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Sr. Oracle Apps Dba Resume

New, YorK

About 8 years of experience in project design, implementation & delivery for oracle E-Business Suite implementations, upgrades, Migrations, Multi-node setup, cloning, and RAC/Data guard on HP-UX/Linux/Solaris/win2k3.

Experience Summary:

  • Specialized in Oracle Application 11i and 10g Database Administration, on HP-UX/Linux/Solaris/Windows
  • Experience and proficient with Oracle E-Business suite 11.5.10 CU2, and 10R2 Database in Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux AS. 4 and 5
  • Served as an Oracle Applications DBA for 4 clients. Responsible for installation, staging, upgrades, patches, TAR support, database tuning, CM administration, cloning and Oracle Apps SYSADMIN functions
  • Duties included database creation, database tuning/reorganization, SQL statement tuning, developer/integrator relations, script development, documentation and training to users
  • Oracle Applications modules installed include Oracle Financials - AP, GL, AR, FA, HRMS, Cash Management, iExpenses, project costing, workflow, Discoverer10g
  • Experience in Cloning/upgradation of Database and Application of
  • Maintaining and monitoring the file systems and performance tuning of Linux servers and Netapp storage
  • Applying the Security patches and doing all the change management
  • A Disaster Recovery Plan using Oracle Data Guard to a remote site and troubleshoot
  • Oracle Database backups using both online and offline methods using Netapps Snap Clone and Snap Mirror Database refreshes using methods of data file copy, RMAN, and Datapump
  • Proficient in Tools & Utilities: (Datapump, Export & import, SQL* Loader, PL/SQL, OEM, SQL Navigator, Toad
  • Experience in Netapp Storage concepts on 11i Oracle Apps/ Oracle10g DB
  • Proficient in networking DNS, NFS, NAS, TCP/IP & daemons and Oracle Net Architecture
  • Implement RAC 10g on Linux, RAC Setup & Installation, Administration, Backup & Recovery in RAC using RMAN
  • Designing & Developing of custom applications, SQL tuning, Instance Tuning, statspack TKPROF, AWR, ADDM, Security, Using Indexes
  • Support MS-SQL 2000 server for development server


  • ERP : Oracle, R12
  • RDBMS: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, MY-SQL, MS-SQL 2000
  • Operating Systems: HP-UX, Sun Solaris, RHEL 4.0, 5.0 , AIX, Windows 2000/NT/XP
  • Tools : TOAD, OAM , OEM , RMAN, Datapump
  • Scripting: Shell Scripting, SQL, PL/SQL Programming, Perl DBI


Client:& Confidential, New York, USA& Oct 07 - Current.
Role Sr. Oracle Apps DBA


  • Working as Oracle 11i EBS consultant, Responsible for 11i Installation and Maintenance of Production Server on Linux 64 bit
  • Responsible for installation, AD Administration, Controller and patching administration, Cloning, upgrades, Database growth
  • Maintaining Financials (AP, AR, GL, PA etc).
  • Cloning of Production server to Test server and maintaining total 18 server including Training Test server, Training Server.
  • Installation and upgradation of Discoverer 10g from to
  • Implement and support multi-language setups in system
  • Upgrading database patches from to, AD patch, autoconfig patch, Rapid clone patch
  • Cloning of Database and Applications as per functional requirements
  • Good experience in Unix shell/perl/ scripting
  • Resolving system errors, disk space problems, huge file size errors
  • Database reorganization & partitioning of tables
  • New Setup from scratch & support for Oracle 10g RAC, Total 4 Clusters development databases on Linux, migration from single Instance into RAC- ASM.
  • Daily Netapp and RMAN backup for the production instances
  • Maintaining 2TB data for the 10 applications
  • Doing planned disaster recovery test cases
  • Created and configured custom top for custom applications
  • Create and maintain Development & Test Server environments for various teams
  • Monitoring Database with Scripts, performance tuning with SQL tuning, resolving issue with performance of the production and Test servers.
  • Maintaining Documentation for the patches of Application and Database.
  • Issues resolving for Concurrent Managers, forms, web servers and setting printers.
  • Moving rdf from Test server to production server (PER, PO, INV, AP).
  • Maintain snapshots information, running Autoconfig on Application and Database.


  • Upgradation of Oracle E-Business Database from to
  • Migration of Oracle E-Business 11.5.10 CU2 and from HP-UX (11.11) to Linux (4.8)
  • Upgradation of Database from to for 10 Applications
  • Upgradation of Discoverer 10g from to
  • Migration of database for custom applications from HP-UX to Linux
  • Implementation of Shared APPL_TOP and RADWARE for Application Load Balancing
  • Supported Development team during the migration of Order Management module(Billing) from SAP to Oracle E-Business
  • Supported Development team during the Implementation of Project Accounting module
  • Supported Development team during the MLS(Dutch/French/Portuguese) Implementation
  • Applying Quarterly CPU patches
  • Upgradation of Technology stack from RUP5 to RUP7

Client:& Confidential, Oregon, USA& Mar 07 - Oct 07
Role - Oracle Apps DBA


  • Worked as Consultant oracle Apps DBA, Responsible for maintenance, Cloning, upgrades for Oracle E-Business 11i Applications
  • AD Administration, Controller and patching administration.
  • Work with Middleware under Oracle Application server (Discover 10g, Forms, Reports)
  • Create Development & Test Server, TAR support, database tuning, concurrent manager administration. Multi-node setup for the development/test.
  • Build development instances from multi node to single node
  • Maintain standby databases using replication utility named Data Guard
  • Cloning and Oracle Apps SYSADMIN functions, database creation, database tuning/reorganization, SQL statement tuning
  • Regeneration of Oracle Forms and Reports and relinking Oracle applications programs
  • Upgrades/Patching database and system based on Development/Operations request.
  • Creation and tuning of Concurrent Mangers
  • Managing the concurrent managers and its operations like starting and stopping the concurrent managers, re-schedule the requests, purging the concurrent requests historical data, tuning of concurrent managers and monitoring the concurrent manager operations
  • Handling database alerts regarding tablespace and filled mount point information
  • Table partitioning to improve I/O access
  • Enforce Database Security by Managing user privileges and efficient resource management by assigning profiles to users
  • Oracle Easy*Net and Net8 implementation and troubleshooting
  • Providing technical assistance to technical team
  • Database support for legacy applications running in MS-SQL server 2000
  • Developed shell scripts and PL/SQL procedures and scheduled cron Jobs to monitor the database performance and for user management


  • Upgradation of Oracle E-Business Database from to
  • Upgradation of Database from to for 4 Custom Applications
  • Implementation of Standby and DR sites for Database using Data Guard
  • Applying Quarterly CPU patches
  • Upgradation of Technology stack from RUP3 to RUP5

Client:& Confidential, Hyderabad, IndiaAug 06 - Feb 07
Role: Oracle Apps DBA


  • Formulation and enforcement of Oracle database software install standards
  • Certification of 11.5.10 Oracle Applications with database on Linux/Solaris/HP-UX/TRU 64 operating systems
  • Oracle E-Business Suite 11i installation in single node and multi node setup
  • Implement, maintain, document and control the overall production database in a multi-location environment
  • Performing Oracle E-Business Suite Patch administration, review, testing, deployment
  • Export and Import of database using 10g utilities like expdp/impdp
  • Setting up split configuration for Application tier and Database tier
  • Troubleshoot problems with web server, web listener, forms server, and concurrent managers and database
  • Configuration of Native Compilation (NCOMP) to improve the applications performance
  • Doing planned disaster recovery test cases
  • Patch Management and documenting patches applied on instances
  • Troubleshooting ADPATCH, ADADMIN, Cloning errors, Concurrent Manager and Apache server
  • Oracle Easy*Net and Net8 implementation and troubleshooting
  • Performed cloning of an Oracle 11i application across multiple environments, extensive Oracle RBDMS skills, working with Oracle product sets.
  • Oracle Application upgrades, patches using various AD utilities
  • Good experience in Unix shell scripts
  • Resolving system errors, disk space problems, huge file size errors.
  • Involved and attended several knowledge transfer sessions on database administration, architecture, new features and maintenance process


  • Setting up split configuration for Oracle 11i E-Business Applications
  • Upgradation of Database from to for 10 Applications
  • Implementation of Shared APPL_TOP
  • Implementation of Standby and DR sites for Database using Data Guard

Client:& Confidential, India& Jun 04 July 06& Role - Oracle DBA/Oracle Apps DBA


  • Managed Oracle Application 11i E-Business suite 11.5.9
  • Administration, Installation, Cloning, upgrades and Performance tuning exercise with system administrators and Departmental Architects
  • Application development support and coordinating with application developers
  • Plan and implement the backup and recovery procedures for the Oracle applications systems
  • Maintain standby databases using replication utility named Data Guard
  • Generate stats for database/Schemas/Tables to improve the performance
  • Developed and implemented utilities/scripts, which automated several DBA functions like Full/part of database backup process and Stats collection process
  • Database reorganization & partitioning of tables
  • Implemented various Database Backup Strategies like export-import backups, hot and cold backups and RMAN backups
  • Work closely with all functional groups to assure a smooth implementation and to insure compliance with all corporate adopted system standards and directions
  • Creation of table spaces & segment space management
  • Creating and assigning appropriate roles and privileges to users depending on the user activity.
  • Technical presentations on Oracle database operation (to colleagues)
  • Active participant in daily and weekend activities and Possess excellent analytical, logical reasoning skills
  • Checking for errors in alert logs and trace files
  • Advising developers on Oracle database topics
  • Apply database and applications patches


  • Implementation of Standby and DR sites for Database using Data Guard
  • Applying Quarterly CPU patches

Project: Marketing Mailing List Generation
Environment: Solaris, Shell Scripting, Pl/SQL & Oracle


  • Generating client user lists for sending the marketing mails and third-Party marketing mails
  • Involved in gathering the requirements by talking to the user group and translated user requirements into data flows, detail technical specifications and database requirements.
  • Prepared a database design document based on the functional and technical specifications
  • Prepared the user interface document and technical document based on the Functional specifications and current system.
  • Written Shell scripts for automating the process of list generation which intern connects to database using Perl DBI and runs the designed Sql statements then closes the db connection

Client: Confidential, India& Jun 03 May 04
Role Jr. Oracle Consultant


  • Installation/creation of 9i Databases on Linux
  • Monitoring the servers for CPU usage & take corrective actions
  • Creation of development database manually and using DBCA, sizing of SGA
  • Creation of database tables, setting storage & usage parameters for database objects
  • Maintained Development databases and Test databases
  • Performing backup/recovery procedure for oracle database including hot and cold backup
  • Monitoring the Database (Space, Memory) using Oracle Enterprise Manager and maintenance of archive redo log files
  • Creating and assigning appropriate roles and privileges to users depending on the user activity
  • Checking for errors in alert logs and trace files
  • Generating Trace files & Tkprof & Analyze them for Errors or Performance Reasons
  • Troubleshooting includes tablespace extension, login issues, session issues, long running requests

Academic Project: Confidential,
Environment: Windows&
Language: C++&
Team Size: Three


  • As team leader, responsible for planning, designing, coding and testing of the project
  • During planning phase, responsible for analyzing the feasibility and time constraints of the project
  • During designing and coding phases, responsible for coordinating the team, providing their requirements and contributed in coding
  • During testing phase, responsible to make sure that all the requirements are met.
  • This traffic control system is designed to overcome the difficulties present in the existing traffic control system.
  • Software will be used with a Hardware circuit, which controls the traffic signals automatically based on the sensor signals
  • The RTTC senses the traffic at a Four-road junction and according to the density of the traffic it will give the signals automatically from the controller


  • Bachelor of engineering in Information Technology

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