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Oracle Dba Resume

New Jersey, NJ

I’m Certified Oracle Database Administrator with a wide range of experience in the different sectors like system integration, commercial banks and mobile operators. I can work on own initiative and as part of a team. I have good analytical and problem solving skills.


  • Databases: Oracle 9i , Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g
  • Plan and perform Database Backup and Recovery RMAN, Exp/Imp, Data Pump.
  • Perform database migration.
  • Perform daily monitoring.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Installation and support Standby(Data Guard).
  • Installation and support Oracle Real Application Clusters 10g/11g.
  • ASM, OCFS2.
  • Installation and configuration Oracle Grid Control 10g/11g/12c.
  • Patch and upgrade database.
  • Installation and configuration Oracle Application Server, APEX.
  • Work with Oracle Support.Etc.

    Other databases
    : Vertica, Greenplum, PostgreSQL.
    Programming languages:
    SQL, PL/SQL, Shell, C#, JavaScript
    Operating Systems
    : SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9/10/11, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3/4/5, CentOS 4/5, Oracle Linux,
    Windows Server 2003/2008. I’m open to work on any other platforms.


2010 – 2012 Oracle Database Administrator

  • Customers: T-Mobile/Verizon/Sprint/Mobinil/Orange
  • Administration Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g for the Demo/Performance/Staging/Production environment.

Number of RACs: 6.
Number of nodes: 4/3/2. The database size: up to 5 TB.

  • Administration Oracle 10g/11g single-instance databases/servers for the Development/Testing/Demo/Staging/Production environment.

OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5.
The number of instances: 50. The database size: up to 2 TB.

  • Installation and support Vertica clusters.
  • Installation and support Greenplum clusters.
  • Hardware: HP BL460C, HP DL380, HP DL580, Sun Fire X4440, DELL.

2009 – 2010 Oracle Database Administrator

  • Administration two Oracle Real Application Clusters 10g.

Number of nodes: 8 and 2. The database size: up to 2.5 TB.
The systems for 5000th clients.

  • Administration Oracle 9i/10g single-instance databases/servers on

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9/10.
The number of instances: 360. The database size: up to 300 GB.

  • Administration 5 Oracle 10g/11g databases/servers on

Windows 2003 Server. The database size: up to 40 GB.

  • Hardware: Acer G510, HP ML 350, HP DL 320, Dell 1800, 2900,

HP RX8640. Storages HP EVA 8100, IBM DS400.

2007 – 2009 Oracle Database AdministratorSenior software engineer

  • Developing and implementation projects to manage stock and bond accounts. (C#, Oracle, PostgreSQL).
  • Administration bank’s databases/servers with Oracle 10g database on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Windows 2003 Server operation system.

2006 – 2007 Software engineer

  • Development Web Forms (Asp.Net, !#) projects for US commercial bank.
  • Development Web Forms (Asp.Net, !#) projects for London medical clinic.
  • Project for Windows platform (.Net C#) for the Ukrainian customer.

2004 – 2006 Oracle Database Administrator - Support engineer

  • Implemented and supported new client-bank system with database Oracle for increase number of clients.
  • Improve stability of client-bank system by using all necessary methods of Oracle.
  • Development of special interfaces (C# and VB.Net).
  • Full support for the client-bank databases/servers with Oracle 10g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. The system for 2500th clients.


  • Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Professional
  • Oracle Database 10g Real Application Clusters Administrator Certified Expert
  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional


Mechanical engineer-constructor. Bachelor degree.

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