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Teradata Database Architect Resume


  • Technically - oriented professional excelling in devising and implementing database strategies to propel information systems, products and services.
  • Over 4.9 years of experience in managing design, development, and delivery of innovative technology solutions.
  • Sound exposure of planning and administering multi-tier, highly-robust and scalable databases
  • Accompanied with expertise in project execution working closely ensuring transparent communication with customers to effectively gather requirements and mapping them into functional designs


  • Database Administration
  • IT Operations
  • Operational Management
  • Technical Documentation
  • Process Management


Databases: Oracle 9i/10g/11g, Teradata 14.10/15.10

Tools: RMAN, Data Guard, Fail Safe, Putty, PL/SQL developer, Global Gateway, BTEQ, TPT, Migration, Export/Import, SQL*Loader, ODBC Gateways

Operating Systems: Sun Solaris/Windows

ETL & BI tools: Informatica, QMF-for Workstation

Languages: SQL, Shell scripting



Teradata Database Architect

Environment: Database: Teradata, Hadoop

Platform: Unix/Linux

Tools: Putty, Teradata SQL Asst, BTEQ, Fastload, mload, Viewpoint, Tivoli, Informatica


  • Teradata Database Capacity Planning and Management.
  • Logical and Physical Data Modelling.
  • PDCR database setup for Teradata Database.
  • Snapshot Creation, Instance Creation and Instance Decommission.
  • Viewpoint set up for new Teradata Systems and TASM rule set. User and access management on Viewpoint Servers.
  • SOX Auditing and compliance for Teradata System.
  • Supporting release management Team for deployment of Objects in SIT, UAT and OAT environment
  • Working on Defects raised by Testing Team for fixes in Teradata objects.
  • User and Access management on Teradata System(access, roles and profiles).
  • Working in project of Migration from Hadoop to Teradata Database.
  • Creating BTEQ, FASTLOAD, MULTILOAD scripts as per the requirement of Development Team.
  • Defining structure of staging tables with Proper Data type and precision on Teradata Side for efficient loading of Data from Hadoop to Teradata.
  • Reviewing and modifying the structure of Dimensions and Fact tables for better performance in Teradata.
  • Preparing technical documents like CR requests, OAT and Production implementation plans and getting it approved from Customer.
  • Supporting ETL team to resolve batch failure Issues and provide immediate solution to them.
  • Monitoring Teradata system performance through Viewpoint and proactively monitoring all the sessions run by our team, in order to avoid any blocking /system degradation.
  • Query optimization by reviewing explain plans. Performance Tuning for user and batch queries. Provide recommendation to user queries and batch queries, for enhancing their query performance.
  • Contributed in resolving Teradata connectivity issues, spool, temporary, permanent space, checking the skewness on tables. MVC Analysis for Space saving.
  • Reviewing Queries run by Reporting Team and Creating Single Table/Multitable Join Indexes to improve performance.


Teradata DBA/ Senior Oracle DBA

Environment: Database: Teradata, Oracle, Hadoop

Platform: Unix/Linux, Windows 00 / 03 / 08

Tools: Putty, Teradata SQL Asst, SQL Loader PL/SQL Developer, DBCA, RMAN, DATAGAURD, expdp-impdp, ASM


  • Oracle/Teradata Database Design and Capacity Planning.
  • Oracle Installation and Database creation, Backup and Recovery of Oracle databases using RMAN, physical and logical backups.
  • Oracle Database Cloning using Hot and cold Backups.
  • Database Link Creation.
  • Oracle User and Access Management.
  • Performing DR drill Activities.
  • Oracle Datagaurd Configuration and Management.
  • Generating and analysing explain plans and AWR reports for improving performance.
  • Scheduled logical/physical backup jobs on daily and weekly basis on Oracle Unix/Windows Server.
  • Scheduled multiple alert jobs for easily monitoring of Oracle Databases.
  • Scheduled multiple alert jobs on Viewpoint Servers for easily monitoring of Teradata System.
  • Preparing Implementation Plan and getting it approved from approvers for OAT and Production Deployment of Objects.
  • User and Access management on Teradata System(managing access, roles and profiles)
  • Teradata sessions workload management using TASM.
  • Query optimization (Explain plans, Collect statistics, Primary and Secondary indexes). Performance Tuning for user and batch queries. Provide recommendation to user queries and batch queries, for enhancing their query performance.
  • Contributed in resolving Teradata connectivity issues, spool, temporary, permanent space, checking the skewness on tables. MVC Analysis for Space saving.


Senior Oracle DBA

Environment: Database: Oracle,,,,

Platform: Unix/Linux, Windows 00 / 03 / 08

Tools: Putty, DBCA, Maximo, PL/SQL Developer


  • Created instances and databases with appropriate initialization parameters and database structures including data files, rollback segments and tablespaces.
  • Performed database cloning, DR drill Activities, Backup and recovery.
  • Effectively handled SQL performance and tuned it in addition to reviewing backup and recovery strategies
  • Ensured that load, storage, archiving, back up, restore and recovery procedures are functioning correctly in both production and test databases.
  • Reviewed and monitored system and instance resources to ensure continuous database operations. Handled key parameters such as database storage, memory, CPU, network usage and I/O contention.
  • Prepared, managed and collected information for documents like Project execution Plan, SOW, WSR.
  • Prepared and approved Change Implementation plan after reviewing it from DBA side.


Transition Lead

Environment: Database: Oracle,

Platform: Unix

Tools: Putty, DBCA, Maximo, QMF-for Workstation, Informatica


  • Assisted as Database manager for the smooth transition of Project from EMEA to India.
  • Managed L1 DBA team of 4 members and ensured proper database access given to users.
  • Performed database cloning and DR drill Activities.
  • Analyzed database systems and scheduled daily or weekly alert jobs for the better performance and high availability of database.
  • Designed KPIs(Key Performance Indicators) for different modules of the project and defined minimum threshold target limit of each KPI to ensure better delivery of the project from the new geography.
  • Established a strong monitoring and reporting system. Worked on BI tool QMF to generate Business Reports and share these with different stakeholders.
  • Scheduled reporting jobs on BI tool QMF for the easiness of customers.

Systems Engineer (Oracle DBA)


Environment: Database: Oracle,,,,

Platform: Unix (Sun Solaris 5.10),Windows 00, 03, 08

Tools: Putty, Toad, DBCA, PL/SQL Developer, Remedy


  • Oracle Installation on Windows and Unix/Linux environment. Creation of databases manually and using DBCA and Manage them to ensure consistent performance.
  • Verified all instances and their scheduled backups are running normally. Resolved connectivity and backup issues in case of failures.
  • Granted privileges, roles and profiles to users according to their need and maintained system security.
  • Created and managed Database link on Oracle Databases.
  • Database Cloning and Upgrade database from 9i to 11g, 10g to 11g.
  • Created and managed standby database and performed DR Drill activities.
  • Planned and implemented Backup and Recovery strategy.
  • Physical backup using Cold/Hot backups using RMAN, logical backups using Export-Import/ Data Pump.
  • Implemented auditing for DML and user logged in details.
  • Generated explain plan, AWR, ADDM Reports for Query Optimization.

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