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Oracle Dba Resume

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Arkansas, UsA


  • Over 7+ years of experience in full application life cycle development, testing and production in Information Technology - Software Industry
  • Experience with Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g on Unix & Windows operating systems
  • Experience with RMAN, OEM Grid control, Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), Data warehousing, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Data pump
  • Extensive DBA experience in supporting multiple instances of ORACLE database including Development, Reporting, Data Warehousing, User acceptance testing & Production.
  • Extensive knowledge of ORACLE Data Guard & Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Experience in backup/restore, disaster recovery using RMAN & OEM Grid Control
  • Experience in using data pump import/export utility of ORACLE
  • Worked on different technological Platforms, RAC, ASM, configured Data Guard for Standby Database, GRID Control.
  • Implemented Database replication, Data Guard,Materialized Views and Golden Gate
  • Extensive experience in daily batch and report monitoring, space management, index rebuilds, statistics collection and other Oracle housekeeping tasks
  • Implemented Oracle Streams and DataGaurd (logical standby and physical standby databases).
  • Developed database support processes and automated tasks through tools, PL/SQL and UNIX Shell Scripting. Oracle SQL*Net, SQL, PL/SQL, writing triggers, functions and PL/SQL procedures
  • Experience in Upgradation, Migration and Porting of Oracle Database and Application from standalone system to RAC environment
  • Data modeling and partitioning huge tables in centralized database
  • Involved in data model design and database development including PL/SQL stored procedures, functions
  • Installed and configured Grid Control to monitor RAC and Non RAC instances patched and upgraded the grid control to
  • Strong Oracle PL/SQL development background besides DBA skills
  • Experience in database security strategies by creating database users, user roles ,profiles and audits
  • Upgrading and Migrating Databases from lower versions(9i-10g) to higher versions(10g-11g) on AIX server.
  • Design and implement Backup and Recovery strategy and scripts in various scenarios while database is in Archivelog or Noarchivelog mode using different methods like export, import and data pump, Refreshing test and development databases, Monitoring, Trouble shooting & Tuning
  • Experience in analyzing database & rebuilding indexes to improve database performance
  • Implemented & monitored daily, weekly and monthly batch jobs in database
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning of Database, Application, System Global Area, I/O, Rollback segments using self developed scripts, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Spotlight on Oracle, Toad, Explain Plan, Tkprof, RDA, statspack, AWR, ADDM, ASH, ORADEBUG
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, Customer Service oriented with high values of customer satisfaction
  • Strong technical background and excellent interpersonal skills with an ability to interact with individuals at all levels.

Database: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, MS SQL Server
Operating system: Solaris 10/9/8, RedHat Linux, HP-UX PA-RISC ITANIUM, AIX, Windows NT, Windows 2000/2003/2008

Applications: Auto sys, ETL Informatica, Toad, PowerBuilder, Power Designer, Erwin, Rational Rose, BMC Patrol, Microsoft Office, Visual Basic Tools: SQL*PLUS, PUTTY, OEM Grid Control, RMAN, SQL* LOADER, Imp/Exp and Data pump. Languages:C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell scripting, PERL scripting

Web Development: XML, HTML, ASP, JSP
Web Servers: Weblogic, Apache Web Server


Confidential,Arkansas, USA Oct’09 – Till Date

Role: Sr. Oracle Database Administrator


  • 11gR2, 10gR2 Database installation and patching on AIX and Linux box.
  • Installed 11g and 10g RAC on system Test, Development and Production boxes.
  • Installed Grid control and configured agents on all remote databases
  • Tested Database Administration features like Status scripts, Startup/Shutdown, Backup/Recovery, Alert scripts, Maintenance scripts, Export Scripts Involved in design and implementation of Oracle Data guard
  • Involved in Backup, Restoration and Recovery strategy
  • Involved in design and implementation of database objects for many drug sampling projects
  • Monitoring and tuned daily Oracle database batch and reports by making available oracle resources
  • Created database security strategies by creating database users, user roles ,profiles and audits
  • Involved as an architect for Interfaces and extraction routine for electronic transfer of files from/to different pharmaceutical company using SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • Shell scripting for automated batch process
  • Perform tuning of databases based on analysis of utilities such as TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, etc.
  • Used data pump import/export utility of ORACLE to create other development and test databases
  • Implemented Hot, Cold and Logical backup plans
  • Implemented Golden Gate and DATAGUARD (logical standby and physical standby databases).
  • ASM to ASM cloning procedure development.
  • RAC production administration, lock monitoring and troubleshooting, package migration to production RAC database.
  • Production and Development support for an Oracle 10g database on AIX server.
  • Recovered critical databases from failures with minimum downtime
  • Responsible for setting and managing user accounts, Granting required privileges to users
  • Provided 24x7 on call production support for client

Environment: Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i RMAN, DataGuard, Shell Scripting, Toad, AIX, Solaris, Windows, Linux/Unix, SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL, PLSQL,SQL*LOADER, , AUTOSYS, TKPROF, OEM, RMAN, EXPLAIN PLAN

Confidential,Lansing, MI Mar’08 – Sep’09

Role: Sr. Oracle Database Administrator

  • Involved in design and implementation of Backup, Restoration and Recovery strategy using RMAN (level 0 and level 1 backup) and incremental updated backup
  • Database Backup and Recovery solutions including RMAN Hot and cold backups, data pump and export backups, and backup scripting.
  • Worked on Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for managing data in SAN.
  • Monitoring and tuned daily Oracle database batch and reports by making available oracle resources.
  • Involved in creating database maintenance plans, collecting statistic, rebuild/defrag indexes.
  • Involved in Oracle database upgrade from 9i to 10g on AIX server.
  • Involved in creating Production database replication/clones using RMAN/OEM to create development, reporting and user acceptance testing databases & their maintenance on different server.
  • Performed database and memory tuning using tools like STATSPACK, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, OPTIMIZER, AWR and SQL tuning advisor.
  • Performed database cloning to setup test and development database.
  • Identify and utilize new features like 10g RAC, Dataguard, Datapump, ASM, Advanced replication Streams.
  • Conducting sizing & capacity planning for Oracle databases.
  • Upgrading development and production databases to Oracle 10g.
  • Applied patches to Oracle Databases.
  • Provided support to Application Database Administrators in designing the database.
  • Planned, tested and implemented backup strategies using RMAN, Oracle Utilities (Export/Import) and OS methods.
  • Responsible for network configuration and involved in a Client –Server environment using TNS, LISTNER, Net Configuration Assistant and other configuration files.
  • Involved in Design and implementation of oracle 10g Data Guard both physical/logical standby databases.
  • Performed other regular DBA activities including space management and performance monitoring.
  • Involved in process improvement, Oracle Server Installations/Upgrade/Patches, Space Management, Capacity Planning, Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Database Performance Tuning, Memory Tuning, Application Tuning, Security Administration, Data Warehousing, Data Guard, Oracle Advanced Replication, Real Application Clusters, Oracle Standby
  • Upgraded and migrated databases from Oracle 9i to 10g
  • Created database security strategies by creating database users, user roles ,profiles and audits
  • Involved in the writing Interface and extraction routine for electronic transfer of files from/to different Bureaus on Oracle database using SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  • Created Oracle PL/SQL programs, Shell scripting for automated batch process.
  • Perform tuning of databases based on analysis of utilities such as TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, etc.
  • Used data pump import/exposure utility of ORACLE to create other development and test databases.

Environment: Oracle 9i, 10g, RMAN, Putty, Shell Scripting, Toad, PL/SQL Developer Windows, UNIX, AIX, IBM RS6000, TKPROF, VNB, AWR, OEM, TOAD

Confidential,Virginia, USA Jan’07 – Feb’08
Role: Oracle Database Administrator


  • Involved in development of different modules using Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Installed and configured Oracle (10g, 11g) RAC on RHEL 4/5 servers.
  • Created RAC databases using DBCA(GUI),silent mode, Manual scripts.
  • Migrated Terabytes of RAC/standalone databases from one data centre to another.
  • Reconfigured OCR as part of datacenter migration for many RAC systems.
  • Migrated several RAC systems to ASM.
  • Moved terabytes of database(ASM) from old SAN to new SAN frames.
  • Configured/scheduled RMAN backups for the newly created databases as well as for existing ones.
  • Tested and performed all kinds of backup and recovery strategies.
  • Installed/configured OEM Grid Control on Linux.
  • Upgraded existing grid control environment to 10205 from 10201.
  • Building up new environments on demand from Application teams.
  • Application Schema installation and deployments.
  • Involved in User Management, creation, monitoring and management of database users, altering passwords of users and granting and revoking System/object privileges, roles, auditing user actions in the database
  • Monitoring data files, archive log files space issues.
  • Added, maintained and dropped database schema objects.
  • Implemented database backups and disaster recovery strategies using RMAN.
  • Refreshing QA/ISE/STAGING environments on a regular basis using EXPDP
  • Database instance tuning such as tuning memory allocation, tuning I/O, tuning contention, tuning related to sorts and free lists and check points.
  • Improved the overall database by re-setting some of the key database parameters.
  • EXPLAIN PLAN AWR reports and ADDM reports for analyzing database performance.
  • Set trace session, get EXPLAIN PLAN and run TKPROF on trace file to identify SQL problems.
  • Perform general DBA tasks, such as user privileges, monitor space usage, set up database performance alerts and trouble shoot database related issues.
  • Utilized Oracle Streams to capture, propagate, and apply the transfer of data, transactions, and events within managed databases from legacy server to production server using Oracle Stream.
  • Configured physical standby database (Data guard) using RMAN.
  • Managed Dataguard using Dataguard broker.
  • Apply CPU patches/Interim patches on Test, UAT, DEV and PROD Databases.
  • Support application team to solve any issues in Production Environment.
  • 24x7 production support DBA working on a primary/ secondary pager rotation; and supported on holidays, weekends and beyond regular hours.

Environment: HP 11.1, RHEL AS4, RHEL AS5, Oracle 9i, 10g RAC, 11g RAC, RMAN, 10g OEM Grid, Service guard.

Confidential,India Mar’04 – Dec’06 Role: Oracle Database Administrator


  • Oracle Installation, patch application, migration of databases to newer releases of Oracle
  • Monitored server disk space, database performance, replication, backups and scheduled tasks.
  • Created and managed an Oracle 9i database/instance and rollback segments.
  • Set up and administered table spaces, data files, tables, indexes, views and sequences.
  • Configured and managed users, security and redo logs.
  • Performed backup and recovery for both hot and cold backups without using RMAN.
  • Creating primary database objects such as tables, views, sequences, triggers, and indexes.
  • Daily monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database to ensure that database resource such as tablespaces, memory configuration, sessions, archive files, etc, are in their proper status.
  • Performing backup and recovery procedures to include exporting and importing of the database.
  • Performed full, tablespace and datafile recoveries with the database open and closed.
  • Creating user accounts and appropriate privileges as well as maintaining database security.
  • Modifying the database structure, as necessary, to support activities of application developers.
  • Created Database storage structures Data Tablespace, Index Tablespace .
  • Created/Altered/Modified database objects.
  • Performed Physical backup (hot and cold) as well as Logical backup (Export/Import).
  • Proactively managed the databases; set up alarms for managing any exceptions in day to day management of the databases; pre-empted and prevented issues disasters from happening.

Environment: Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, Win NT/Unix, Sun Solaris, Toad, Forms & Reports


  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Oracle Certified Professional

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