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Oracle Resume

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King Of Prussia, PA

Over 16 years of hands-on experience as Oracle Database Administration/Architect and more than 17 years of overall IT experience. Experienced in the entire system development life cycle in various capacities like Programmer, System Analyst, Data Modeler, Web Administrator, Web Designer, Linux/Unix System Administrator, Team Lead / Senior DBA, Oracle Database Architect, Oracle Applications DBA, Jr. DBA. Experience in maintenance/Design of Data Warehouse with database sizes ranging from 300 Gigabytes to a few Terabytes, Oracle Streams (10gR2), Data Guard (10gR2), Real Application Clusters (11gR2, 10gR2).

Technical Skills :
HP DL580, EVA 4000/6000, IBM Regatta Hardware, RS/6000 SP Machines in Cluster environments, Sun
Ultra 10000, Sun 6500, Sun 450 /250, HP-9000 Raid K-200 /K-400, AS 400, IBM x335, SunBlade T6320/T6340, AT&T Star Server E.
AIX 5.2, 5.1, 4.3.3, 4.2, Solaris 7, 2.6 & 2.5, Oracle EE Linux, Red Hat Advanced Server 4.0/3.0/2.1, Linux 8.0/7.3, SQL BackTrack, HP Unix 10.01, Oracle 10g(, Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.9, Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4), Oracle 9.2, Oracle8i EE Release with the Partitioning, Parallel Server and JServer Options, Oracle 8.1.6/ 8.0.6, 8.0.5, 7.3, 7. 7.1 Release / Versions, SQL*Forms 4.5/4.0/3.0, Visual Basic 4.0/3.0, DDE/OLE, C++, Progress (6.2), TCP/IP, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Power Builder 4.0, Erwin 2.0, Pathway 3.2, IRMA/X, Perl 5, Matlab 6.0, HTML / XHTML, XML / XSLT, Designer 2000 (2.1), Oracle 9iAS, Oracle 8iAS Application Server, Oracle Webserver 4.0, Oracle Applications Version 11.5.7, Java Servlets 2.2, Tomcat Application Server, Apache Version 1.3.12, Java 1.3, Java Script, UML (OOAD), BMC Patrol, Servigistics/Manugistics software, Oracle Applications Interconnect 4.1, NoetixViews/Noetix EUL Generator), SNMP, Data Mining, Clementine 7(SPSS), ssh 1.

Professional Experience:

Aug-09 - Till date (Confidential, Newark, DE)
Position : Independent Consultant
Software : Oracle, (10 g R2), Solaris 10, Veritas Netbackup, Grid Control, 9i Oracle RAC with Veritas SFRAC V5 MP3, Oracle 10gR2 Streams, Oracle 10gR2, Oracle 11gR2 RAC, Microstrategy.
Hardware : EMC Clariion/Symmetrix DMX, SunBlade T6320/T6340

Implemented multiple 11gR2, 10gR2 and 9iR2 Standby / DataGuard (Physical) setups for the Disaster Recovery Architecture. I have implemented multiple two node (11g/10g)R2 RAC architecture on Solaris 10/EMC Clariion Storage for production/pre-production environments besides configuring these environments for monitoring via oem/grid control ( Scripted to accommodate changes for rman/netbackup related error logging (implemented it for all non-SAP database servers).

Worked on establishing 10gR2 based streams environment for in-house replication technologies POC in comparison with Logical Standby and Golden Gate Replication Setup. Currently supporting multiple DataGuard and Oracle Streams ( production environments (for both day-to-day and assigned oncall activities) on Solaris 10 Zones 64-bit platform and also during Application/End-User testing for the in-house DR exercises. Supporting Business Intelligence / DataWarehouse Environments in shared role. I support database and application servers used by both internal and external web/customer facing applications.
I have set up Oracle Application Server (10g) disaster recovery environment for application usage and support other application servers (e.g. jboss) also. As a shared responsibilty, worked on restoration of an ASM based database for SAP 7.1 environment.

I have installed multiple 10g and 11g databases besides undertaking periodic refreshes of the unix (Standby OR Clones) and windows based databases.
Worked on OEM/GridControl 10g to 11g installs/upgrades, Block Change Tracking feature implementation and datapump utilization for various 10g database environments. Migrated applications based on oracle 9iR2 to 11gR2 database release. Wrote custom scripts to support OID/LDAP (10.1.4) environment monitoring / alerting. Installed/Support Oracle client software installation (11g, 10g and dev6i) on various citrix servers (Win 2003/2008R2 ). Support the Grid Control 11g environment (break/fix). Wrote custom scripts to monitor/alert data guard gaps/errors for multiple 9i/10g and 11g standby databases. I support various SOX compliant databases also.

June-09 - July-09 (Confidential, York, PA)
Position - Lead Database Administrator (Consultant)
Software : Oracle (10 g R2), Oracle E-Business Suite 11i (11.5.10), Solaris 10, Veritas Netbackup, Grid Control
Hardware : EMC Clariion, Sunfire V490, NetApp 3160

Responsibilities (besides typical apps dba duties) included focus on the migration of the E-Business and associated from SAN (EMC) to NAS (NetApp) based storage architecture.

This wasa 11i RAC (ASM) architecture with associated environments (including the Data Warehouse, hyperion, OID, portal, Clear Orbit, Pro-Pricer, AutoTime). The system had multiple/separate tiers (database, middle tier and OID/SSO). The database are being managed via grid control and in-house scripts. Also responsible for related test, dev and patch 11i environments. Utilizing rman for disk / tape backup via veritas netbackup.

Sep-06 - Mar-09 (Confidential, King of Prussia, PA)
Position - Architect/Sr. DBA
Software : Oracle (10 g R2), Oracle EE Linux, Redhat 4, HP UX 11i, PHP5, CentOS5, Nagios 3.0, Tortoise CVS, IBM MQSeries, Windows Server 2003,
Hardware : HP ProLiant DL580 machines, EVA 6000/4000 (SAN), HP StorageWorks VA 7400, Netapp FAS920.

As Sr. DBA/Architect was solely responsible (24X7 hrs) for the operational architecture/maintenance and performance tuning of the oltp, data warehouse, qa and development databases of a media communications company with monitoring stations located throughout U.S. Experienced with the Shared Server (MTS) architecture. Implemented multiple two node configuration redhat 4, 10gR2 ASM/RAC architecture for High Availability of OLTP/DEV/QA systems. Conducted Stress, load, failover and performance benchmark tests for various layers of this new architecture. Utilized swingbench (jdbc based tests) , Hammerora(Load), Webload url/stress /load), Orion (LUN I/O performance) tools to tune the database, network and the SAN layer.

Utilized the Grid Control to monitor the Clustered/Non-clustered databases of the organization. Closely worked with the SAs in carving out LUNs/determining optimal IOPS figures w.r.t Fibre Channel SAN environment (EVA 6000/4000)/RAID levels and utilizing HP EVAPerf utility to review i/o performance.

(e.g. - host port, virtual disk, physical disk, queue depth, controller statistics) . Performance baselines were captured for comparative analysis with the peak hour database usage window.

Automated ASM monitoring jobs via shell scripts. Also, implemented two node netapp/iscsi/ocfs2 based clustered environment.
The production OLTP environment had high transaction rate based on mqseries message queues bringing audio detections related data (revenue generation system) from the various sites in the country (US). The allocated size of the databases was in the range of 8-10 TB.
Utilized client side connection load balancing/failover options and utilized resource manager features for this system besides using oswatcher, ltom and nmon utilities for the OS performance statistics.

Implemented rman based backups for the above environment. Provide escalation level support to the operations team members for any database issues faced, besides handling patching, bug resolution/maintenance activities.

Migrated a feeds database ( to two node RAC database involving adherence to query response times, resolved issues related to optimizer statistics, assm related tablespace performance factors. Did some performance tests (ASSM vs. Non-ASSM tablespace) and (compress vs. uncompressedtables) on oltp and/or data warehouse environments to ascertain optimal database/application performance.

Implemented schema based Oracle Streams ( replication. Prepared standby (10g Dataguard database with rman based instantiation for some of the critical database systems.

Utilized/Installed and Implemented virtualized environment with linux (CentOS 5) operating system as guest o.s. under vmware server 2 including setting up/resizing virtual disks on Intel x86/x86_64 platforms. Did an In-house study of the pros/cons of supporting a few databases on the oracle vm basedenvironments.

Conducted network performance/reliability tests using tcp/udp based tools for determining packet drop ratios / latency/RTT measurements as prerequisite for the dataguard environment. Plus, performed QA/Performance tests for this clustered environment. Utilized Real Application Testing(11g) feature on the QA environment for determining application/database performance under varying workload scenarios.

Designed, scripted and implemented a 10g R2 based standby database for production failover/disaster recovery purposes. The system utilized datapump based scripts to archieve failover / availability goals for current non-clustered oltp system. Responsible for maintenance/tuning of 10gR1 /R2 based development/test databases utilizing materialized views based refreshes. Worked with the developers (java/C++/php/tomcat) for any application performance issues.
Resolved a critical production databases server meltdown scenario due to storage(HP VA) failure. Was able to recover the production database using a mix of database restore / recovery procedures. No third-party tools were utilized in this operation.

July '05 Aug-06 (Confidential, Mt. Laurel, NJ)
Position - DBA Consultant (Team Lead - R&D)
Software Oracle 10.2 (10g R2), AIX 5.3, Oracle Tru64 5.1, HACMP V5, JBoss 4.0, ClearCase, Weblogic 8.1, Oracle, AIX 5.2, 5.3, EMC Networker (Legato).
Hardware IBM P570, P520, EMC Clarion CX 300 and 500.

As an Independent Consultant(Direct client-facing environment), worked on the Next Generation System for a world wide implementation of an Active/Standby architecture. Extensively coded, automated and implemented 10g rman based backup and restore process including various user friendly screens for tier-IV support team.

Conducted various recovery scenario tests (unit and integration). Regularly interacted with the QA team to rigorously conduct iops and bhce related tests besides the above mentioned recovery procedures.
This system was deployed in a phased manner by the company throughout world. Responsible for the troubleshooting and resolution of 8.1.7 based parallel server (OPS) database issues of hundreds of installation worldwide. This was a master-slave architecture with TAF. Familiar with the installation of HACMP / EMC SAN based database procedures using AIX volumes, EMC LUNs besides cluster failover / switchover methods.

Handled 8.1.7 and 10g R2 Disaster Recovery (DataGuard) support and procedures. Responsible for the performance tuning and the maintenance of above 10gR2 and 8.1.7 (OPS) based oracle system architectures.

Supported both in-house (developers/QA) and worldwide customer base for these systems. The oltp database performance was validated against the BHCE(Busy hour call equivalence) figures based on the voice, gprs, ccws and ivr calls initiated in the field. Supported the QA team in the performance tuning of the NextGen databases (10g) for worldwide deployments.

Worked on backup/restore design /development for a two node HACMP based cluster for a oracle and based architecture. Utilized EMC mirrorview with rman for a 2.2 TB sized database. The allocation of database LUNs was in the 5-6 TB range. Was responsible for the installation/configuration and tuning of the above 9i/10g databases. Utilized EMC NetWorker (Legato) for the database tape backups.

July '04 July '05 (Confidential, King of Prussia, PA)
Position - DBA Consultant (Independent)
Software Oracle EE,, EMC Symmetrix, Intel x335 machines, Jmeter, SwingBench,Mercury LoadRunner, Redhat ES 3.0, Weblogic 8.1, Apache Bench, OCFS, 10g grid Control (, OEM 9.X, 10.X
Hardware IBM xSeries 335 (2-Way) w/EMC Symmetrix SAN/Brocade Switches/HP DL585.

As RAC Consultant (SME) successfully conducted a proof-of-concept migration of the catalog database layer of an E-Commerce company to the Real Application Cluster (9i) environment from Sun Solaris to Intel Linux platform (Redhat ES3.0) on EMC symmetrix SAN. The activities involved performance tuning, capacity planning, design and architecture for the 3-node cluster on IBM 2-way machines / Brocade Switches and Emulex HBA. Involved with sysadmins for the operating system level tuning/layout of raw devices/ocfs, volume group, logical volume / physical partitioning. Developed scripts / procedures for performance monitoring, stress / volume tests/ load balancing / failover testing done with QA and Sysadmin team. Documented various aspects of the 9i RAC environment, operational, performance tuning and installation guides, besides developing project plans, baseline test guidelines and the comparison benchmark study between the ocfs and raw devices for 9i R2 RAC environment on IBM xSeries 335 Intel platform. Installed, configured and utilized 10g Grid Control ( on Redhat ES 3.0 to monitor the rac database.

Did extensive benchmark testing and evaluation of the ocfs vs. raw devices performance/stability using the swingbench and jmeter tools for oltp and dss environments. Responsible for the proof-of-concept, performance tuning and scalability tests of the catalog database on Real Application Clusters environment. Worked with the development team for the jdbc and connection pool tests on weblogic 8.1 environment with Apache Bench for the above cluster database. Conducted technical screening of the prospective candidates. Utilized rman tool for conducting various rac backup and recovery testing scenarios on the linux platform.

Aug '00 - May 2004 (Confidential, Malvern, PA)
Position : Sr. Database Administrator (Permanent) / Oracle Applications 11i (11.5.7) DBA
Software Oracle 10g,, Server Environments), IBM AIX 5.2 / 4.3, Oracle 9iAS, Oracle 8iAS, Perl 5, DBI, Apache Version 1.3.9, Oracle Applications 11i, Oracle 9ias Interconnect (OAI) Version 4.1 for EDI Applications, Oracle Discoverer 4i / 3.1 Reporting / OLAP tool, Exceed 2.6, Shareplex 4.5 (Oracle), Oracle Warehouse Builder, Email Center/Server, OEM, Oracle Portal, OID.
Hardware IBM RS6000 SP2, Regatta machines

Maintained a 24X7 hour e-commerce project in an Oracle Applications 11.5.7 /11.5.8 Environment (E-Business Suite) Involved in the various activities as oracle Applications DBA including Cloning (in-house scripts + RMAN based DB recoveries / restores w/Unix Sysadmin Support), Patching /Troubleshooting of Oracle Applications Interconnect 4.1, Hub and Spoke Architecture, Apache / Jserv / Jinitiator, Reports Server,
Concurrent Manager processing / Queue assignment, FNDFS, SFM, Profile options, adadmin, adctrl, dbc files, Workflow background processes, Gather Schema Statistics, Conflict Resolution Manager troubleshooting issues, tracing of SQL queries inside JSP interfaces, single/multiple Jserv related Apache setups.

Shared responsibility for the performance benchmarking, stress and load testing of the Oracle 11i E-Business Suite Environment utilizing the Mercury Load Runner and Win Runner tools with various runtime scenarios (e.g. virtual users, think time, network speed/bandwidth etc.).

Was involved with administration/layout / architecture of a High Availability 7 node RAC cluster with Oracle Applications 11.5.7 in a hacmp 4.5 environment. Familiar with AIX logical volume architecture. This was for the migration of the existing single global instance / production database to a 7 node RAC environment on AIX 5.2 The SQL Net failover model is being utilized. The setup is partitioned in three database/concurrent and four middle tier machines on the AIX 5.2 environment. The concurrent manager has parallel concurrent processing (pcp) related setups.

As Team Leader / Sr. Database Administrator for a 4 member team, was responsible for the installation/ maintenance of a four node Parallel Server based Legacy Datawarehouse database (ODS) of around 1.6 Terabyte size. This is a cluster environment of IBM SP (S-80, S-85) Winter Hawk machines running on AIX platform. This environment was also accompanied by various web server and application server interfaces to the parallel server database. The application server environment was a mix of Oracle 9iAS and Oracle 8iAS Application Server setups.

Was responsible for performance tuning (sql tuning, tkprof, explain plan, stats pack) / capacity planning (sizing /VSDs allocation etc)/ design / architecture, troubleshooting and maintenance of above mentioned Oracle Parallel Server and Application Server / Web environments. Utilized rman tool for backup & restore. This was a 24x7 hour availability database environment with oncall duty on a rotation basis. The database was a mix of DSS /OLTP applications and help Sales/marketing teams to make timely quotes / offer deals.

Was involved in migration of database from earlier versions (i.e. 8.0.5 and 8.1.6) to Close interaction with System Administrators / data center for design / layout and performance tuning of the above database from AIX perspective. Also responsible for coordination / resolution of various problems with the help Oracle Support Personnel. Was also responsible for maintenance, tuning and administration of a two-node Ecommerce application in a parallel server environment. This was a 24X7 database application. Overall responsible for installation/maintenance and/or administration of roughly 25 / 30 Production / QA / Staging databases at the company's Global Headquarters.

Education :
Bachelor of Science.
Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Management.
Statistical Analyst Certificate Program.
Applied Statistics Certificate Program.
Computer Technology Certificate (Programming for Web) - Javascript, Java Servlets, Java Language, Object Oriented Analysis and Design/UML, XHTML. PSU-College of Engineering..
Project Initiation and Planning - Completed
Project Scheduling and Integration - Completed
Graduate Certificate in Secure Network Systems Design, (Completed three semesters - Introduction to Network Information Systems and Computer/Multimedia Network Security, Information Systems Security)

Miscellaneous : Familiar with disk partitioning, setups, logical volume management/system administration, linux networking of RHES 3.0 based linux machines and installation of oracle 10g (10.2) database, Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.9 and Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) on linux x86 platform.

Training : Administering Oracle 9iAS, Oracle Apps 11i System Administration. Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Performance Tuning Oracle 9i , Advanced Reactive Performance Management, Orapub, California, 2008.

Seminars : SAS Data Warehouse Products , Oracle 10G

Affiliations : Philly SPIN [Sponsored by American Society for Quality (ASQ) & SEI].

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