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Sr. Database Administrator Resume

Fishers, IN


  • Professional, trustworthy database administrator with specialized knowledge and an exceptional work ethic. Known for dedication and a commitment to protecting databases that are critical to company business. Loyal, logical and focused on applying his skills to enable a company to grow.
  • Created one of the largest Oracle data warehouse databases in the Midwest region, and used ETL techniques to load data quickly and efficiently.
  • Enabled business leaders to run reports, analyze information quickly, and make timely decisions. Later migrated the same large Oracle data warehouse database into Netezza, a data warehouse application that enabled faster running of analytical reports.
  • Restored and recovered all corrupted Production databases with the internal DBA team, using Oracle. Simultaneously replaced a faulty memory module for a fortune 500 company.
  • Recovered database expediently, preventing damage to company business and reputation.
  • Addressed multiple day waits to run a query, delaying decision - making. Initiated work with development teams and guided the writing of efficient code, allowing applications, reports and queries to run faster.
  • Through use of partitioned tables, efficient indexes, materialized views, and analytical functions, queries were tuned to run within hours, enabling upper management to make timely decisions.
  • Identified and resolved potential problems by creating proactive monitoring solutions, writing UNIX shell scripts. Set required alerts on Oracle Enterprise Manager, sending alerts to DBAs when a threshold was breached or a database was down.
  • Significantly reduced unforeseen issues and system down times.
  • Actively upgraded and patched Oracle databases, vital for the organization which was using Oracle RDBMS.
  • Halted security threats.


Hardware: RedHat Linux, Netezza TwinFin, Netezza Striper6, Sun Solaris, HP, Netezza TWIN FIN, Tru64, Windows 2000, Windows NT, NCR

Operating Systems: UNIX, HP UNIX, NCR UNIX, Linus, Windows 2000, SUN, Windows NT

Software: Oracle 7.3, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g R2, 10gRAC, 11g, 12c, 12c RAC, OEM 13c, Postgres, Linux, Informatica, Shareplex, Quest tools

RDBMS: Exadata, Oracle, Netezza, SQL Server


Confidential, Fishers, IN

Sr. Database Administrator


  • Maintained, installed, upgraded, tuned, backed up, restored and managed disaster recovery operations on Oracle and Netezza databases.
  • Played key role in upgrading Oracle databases from 11g to the latest 12c version.
  • Contributed to important projects related to Confidential ’s 2014 split into the Confidential and Confidential entities including Oracle and Netezza ETL databases.

Sr. Database Administrator



  • Handled responsibilities from ETL processing to performance tuning of large data warehouse databases, critical for the business.
  • Was instrumental in migrating existing data warehouse databases from Oracle to Netezza.
  • Worked with a core team on Proof-of-Concept sessions including Oracle’s ExaData, Netezza and Solid State Disk technologies to identify the right platform for Confidential data warehouse databases.
  • Upgraded existing Oracle 10g RAC databases to Oracle 11g RAC.

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Production Support Database Administrator


  • Collaborated with a team of database administrators to provide 24/7 support to vital databases for monitoring power supply grids for 15 states and part of Canada.
  • Played key role in setting up a large data warehouse environment of 6 TB with a growth rate of 400 GB per month.
  • Was involved in every step including Oracle install, creating databases, monitoring, archival strategies, ETL processes implementation, and end-user support.
  • Helped set up a data replication environment using Quest Shareplex. Worked on a pilot project, migrating the Oracle Data warehouse database to a new Netezza database engine.
  • Assisted in Proof of Concept project for Informatica, Oracle 10g and Oracle RAC and Oracle Data guard environments.
  • Helped migrate main databases to Oracle 10g RAC. Installed and tested Oracle 11g on Linus platform.

Confidential, Evansville, IN

Data Architect/Production Support DBA


  • Analyzed and designed logical and physical data models using ERWIN for various MJN data warehouse applications running both Oracle 8i and 9i.
  • Contributed to data architecture team through data analysis, ETL, building star schemas, defining dimensions, creating materialized views, table partitions, and maintaining small data mart environments.
  • Backed up and restored Oracle, installed and migrated existing databases to new Oracle versions.
  • Managed database and system resource management, user account maintenance and performance tuning.
  • Performed data extraction, enabling financial reporting in a large SAP migration project, using supplied SAP ELT tools for ongoing data warehouse loads.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Contract DBA


  • Supported critical Activation Management System, a 24/7, 325GB database, running on Oracle 8.0.5 under HP.
  • Ensured constant availability of this primary revenue generator, insulating end users from issues.
  • Installed, created, and maintained smaller databases on Sun and HP platforms as needed.

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