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Oracle Resume

Waltham, MA


A Master of Science Graduate with around 5 years of professional IT experience seeking a fulltime Oracle DBA position.

Technical skills

RDBMS : Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8.x/, Oracle 10g Real Application Clusters (RAC) My SQL
GUI : SQL loader, sql * plus, TOAD,Spot Light Monitoring,Fog light
Utility tools : PUTTY, F-Secure
Storage Technology : ASM, 10g RAC,

Educational Qualifications
  • Master of Science.
  • Bachelor of Engineering.
Professional Summary
  • An astute Oracle DBA with around 5 years IT experience in Oracle products, both production and development environments spanning several industries: health care, financials and high- tech .
  • Extensive knowledge on database administration for Oracle 8i, 9i,10g,&11g with experience within very large scale database environment .
  • Extensive knowledge of Oracle Architecture, SGA, PGA, Binary structure, Listener, TNSNames, SQLNet, V$ and DBA views.
  • Extensive knowledge of STANDBY creation and maintenance.
  • 2.5 years of RAC (9i,10g&11g) with proficiency in setting up and administering 9i,10g&11g RAC.
  • Expertise in upgrading Oracle Development and Production databases from 9i to 10g & 11g.
  • Implementing Oracle Confidential
  • Expert in the Golden Gate setup,extract,pumping and replication processes
  • Expert in handling the Golden Gate replication issues
  • Expertise in supporting client server GUI software and Operating system.
  • Extensive knowledge in Dataguard, Grid control, streams, replication.
  • Experience in a variety of hardware and software platforms including; MS-Windows 2000, 2003, UNIX/Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX & AIX
  • Experience in Performance Tuning (I/O, Memory & SQL Tuning etc) by using tools/utilities like Statspack, Tkpfof, Explain plan, Analyze AWR and ADDM
  • Performance tuning and diagnosing DBMS and individual database.
  • Experience in implementation of enterprise databases on enterprise Storage Solutions using Storage area Networks (SAN) /Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Expertise in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Grid Control.
  • Extensive knowledge on database backup/recovery strategy (RMAN), VERITAS Net Backup, Import/Export & Datapump, Replication (Streams) standby databases using Netapp filer/Snap Mirror, Oracle configuration management, Dataguard, database cloning, refresh and patch management.
  • Good at co-ordinating , communicating with system administrators, business data analysts and development teams.
Trainings and Certifications
  • Oracle certified Associate
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
Work Experience

Waltham, MA Nov 2008-Till Date
Role: Oracle Database Administrator

  • 24X7 Production database administration, support and monitoring to ensure a proactive problem recognition and resolution of database issues.
  • Installation and Configurations of Oracle 9i, 10g, and 11g RAC on Linux.
  • Working With Automatic Storage Management (ASM) ENVIRONMENTS.
  • Proactive database monitoring using 10g grid monitoring tool.
  • SQL tuning using stats pack and explain plan, tkprof.
  • Developer Environment Setup, Support, Cloning and Refreshes.
  • Performed database cloning to setup test and development database.
  • Installation ,Configuration and Maintenance of Stand by database
  • Conducting sizing & capacity planning for Oracle databases.
  • Upgrading from Oracle development and production databases 9i to 10g & 11g.
  • Applied patches to Oracle Databases.
  • Responsible for optimizing the queries and application tuning.
  • Perform SQL tuning and assist developers with coding PL/SQL.
  • Provided support to Application Database Administrators in designing the database.
  • Installed and Implemented Backup & Recovery procedures.
  • Used RMAN for backup and recovery. Performed backup validations using RMAN.
  • Implementing Hot, Cold and Logical backup plans.
  • Management of schemas, objects partitioning the tables & indexes.
  • Responsible for setting and managing user accounts, Granting required privileges to users.
  • Defining and Implementation of backup and recovery strategies.
  • Perform all other regular DBA activities including space management and performance monitoring.
  • Involved in process improvement, Oracle Server Installations / Upgrades/Patches, Space Management, Capacity Planning, Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Database Performance Tuning, Memory Tuning, Application Tuning, Security Administration, Data Warehousing, Data Guard, Oracle Advanced Replication, Real Application Clusters, Standby.
  • Oracle Database monitoring, troubleshoot and resolve the issues.
  • Active participation in Production maintenance

Environment: Linux 4.0, Windows 2003, Streams,GOLDENGATE ASM, Oracle 11g/10g/9i RAC, My SQL, SQL*Plus, Grid Control, TOAD.

Confidential Sep 2008-Nov 2008
Oracle DBA

Confidential, is a global Information Technology firm providing innovative and robust end-to-end solutions. We are passionate about transforming the way business gets done. With a unique combination of strategic thinking, creativity, and technological expertise, we design and build powerful Internet solutions. Sunmerge Systems Inc., merges these competencies with unmatched speed-to-market -- the result is eTransformation.

  • Installation, Implementation and maintenance the Oracle database
  • Created and managing the database objects such as tables, indexes and views
  • Create the users and roles
  • Loading the database with SQL*Loader
  • To improve the performance by Using the Hints ,Indexes ,Explain Plan , SQL Trace and TKPROF for effective retrieval and processing of queries used for retrieving the data
  • Performing the logical and physical structure of tables ,indexes, modeling ,normalization and foreign key constraints
  • Database maintaining including backups ,recovery ,imports/exports
  • Monitoring the database daily activities
  • Responsible for writing database programming to Store/Retrieve the information from the database using SQL
  • Installed and configured RMAN.
  • Installation, setup and configuration of Data guard.
  • Cloning databases using scripts as well as RMAN.
  • Creating the database, tables, tablespaces, data objects, setting privileges, indexes, user logins, password (security).
  • Creating new databases, configuring backups and maintaining
  • Taking Hot and Cold Backups, Logical backups (Export) on specified databases.
  • Writing scripts for backup and recovery, Import and export procedure.
  • Unix Shell scripting in csh, ksh (KORN) for automating startup/shutdown of databases, getting system alerts etc.
  • Deciding the naming conventions of datafile, redo log files, tablespaces, and segments.
  • Generating the STATSPACK reports.
  • Did SQL tuning and Instance tuning.
  • Creating new tablespaces, tables, indexes, synonyms, procedures, functions etc..
  • Worked on Replicated databases
  • Clone/refresh the databases for users to generate reports

Environment: Oracle8i/9i/10g,UNIX,Linux4.0.,RMAN,DBCA,DataGuard,OEM,STATSPACK,TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, My SQL

Confidential Jun 2005-Dec 2006
Jr .Oracle Database Administrator

Confidential is a global technology consultancy focused on partnering with clients in solving their unique business challenges and transforming their organizations.
Their consultants are focused primarily in the healthcare, financial services and insurance industries. They have also done work in the retail and government markets.


  • Setup new database servers including the following tasks: Evaluated the database server hardware, designed table space layout based on Optimal Flexible architecture, installed Oracle, created Oracle database, configured the Net8 on different nodes.
  • Monitoring Alert Log Report and system Error Logs.
  • Performing backup and recovery procedures
  • Resolving Hardware and Network problems. Providing Support solutions to a site consisting of nearly 60 users. The work involves planning, designing and implementing of LAN connectivity.

Environment: Oracle8i/9i/10g,UNIX,Linux4.0.,RMAN,DBCA,DataGuard,OEM,STATSPACK, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN

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