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Sr Database Administrator Resume

Atlanta, GeorgiA


  • AWS certified cloud practitioner, Oracle Certified Professional database administrator with experience on Oracle 18, 12c, 11g, 10g RAC with ASM on Linux, AIX, engineered systems including Exadata X8, X7, X6, X5, X4, ODA X6 - 2, X5-2, Data Guard, Golden gate configuration and administration, Proactive Database Monitoring and Performance Tuning, scripting in shell, python, perl, RMAN Backup and Recovery, User Management and Security, Capacity Planning.
  • Experience in emerging cloud technologies like Azure, AWS, Oracle.
  • Experience with devops methodology
  • Excellent hands on experience in working, coordinating on end to end installation for oracle engineered system Oracle Exadata database machine X6-2, X7-2, X8-2.
  • Experience Coordinating with network teams, datacenter teams, Oracle ACS(Advanced Customer Support) teams to perform the patching, installation of Exadata, ODA machines
  • Automation of day to day DBA tasks using Ansible and YAML modules
  • Quarterly Full Stack Download Patch (QFSDP) application on Exadata engineered systems X6-2, X7-2, X8-2 machines
  • Compression using Hybrid Columnar Compression(HCC) and Advanced compression for LOBS in Exadata databases
  • Experience in working on bare metal installations for ODA X5-2, X6-2
  • Golden gate unidirectional replication using downstream database configuration
  • Database security implementation across the farm of 350 Oracle, SQL server databases using McAfee Database Activity Monitor(DAM)
  • Saved thousands of dollars to business by implementing mission critical technologies in-house
  • Excellent experience in Installing / Configuring / Monitoring Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c RAC with ASM on Linux
  • Good hands on experience in configuring physical standby Oracle data guard(DR) environment
  • Implement Oracle RMAN backup and restore procedures (Full, Incremental and Archive) using datadomain, HP Catalyst .
  • 24*7 production database support with Support to developers & end-users.
  • Good experience in Performance Tuning reading AWR, statspack reports, OS watcher reports, Exa watcher reports, and analyzing the Execution Plans.
  • Strong exposure as Oracle Database Migration / Upgrade Specialist
  • Experience in working with Production and Development environments
  • Strong network troubleshooting skills to fix day to day problems on the database systems.
  • Installation & Configuration of the Oracle OEM Grid Control, Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  • Solid expertise in third party supporting software likes TOAD, SQL Developer.
  • Good Shell scripting, Ansible automation experience. Python scripting knowledge for day-to-day database administration tasks that include various Cron jobs for alert logs and performance, Backups, Restores and Recoverability.
  • Highly motivated , self-starter, detail oriented, able to work independently and collaboratively within a diverse technical team.
  • Excellent communicational skills , analytical, investigative and problem solving capabilities.


Relational Database: Oracle 18,12c, 11g, 10g, MS SQL, Postgresql 9

Cloud technologies: Oracle, Azure, AWS

Scripting Languages: Shell, Python, YAML

Automation: Terraform, Ansible


Oracle Backup and Recovery: ZDLRA, RMAN, Datadomain, Storeonce

Oracle Database Monitoring Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c/13c, Oracle Enterprise manager database control, BMC Patrol

Ticketing tools: CRM, HP SM, HP OVO, SNOW, Netcool

Operating system: Linux (Redhat, Oracle Enterprise Linux), Unix


Sr Database Administrator

Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia


  • Manage a team of 27 mid level and senior level DBA across the globe
  • Mentor the team with new Oracle technologies and arrange POC, environments
  • Deploy Oracle Exadata engineered systems X6, X7, X8 at Confidential data centers
  • Build and drive private cloud on Oracle Exadata using Oracle OEM.
  • Build and support Oracle RDS, EC2 instances on Amazon cloud
  • Build various services that can be offered using OEM for DBAAS using in house Exadata machines
  • Automate prepatch and post patch tasks using YAML and Ansible
  • Script patches using YAML and Ansible for ZDLRA patching
  • Automate day to day maintenance tasks using Ansible & YAML scripts
  • Configure CICD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) pipelines for Database teams.
  • Guard rail the AWS environments using Teraform and secrets manager utilities
  • Saved $28,000 to business during FY18 by executing the Exadata backup network addition project in-house rather than getting Oracle Corporation to perform this task.
  • Final point of escalation for technical issues for Anthem corporate database related issues.
  • Onboard new DBA team members with technical and non technical on boarding processes
  • Support a 90 TB database on day to day basis for various performance issues
  • Handle day to day performance issues for production databases
  • Apply QFSDP for Exadata machines and ZDLRA appliances on Quarterly basis
  • Create postgres RDS instances on AWS
  • Use Oracle ITA and identify possible problem scenarios and work proactively on performance tuning scenarios
  • Use RAT and Performance analyzer to identify possible performance degradation during upgrades
  • Drive the team for compliance related to patching and upgrades
  • Support Exadata engineered systems in OVM configuration and take care of Dom0/U
  • Support various performance issues that we encounter on production databases and work through resolution.
  • Work with Oracle for various ASR’s generated by platinum gateway for various hardware issues (Grid disk, flash card) related to Exadata, ZDLRA
  • Configure and manage backup and recovery procedures for Oracle databases using ZDLRA recovery appliances
  • Participate in key decision making meetings including bringing in new Oracle database projects, Oracle database upgrades, resource planning etc for Oracle Exadata machines.

Environment : AWS RDS, EC2, Oracle OEM DBAAS, PDBAAS, SAAS, Exadata X5, X6, X7, X8, ZDLRA, OEL 6/7, Oracle 11g/12c, 18 RAC with ASM, Oracle Physical standby Dataguard, Goldengate, Ansible, YAML, Python, Shell, Oracle Database Tools/Utilities, OEM 13c, Toad, SNOW, Jira, Confluence

Sr Oracle DBA

Confidential, Alpharetta, Georgia


  • Install Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c database binaries on Linux, Aix systems in a SOX compliant environment
  • Work on oracle engineered systems Exadata X6-2/X5-2, ODA X5/X6 in a DMA role.
  • Design database, schema, object architectures for the application teams
  • Design upgrade, migration plans based on the size of the databases
  • Install, document the process, steps for baremetal installations of ODA X5-2 and X-6 machines
  • Install, configure POSTGRES 8, 9 database software on Linux machines
  • Spin up Linux VM’s on Azure and install postgres on it.
  • Coordinated with Oracle ACS teams to deploy the Exadata machines and ODA at NDH
  • Performed bare metal installations and created documentation for ODA X5-2 and X6-2
  • Coordinated with network teams to gather the network requirements for Exadata, ODA
  • Apply QFSDP patches for engineered systems X4-2, X5-2 and X6-2
  • Worked with Oracle for various ASR’s(Automatic service requests) generated by platinum gateway for various hardware issues(Grid disk, flash) related to Exadata
  • Supported a 85 TB database for day to day activities and various performance issues
  • Upgraded multiple databases including 65 TB database from to
  • Configured and managed physical standby databases for databases including 65 TB VLDB primary database
  • Configured AWR warehouse to maintain a central repository for AWR snapshots
  • Defined standard procedures for yearly switchover testing of databases using dataguard
  • Saved around $500,000 to the business by implementing database security software from scratch across the Oracle and SQL server farm of 350 databases using McAfee Database Activity Monitor licenses secured from Confidential CIT for free
  • Configure monitoring for the databases using BMC Patrol and OEM Grid Control 12c
  • Manage tickets generated through ticketing system SAP CRM and work till Resolution
  • Prepare standard documents for the Oracle cluster ware installation and db refreshes
  • Participate in 24*7 on-call rotation schedule and take care of issues which are escalated by NTT data offshore team during non business hours
  • Refresh the Test environments with Production data using RMAN & Data pump
  • Upgrade the Oracle databases from 11g to 12c using DBUA and manual process
  • Migrated the databases from non-cdb model to CDB-PDB model
  • Interact with Oracle Support regularly regarding open Service Requests
  • Worked on 12cR2 Beta testing for oracle databases and suggested several improvements

Environment : Exadata, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5, Windows NT, Oracle 10g/11g/12c RAC with ASM, Oracle Physical standby Dataguard, Oracle Enterprise Manager grid control, BMC Patrol, AWR, ADDM, TKPROF, Explain plan, MSSQL, Erwin, Toad, SQL developer, SAP CRM

Sr Database Administrator

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona


  • Design, implement, architect and maintain complex Oracle Databases running on Oracle Exadata X3-2 Full rack and Half Rack.
  • Installation of 10g, 11g Oracle RAC on Unix, Linux systems with ASM and file systems
  • Configure Physical, Logical standby databases using Oracle Dataguard for disaster recovery. Switch over and failover of databases for disaster recovery verification
  • Configure Oracle Goldengate replication between Oracle Exadata databases and OLTP databases
  • Migrate the Streams replication to Golden gate Replication for the databases including negative rules so that the deletions do not get transmitted to the target side
  • Monitor the real time replication of data through Streams and Golden gate to avoid missing SCN errors and restore the archive logs when the errors are generated
  • Migrate the database agents and the backup jobs, Dataguard monitoring jobs from 10g to 11g Oracle grid control without impacting the job schedules
  • Refresh the QA environments with the production data using RMAN Duplicate or Datapump and change the database names manually or using NID
  • Install oracle 11gr2( on Amazon cloud hosts running RHEL
  • Monitor the RMAN backups using 11g and 12c Grid Control
  • Take care of tickets generated through HP service manager and work through resolution
  • Involve in performance tuning of both the database instance and SQL queries to improve the performance of the databases
  • Create AWS RDS instances, EC2 instances and provide DBAAS services to application users
  • Restoring the databases from backups, Identifying the block corruption and removing it by restoring from the previous backups
  • Part of the team to bring in new technologies to the environment and implement them in the Lab environment
  • Confer with team members to determine the impact of database changes on applications

Environment : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5, Windows NT, Oracle 10g/11g RAC with ASM, Oracle Physical standby Dataguard, Oracle Streams, Oracle Database Tools/Utilities, Oracle Enterprise Manager grid control, BMC Patrol, AWR, ADDM, TKPROF, Explain plan, MSSQL, Erwin, Toad, SQL developer, HP service Manager, HP Openview for Operations, Splunk monitoring

Sr Oracle Database Administrator



  • Install, Configure Oracle 10g, 11g RAC with ASM on RHEL, Unix
  • Configure table level, schema level Streams between OLTP databases to Exadata Datawarehousing databases
  • Manage, monitor and configure RMAN backups using Grid control and Cron jobs
  • Monitor streams on Exadata environment using heartbeat tables which get updated
  • Delete/Add RAC nodes from an existing 10g RAC cluster using addnode.sh and Deletenode.sh
  • Cluster a standalone database using Oracle RCONFIG utility and manual method
  • Install OEM agent on Linux hosts and configure databases to get them monitored on the Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid control
  • Monitor the databases, Backup jobs, Streams, Dataguard using OEM Grid Control.
  • Manage tickets generated through Ticketing system and work through the resolution
  • Part of team to limit the resources allocated to a instance using Resource manager and Instance Caging
  • Migrating databases that are running on filesystem to ASM without any downtime
  • Rename the existing databases manually and using NID during the database refreshes
  • Patch the ASM, RDBMS, CRS and Grid Infrastructure homes using OPatch utility
  • Application Code reviews and code migrations through RPR system
  • Interact with Storage team, Network team, Linux team to get the prerequisites fulfilled for RAC installation
  • Interact with My Oracle Support regularly regarding open Service Requests
  • Involve in deployment meetings before application new/upgrade Releases
  • Rename ASM diskgroups using Renamedg when there is a conflict with disk numbers during the ASM swing
  • Prepare company standard documents for lower environments for RAC, Streams installation
  • Analyze AWR, ADDM reports to increase the performance of the databases and user sessions

Environment : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5,Oracle 10g/11g RAC, Windows NT, Database Tools/Utilities, Enterprise Manager, AWR, ADDM, TKPROF, Explain plan, STATSPACK, RPR, ControlM, Sitescope, Cox Ticketing tool

Sr Oracle DBA/Graduate Assistant



  • Install, Configure 10g/11g RAC with ASM on Linux systems.
  • Configure table level, schema level Streams between databases
  • Install Oracle agent on Linux hosts
  • Monitor databases using Grid Control
  • Patching RDBMS, ASM homes using OPatch utility
  • Database, schema refreshes from Production dumps
  • Database duplication using RMAN
  • Delete nodes from a 10g RAC environment
  • Involve in Capacity planning for Spatial data databases
  • Take care of tickets generated by BMC Remedy ticketing system
  • Involved in a team to configure Dataguard environment
  • Monitor ASM storage by creating and dropping diskgroups, adding and dropping disks
  • Install Oracle database client on application users computers and application servers
  • Apply CPU/PSU patches
  • Interact with Oracle Support regarding open Service Requests
  • Assist scientists with database usage

Environment : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4,Oracle 9i,10g, TOAD 9.0, Real Application Clusters, Database Tools/Utilities, Enterprise Manager, SFTP, TKPROF, Explain plan, STATSPACK, Jornada Monitor, SQL developer

Oracle Database administrator



  • Install Oracle database 9i, 10g on Linux, AIX machines
  • Upgrade databases from 9i to 10g
  • Export/import data from production to development environment
  • Write pl/sql packages, procedures for applications
  • Work with application teams to gather the database requirements and fulfil the requirements
  • Participate in oncall rotation schedules.
  • Take care of incident tickets generated through Remdy and oem

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