Programming Lang.: C, C++, Visual Basic 6, HTML

Shell Scripting, VBScript: PL/SQL

Databases: Oracle 12c,11g,10g R2, 9i, MS SQL Server 2012, 2008, MS Access

Operating systems: Redhat Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows Server 2012/2008

Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager, MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL*Loader, SQL*Net, SQL*PlusRMAN

Data Guard: PL/SQL Developer, Developer 2000

TOAD: ERWIN Data Modeler, Imp/Exp Data Pump,DBCA


Confidential, PA

Oracle DBA


  • 24x7 Production database and applications support.
  • Actively work as a member of our team to develop and implement improvements into the way the team completes its work.
  • Analyze application database performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance.
  • Made trades among data volumes, number of users, logical and physical distribution, response times, retention rules, security, and domain controls
  • Executed policies, procedures and standards related to database management
  • Installed, configured, and maintained Oracle 10g and 11gR2.
  • Upgraded databases from Oracle 9i, 10g to 11g, 10g to 12c and 11g to 12c.
  • Involved with installation and maintenance of ORACLE 12c RAC, EXADATA on OCI and Standby Databases (Oracle Data Guard) for High Availability and Disaster Recovery purpose.
  • Collaborated with System Administration team to properly manage database resources, process monitoring, disk management and a comprehensive backup strategy
  • Restoration and Recovery of databases at the times of occurrence of critical failures.
  • Responsible for installing, upgrading and configuring the Oracle environment by creating databases, storage structures and objects, database backup and recovery, monitoring and optimizing database performance.
  • Applied CPU patches.
  • Implemented Oracle database backup & recovery solutions using RMAN and manual methods.
  • Performed block recovery using RMAN.
  • Moving data between databases using Data Pump.
  • Performed large batch jobs, and tuning of SQL queries and database systems.
  • Created User accounts, Roles and granting required access permissions and privileges to the database based on the applications they are accessing.
  • Partitioned large tables for better performance and manageability.
  • Installed and configured Golden Gate for replication.
  • Responsible in configuring and backing up database using RMAN, Hot backups, Cold backups and Logical backups.
  • Migrated databases from Sun Solaris, HP-UX to IBM AIX, and sun Solaris to Linux and IBM AIX to Linux.
  • Written PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Packages, Functions and Triggers.
  • Worked with Data Pump to take the logical backups of databases.
  • Experienced in performing Point-in-Time Recovery.
  • Performed Capacity Planning and Bench Marking
  • Load and Transform data using SQL*Loader and External Tables
  • Logical and Physical Database Design
  • Clear documentation was prepared on all the processes like program specification, bugs fixing logs & change requests for future .
  • Performed capacity planning, Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) data using SQL*Loader and External Tables.
  • Installed and configured Oracle 11g Forms/Reports and Oracle 12c Forms/Reports.
  • Installed and configured WebLogic 12c.
  • Installed Microsoft SQL 2012,2008
  • Configured SSRS services.
  • Implemented and managed Oracle Advanced Replication, Encryption with Oracle Transparent Data Encryption TDE

Environment Oracle 9i,10g,11gR2,12cRAC,EXADATA,OCI, HP-UX, REDHAT LINUX, SUN SOLARIS, IBM AIX, ASM,OEM (Grid Control), RMAN, Explain Plan, AWR, ADDM, Data Pump, SQL*Loader, Golden Gate, Middleware, Forms/Reports, Microsoft SQL 2008 and 2012.

Confidential, VA

Oracle DBA


  • Responsible for Oracle and Sybase Production, Development, test databases on Sun Solaris
  • Monitoring database status and backups.
  • Involved extensively in solving user problems, developer problems from help desk immediately.
  • Managing tablespaces, adding data files, resizing data files, reorganizing tablespaces to claim the space and to improve the performance.
  • Taking Hot and Cold Backups, Complete & Incremental Backups by using RMAN.
  • Installing and loading new patches necessary for Oracle and other applications relevant to the Oracle versions.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving various client issues related to Oracle and the Application software.
  • Responsible for checking Oracle database MAX parameters and planning for recreation of control file whenever required.
  • Developed UNIX Shell Scripts for monitoring Oracle database and to gather performance statistics.
  • Involved in loading external files into the Oracle database using SQL* LOADER
  • Created multiple Oracle database instances on the high availability nodes to facilitate zero downtime
  • Monitored and tuned rollback segment, temporary tablespace, redo log buffer, sort area size
  • Used Recovery manager to perform backup and recovery operations
  • Helped in Tuning and optimizing SQL Query, SGA, Disk I/O using Oracle Enterprise Manager and by monitoring the stats pack report generated from snapshots taken at the peak business hours
  • Used SQL loader to load data from external tables into the database(s)
  • Setting up and configuration of 10g database with Data guard.
  • Perform daily monitoring of log files and resolve issues

Environment: Oracle 9i/10g, Sybase 12.5, Sun Solaris, OEM, EM, Data Gaurd, RMAN,SQL*PLUS,TOAD,STATPACK

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