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Oracle Resume

Jersey, CitY


  • Over 6+ years of experience in Information Technology field with extensive experience in ORACLE Database Administration,Application development and implementation.
  • Expertise in area of Oracle version 11g,10g,9i,8iand SQL Server 7.0/2000 on DEVELOPMENT.
  • Experience with Oracle 10g/9i/8i Installation, Administration, Monitoring, Performance Tuning, Database Backup and Recovery.
  • Thorough Knowledge of Programming thru Oracle Backend Procedures, Triggers, Constraints and 9ids.
  • Thorough knowledge in coding complex SQL and PL/SQL scripts.
  • Performing Bulk Inserts in database using SQL Loader.
  • Experienced in performance tuning of SQL scripts. Experienced in database application and full development life cycle (SDLC), analysis and implementation of new technologies, procedural & declarative code design and construction, performance tuning and the provision of twenty-four hour application support on version controlled environments.
  • Thorough knowledge of Oracle relational databases.
  • Possesses excellent communication skills, problem solving skills on any business issue and a good team player.

Oracle Certified Associate

Introduction to SQL for oracle 9i 11g oracle DBA and PL/SQL certification from AVTECH Institute Technical Skills


Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, SQL Server 2000/7.0, IBM DB2

Front End

9i Developer suite, Developer 6i (Forms, Reports & Graphics), Visual Basic

Oracle products

Oracle 10g/9i, Oracle WebDB, Oracle Portal & Oracle Migration Workbench, SQL*Loader, IMP/EXP


SQL, PL/SQL, Java, HTML, Unix Shell Scripting

O / S

UNIX, Linux, Windows

Microsoft products

MS Office 2000, Visual Basic.

Other Software

SQL developer, SQL Navigator, Toad, PVCS, Subversion, Sql Server ,Enterprise manager.

Academic Qualifications:

Bachelor of Engineering


Confidential, Jersey City April 2008 - current Oracle Developer

Environment : Sun Solaris 10
RDBMS : Oracle 10g


  • Installation and configuration of Oracle 10g server and creation of databases.
  • Implemented physical database design after sizing tables and indexes and creating tablespaces taking into account I/O load distribution.
  • Locally managed tablespaces were used which track all extent information in the tablespace itself. This results in improved performance as it eliminates recursive operations and reliance on Data dictionary.
  • Job Automating using PCS scheduling tool.
  • Understanding the requirements of the client and mapping it to the oracle tool.
  • Development of database objects to support the user .
  • Creating complex stored procedures and triggers and complex queries.
  • Also performed query tuning and optimization.
  • Using SQL loader to upload the data into temporary tables.
  • Writing system design documents (SDD).
  • In the process of up-gradation of the database, studying the older code and making changes to suit the newer 10g environment.
  • Test counting the database objects and data before and after migration.
  • Testing the forms and reports using the migrated client data.
  • Create Test Plans, Test Cases and perform unit and integration testing
  • Documentation of the code changes and various processes as per the company Format.

Confidential,NJ Aug 2005 - Aug 2006 Database Analyst

Environment : Sun Solaris 9,Linux
RDBMS : Oracle 9i


  • Created stored procedure to enable functionality to create database users, assign required privileges and assign object privileges from the Front End.
  • Migrating Client data from Excel (CSV) files to Production Oracle 9i Databases.
  • Used TKPROF, Explain plan and Toad to tune SQL and optimize queries
  • Involved in the development of stored procedures and Triggers by using PL/SQL at the database level to enforce business rules and integrate with Front End.
  • Created database by using 9i DBCA on Sun Solaris 9 Platform, Involved in logical and physical design. Created users, schema, tables, views, indexes & database triggers
  • Developed shell script to mail the output log file to the users who scheduled the job.
  • Performed a variety of tasks including SQL and PL/SQL programming, writing shell scripts for performing monthly data extractions.
  • Developed a generalized, table-driven, SQL script generator for producing data extraction scripts.

Confidential, CA Aug 03 - Feb04
Oracle Developer

Environment: Sun Solaris 2.7, Windows NT/2000, PVCS
RDBMS : Oracle 8i/8.0/Personal Oracle 7

A member of Phoenix America group involved in the project called as MARS (Marketing analysis and reporting sales). Using Oracle 8.1.7/8.0 as backend on Sun Solaris 2.7 server and Personal Oracle 7.0 on the client. The Mars application is setup with the Replication.

  • Importing large test data in the database using SQL*LOADER utility.
  • Developed procedures, Triggers and back end programs which are accessed from Front End MARS
  • .application.
  • Using SQL loader to upload the data into temporary tables.
  • Performing validation on the developed screens.

Ref: Furnished upon request.