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Senior Database Admin Lead Resume

Parsippany, NJ


  • Over 18 years of experience in Oracle Database and Administration/ Architect on VLDB production, development databases and expertise on HP - UX Administration.
  • More than 10 years experience in Oracle Team lead, project management.
  • Oracle RDBMS (7.x/8i/9i/10g/11g), 12c/ASM Installation and configuration on UNIX, Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows NT servers.
  • More than 2 years experience as Sybase DBA.
  • Configure, install and manage High availability Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) on Linux.
  • Experience in Aerospace ERP on Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and MRO environment.
  • Oracle Data guard setup and administration.
  • Oracle streams Master to Master replication setup, maintenance, monitor and administration.
  • CDC implementation for data grid support.
  • Good understanding about Oracle Goldengate software implementation and maintenance.
  • Extensive Data Modeling & Design (OLAP/OLTP) experience using Erwin 3.5, ER/Studio and Reflection-X.
  • Oracle Database and network tuning and SQL query tuning using AWR, ADDM, STATSPACK, trace, RDA, SQL execution plan reports, Toad, Enterprise Manager Tool utilities.
  • Logical and Physical Facts and Dimensional data modeling & design experience for Data warehouse application.
  • ETL Data Warehouse experience.
  • Hybrid tuning technologies use data warehouse/Data mart application .
  • Experience with Backup and Disaster Recovery using export, data pump, RMAN and VERITAS NetBackup.
  • Backup implementation experience using ESP and Networker scheduler.
  • Expertise on Database upgrade from 7.x to 9i, 8i to 9i, 9i to 10g and 10g to 11g.
  • Database migration experience from MySQL, Sybase 12.x, DB2 to Oracle and UNIX to Linux.
  • Oracle server/client installation, Data Integration/Data Distribution support.
  • Extensive shell (Korn, Born) programming experience.
  • Development experience with Oracle/Developer2000.
  • Expertise on SQL and PL/SQL programming.
  • Pioneer in working with PL/SQL including Procedures, Functions, Cursors and Triggers.
  • Supporting database-related Java interface layers, and heavily involved in general architectural design decisions for all major system components.
  • Expertise to implement Oracle advances security features and fine grained access control.
  • Expertise to implement data encryption for financial and HRMS systems.
  • Extensive knowledge in Data Warehouse and Data Mart Design.
  • Quest shareplex monitoring and maintenance;
  • 24X7 production database support on UNIX, Linux and Solaris environment.
  • Database audit implementation to monitor login, user activity.
  • Experience on database patch and installation.
  • Experienced in understanding and analyzing business requirements and working closely with various application teams and business teams to develop ETL procedures consistent across all applications and systems.
  • Experience in capacity planning and space management.
  • Database replication management using streams, RMAN and database mirroring.
  • Extensive knowledge of Oracle functionality & internals. Good consulting and communication skills, knowledge of client-relationship building techniques and project methodologies with good team building skills.
  • Three years Experience in MS SQL Server Administration, Configuration, performance tuning, client/server connectivity, and writing Stored Procedures in MS SQL Server v2000, v2008.
  • Experience on MySQL database server.
  • Working experience on HP-UX admin.
  • Patrol/Tivoli implementation to monitor database alerts.


Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux, UNIX (Tru64, HP-UX, SCO), Sun Solaris, AIX.

Hardware: HP 9000 Series, SUN E450/250, Optical Jukebox, HP SureStore, L20/L40/L80 Tape Libraries, HP Disk Array, Cisco routers and switches.

Databases: Oracle 7.x/8.x/8i/9i/10g/11g/12c, MS SQL Server 2000, Sybase 10.x, 12.x, 15.x, MySQL, XML and DB2.

Languages: C, COBOL, VC++ (SDK, MFC), Pascal, SQL, PL/SQL, MYSQL, UNIX Shell scripting (Bourne, C, Korn, POSIX), Java (JSP, JDBC, Servlets), HTML, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Perl 4.0.

Packages: Microsoft Great Plains, VERITAS Netbackup Datacenter, FoxPro, Office 97, Netprowler 3.5.1, Symantec VelociRaptor Firewall 1.1., Microsoft Visio, MC/Service Guard, MS Project .

Front End GUIs: OBI, Developer 2000 5.0/4.5 , Forms 3.0, and Reports 2.5, Visual FoxPro, Crystal Reports.

Middleware: Oracle Application Server (OAS), Apache Tomcat Version 5.0, HP Application Server.

Database Admin Tools: OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager), Keep tool, TOAD, RDA

Backup & File Management: OCFS, VERITAS Cluster, VERITAS Volume Manger, VERITAS Database Editor, VERITAS Quick I/O, VxDBA

DB Other Tools: RMAN, Import/Export, Streams, Data pump, DBVerify, SQL*Loader, Datastage, Sync sort, SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, TKProf, Auto trace, Tuning Scripts, ADDM, AWR, SVRMGRL, Net Manager and Stats pack Performance Monitoring tool, Aqua data studio .

Other Tools: Reflection-X, Erwin, VNC Server, ZIP Plus.


Confidential, Parsippany, NJ

Senior Database Admin Lead


  • Oracle Database Administration for production, QA and development databases.
  • Configure and manage High availability 2-node and 4-node Oracle 11g RAC implementation and maintenance on Linux/Solaris with ASM and non-ASM storage.
  • Install and create database on Oracle 12c for Development/QA testing.
  • Implement 12c OEM agent for monitoring purpose.
  • Database release design/SQL review.
  • Work with SME to troubleshoot and resolve database issues.
  • Work on database scrub process.
  • Performance tuning on Oracle database application.
  • Backup and restore using RMAN and SMU utility.
  • SQL/PL-SQL performance tuning.
  • Tablespace freespace maintenance on DATAMART database.
  • Data guard implementation and maintenance for multiple applications DB on Solaris and Linux environment.
  • Oracle Goldengate software implementation on new database.
  • Implement Goldengate table replication between multiple databases.
  • Monitor/troubleshoot and maintenance of Goldengate replication.
  • Database upgrade from 10g to 11gR1 and 11g to 12c.
  • Database migration from stand-alone environment to multi-node RAC on Linux.
  • Support Os/Database patching on Solaris and Linux environment.
  • Backup production database and restore after scrub process to development and QA environment using RMAN and Oracle SMU technology.

Confidential, Warren, NJ

Senior Oracle DBA/Lead


  • Data Modeling & Design (OLAP/OLTP) for ERP/ Data warehousing applications.
  • Oracle Database Administration for VLDB production and development databases.
  • Configure and manage High availability Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) on Linux and Solaris.
  • Oracle streams Master to Master replication setup, maintenance, monitor and administration.
  • SHAREPLEX configuration and maintenance for table replication between databases.
  • Database software installation/maintenance on exadata storage servers.
  • Participated in analysis and designing of Oracle exadata Server for infrastructure and related projects.
  • Health check monitoring and maintenance for Oracle exadata system.
  • CDC data setup, maintenance and monitoring for data grid support.
  • Oracle Shareplex configuration/support.
  • Oracle RDBMS (10g/11g)/ASM Installation and configuration on UNIX, Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows NT servers.
  • Oracle /Os patch installation and support.
  • Design ETL solution Data Warehouse application.
  • Hybrid Performance tuning data warehouse/Data mart application.
  • Database upgrade from lower versions to higher versions (10g to 11gR2).
  • Shell programming for daily maintenance and pro-active monitoring.
  • Database support for application releases, Data Integration/Data Distribution support.
  • Backup implementation/support using RMAN.
  • Database cloning for QA support.
  • SQL/PL-SQL performance tuning.
  • EM installation/support.
  • Oracle physical/active data guard installation and support.
  • Database replication using RMAN.
  • Enterprise release support and 24/7 on-call support.

Confidential, Lansing, MI

Senior Oracle DBA/Architect


  • Design and develop methodologies to migrate multiple development/production databases from Sybase to Oracle 11g.
  • DASD forecast for Oracle databases.
  • Oracle database performance and tuning.
  • Install oracle 11g software on UNIX servers for server and client support.
  • Create and support Oracle 11g databases to replicate Sybase schema objects to Oracle.
  • Support Sybase functionalities in Oracle using PL/SQL procedures, functions and triggers.
  • Oracle support for pro*C and COBOL program conversion from Sybase environment.
  • Install and configure ODBC software for client support.
  • Implemented data masking and data encryption for secure database support.
  • Implement backup/restore strategy using data pump, RMAN, flashback and other technologies.
  • Disaster recovery plan implementation for production database using Data guard.
  • Shell script to monitor database activities and day to day maintenance.

Confidential, Mahwah, NJ

Senior Oracle DBA/Architect


  • Supporting major Confidential applications like Data warehousing, PRR, Infolib, DIR, Sales (ESP/ESTAT), IAS, Financial, ECM, E-Billing, SCS along with others and more than 300 production databases inside USA on different versions of UNIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows Operating System.
  • Oracle RAC implementation, monitoring and support.
  • Extensive Data Modeling & Design (OLAP/OLTP) experience using Erwin, ER/Studio.
  • Logical to Physical data modeling and design experience for data warehouse application.
  • Experience on data warehouse/Data mart application tuning.
  • Experience on Datastage ETL tool.
  • Experience on SQL Loader, External table, match & merge.
  • Experience on table/index partition maintenance.
  • Operational and production database support for data warehousing application.
  • Implement, maintain and troubleshoot master replication with oracle streams.
  • Shareplex Monitoring and maintenance.
  • Implement Grid based monitoring solution for database applications.
  • Transparent data encryption for critical data storage.
  • Requirement analysis, design and manage new projects.
  • Monitor, recommend and maintain SQL activity.
  • Tablespace freespace maintenance.
  • Implemented Oracle obfuscation Data Masking for sensitive information including financial & privacy information.
  • Implemented Advance fine grained access control including Audit logging for monitoring.
  • Implemented row-level security mechanism on database.
  • Involved re-writing PL/SQL stored procedures to increase performance.
  • Supporting database-related Java interface layers, and heavily involved in general architectural design decisions for all major system components.
  • Implemented PL/SQL Procedures, packages and Triggers for database monitoring.
  • Implemented auditing to track database activities.
  • Database refresh from production using export/import, data pump and RMAN.
  • Configure and implement backup job using export, RMAN and ESP scheduler.
  • Resolving critical technical problems affecting the whole production environment.
  • Monitor Streams with OEM, scripts, Patrol and Oracle streams commander.
  • Troubleshoot streams process.
  • Implemented label security for Oracle database support.
  • Apply streams related patches to the database.
  • Quest shareplex monitoring and maintenance;
  • Sybase database management.
  • Implement backup strategy for Sybase database.
  • Sybase database performance and tuning.
  • Database migration from Sybase to Oracle.
  • Implement and maintain replication between Financial and HR application databases and ECM, multiple SCS, ECM databases.
  • Oracle data guard implementation, maintenance and support.
  • Query review and suggestion for major application releases.
  • Oracle database, security patch on different versions of Linux, UNIX and
  • Solaris OS and new hardware resources.
  • New Oracle database Configuration based on requirement.
  • Database and ORACLE HOME cloning.
  • Install, recommend and support oracle database and Os patches and Library packages.
  • Oracle database upgrade from lower version to higher version (9i to 10g, 10g to 11g).
  • Backup testing and implementation on different OS/database versions.
  • Written and implement many shell scripts to monitor, automate and day - to-day maintenance jobs.
  • Implement and support disaster recovery and data protection solution using Oracle Data guard.
  • Implement and monitor Database activity using oracle Auditing.
  • Configure Enterprise manager and OEM agents.
  • Oracle database migration form UNIX to Linux.
  • Sybase 12.x database migration to Oracle
  • Db2 database migration to oracle.
  • Preparing database manuals, application inventory documents and various database-element reports.
  • Storage - space forecast for multiple projects and applications.
  • Create and support on oracle service request for ultimate solution.
  • Patrol/Tivoli implementation to monitor database alerts.

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

Senior Oracle DBA


  • Coordinate to design and develop methodologies to migrate MYSQL to Oracle.
  • MYSQL data ETL using CSV engine, SQL Loader and Oracle external table utility.
  • Installed Oracle 10g software, created databases for maintenance and support.
  • Tablespace and schema support for Oracle databases.
  • Written and implemented PL/SQL cron jobs for database monitoring purpose.
  • Implemented transparent data encryption for user access.
  • Re-written PL/SQL stored procedures to increase performance.
  • Implement and maintain replication technology using streams.
  • Backup recovery implementation using RMAN.


Senior Oracle DBA/Architect


  • Project requirement analysis and design.
  • OLTP Data Modeling & Design using Reflection-X.
  • Project database implementation and support.
  • Production Maintenance and database tuning.
  • Implemented transparent data encryption for user access.
  • Backup-recovery implementation using export/import and RMAN.
  • Implemented PL/SQL jobs for database monitoring.
  • Development and implementation of UNIX cron jobs.


Senior Database Analyst


  • Experience of working with high availability Database group in Aerospace ERP and MRO environment.
  • Requirement analysis, designing and managing new projects.
  • Database performance tuning by collect statistics with Oracle Trace, STATSPACK utility.
  • Responsibility of monitoring production database (24x7).
  • Oracle 9i RAC implementation.
  • Experience of working with high availability Database group in Aerospace ERP on Oracle Ebusiness Suite (EBS) and MRO environment.
  • Patch, clone and backup maintenance for Oracle Ebusiness Suite application.
  • Expertise in ASM configuration
  • Application patch implementation in the production environment.
  • Expertise in designing Backup & Log archival policy with RMAN, export/import , hot/cold backup and writing scripts for their operation, handling the Block Corruption and recovery.
  • Managing Incremental, Cumulative and Full database backup using VERITAS NetBackup Data Centre.
  • DBA activities to support various production and development databases.
  • Experience on Oracle streams replication between multiple oracle databases.
  • Implement, maintain and monitor streams for master replication between Oracle and MSSQL database.
  • Expertise in Oracle Advance Queuing.
  • Plan and implement (failover) high availability ORACLE standby database. Backup & recovery plans.
  • Experience of Configuring Physical/Logical Standby database
  • Supporting QA/Development database.
  • Planned and migrated Oracle database from version 7.34 to 9i.
  • Implemented many ETL data migrations for both legacy systems and for daily data production loads.
  • Outstanding problem solving abilities on various database issues and critical circumstances.
  • Experience with SQL LOADER programming.
  • OLAP and OLTP Data Modeling & Design using Erwin 3.5, ER/Studio and Reflection-X.
  • Design and development experience in Data Warehouse and Data Mart.
  • Pioneer in working with PL/SQL including Procedures, Functions, Cursors, Triggers, Partitions, Packages, security access etc.
  • Java Authentication and Authorization services implemented for internet users on Supply chain/MRO and oracle E-Business Suited identity management.
  • Written many PL/SQL for Logistics and financial reporting purpose.
  • Implemented security features in database using Event triggers, Application context and Fine-grained access control.
  • Implemented many shell scripts and PL/SQL jobs for database monitoring and daily maintenance.
  • Implemented data masking and DBMS CRYPTO options for data encryption for user access.
  • Experience in MS SQL Server installation, configuration, performance tuning, client/server connectivity, backup/recovery and writing Stored Procedures in MS SQL Server v2000.
  • Responsible for investigating, project planning, recommending and implementing all new database technologies, develop IT Policies, Procedures and Manuals.
  • Expertise in HP/UX system administration.
  • Sybase database management.
  • Experience in Confidential VelociRaptor Firewall administration with Netprowler 3.5.1.


Software Engineer


  • Installed oracle 8i on Linux machine and configured oracle parameters.
  • Installation and Configuration for Net8 connect to client.
  • Performed OEM setup on client machine to monitor production Database.
  • Created more stored procedure and packages for application.
  • Responsible for configuring JDBC and checking the connectivity in client server environment
  • Performed Multi Threaded server Configuration
  • Installed Web logic system and Configured to connect ORACLE server.
  • Implemented data encryption using DBMS OBFUSCATION toolkit.
  • Used SQL* Loader to Migrate the DAT files.
  • Optimizing the SQL’s for maximum performance by using TKPROF and EXPLAINS PLAN.
  • Performance Tuning of the Production Database and Application Severs.
  • Experience on MySQL database server.
  • Managing Tablespaces, Online redo logs, Archive files and Data files.
  • Created Users Schema and Security Administration for the database Designed and developed all critical Stored Procedure, Functions and Packages.
  • Responsible for databases Backup/Recovery using Off-line and On-line Backups.
  • Monitoring the performance of Sessions, Users, and Tablespaces for the database using Oracle server Manager.




  • Requirement analysis, designing and managing new projects.
  • Database Designing and Normalization using Analysis case tools.
  • Standardizing data definitions across databases.
  • Managing a database of 2 Terabyte size inclusive of Index segment, Data segment, rollback segment which was running 24 hours s day, 7 days a week with no downtime.
  • Independently configured the SQL*NET V2 at the Sever end as well as at the client end to setup the client server environment with developer /2000.
  • Monitoring ALERT and Background Processes files.
  • Monitoring Tablespaces, Segments, Extents, and Blocks.
  • Performed the user requirement and trouble-shooting activities like create new users, daily backup connectivity issuers and tuning the SGA.
  • Tuning production databases and performance monitoring by using UTLBSTAT and UTLESTAT.
  • Managing Users, Profiles, Privileges and Rolls.
  • Implemented label security to access database information.
  • Implemented view based data masking for sensitive information.
  • Created Procedure, Functions, Trigger and Views.
  • Regular Backups (Different levels) & Recovery. Writing automated regular daily backup procedures.
  • Developed applications using Oracle/Developer 2000.
  • Administrated and developed applications using Wang COBOL system.

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