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Oracle Dba Resume

Pune, IndiA

Specific Expertise:
Working in the IT industry since Nov 1988 and have over 19 Years of experience with the installing, administering and configuring Oracle RDBMS 11g/10g/9i/8i/8.0.x/7.x,/6.x and other Oracle products. I have extensive knowledge of Oracle database architecture and have designed databases for variety of applications. Also my experience includes the use of a vast array of related tools and operating systems as documented below. This knowledge and experience provides me with the ability to do advanced database design, tuning and provide robust backup and recovery solutions.

Objectives:. To gather the technology requirements and specifications from the clients, business partners, and design/configure/ enhance the databases products by closely working with the product development teams. Evaluate the existing new features and help the clients implement them to provide the business the leading edge. Study the new technologies, prepare the white papers and presentations and help clients successfully deploy cutting edge highly available architectures. Work with the sales team, participate the technical discussions and win more revenue/product references for Oracle Corporation

Master of Management Science
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Computer Technology

Professional Certification: Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i, 8 & 7 Certified DBA

Technical Expertise:

High Availability / DRP

Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Oracle 8i, Oracle 8, Oracle 7, Oracle 6
Oracle RAC, Data guard and Oracle Streams versions 10g and 9i.

Operating Systems

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 / 4.0 Sun Solaris 2.x , AIX 4.0 , HP-UX 10.20/11.0,Windows NT,


Sql*Plus, Oracle 10g Grid Control Enterprise Manager, Oracle Application Server J2EE, Web Cache, iAS, Oracle 9i Enterprise Manager, Quest Share Plex, Platinum EPM 3.1, HP - Glance Plus , Tivoli, Smart DBA/DB X-ray 3.x


Oracle Applications 11i, Oracle 9iAS, Avalon, Vantive, Clarify, Live Link

Other Skills

Understanding of Linux/Unix/NT System Administration and Networking requirements

Aug. 2009 - March 2011 Confidential, Pune India
Project: Lead the Offshore DBA Team in India
Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Built the team of 14 Oracle database administrators
  • Mentor the Oracle DBA team
  • Improve the stability of the Oracle databases at the US Client side
  • Proactively monitor and maintain the 100+ Oracle 10g and 11g databases
  • Direct the team on the database migrations from Oracle 9i to 10g or 11g
  • Establish the best practices for Oracle databases, define the policies and ensure the policies and standards are maintained
  • Automate the DBA tasks
  • Identify and remove the vulnerabilities in the database environments

Oct 2007 - April 2009 Sr. Principal Consultant, Confidential, North America Consulting

Project: Provide consulting service to Oracle Corporation's NAC clients.
Role & Responsibilities:

  • Installed and configured Oracle 11g /10g CRS, ASM and database software on Linux / Solaris / HP UX or Oracle Enterprise Linux Operating System.
  • Set up Oracle Streams, Indentified and resolved the issues with bi-directional streams configurations at the client set ups
  • Installed, configured and designed databases to run various OLTP applications, ERP Systems and data warehouse applications
  • Lead the migration project of migrating Oracle 9i / BaaN IV databases from HP UX 11 to Solaris 10 and Oracle 10gR2
  • Performed cross platform migrations of Oracle 9i Data warehouse database from AIX to Oracle 10g database running on Solaris 10 Server using cross platform transportable Tablespaces
  • Identified, tested, and certified the most efficient migration path of using Transportable Database for the OLTP databases which had over half million objects
  • Documented the process and trained the junior DBAs on the migration process.
  • Oversaw the migration of about 10 other databases and helped the team to succeed
  • Used RMAN to back / restore and duplicate the databases
  • Identified and resolved the performance issues at the client databases
  • Prepared and presented a power point presentation different technical matters (E.g. Transportable Database - TDB, Oracle Dataguard etc) to the internal group of consultants and external clients.

June 2002 - Oct 2007 Sr. Staff Oracle DBA Confidential, San Francisco, CA
Project: Production and Development Support for over 500 Oracle databases, sizing up to 7 TB
Role & Responsibilities:

  • Directed the DST Change project for the DBA team. Defined the strategy to role out the patch. Build the project team, coordinated the efforts with peer management such as application team management, SA management and the business management. The challenge is to role out the Oracle Patches on over 1700 database / SQL NET client servers completed 100% of the work in matter of weeks
  • Directed the design and managed the project to build robust infrastructure architecture for RMAN catalog databases, which is used by 150 Oracle production databases. Documented the catalog database usage strategy
  • Prepared and presented the DBMS roadmap, Standard Stack to 15 internal Business partners via a Brown Bag Event
  • Oversaw and directed the Oracle 10g database migration project and migrated 40% of the total ~ 500 databases to the new stack.
  • Directed the 10g Grid Control implementation project to manage, administer, monitor and tune Oracle databases. Turned the reactive management infrastructure into a proactive infrastructure. Overall result more stable systems and customer satisfaction
  • Attended the technical presentations/demonstrations from the vendors, evaluated the vendor products against the business needs and recommended the most efficient & cost effective solution. E.g. Oracle Streams Implementation for the replication needs, Quest Share Plex for the critical Migration project & Oracle Enterprise Manager for Infrastructure etc.
  • Installed and certified Oracle 10g R2 RAC on Linux/Solaris operating system using VERITAS (/Symantec's) SFRAC 4/x or 5.x
  • Prepared a step by step installation document for the 10g RAC on Linux operating system using SFRAC
  • Designed, Engineered and Implemented the Oracle HIGH AVAILABILITY databases using Data guard and Oracle 10g / 9i RAC databases for various applications such as DW / OLTP on RHEL 4.0, 64-bit and Solaris 2.9 OS
  • Performed the capacity planning for the databases and added nodes to the RAC databases to make the a 2 node RAC database a 4 node RAC database to accommodate the growing needs
  • Defined and maintained the standards for databases, encouraged team to maintain them.
  • Maintained the databases ranging from few GB up to 7 TB in size
  • Evaluated various tools for monitoring and administration tools and deployed Oracle 10g Grid Control
  • Evaluated Oracle database new features, industrializing them as per the business needs.
  • Proactively monitored the databases using tools and scripts.
  • Resolved any issues related to oracle by seeking Oracle support by creating SR as and when required.
  • Researched the Metalink for information to search for Bug/ Patches, Technical Documents etc..
  • 7x24 nature Support for 150+ Oracle Production Databases
  • Documenting the database usage, features and other tasks to simplify the process ease of maintenance.
  • Supporting over 500 Oracle Database sizing from few GBs to 7 Terra Bytes in various environments
  • Configured Oracle Streams between an Oracle 9i RAC and Oracle 10g RAC database to share the data
  • Maintained the internal website for the documentation and guidelines for the DBA Team

Environment: Solaris 2.x, AIX 4.0, Oracle 10g, 9i, 8i OEM, SQL BackTrack, Data Guard, RMAN

Dec. 2001 - Feb 2002 Confidential
Project : Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server Administration
Role & Responsibilities:

  • Understanding business process and IT infrastructure requirements.
  • Designing system architecture, Sizing the hardware servers, Net work architecture etc. for running Oracle Databases and Applications in Production 7x24 environment.
  • Designing the Oracle databases for applications.
  • Installation of Oracle Applications server 4.0.8.x, Oracle 9i Database Software.
  • Applying necessary patches to Oracle Applications and the Oracle Database.
  • Implementing hot backup. Exports and monitoring of the databases using the shell scripts.
  • Evaluating existing physical architecture and logical design.
  • Implementing the necessary modifications in database architecture for best possible performance.
  • Using Metalink for seeking high level Oracle Technical Support.

Environment: Solaris 2.7 Oracle Application Server 4.x, Oracle 9i, 8i, OEM 2.x

Feb 2000-Nov 2001: Confidential, San Diego CA USA

Database Administration
Project: Database / Application Administration for the Business & Manufacturing systems.
Role & Responsibilities:

  • Defining the system and Network architecture for implementing the ERP Systems.
  • Installing and upgrading of the Oracle 9i/8i/7.x release on the Solaris 2.x HP-UX 11.0 / HP-UX 10.20 operating systems.
  • Physical and Logical designing of the databases.
  • Creating the databases for various applications such as ERP, OLTP and DSS applications.
  • Installing of Oracle Applications 11.5.x (Release 11i.) in the Single node and multi node architecture using Rapidwiz on Sun Platform.
  • Defined and implemented the backup strategies for the databases.
  • Tested, configured and demonstrated the Oracle hot stand by database and Oracle Data Guard.
  • Checking for required patches on Metalink and applying required patch sets using adpatch.
  • Using Adpatch, adadmin, adctrl, adrelink etc. utilities to maintain & administer Oracle Applications.
  • Managing concurrent processing.
  • Managing and administering the Forms, Reports, HTTP (Apache) Servers and Concurrent Managers.
  • Configuring OEM2.x to monitor Oracle Applications 11i,Oracle 9i9iAS and other Oracle Databases
  • Creating / configuring the Hot Stand By Database in Oracle 8.1.7 And used Oracle Data Guard.
  • Migrating of the databases from 7.3.4 to 8.1.6 or 8.x to 9.0.1
  • Replicating data using Quest's Share Plex 2.1
  • Defining the backup strategy and implementing scripts to hot / cold backup and export of the databases through a cron job on the disk.
  • Using the system performance management tools such as GPM (Glance Plus) for checking the bottlenecks at the system level during the performance tuning.
  • Communicating with Oracle Tech Support.

Environment: Solaris 2.5/ 2.6 , HP 9000 HP-UX 10.20/11.0 Oracle Applications Release 11i, Oracle 9i,8i, 8.x ,7.x, OEM 2.x, SQL*PLUS, SQL*Net, Oracle 9iAS, Quest Share Plex2.1

Jun 98 - Feb. 2000: Confidential, San Diego CA, USA

Database Administration
Project: Database Administration for the shared systems group.
Role & Responsibilities:

  • Installing and upgrading the Oracle 7.X / 8.x software on the Solaris 2.6
  • Designing and creating the databases in various environments.
  • Migrating of the databases from 7.3.4 to 8.0.5
  • Managing archived log files on to the disk for emergency usage and moving the old files on to the tape.
  • Creating the users, roles and controlling the databases access.
  • Implementing the hot / cold backup and export backups of the databases on to the disk.
  • Performance monitoring and tuning of the databases and the applications.
  • Using the platinum EPM ( Enterprise Performance Management Console )
  • Supporting more than 25 databases in production in a 7x24 nature.
  • Installing / Upgrading of Clarify 6.x /5.x on the Solaris 2.x
  • Clarify Admin support for clarify databases
  • Communication with Oracle corporation and Clarify tech Support.

Environment: Solaris 2.5/ 2.6 , HP 9000 HP/UX 10.20 ,11.0 Oracle 8.x ,7.x, OEM 1.4, Svr*Mgr 2.3, SQL*PLUS, SQL*Net, Platinum EPM 3.1

Jan 98 - Jun 98 Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Database Administration

  • Project: Database Administration for production and pre production systems.
  • Role & Responsibilities:
  • Installing Oracle7 7.3.3 Server on HP-UX 10.20 /Windows NT 4.0
  • Creation of the databases
  • Administering and tuning the multiple database instances on a single server
  • Planning and implementing the backup/recovery strategy for the databases
  • Automating the Hot / Cold backups and/or export
  • User / Role creation and management.
  • Monitoring and management of storage space
  • Assisting the developers in SQL, SQL*Loader and other Oracle development work.
  • Managing the space within the database
  • Creating and maintaining the schemas

Environment: HP- 9000, HP/UX 10.20, Oracle 7.3, Svr*Mgr 2.3, SQL*PLUS, SQL*Net, Oracle
Enterprise Manager 1.3.5

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