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Oracle Database Administrator Resume


Professional Summary:

7+ years of experience as an Oracle Database Administrator on various flavors of UNIX (SUN SOLARIS, HP-UX, IBM-AIX), LINUX(RHEL, CENT-OS), Windows NT(5.0/2000/2003) with Oracle(8i, 9i, 10g, 11g) 10g RAC, Data Guard, Streams, Automatic Storage Management, Proactive Database Maintenance and Performance Tuning, Performance monitoring and troubleshooting, Backup and Recovery, User Management and Security, Space Management, Upgrading, Patching, Installation and Configuration.

  • Excellent experience in Installing / Configuring / Maintaining RAC, Data guard, Physical / Logical Standby environments.
  • Installed and configured Oracle 10g RAC using ASM on 2 node Redhat Linux. Supported and managed Oracle10gReal Application Clusters (RAC) environment.
  • Installation & Configuration of the Grid Control, Enterprise Manager.
  • Implement RMAN backup (Full, incremental and cumulative) and recovery, Incomplete recovery and disaster recovery using Standby database or Data Guard.
  • Good experience in resolving several complex recovery scenarios (including RMAN) for mission critical production databases (OLTP and OLAP).
  • 24*7 production database support with Support to developers & end-users.
  • Implemented ORACLE STREAMS, and two types of standby databases supported by Data Guard, logical standby and physical standby databases.
  • Strong configuration and troubleshooting skills in RAC with ASM.
  • Extensively involved in writing SQL queries, PL/SQL programs, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, creating Tables, Views and Indexes.
  • Management of schemas, objects & Partitioning of tables & indexes.
  • Good experience in Performance Tuning reading statspack / awr reports, analyzing the Execution Plans, analyzing the sqltrace (10046)/systemstate / process state dumps.
  • Strong exposure as Oracle Database Migration / Upgrade Specialist and involved in up gradation of more than 20 Databases each sizing at least 500GB from 8i/9i to 10g/11g.
  • Duplicating of databases using scripts as well as with RMAN.
  • Reorganization of database to remove row migrations and fragmentation.
  • Installing and configuring ASM on 10g / 11g Environments.
  • Experience in working with Production and Development environments.
  • Extensive knowledge on database backup/recovery strategy ( RMAN, VERITAS Net Backup, Import/Export & Datapump, Capacity Planning, Replication (Streams) standby databases using Netapp filer/Snap Mirror, Shareplex, Oracle configuration management, Data Guard, Database cloning, refresh and patch management.
  • Solid expertise in third party supporting software likes TOAD, DB Artisan.
  • Experience in working with data modeling tools Erwin, Visio, and Model Mart.
  • Excellent experience in Database tuning, Application tuning, SQL statement tuning and system tuning using Unix system monitoring utilities and Oracle supplied tools like ESTAT/BSTAT, STATSPACK, TKPROF, analysis of fixed views and ratio analysis.
  • Implemented enterprise databases on enterprise Storage Solutions using Storage area Networks (SAN) / Network Attached Storage (NAS).
  • Recommended strategies for Disaster Recovery & Security Management, Documentation.
  • Developed UNIX Shell scripts for day-to-day database administration tasks that include various Cron jobs for alert logs and performance, Backups, Restores and Recoverability.
  • Highly motivated, self-starter, detail oriented, able to work independently and collaboratively within a diverse technical team.
  • Excellent communicational skills, analytical, investigative and problem solving capabilities.

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems : HP-UX 10.x, 11.x, Sun Solaris 2.x, AIX 5.x, Sco-Unix, Red Hat Enterprise Linux
2.1, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, Cent-OS, Windows NT RDBMS: ORACLE 8i/9i/10g/11g, MS
SQL 2005/2008.
Admin Tools : Oracle Server Manager, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Oracle Utilities
(Import/Export, Data pump), TOAD, RMAN, LSNRCTL, DBVerify, SQL Lab
(Quest Software), DBArtisan, Oracle Fail Safe, UTL B/E STAT, Explain Plan,
Monitoring Tools : BMC Patrol for Oracle, BMC Patrol for UNIX (Perform & Predict).
Case Tools : Oracle Designer 2000, Erwin, Synthesis, Relational Designer, Turbo Analyst.
Programming : SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Script, Perl, C, Java.

Professional Experience:

Confidential, Florida Feb 08 - Till Date
Role: Senior Oracle Database Administrator


  • Install, Upgrade, Configure Oracle (9i, 10g, 11g) for new projects and troubleshooting for existing projects
  • Created RAC Database instances according to the Bunch & Associates standards. Quality Assurance with the Installation and Operational Qualifications (IQ/OQ). Commissioning and verification of oracle environments.
  • Member of the DBA team involved in providing 24*7 support for production and development database
  • Implemented Data Guard for the production databases.
  • Apply patches to upgrade Oracle Server from to and to in AIX, UX and Windows servers
  • Proactive capacity planning for the production databases
  • Observe daily alert logs and react to the errors and warnings accordingly
  • Configure Oracle Enterprise Manage Grid Control for maintaining the databases.
  • Performed Database Reorganization regularly to remove row migrations and fragmentation using export and import utilities.
  • Duplicating databases using scripts as well as RMAN. Installation, setup and configuration of Data Guard
  • Work with the development team to implement the PL/SQL procedures and DDL scripting which was created for the production environment.
  • Use Oracle 10g AWR & ADDM to monitor database activities and performance tuning.
  • Backup and recovery using RMAN. Cloning and refreshing the UAT and development databases using RMAN.
  • Configure ASM and handle the issues raised. Suggest feasible workarounds for ASM Metadata corruption.
  • Test backup/restore procedures and Disaster recovery procedures for production databases using standard IQ/OQ using RMAN and Tivoli Media Management System(TMS).
  • Performance issue tracking and solution making using Statspack. Explain plan used to diagnose the long running queries, tuning applied if it required.
  • Using Toad to do DB design and monitoring the databases.
  • Management of schemas, objects & Partitioning of tables & indexes.
  • Installed OID to secure databases in the production, testing and development.
  • Shell script to monitor the database and deploy the development environment through batch process.
  • Migrated databases from Solaris to AIX and check the performance issue after the migration.
  • Change request Procedure followed to do changes in the production database and document the changes for the reference.

Environment: Windows NT and Red hat Linux 3/4/5,Oracle 9i/10g/11g,TOAD 9.0, Real Application Clusters, Database Tools/Utilities, Enterprise Manager, SFTP, TKPROF, Explain plan, STATSPACK, DBVerify, SQL Navigator 4.5, ERWIN 4.x, DBArtisan, Bugzilla and Autotask, Visual Source Safe.

Confidential, North Carolina Jun 06 - Jan 08
Role: Oracle Database Administrator


  • Review of Database logical and Physical design.
  • Installation, up gradation and maintenance of Oracle databases on Linux, Sun Solaris and HP-UX.
  • Database monitoring and performance tuning using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) and STATSPACK.
  • Installed RAC on Oracle 10g and worked on ASM feature with EMC Storage of Oracle.
  • Application Tuning by tuning queries, identifying problematic code, creation of indexes, re-writing queries using an optimized path, Creation of Materialized Views and gathering necessary statistics on objects etc.
  • Working knowledge in Oracle Advanced Security features like TDE (Transparent Data Encryption), Data Vault and Audit Vault.
  • Implemented Database Security, Management of role-based security
  • Database Restore using RMAN, Cold Backup, Export and Flash Recovery.
  • Applying PSU/CPU patches, Oracle patches, Release upgrades, ONE-OFF patches.
  • Configuration, maintenance and tuning of Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g RAC
  • Performed day-to-day database administration tasks like Tablespace usage, checking alert log, trace files, monitoring disk usage, analyze jobs, database backup logs etc.
  • Analysis and management of Oracle problems using SRs or Metalink with Oracle Corporation.
  • Written and modified UNIX shell scripts to manage Oracle environment.
  • Problem analysis involving dependencies between UNIX and Oracle.
  • Production support for Oracle running on UNIX.
  • On-Call 24*7 DBA support for production databases.
  • Data Migration as part of enterprise data warehouse project.
  • Automatic Diagnostic package (ADDM, AWR) and automatic tuning package (SQL access advisor) for Performance tuning of Queries.
  • Extensive Performance Tuning, Memory (SGA) Tuning, RAC tuning, net backup, EMC (Time finder and SRDF), RAID, RAW Devices.
  • Duplicating databases using scripts as well as RMAN. Installation, setup and configuration of Data Guard.
  • Security and User Management, Privileges, Roles, Auditing, Profiling, Authentication

Environment: Windows NT and Red hat Linux 3/4/5,Oracle 9i/10g, TOAD 9.0, Real Application Clusters, Database Tools/Utilities, Enterprise Manager, SFTP, TKPROF, Explain plan, STATSPACK, DBVerify, SQL Navigator 4.5, ERWIN 4.x, DBArtisan, Bugzilla and Autotask, Visual Source Safe.

Confidential, Mumbai, India May 05 - May 06
Role: Junior Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installation, up gradation and Configuration of Oracle 8i, 9i.
  • Installed and created 9i databases and OEM.
  • Involved in designing of disaster recovery using Data Guard, High Availability using RAC.
  • Daily Schemas refresh using Export/Import from prod to test and vice - versa, Creating the database, table spaces re-organizing the datafiles, tables, indexes, settings privileges and user logins
  • Configuration, maintenance and tuning of Oracle 9i RAC.
  • Installing and configuring Recovery Manager (RMAN) and Flash Recovery.
  • Oracle Installation, Upgrades and creating RAC Database instances according to the SSS Standards.
  • Automated the nightly RMAN backups for the Production and Test Databases in Crontab.
  • Writing and modifying UNIX shell scripts, Perl scripts to manage Oracle environments and for Backend Oracle Processes.
  • Date-warehouse: Developed SQL*PLUS & PL/SQL scripts for Extraction, Transporting & Transforming data from Production databases to Data Warehouse Databases.
  • SQL tuning and Database performance tuning has been done based on reports generated by SQL Trace, TKPROF Reports, Statspack, Explain Plans and monitor the database performance on daily basis.
  • Performance tuning and diagnosing DBMS and individual Production databases.
  • Planning Backup/Restoration Strategy, Planning and scheduling Backups, taking Logical Backups (with Export/Import Data pump utilities).
  • Creating & Managing Database Structures, Storage Allocations, Table/Index segments, Rollback segments, Constraints, Database Access, Roles and Privileges.
  • Timing of Database Disaster Recovery & Restoration
  • Creating and Scheduling Oracle Backend Process Jobs in Crontab.
  • Tuning Applications, Tuning Memory and Tuning Disk Usage.
  • Worked closely with the Oracle developers for the better performance in Applications in writing the Packages, Triggers, Mat Views and Indexes on the tables.
  • Recommended strategies for Disaster Recovery & Security Management, Documentation
  • Creating the Database Links.
  • Upgrading from 8i to 9i, 9i to 10g, migrating the databases to new Linux servers and upgrading the code from oldest version to the latest version using Visual Source Safe (VSS)
  • Worked with the Helpdesk and QA people on the tickets to fix the issues raised in the Bugzilla/Autotask.
  • Used Secure SCP & FTP Extensively for the File transfers from Local machines to remote servers.
  • Implementation of Oracle & Application Software Patches and maintaining SW License and maintenance agreements.

Environment: Windows NT and Red hat Linux 3/4/5, Oracle 9i/10g, Real Application Clusters, Database Tools/Utilities, Enterprise Manager, SFTP, TKPROF, Explain plan, STATSPACK, DBVerify, SQL Navigator 4.5, ERWIN 4.x, DBArtisan, Visual Source Safe.

Confidential, Hyderabad, India Jun 03 - Apr 05
Role: Junior Oracle Database Administrator


  • Worked with a team of DBA's that support troubleshooting, maintenance and monitoring of 24*7 database infrastructure in preproduction and production environments.
  • Performed simple Unix administration tasks
  • Performed Oracle database requirements as requested by development teams
  • Daily support to user requests
  • Participated on On-Call support rotation
  • Created and maintain operation procedures
  • Refresh preproduction environments from standby databases
  • Engaged with development teams
  • Installation, Configuration and maintenance of oracle and Microsoft SQL databases

Environment: Windows NT and Red hat Linux 3/4, Oracle 8i/9i, Database Tools/Utilities, Enterprise Manager.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

Professional Certifications:

Oracle Certified 10g Professional Database Administrator

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