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Oracle Dba Resume

New Jersey, NJ

Over 18 years US experience as an Oracle Apps (E-Business Suite) Database Administrator.

Extensive experience in the installation, implementation, and maintenance of
ORACLE RDBMS and ORACLE EBS (E Business Suite) Application systems in its full life cycle

Extensive experience in upgrading ORACLE RDBMS and ORACLE EBS(E- Business Suite) Applications from older versions to its most current releases.

Installation and maintenance of ORACLE RDBMS versions 6, 7.02, 7.05,
7.1.3, 7.1.4, 7.3.3, 7.3.4, 8.0.4, 8.0.5, 8.0.6, 8.1.7 (8i), 9i, 9i RAC, 10gr2,,, 11gR1 & 11gR2 (,, )

Installation and maintenance of ORACLE ERP Applications releases 9.4,
10.3, 10.5, 10.7, 11.02, 11.03, ORACLE E-Business Suite release 11.5.3,
11.5.6, 11.5.8, 11.5.9, 11.5.10 CU2, R12 (12.1.1 & 12.1.3 ) OAS 8i, 9i 10gAS ( 10.1.2 ), (10.1.2 ), (10.1.3 ), Oracle Discoverer, 11g Oracle Weblogic 10.1.3.x, Fusion Middleware 11.1.3.x,
( Oracle application servers which includes Oracle Developer 10i and
Oracle application server which includes Oracle HTTP server for EBS R12), Oracle Maintenance Wizard 2.19, Data Migration Assistant for
Unicode ( DMU )

Worked extensively on the ORACLE RDBMS and ORACLE EBS Apps on
Platforms such as HP-UX 9, 10, 11, Sun Solaris 2.5, 2.6, 7, 8, 9, 10, IBM
RS6000 AIX 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, Windows 2003, NT, Linux Red Hat EL 3,4,5.

Good working knowledge of Oracle DBA tools such as SQLPLUS, PLSQL,
SQLDBA, Oracle Enterprise Manager ( Grid Control ),
UTLESTAT/UTLBSTAT, Explain Plan, TKPROF, Shell Scripting,
EXPORT/IMPORT, TSReorg, ARIS Dfrag, Sqlloader, backup/recovery,
performance tuning.

Extensively involved in ERP Application Administration tools and Utilities
such as AOL, Concurrent Manager, ADPATCH, ADSPLICE, ADCTRL, ADADMIN, Sysadmin application responsibility functions,
Rapid Clone(cloning Oracle Apps r11Ii and r12),
and Application core DBA product problem resolution.

Confidential,Jan 2012 – Present
Senior Oracle Apps DBA ( consultant ) Jan 2012 - Present

  • performed data migration from WE8ISO8859P15 database characterset
  • to UTF8 then to AL32UTF8 using DMU ( Data Migration Assistant for
    Unicode ).

  • performed upgrade of Oracle Applications to Oracle
  • applications release 12.1.3 including patch bundle application to the tools middleware and applying the patchset to the 10G
    application server ( RHEL 5.7 platform )

  • supported functional and development personnel on all post upgrade
  • issues.

  • installed and configured Oracle Maintenance Wizard as the primary tool
  • for the Oracle Applications upgrade.

    Confidential,Oct 2010 – Dec 2011
    Senior Oracle Apps DBA ( consultant )

  • participated in the upgrade of Oracle EBS to R12.1.3
  • upgraded Oracle EBS database from to
  • installed and administered Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g
  • installed and administered Oracle Weblogic 10.1.3
  • maintained and administered existing Oracle EBS
  • administered existing OAS 10g standalone servers ( 10.1.2, 10.1.3 )
  • installed and administered Oracle Discoverer 11g
  • patch analyses and application on upgraded Oracle EBS 12.1.3
  • performed cloning for current EBS and upgraded R12 environments
  • provided support for Oracle SRs ( TAR ) submitted by functional and technical personel.

  • Confidential,Feb 2010 – Sept 2010
    Senior Oracle Applications DBA ( consultant )

  • performed upgrade of an Oracle E- Business 11i ( 11.5.10 CU2 )
  • system running on a bit Oracle Database to Oracle E-Business 12i ( 12.1.1 ) running on an 11gR2_64 bit ( ) Oracle Database on RHEL 5 update 3.

  • Resolved all issues with the upgrade cycle, following upgrade Path D (
  • upgrading the Oracle Applications first, (applying interop
    patches To the RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME ) to 12.1.1. After the
    upgrade of the application to 12.1.1, upgraded the Oracle Database to

  • provided support for functional user community by following up SR/TAR
  • requests with Oracle Support

  • provided production support on the Oracle E-Business 11i/
  • system ( before the upgrade )

  • provided CRP1 and CRP2 support for the upgrade pilot tests.
  • Providing production support for the upgraded system ( Oracle E-Business 12.1.1 running Oracle Database 11gR2 ( 64 bit ).
  • Confidential,Jan 2008 - Dec 2009
    Senior Oracle Apps 11i Database Administrator ( consultant )

  • performed all DBA functions in an Oracle E-Business 11i ( 11.5.10 CU 2 )
  • environment on a linux 3 Hugemem (2.4.21-57.ELhugemem) platform and ( upgraded to ) release of the RDBMS ( oracle 9i ).

  • applied ATG.PF H Rollup 5, 6 and CPU ( critical patch updates ) Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct 2008 and Jan/Apr/Jul 2009 to DEV, QA, and Production
  • applied Developer6i Patchset18 to DEV, QA, and Production
  • Implemented JRE 1.6 update 7 plug-in as Oracle Jinitiator is de – supported with Windows Vista OS.
  • Full DBA support on a phased worldwide implementation of Oracle E- Business Suite release 11.5.10 CU 2 ( Oracle Financials ) that involved
  • Service Request ( TAR ) resolution with Oracle Support ( including Sev 1
    TARS ), developer support, user connectivity issue resolution, printing resolution, and patch application ( adpatch , opatch ).

  • Installed standalone Business Intelligence – Discoverer Application Server
  • ( 10g AS ) - APPS mode EUL on DEV, QA, and PROD environments.

  • responsible for cloning all TEST and QA environments from PROD through
  • rapid clone ( adcfgclone.pl ) – shared APPLTOP.

  • responsible for all migration from DEV to QA to PROD that included
  • concurrent programs, custom menus, Descriptive flexfileds, Value sets,
    report files ( RDF ), custom forms ( fmb and fmx ), and pl/sql code.

  • production support and maintenance that includes space management, performance monitoring and problem resolution, concurrent processing issue resolution, and resolution of OS related issues.
  • Developed and implemented hot and cold backup strategies with Network Appliance.
  • Confidential,April 2007 – Nov 2007
    Pasadena CA
    Senior Oracle Apps DBA ( consultant )

  • maintained and performed oracle apps DBA functions in an Oracle
  • applications 11i ( 11.5.10 CU2 ) and Oracle 10gr2 environment running
    on Sun solaris 9 and 10 platforms ( on E10k, E15K and T2000 hardware ).

  • maintained other stand alone databases ( oracle 10gr1 and 10gr2 )
  • running various other applications such as CONCUR as well as databases
    running applications that interfaced with Oracle Apps such as KRONOS with JBOSS running as its application server.

  • installed Oracle Grid Control agents on other platforms such linux 4.0 and
  • Windows 2003 with the management console running on Sun solaris 9. Configured Grid control plugins such as Weblogic 8.0.

  • researched all pre-requisites for the latest patchset releases for major
  • Oracle Application modules ( eg. Financials Family Pack G, HR, PA )
    And performed patch applications on a test database and documented
    All problem resolutions encountered during the patch application.

  • performed quarterly updates on VERTAX and Oracle Payroll ( HR ) patch
  • and update procedure.

  • applied quarterly CPU ( Critical Patch updates ) patches on all oracle systems onsite, including E_Business suite environments and standalone Oracle Application servers.
  • - provided user and developer DBA support including resolution of Oracle
    Service Requests ( TAR ) with OWS ( oracle worldwide support ).

    Confidential,Jan 2003 – Mar 2007 Inglewood CA
    Senior Oracle Apps DBA ( Consultant )

  • installed Oracle E-Business Suite release 11.5.5 on HP-UX 11 and
  • supported the infrastructure of the implementation of the Financial
    modules – GL, AP, FA on Oracle RDBMS 8i

  • upgraded and maintained Oracle E-Business Suite release 11.5.5 to 11.5.8
  • upgraded and maintained Oracle E-Business Suite release 11.5.8 to 11.5.9.
  • migrated Oracle E-Business Suite applications 11.5.9 on HP-UX 11.11
  • platform to Linux Red Hat 3.0 on HP Proliant hardware running a 3 node
    9i RAC configuration.

  • Supported the re-implementation and data migration of Oracle ERP
  • Inventory module on release 11.0.3 to Oracle E-Business Suite
    Release 11.5.9 on a 9i RAC configuration ( Oracle RDBMS ).

  • provided full life cycle support, including setting up test and QA
  • environments on a 9i RAC configuration, for the implementation of
    the Order Management module on 11.5.9 for U.S., and Canada.

  • implemented and supported parallel concurrent processing ( failover
  • feature – secondary node defined for concurrent managers ).

  • installed additional language ( NLS – Latin American Spanish ) for 11.5.9
  • provided full DBA support including code migration, application patch
  • application and administration, capacity planning ( free space and growth ),
    functional problems resolution, technical problem resolution ( reports and
    forms ), Cloning the production environment to TEST and QA using Rapid
    Clone ( cloning to RAC and non RAC environments ), Interface problem
    Resolution ( interfaces to SQL server databases and HP-3000 Image database interfaces to Oracle E-Business 11.5.9 Apps environment, SGA
    Resizing ( from 1.75G to 2.7G for each RAC DB ), implementation of Huge TLB ( huge memory pages ) and Huge Kernel for Linux 3.0.

    Confidential,Aug 2001 – Sep 2002 Long Beach CA
    Senior Oracle Apps DBA ( Consultant )

  • performed upgrade on existing Oracle ERP system from Oracle
  • 7.3.5 RDBMS and Oracle Fin/Mfg 10.7 character to Oracle 8i ( 8.1.7 )
    and Oracle Fin/Mfg 11i ( 11.5.4 ) on an IBM RS6000 AIX ( 4.3.3 )

  • performed all Oracle apps DBA tasks ( r11Ii) including creation of other
  • environments ( instances DEV and TEST ), configuration of Apps and
    web servers, cloning ( adclone ) and working with developers in the
    migration and testing of custom code.

  • provided on site technical support on functional and technical issues
  • on problems related to the upgrade as well as the application of
    patches to resolve problems.

    Confidential,September 1999 – July 2001 Inglewood CA
    Senior Oracle Database Admin. ( Consultant )

  • installed and configured Oracle Applications NLS ( National Language
  • Support ) Release 11.0.3 for Spanish ( E – language code ) and
    Portuguese ( PT – language code ) on an existing Oracle Apps
    ( Fin/Mfg ) release 11.0.3 English ( base language ) installation.
    ( Platform - HP9000 N Class running HPUX 11.0 )

  • On site implementation and production DBA support for Oracle8 v8.0.5
  • and Oracle Fin/Mfg release 11.03 on a 24X7 operating environment which
    involved performance tuning and monitoring, tablespace and extent
    management, and concurrent manager/web/Apps server troubleshooting
    and management.

  • On site support for development and functional staff by providing
  • analysis, troubleshooting, and resolution to Application functionality problems such as Forms/Reports, AOL, and Apps Sysadmin issues
    including acquisition of patches from OWWS, application to test and

  • implemented "hot backups" on the production environment utilizing
  • EMC\'s symmetrics application which involves BCV ( Business
    Continuing Volume ) split on the entire production environment and
    mounting the BCVs on the test box for backups.

    Confidential,July 2000 - Sept 2000 Pasadena CA
    Senior Oracle Apps DBA ( Consultant )

  • upgraded Oracle Server Enterprise 8.0.4 to and Oracle Financials
  • release 11.0.2 to 11.0.3 on a Sun solaris 2.6 platform.

  • applied the latest patchsets ( Mini-packs ) for GL, AR, AP, FND, PO, FA,
  • and Oracle Self Service Web Apps as part of the upgrade process.

  • converted and configured Multiple Reporting Currencies ( MRC ) which
  • included the application of the post 11.0.3 upgrade MRC mini-pack,
    Euro Enhancements mini-pack, and the latest MRC Micro-pack; validation
    Of the APPS schema; support for post conversion testing.

  • Converted the Oracle Applications release 11.0.3 database to Multiple
  • Organizations ( Multi – Org )
    - provided post upgrade and post conversion technical support.

    Confidential,Mar 1999 – Jan 2000 El Segundo CA
    Senior Database Administrator ( Consultant )

  • installed and configured Oracle8 RDBMS v8.0.5 ( upgraded to ),
  • Oracle Financials and Manufacturing release 11.0 ( upgraded to 11.02 )
    On 2 4-way Sun Ultra Sparc 4000 database servers running on Solaris 2.6
    (Development and Production)

  • installed and configured Oracle Web Server 3.0.1 ( upgraded to 3.0.2 ),
  • And Oracle Forms Server on 3 Sun Sparc Servers as apps/web servers
    for an Oracle Fin/Mfg Release 11 NCA infrastructure.

  • upgraded Epson Electronics’ database running Oracle7 v7.3.3.5 and Oracle Fin/Mfg release 10.7 character on an IBM RS6000 AIX4.2 platform
  • to the aforementioned Oracle Applications Release 11 architecture.

  • supported the development and implementation team of Epson Electronics by the timely application of patches, development and
  • implementation of the Oracle Instance strategy and scheduled refreshes and the establishment of an operational backup and recovery routine.
    ( These were all done for both development and production environments).
    - performed all physical database file layouts for all instances on two database servers; wrote all startup and shutdown scripts for all databases,
    concurrent managers, and all the configuration of the Apps forms/Web

  • provide technical support to the functional members of the implementation
  • team by troubleshooting problems with setup, data, or code (pl/sql) execution.

    Confidential,Oct 1997 - Jan 2000 Burbank CA
    Senior Database Administrator - Infrastructure ( Consultant )

    - installed and configured Oracle7 RDBMS v73341 and Oracle Fin/Mfg
    release 10.7 Prod16.1 on an HP9000 K460 and K570 ( HPUX 10.2 )
    smart client 10sc running on Windows NT ( shared install ).
    - upgraded all databases to ORACLE7server v734 for Y2K compliance.
    - developed and implemented the instance strategy for the development
    and production servers ( HP9000s ), including scheduled refreshes.
    - designed and implemented all ORACLE and HPUX configurations which
    included volume groups, logical volumes, and file system configurations,
    UNIX kernel parameter configurations ( 5 instances per box),
    ORACLE_HOME, APPL_TOP, and datafiles layout compliant to OFA
    - performed all database administration functions including script creation
    of all database refreshes, object sizing ( including tablespace ), patch
    version control and application, and overall disc space management.
    - provided implementation, “go-live”, and production DBA support
    as well as capacity planning and the establishment of database
    operational procedures.
    - performed all application system administrator functions including
    application user setup, assigning responsibilities, GUI menu
    customizations, printer setup, profile values setup, and overall
    applications troubleshooting and ORA & FRM error resolutions.
    - developed and implemented the HP-UX cold file system backup
    using OMNIBACK II for all databases on two systems.
    - installed all Oracle Applications ( Fin/Mfg) relase 10.7 Y2K patches
    including 10 megapatches and 34 client and server patches.

    Confidential,Jun1997 - Oct 1997
    San Diego CA
    Consultant ( Oracle DBA/Oracle Fin/Mfg Apps Administrator )

    - team member Sony-Oracle Implementation Team as a database
    administrator and Oracle Fin/Mfg ( 10SC release 10.7 PROD 16 ) Apps
    - performed all DBA functions including database sizing, tablespace
    and object extent management, version control on all patch
    application, and performance monitoring and tuning.
    - provided developer application support by facilitating custom
    application integration into AOL by registering all customized
    application extensions, ORACLE IDs, custom forms, and the
    creation of new report sets and incompatibilities.
    - provided user support by the creation of custom menus and
    responsibilities and the resolution of concurrent manager problems.
    - interacted frequently with the Systems Administration group regarding
    the placement of datafiles, unix kernel parameter adjustments and
    overall system performance enhancement

    Confidential,Nov 1996 - Jun 1997 Santa Monica CA
    Oracle DBA / SAPR3 Basis Administrator

    - installed Oracle7 server v7.2.3 and SAP/R3 v3.0f on four HP9000
    K460 servers for development, test and production.
    - setup and configured Corrections and Transport System.
    - performed all Oracle DBA related functions including SGA buffer
    management, tablespace management, and performance tuning.
    - developed and implemented “hot” backups for all SAPR3/Oracle
    databases using Omniback II and the “backinit” interface to
    SAPR3’s brbackup utility.
    - developed and implemented all recovery procedures using SAPR3’s
    brrestore utility and using Oracle’s server manager.
    - performed all aspects of SAPR3 Basis administration including
    SAPR3 buffer management, installing hot packages, job scheduling
    and monitoring, dump analysis and resolution, user and profile
    ( authorization ) creation and maintenance, and client copies.

    Confidential,Oct 1989 - Nov 1996 Simi Valley CA
    Data Base Administrator July 1992 - Nov 1996

    - installed and upgraded all versions of the ORACLE 7 server and
    ORACLE Financials and Manufacturing; running Oracle7
    server v7.1.6 and Oracle Fin/Mfg v10.5.
    - designed, configured, and implemented the placement of all ORACLE
    - product files ( RDBMS & FIN/MFG ) and the layout of the physical
    database ( control, redo log, and data files ) on 2 HP-9000/HP-UX
    platforms. ( development and production environments )
    - configured all HP-UX 9.04 & 10.01 kernel and ORACLE7 RDBMS
    parameters ( init$ORACLE_SID.ora ) to enhance RDBMS performance.
    - working knowledge of ORACLE diagnostic tools such as Utlbstat/Utlestat,
    Explain Plan( utlxplan), SQL Trace, and Tkprof.
    - developed and implemented dynamic PL/SQL and SQL database
    maintenance scripts for creating new databases/instances, issuing grants
    and synonyms, recompiling invalid objects, recreating table specifications,
    moving a user’s schema to a new tablespace, and other general database
    maintenance functions.
    - developed, tested, implemented, and documented all backup ( export/
    import & file system ) and recovery procedures for all projected
    failure scenarios.
    - performed all Oracle Financials/Mfg System Administrator functions such as
    the development of customized menus, responsibilities, and zooms; user
    setup; the creation and registration of a new ORACLE ID ( MIC ) that would
    house all Micom custom developement ( eg. rdf and inp files ); the definition
    of additional concurrent managers and concurrent processing management;
    and the definition of custom report sets, groups, and security groups.
    - performed all major Oracle DBA tasks including tablespace management
    and object creation, Oracle RDBMS v7 server and Oracle FIN/MFG v10.5
    troubleshooting and patch installation, and Oracle7 RDBMS/HP-UX
    performance tuning ( I/O & memory bottleneck identification and
    resolution ).

    Computer Specialist Oct 1989 - July 1992
    - maintained daily, month/quarter/year end production schedules
    - performed all functions in computer operations of the HP-3000
    running a customized ASK/MANMAN application.
    - performed all database maintenance and system administration tasks
    on the HP3000/MPE.
    - created parallel databases for FA, AP, and OMAR modules for month-end
    reporting through IMAGE DBMS utilities.
    - developed and implemented month and year end closing procedures
    for all application modules.

    Confidential,July 1984 - Sept 1989 Chatsworth CA Computer Programming/Operations and Production Scheduling

    - developed and implemented daily, weekly, and month-end batch processing production schedule through OCS on
    an HP-3000/MPE platform running ASK/MANMAN.
    - performed all functions in operations including backups,
    report printing and distribution, and functional user support
    on the hardware, operating system, and application.
    - performed system administration tasks such as IMAGE dataset
    capacity adjustments, disc packing, peripheral device configuration
    and overall system maintenance.
    - modified and customized MANMAN standard report in FORTRAN and developed new reports using COGNOS/
    POWERHOUSE Utilities (QUIZ)

    Bachelor in Business Management

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