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Senior Oracle Dba Resume

Rye Brook, NY


  • An Oracle Certified Professional with 10+ years experience seeking a DBA position

April 2010 - present Confidential, Rye Brook, NY

Senior Oracle DBA (contract to perm)
  • Performed design, installation, configuration, upgrade, migration, patching and maintenance of Oracle 9i/10g/11g (standalone, HA clustered and multi node RAC with ASM) on RedHat Linux and Sun Blade Solaris environments
  • Heavily involved installation and configuration of oracle GoldenGate and troubleshooting of oracle GoldenGate issues
  • Provided supports on all respects for oltp and data warehouse databases of production, UAT/QA/dev; performed capacity planning, space management and storage allocation; created and supported reports for business on schedule or ad hoc
  • Implemented upgrade of Algo Sentry application from V4 to V5 along with migration from redhat to solaris and database upgrade from 10204 to 11gR2, and investigated and resolved performance degradation as of the migration and upgrade
  • Designed and implemented table/index partitioning for ALGO reporting database to resolve performance and space fragmentation as well as archiving issues
  • Upgraded GoldenSource oracle database from 9i to 11g and involved in GoldenSource application installation/configuration
  • Maintained and supported in every aspect s of non supported 9i database for market data application GoldenSource
  • Implemented user enrolling, access control, auditing, and maintained system security through role, privilege and view etc.
  • Installed, configured and maintained MySQL reporting databases for management
  • Researched and defined guidelines, policies, procedures, documents and standard for oracle installations and upgrades
  • Recommended and redefined oracle database best practices appropriate to business, clients and environments
  • Redefined and set up DR strategy using data guard/standby (physical); performed annual DR test using flashback database; performed backup and recovery using RMAN/NetBackup and snapmanager of netapp
  • Configured, installed and upgraded OEM Grid Control, OEM Grid Control agent, and used OEM Grid control, ADDM, AWR, ASH, Statspack, explain plan and SQL scripts to manage, monitor and perform tuning of databases and applications
  • Refreshed dev/QA/UAT tables/schemas/databases with production database using exp/imp, expdp/impdp and RMAN restore
  • Extensively interacted with oracle support, SAs, vendors, consultants, end users and developers; mentored junior DBAs
  • Performed analytical trouble shooting, managed problem/incidents and change control for dev/QA/UAT and production databases following company standard change control system, service request ticket management system
  • Automated any possible dba tasks with shell or perl script and monitored scheduled jobs with autosys or cron or tidal
  • Directly involved and completed all client migration from Rye Brook data center to Citco data centers; designed and implemented migration, archiving and decommission of Rye Brook data center in terms of oracle databases
  • Provided 24 x 7 support for oracle databases on call rotation

Oct. 2009 - April 2010 Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Senior DBA Consultant (contract)
  • Performed design, installation, configuration, upgrade and migration and maintenance of Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g and related products on Unix environment; implemented 11g RAC with ASM and 11g RAC with veritas cluster filesystem
  • Worked on disaster recovery (DR) strategy of SRDF(OS & Database level) and VCS, data guard/standby; performed backup and recovery using RMAN, IBM Tivoli TSM/TDPO/VTL
  • Configured Oracle OEM Grid Control, installed and upgraded OEM Grid Control agent, and used OEM Grid Control, ADDM, AWR, ASH, explain plan and SQL scripts to manage, maintain, monitor and perform tuning of databases
  • Configured, implemented and documented cpu critical patch deployment for 100's databases with OEM Grid Control
  • Provided extensive dba support and management for data warehouse, data mart and mentored users on partition management
  • Refreshed data of UAT/dev databases with production data through exp/imp, expdp/impdp, streams replication, Oracle AQ, RMAN restore or duplicate
  • Exposure to oracle exadata technology
  • Managed, coordinated and lead GIAC project (moving vendor databases into different DMZ than bank production) between SAs, vendors, end users, onsite DBAs and off shore DBAs; mentored junior DBAs and developers
  • Performed trouble shooting and managed problem/incidents and issues for development, UAT and production databases following company standard change control system (Remedy) and ticket management system
  • Drafted global standard documents of database build checklist, upgrade checklist and decommission checklist
  • Provided weekly on call support and oracle dba hotline as per rotation in a 15 members of DBA team

May 2006 - Aug. 2009 Confidential,Greenwich, CT
Database Administrator (full time)

  • Performed design, installation, configuration, upgrade and migration and maintenance of Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g databases and MySQL (4.x, 5.x) servers as well as related products on Sun Solaris and Linux; implemented 10g RAC on Linux
  • Analyzed, developed and implemented comprehensive disaster recovery (DR), data guard/standby, performed backup and recovery using RMAN; performed quarterly DR test for oracle database failovers and oracle financial application failover
  • Implemented MySQL InnoDB Hot Backup for MySQL databases and performed recovery
  • Performed Oracle database monitoring and performance tuning with AWR, ADDM, ASH, sql scripts and os utilities
  • Performed Oracle database migrations from Sun Solaris to Linux for all databases in entire company using multi-thread and parallel exp/imp approach and updated databases from 9i to 10g as the result of the migrations
  • Implemented oracle data refresh with exp/imp, expdp/impdp, streams replication and RMAN restore or duplicate; MySQL data refresh with MySQL replication and mysqldump
  • Performed a large MySQL database (2 terabytes, non partition) migration into Oracle (partition)

Phase I: Assisted modeling and design per application requirement that one database to hold three month "online" data and the other database to hold the rest "archive" data; implemented with database link and synonyms to make it transparent for application to access both "online" and "archive" data as whole
Phase II: implemented data dumping and loading with multithread mysqldump processes to generate dump files and multithread oracle sqlldr processes to load dump files into two oracle databases, one is three month (online) partitions and the other (archive) holds the rest partitions and converted MySQL medium text data type into oracle CLOB
Phase III: converted partition tables with local partition indexes therefore making partition management easy i.e. archiving older partition from "online" instance into "archive" instance then dropping the older partitions from "online" instance

  • Compressed data warehouse online to save disk space without much down time for business applications
  • Investigated oracle resource manager and set up test environment
  • Developed an in-house application for AWR reporting with PL/SQL embedded perl and CGI

Phase I: automatically generated AWR report for each production database on daily basis
Phase II: captured TopNSql by category from all production databases into repository then reported top N sql statements (per enterprise vs original per instance) by elapsed time, cpu etc.; linked each top sql statement to corresponding section of individual AWR report (generated in Phase I) for corresponding database

  • Automated routine DBA tasks and internal applications with perl, sql, PL/SQL and Apex/HTMLDB as front interface: for example, the quarterly DR test is executed through an application developed using Apex/HTMLDB
  • Participated in full development cycle from development to test then production, and interfaced with developers, testers and end users in coding, data migration, change control, user requests and integration
  • Mentored junior DBAs and non technical personnel
  • Performed DBA day-to-day operations and activities related to database management, daily routine in every aspect for production, QA and development, and provided 24x7 DBA support (including expiration weekend) through weekly rotation

May 2004 - May 2006 Confidential, Stamford, CT
Database Administrator (full time)

  • Evaluated Oracle/SQL Server features and Oracle/SQL Server related products and provided a strategic database direction for the organization; analyzed software requirements to develop technical design specifications; participated in structured technical and functional walkthroughs of specifications and programming logic with project team members
  • Performed design, installation, configuration and migration and maintenance of Oracle 8i/9i/10g databases, SQL server as well as related products on Sun Solaris, Linux and window OS
  • Coded and performed unit and integration test of software to ensure proper and efficient execution as well as compliance to the business and technical requirements
  • Managed and maintained database design as it pertains to external storage (EMC)
  • Implemented, maintained database security and kept compliance with SOX in terms of auditing and security
  • Analyzed, developed and implemented comprehensive disaster recovery (DR), data guard/standby databases, backup and recovery strategies; performed backup and DR of databases using RMAN and Veritas Netbackup
  • Performed database/application tuning and performance monitoring using OEM AWR, ADDM, sql scripts and os utilities
  • Implemented schema data refresh with exp/imp, stream replication, transportable tablespace and RMAN duplicate
  • Set up, maintained and updated documentation and standards, and performed database change management with Remedy
  • Interfaced with Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, Veritas, PeopleSoft and Ascential for technical supports
  • Performed data migration between SQL servers using DTS
  • Participated in a full life cycle from development to test then production of BI project in terms of design and architecture
  • Participated, implemented and migrated PeopleSoft Enterprise One Financial, Sales Order and HR/Payroll modules
  • Participated business requirement analysis and performed data modeling (logical and physical design) for data warehouse using ERWin; installed and configured PeopleSoft application thus created star schema with dimension and fact tables
  • Identified and documented ETL best practices; created, updated and maintained an overall ETL process using Ascential DataStage: DataStage Administrator, DataStage Manager, DataStage Designer and DataStage Director
  • Created Server Jobs and sequences using DataStage Designer with features of Job Routines, Transformers, ODBC, Sequential Files, Hash Files, Job Parameters, Surrogated Keys, Shared Container
  • Worked with the Finance, Merchandising and Purchasing departments to provide database support
  • Provided 24 x 7 production support of databases with assumed DBA responsibilities and support of PeopleSoft Enterprise One application running on a Sun/Oracle platform, and support of Ascential ETL process
  • Migrated 9i databases to linux os and initiated oracle 10g RAC on linux project

Oct. 2003 - Jan. 2004 Confidential, Stamford, CT

Oracle DBA Consultant (contract)
  • Installed and configured Oracle software on HP-UX 11.x/10.x
  • Created and configured Oracle 9i databases and implemented RMAN backup/recovery with IBM Tivoli Server Manager
  • Upgraded of approximately 30 databases from Oracle 8.1.7 to Oracle 9i, consolidated multiple production databases
  • Configured, maintained and upgraded standby databases/Data Guard
  • Supported databases for applications: PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials, Delphian Rainbow Smartware, Documentum, Oracle Clinical, SAP, Magic Solution, SAS, Ascential, Cognos and Citrix
  • Created partitioned tables and indexes and set up process of transportable tablespace for data warehouse
  • Maintained batch processes for data warehouse and performed trouble shooting for batch processes
  • Checked Big Brother/OEM and performed preventive maintenance on all databases based alerts
  • Extensively used OEM, Big Brother, SQL scripts to manage, maintain, monitor and perform tuning of multiple databases
  • Maintained Oracle Names with Oracle Names servers and Oracle Net manager and progressing to OID
  • Performed trouble shooting for any development, test and production issues and handled all incidents
  • Configured Oracle advanced replication

Nov. 2000 - Oct. 2003 Confidential, New York/Stamford, CT
Oracle DBA (full time)

  • Participated in various architectural design and decision making on new application, projects related to DBA function and capacity planning such as establishment of standards and procedures, database tools, evaluation/analysis and
  • Performed installation, configuration and migration/upgrade of Oracle 8i/9i databases on Sun Solaris, Linux and managed space, security and user access control, configured Standby/Data guard databases and Oracle advanced replication
  • Applied patches, coordinated with Oracle support for resolving TARs without compromising performance and down time
  • Evaluated HP OpenView, involved in HP OpenView NNM configuration on SNMP agent
  • Participated, planned, designed and implemented high availability databases in VCS Clustered Unix environment
  • Participated in EMC Clariion implementation for OLTP and data warehouse databases and conducted plan and implementation of database physical configuration on EMC
  • Analyzed and developed comprehensive backup and recovery strategies for databases of development, Q/A and production environments, performed backup and disaster recovery of databases using RMAN and Veritas Netbackup
  • Developed performance monitoring scripts and performed database monitoring with OEM or Big Brother to administrate and/or monitor database with job scheduling and event monitoring, configured and performed auditing
  • Performed performance tuning of Oracle databases and application using oradebug, trace, tkprof, Explain Plan and Lecco SQLExpert tool, as well as unix utilities top, vmstat, iostat and sar
  • Participated in full development cycle from development to test then production and interfaced with developers and testers in coding, data migration, change control, user requests and integration using extensive shell script, Java and PL/SQL
  • Wrote java program in Oracle JVM to dynamically copy oracle objects - images into file system
  • Participated business requirement analysis and performed data modeling (logical and physical ) for data warehouse
  • Implemented OLTP schema, re-organization using locally managed tablespaces, online index rebuild
  • Created, implemented star schema with dimension and fact tables, partitioned tables, bitmap indexes, views, set up procedure for transportable tablespace and support of data warehouse using Epiphany tool, PL/SQL and Crystal Reports
  • Installed and configured data mart with ETL tool Epiphany on unix and window environments, developed a genetic ETL process for data migration between OLTP and DW using SQL*Loader, trigger, PL/SQL package and shell
  • Set up staging area and implemented an automated loading process with shell, ftp, SQL and exp/imp to load vendor data
  • Developed and supported reports for marketing and customer service departments using PL/SQL and Crystal Reports
  • Supported finance department with Oracle Financials and QuickBooks on GL, AP and AR
  • Provided 24 x 7 production support with assumed DBA responsibilities and emergency problem solutions

Jan. 2000 - Nov. 2000 Confidential, New York, NY

DBA/Unix System Administrator (full time)

  • Facilitated informational, status and technical review of projects and provided input for physical design
  • Evaluated oracle features and related products, specified all hardware, planned, installed, configured and upgraded OS, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas Cluster Server and Veritas NetBackup
  • Implemented Unix administrative tasks like creation of volume groups, allocating disks, creating file systems, groups, users
  • Provided DBA supports for Oracle, DB2 UDB and MS SQL2000 (including cluster) and Unix administration, such as installed, configured and upgraded software, did performance tuning of databases, applications, and system kernel parameters, maintained database storage, user accounts, security, integrity, connectivity of sqlnet, tnsnames and memory management, tape library maintenance
  • Installed and configured Oracle applications servers, installed and configured Vignette software on database servers
  • Analyzed and developed comprehensive backup and recovery strategies for databases using RMAN and Veritas Netbackup and disaster recovery planning, performed cold and hot backup, and full database recoveries, installed and configured hot backup with Veritas NetBackup for Oracle databases, administered backups on more 100 databases, clients and servers
  • Performed database administration, monitored and tuned databases and troubleshooting for customers based on SLA
  • Performed bulk data loading using SQL*Loader, Import/Export utilities
  • Provided technical support to 24 x 7 operation
  • Performed knowledge transfer to existing DBAs and SAs and mentored junior DBAs

Computer Languages:
SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Shell, C/C++, Java, Perl, VB 5.0/6.0, Pascal
Sun blade T6320, T5240, X6220 etc, Sun E6500/4500/450/220, HP9000-800, NeXT, NT, PC, EMC Clariion, NetApp, XP256
Operating System:
UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX 11.x/10.x/9.x, IBM AIX 5L and RedHat Linux), WinXP/2000/NT/98/95, X/VAX/VMS, MacOS
Web/Internet Technology
HTTP, FTP, HTML, XML, WebLogic, Tomcat, Apache, CGI, TCP/IP
Software Tools:
Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/8/7.3.4, PeopleSoft Enterprise One (formerly JD Edwards OneWorld), Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), OEM Grid Control, Oracle Network Manager, DB-Artisan, Oracle Server Manager, SQL*DBA, RMAN, SQL*Loader, export/Import, expdp/impdp, Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Oracle Names, SQL*Net/Net8, Pro*C, Developer/2000, Oracle Forms/Reports/Graphics, Oracle Application Express (Apex)/Oracle HTMLDB Apps, Oracle RAC on linux/solaris/ASM, Oracle Stream, standby/data guard, AppWorx, Quest SQL Navigator, Quest Foglight, Sql Developer, Lecco SQL Expert, Epiphany Suite, Ascential DataStage 7.x , Lawson, QuickBooks, SAS, Crystal Reports, DB2 UDB, MS SQL 2008/2005/2000, Access/Excel, CorelDraw, Visio, AT & T Tuxedo, Vignette, Veritas Netbackup, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Tivoli Data Protection (TDPO) and virtual tape library (VTL), HP-Open View, Big Brother, Nagios, ERWin, ER Studio, SAN, Pc Anywhere, StarTeam, CVS, Magic Solution, Remedy, Putty, Algo (formerly Sentry), Citrix, autosys, Tidal, crontab


M.Sc. Computer Sciences

Ph.D. Biology

B.Sc. Biology

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