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Advisory Engineer Resume

Houston, TX


Seeking a challenging career as a System Analyst / Software Engineer / Oracle DBA


  • 12+ years of experience as Advisory Engineer, Senior System Analyst, and Oracle DBA
  • Solid experience with all phases of software development life cycle involving Systems Analysis, Design, Development, and Implementation
  • Experience with installing, configuring, and monitoring system applications
  • Experience with loading, troubleshooting, identifying bottleneck and provide solutions to improve performance for system applications
  • Oracle Certified Professional - Oracle 8i & 9i
  • Experience with Oracle 9i/10g/11g and Oracle 10g RAC
  • Extensive knowledge in Backup and Recovery, Performance Tuning, Migration, OEM, Advanced Replication, RAC, Shell scripts, PL/SQL, RMAN
  • Experience with performance tuning with the use of OEM, explain plan, TKProf, and Statspack for diagnosing performance issues and optimize applications
  • Experience in High Availability environment including RAC, Advanced Replication implementation, maintenance and support; expertise in 10g Grid Control and exposure to Data Guard
  • Experience with creating customized scripts utilizing UNIX shell scripts and PL/SQL and schedule jobs using CRON
  • Experience Supporting 24/7 Production Databases as well as staging, development, & QA databases
  • Team player with excellent interpersonal & troubleshooting skills
  • Possess excellent communication skills and proven leadership qualities


Skills: Oracle, Ingres, MS SQL Server, Pro*C/C++, C/C++, Java.
Operating Systems: MS Windows (2000/XP/2003/2007/2008 R2), MS DOS, Macintosh OS, Open VMS, HP/SCO/ULTRIX/Digital UNIX (OSF1), Sun Solaris x86, Sun Solaris x86-64, Sun Solaris SPARC.
Programming Languages and Scripting Tools: Java, C/C++, Pro*C/C++, SQL*PLUS, SQL Loader, MS Visual Basic, FORTRAN-77, Pascal, Assembly VAX/11, X Windows, Tcl/Tk, Motif, Lex & Yacc.
Databases (RDBMS): Oracle, Ingres, MS SQL Server, SQL Anywhere, and MS Access.
Network Protocols: TCP/IP, NetBEUI, Novell (IPX/SPX), Procomm Plus, and other PPP/SLIP utilities
System Upgrades: Installation of drives, memory boards, network interface cards, and other peripherals for Apple/Macintosh and PCs.
Miscellaneous: MS Office, WordPerfect, Visio, Lotus 1-2-3, Aldus PageMaker, Canvas, SharePoint, and SVN.


Confidential,Houston, TX October 2000-Present
Advisory Engineer / Database Administrator

  • Lead a team of performance analysts and technicians, who were responsible for setting up and delivering data configuration and management systems using Oracle 7.x to Oracle 11g as a back-end database and running on Unix and MS Windows servers based infrastructure using large shared storage systems.
  • Plan assigned projects, Co-ordinate with the business users and Implement with minimum affect to the business community in timely fashion.
  • Install, configure, and monitor system applications and provide support and training to the end users
  • Analyze system processes and provide documents to improve performance for system applications to users and customers
  • Install & Configure Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g & 11g on Sun Solaris 8/9/10, Migrate/Upgrade databases from 7.x to 8i, 9i to 10g, and 10g to 11g in compliance with the 3rd party applications and apply Oracle patches as available and necessary.
  • Restore & Refresh staging & development databases as requested from production backup and perform a Complete or Point-in-Time Recovery as needed.
  • System wide Performance Tuning including memory, SQL & PL/SQL, monitoring locks & processes using OEM and other conventional methods as necessary and based on business requests.
  • Create and manage Materialized Views & refresh groups to optimize business processes.
  • Configure OEM, manage and monitor databases by setting appropriate metrics and thresholds, Schedule & Monitor Jobs for backups, to gather statistics and other administrative tasks. Setup E-mails or Phone Alerts for critical issues, warnings and status updates.
  • Utilize CRON to schedule customized jobs for few legacy systems & applications.
  • Capacity planning & Load balance most databases among different servers to optimize the use of available resource and improve the overall system wide performance.
  • Administer, maintain and implement policies and procedures for ensuring the accessibility, integrity and Security of all databases in compliance with the SOX policies and procedures by setting appropriate Users, Roles & Profiles and evaluate usage of Database links.
  • Research & Troubleshoot database problems faced by business units and team members, Plan & Implement solutions or workarounds if and when available to avoid future problems and document the problems and solutions for future reference in the SharePoint and SVN.
  • Involve in planning & designing High Availability architecture environment, including Data Guard & RAC technologies and test & evaluate it in conjunction with the other infrastructure teams.
  • Design and develop Database Wizard by using Java, JDBC (Oracle Thin Client), and JDK for OLTP data configuration and management systems that supports tracking and managing data, documents, products, and processes.
  • Installed, configured, and maintain Oracle 10g RAC on virtual machines to support in-house databases
  • Backup using conventional scripts, RMAN, Export/Import & Data Pump.
  • Responsible for performance tuning with and without the use of OEM, explain plan, TKProf, and Statspack for diagnosing performance issues and optimize applications.
  • Successfully converted in-hose Oracle based Configuration and Management application to run on MS SQL.

Confidential,Houston, TX May 1998-October 2000
System Analyst

  • Install, configured, and provide support for system applications to the end users in various departments
  • Installed, administer, configured, and managed Oracle 7x, 8x, 9i, and 10g databases on Windows, HP 9x and HP 10x, Sun Solaris 5.8 and 5.9, and Windows platforms.
  • Migrated and upgraded databases from Oracle 7.x to Oracle 8i, and Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g and apply Oracle available patches.
  • Optimized and fine tuned Oracle Energy application using TKProf and Statspack
  • Installed and configured MS SQL Server 7.0 on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 platforms.
  • Developed and designed shell scripts, batch files, and small programs that were needed for databases hot/cold backup, recovery, and refreshes.
  • Administered and deployed Oracle 7.x/8.x distributed databases on HP 9.x and 10.x and Windows NT 4.0 platforms.
  • Designed and implemented Oracle\'s physical and logical backup and recovery routines by using appropriate archiving mode.
  • Exported the database and imported the data back into the same or a different database.
  • Administered and performed Year 2000 compliance projects for Oracle 7.x databases on HP 9.x and 10.x platforms by using PL/SQL packages, procedures, and functions with cursors and exception handling routines.
  • Installed, configured, and administered SQL Anywhere databases on Windows NT 4.0 platform.
  • Also managed and maintained:
    • Database structure and users.
    • Rollback segments.
    • Accessing and updating data.
    • Storage allocation and transaction concurrency.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Science Option), with minor in Mathematics


Oracle Database Administrator

Oracle Backup and Recovery
Oracle Fine Tuning
Oracle PLS/SQL (Oracle Certified)
MS SQL Server
SQL Anywhere

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