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Oracle Dba Resume

Annandale, VA


  • M.S., Computer Science
  • M.B.A., Finance
  • B.S.

OTHER SOFTWARE ORACLE'S Warehousebuilder, Erwin

An Oracle DBA who also builds Websites using Coldfusion & Oracle's Fusion Middleware PL/SQL Web Toolkit. Besides Websites Mr. Read has developed systems in numerous environments using numerous interfaces. He has worked in every phase of the system development process and in a number of cases he has done everything: Designed the database, loaded the tables, wrote the programs, setup the website, installed the database software and tuned the system. He has had over 25 ORACLE contracts, five for ORACLE Corporation. He has performed 12 Database Conversions. His job descriptions have been either:

Database Administrator (DBA).
Database/Website Developer


Confidential, 1987 - Present
During the past twenty-four years, Mr. Read has worked as an independent Contractor. He has completed over 50 contracts. His Projects have covered a wide range. They have been both long and short. Mr. Read has built entire systems or wrote short programs to do some specific task. He has worked in small teams or as an individual contributor. He has worked with 15 different database technologies in 15 different computer languages. Mr. Read is very adaptable. A third of his contracts were in areas he had never worked in before.

Oracle DBA/Developer for Confidential, (20 months 11-2009 - 6-2011)

  • User Oracle's Fusion Middleware PL/SQL Web Toolkit to convert about 150 web screens and reports originally written in Oracle Reports and Oracle Designer.
  • This project employed PL/SQL and Javascript.

Oracle DBA/Developer, and Sql Server DBA/Developer for Confidential, (6 months: 2-2009 - 8-2009)

  • Created multiple databases and wrote various PL/SQL and T-SQL procedures
  • Created a SQL server database and used SISS to extract millions of records
  • Created a local replica of the ALTHA Database by importing over twenty different schemas and tying them together.
  • This involved debugging about a hundred PL/SQL procedures and triggers
  • Created a procedure to generate millions of ALTHA patient records in PL/SQL

Oracle PL/SQL Developer for Confidential, (6 months: 7-2008 - 1-2009)

  • Developed and debugged PL/SQL procedures on a case by case basis
  • Created logical and physical data models using Erwin
  • Wrote stored procedures, functions, triggers and packages using PL/SQL

Oracle DBA/Website Developer, and primary technologist developed the technology necessary to run a car sharing Operation. (34 months: 10-2004 - 8-2007)

  • Developed the database using Oracle 10g, and wrote all of the software.
  • Wrote a Point-of Sale Unit in C and a Vehicle Control Unit, also written in C, which was in radio in contact with the Point-of Sale-Unit, and a Central Control System.
  • The Central Control system, consisting of a Serial Communications Program was written in PRO*C operating under Solaris.
  • Built a website which was written in ColdFusion MX/Java script residing on a Linux Computer. The purpose of the website was to allow customers to make vehicle reservations online.
  • Developed PL/SQL scripts on Oracle 9i running on to move data from third-party systems to Costpoint V4.0

Oracle DBA / Website Developer for Confidential, (36 Months: 9/2001-9/2004)

  • While Performing his DBA, Mr. Read duties also designed and built an Internet Site using Coldfusion, Java Scripts, and Oracle Database Triggers. The website involved over 450 web pages and 200,000 lines of code.
  • Trained over 250 users and in one year\'s time increased the transaction rate from one per month to over twelve hundred.
  • Maintained the help desk and fielded questions from attorneys and judges throughout the day.
  • Built a user feedback mechanism to encourage continuous improvement. Rewrote the system four times.
  • Converted the data from an IBM mainframe environment to an Oracle Database and kept the machines in sync throughout the day.
  • Converted the data for an IBM mainframe environment to an Oracle 8i/9i Database. This was done in a Solaris and Windows NT environment.
  • Converted an Access Application to an Oracle Forms/Reports Application.
  • Built an Internet Site using Oracle\'s Application Interface 9i, Oracle Forms 6i and an Oracle 8i database. This was done in a Windows NT environment.

Confidential, Fairfax, VA. (2 Months: 2/2001-4/2001)

Served as an Oracle DBA for Confidential, in Fairfax, VA.(10 Months: 4/2000 - 1/2001)

  • Kept databases running, developed backup procedures, developed an Oracle WebDB interface to the system as well as an Oracle Forms 6.0 interface.
  • Installed Oracle Replication on the system and used Erwin for database configuration.

Oracle DBA for Confidential,. (6 months: 7/1999-1/2000)

  • Developed data unloading procedures and day-to-day production DBA functions. (HP)

Serving as an Oracle DBA and Conversion Specialist as a contractor to IAI, supporting a US Air Force Project, wrote 250 PL/SQL procedures to move data from one ORACLE instance to another. (5 Months: 12/1998-4/1999)

  • Took records from a hierarchical structure and reinserting them with new keys, while maintaining data structure integrity.

Served as an Oracle DBA for Ambit Technology in Charlotte, NC,for five different development teams in a software development environment. (3 months: 7/1998-11/1998)

  • Kept fifteen different databases running and at the proper configuration using Erwin on a SUN platform

Served as an Oracle DBA for Confidential, (8 Months: 10/1997-5/1998)

  • Converted two UNISYS DMS1100 databases to ORACLE 7.3.4 databases operating under UNIX on an HP T700.
  • Created all of the database structures and loaded the tables
  • Wrote Perl and DOS Shell scripts.
  • Tuned the databases resulting in performance that was six times faster.

Worked as an Oracle DBA and Conversion Specialist for Confidential, Fairfax, VA (3 Months 2/1998-5/1998)

  • Converted a SQL*Server database on Windows/NT and its C++/ODBC application to a C++/ODBC application using an ORACLE 8.0 database.
  • While working for ORACLE Corporation, converted an INFORMIX Ada and C ++/ODBC/RogueWave application to an ORACLE 7.3 application. (8 Months: 5/1996-1/1997)
  • Was responsible for installing Oracle RDBMS, SQL*NET, INTERSOLV ODBC drivers.
  • Converted INFORMIX specific calls in the C++ application to ORACLE specific
  • Converted 100 ADA programs to work with ORACLE
  • Improved the ADA programs\' performance by 900% thru database tuning.
  • Work was done on HP hardware

C Programmer. (6 Months: 12/1995-5/1996)

  • Wrote Pro*C programs and PL/SQL packages for ORACLE ENERGY SYSTEMS Inc. using ORACLE 7.1 on a SUN computer.
  • As a Contractor working primarily as a Forms Developer and C Programmer to Sprint, Unisys, Boeing, Oracle Corp (18 months: 5/1994- 11/1995)
  • Wrote PL/SQL packages to load data into a highly normalized ORACLE 7.0 Database for Sprint International on a HP computer.
  • Extracted data from many sources including Excel spreadsheets, flat files and PC databases.
  • Developed a police information system using ORACLE\'S DEVELOPER 2000. Worked with Oracle FORMS 4.5 and Reports 2.5
  • Worked 500 hours in seven weeks to meet a delivery deadline for a government billing system
  • The system was interacting with an Oracle 6.0 database using Pro*C and ORACLE FORMS 3.0.
  • Developed ORACLE FORMS 3.0/4.0 on a SUN SPARC/SunOS interacting with an ORACLE 7.0 database for the Navy while on a contract for ORACLE Corporation.

Oracle DBA and Oracle Forms Developer on projects for Confidential, (9 Months: 7/1993-5/1994)

  • Used ORACLE \'s CaseDesigner to develop an ORACLE 7.0 database while working on a project for Oracle Federal Systems, Inc.
  • Served as a Subject Matter Expert on a proposal team for ORACLE COMPLEX SYSTEMS to respond to an RFP for a large imaging system. As Such, wrote several sections of the technical approach, designed the database and developed numerous prototypes in VISUAL BASIC & ORACLE FORMS 4.0 utilizing ACTION Workflow technology in a WINDOWS/UNIX/OS2 environment.

Informix Programmer contracted to Confidential, Arlington, VA (16 Months: 2/1993-6/1993)

  • Developed two portable GUI prototypes in ASPECT & XVT to compare their functional capabilities.
  • Building these prototype involved writing several thousand lines of ANSI C code in an X-WINDOWS environment interacting with an INFORMIX database using ESQL on a SUN SPARC/SunOS.

Pro*C Programmer working a Contract for Confidential, Fairfax, VA. (2 months: 1/1993-2/1993)

  • Developed a 4600-line C Language Report in five weeks
  • Used ORACLE\'S C Language Interface and PRO*C, version 1.3 on an IBM 3090 operating under MVS/TSO/SPF.

Informix 4GL Programmer (15 Months: 10/1992- 12/1992)

  • Overhauled a private company\'s entire Management Information System
  • Improved performance, provide greater functionality and ensured greater data integrity.
  • Re-wrote over 150 INFORMIX - 4GL programs and ding all the necessary DBA work on a database of 75 tables. The project was on a UNIX System and lasted 15 months.

Oracle Programmer for Confidential, (4 Months - 5/1991-9/1991)

  • Developed ORACLE FORMS, C Language Exits and Reports on an IBM3090 operating under MVS/TSO/SPF.

Confidential, 1986 - 1987
Task Leader/DBA
Was responsible for managing individual software development tasks on time and for the projected budget.

  • Estimated the resources required
  • Scheduled the sub-tasks and recruited team members
  • Developed the NOMAD database and the initial design, loaded the database and supervised the development team.

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